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  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady 16 days ago

    Curry is the best shooter of all time

    CAMERON DANIELS 2 months ago


  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 3 months ago

    Malone is better, Duncan declined after just 3 years already, Malone kept his prime 10 years plus he played against Gods in the strongest era ever, Duncan came in when they all retired and Lazy Shaq and Bricking Iverson was the thing.

  • KevinGarnett
    KevinGarnett 5 months ago


  • Rick
    Rick 7 months ago

    Well Deserved Toni. NBA HOF should be next. When you combine his Euroleague #'s with NBA & all his accomplishments this should have already happened. He gets lost behind Jordan, Pip, Rodman, but without him they don't win the second 3 peat. He made so many clutch shots, game winners etc...

  • hayleigh fjroensmxm
    hayleigh fjroensmxm 7 months ago

    Blake & its not close

  • George Krutzik
    George Krutzik 7 months ago

    I agree 100%, Magic Johnson is better than Lebron James. Not even close. I do not say that Magic Johnson is the greatest basketball player of all time. That goes to Michael Jordan. I believe that Magic is the 2nd greatest basketball player of all time though My top 10 greatest basketball players of all time 1. Michael Jordan 2. Magic Johnson 3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 4. Wilt Chamberlain 5. Bill Russell 6. Kobe Bryant 7. LeBron James 8. Larry Bird 9. Hakeem Olajuwon 10. Shaquille O'Neal From what I hear and see what people rank and say who's better between Magic and Kareem, I just say this, I'll take the leader of the Showtime Lakers. The Lakers weren't called the Showtime Lakers because of Kareem, it was because of Magic. And Magic is the reason the Lakers won 5 championships in 9 years in the 80s, not Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That's why I would take Magic. I don't find it close between Magic or Kareem either

  • Chinu Yea ight
    Chinu Yea ight 7 months ago

    Kevin Garnett has better defense is a better leader and makes his team defense better

  • Jay Man
    Jay Man 8 months ago

    Hahahahaha this video is WAY OUT DATE!!!!! STEPH CURRY IS IN ANOTHER GLAXAY THEN ANYONE!!!!!

  • Garion Ramsey
    Garion Ramsey 8 months ago

    You can't compare Stephen curry and miller

  • Mike1 TC
    Mike1 TC 8 months ago

    Prime Kemp is way better!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Chavis
    Kevin Chavis 9 months ago

    Ant Davis is better, overall more talented, more range on his shot, more athletic and just as good defensively. Ant Davis is just starting to enter his prime in 2018. KG in his prime was a beast but AD is better

  • Afasene Lesaisaea
    Afasene Lesaisaea 11 months ago

    of course its A.I its already been past 3 years and CP3 is not even improving

    • Goat Legend
      Goat Legend 6 months ago

      Smh took golden state to 7 got hurt in gm 5

  • David Butler
    David Butler 11 months ago

    Blake Griffin is a fuckin clown

  • David Productions

    Carmelo Anthony Easy

  • Rom 8
    Rom 8 Year ago

    Prime AI of course.

  • Honorable Crown
    Honorable Crown Year ago

    First off Duncan is a CENTER. He played center majority of his NBA career and he played Center in college. Secondly Malone has scored the 2nd most points in NBA history!!!! That speaks volumes!!! Lastly, Malone lost to MJ just like everyone else did in the NBA finals. All one has to do is look at the record books to tell who's a better player (not team). Malone by a landslide!!!

  • Kevin Huang
    Kevin Huang Year ago

    I'd love to ask George Gervin if he sees any "Iceman" in Devin Booker. Same size, same jump shot, same game, same finger roll

  • liijji
    liijji Year ago

    Im more disappointed you are counting T-Macs last years into his average. Macs Scoring is equivalent or higher than Melos while being able to dish it out far better than Melo and are similar rebounders. The fact T-Mac is able to dish 6/7 assists a night while averaging 25-30 ppg is what puts him above Melo. T-Mac is an elite scorer who can score in pretty much every way plus is much more athletic than Melo.

  • kenntucki
    kenntucki Year ago

    U can't say blake is better unless u compare the years griffin is in the nba with kemps same first time in the nba so his stats would be better

  • Cam Brown
    Cam Brown Year ago

    I love Eddie but Blake isn't hanging with Prime Kemp. All the same physical attributes but Kemp bring a more refined post game, and that spot up 15 foot jumpshot to keep defenders honest. Unstoppable.

  • Rashawd Hubert
    Rashawd Hubert Year ago

    Allen Iverson

  • Arnay Murray
    Arnay Murray Year ago

    Tmac no contest

  • Bryan M
    Bryan M Year ago

    Welp you were wrong buddy

  • Jorge Frias
    Jorge Frias Year ago

    It's going to interesting all the changes he will keep doing for the clippers

  • dog is god backwards

    you're only a year late

  • Jake Sandine
    Jake Sandine Year ago


    • Stephen Curry30
      Stephen Curry30 Year ago

      Jake Sandine haha its just a zone thing he has hot hand thats why that hell happened πŸ˜‚ and im not bandwagon cause i idolize player that ive watched πŸ˜‚ how can i idolize the person i never saw playing ? And the point here is whos the best not how many scores in a seconde or 9SECONDS haha its like you have finished your exam in 15 minutes i doesn't mean you are smarter than those who finished ot i an hour πŸ˜‚

    • Stephen Curry30
      Stephen Curry30 Year ago

      Jake Sandine what the ? Haha he can shoot in different angle πŸ˜‚ if you manage to corner him? He will give you a hell of a shot without looking at the rim πŸ˜‚ he can shoot at a halfcourt line ? Before player wants toguard him its easy for him beacause he usually practicing those shots πŸ˜‚

  • am only human
    am only human Year ago

    Don't compare curry to miller, curry is the best shooter of all time

    • Insert Name Here
      Insert Name Here 7 months ago

      Jake Sandine okay kid relax if stats matter so much how come curry has played half as many games and is only 200 behind Reggie while shooting a better percentage and taking shots from more than 30 feet

    • Jake Sandine
      Jake Sandine Year ago

      no hes not he might have more made threes but thats bc he took more reggie is the 2nd best shooter behind ray allen (stats wise)

  • Brandon Rodas
    Brandon Rodas Year ago

    Tmack all the way

  • deevzrivera
    deevzrivera Year ago

    β€œAnd then they added Kevin Durant β€œ lol Lebron always trying to add excuses

  • migol1984
    migol1984 Year ago

    3 time champ??? really?? i thought he just won in 05 and 07.

  • dee essex
    dee essex Year ago

    Cavs in 6

  • iii Eazy iii
    iii Eazy iii Year ago

    OMGG he so sexy leet me get at that omg he’s the goat I love him!!! He’s. Better than mj!!!!!! 1-9 playoffs !!!!!!!!! Lebron omg ur everything

  • iii Eazy iii
    iii Eazy iii Year ago

    OMGG LEBRON I JUST WANT YOU TO TOUCH MEEEEEEEE!! Just give me a kissss so fineeeeeee

  • iii Eazy iii
    iii Eazy iii Year ago


  • iii Eazy iii
    iii Eazy iii Year ago

    Facts !!!!!!!!

  • prince kelvin
    prince kelvin Year ago


  • N8ve Jay
    N8ve Jay Year ago

    This now is Lebron in 2018

  • Merl Ball
    Merl Ball 2 years ago

    Ewing in his prime would embarrass Howard.

  • Helpful Tree
    Helpful Tree 2 years ago

    First comment

  • Tony Pruitt
    Tony Pruitt 2 years ago

    Gervin by far

    • 4eva Tee
      4eva Tee Year ago

      Tony Pruitt u sound dumb

    STATS DONT LIE 2 years ago

    9 Finals in 12 years 5 Rings...

  • Chauncey Trillups
    Chauncey Trillups 2 years ago

    Y'all all saying Tmac because you like him more. Melo is imo a top 5 great scorer, his defensive trouble was accurate before 2008 but now it is highly exagerrated. The disrespect for this guy is incredible

  • DanepLTu
    DanepLTu 2 years ago

    magic johnson king of assist lebron james king of score i think.

  • Rachel Anduyan
    Rachel Anduyan 2 years ago

    i think he's more of magic johnson! Hes amazing court vision and his passing skills

  • Patrick Lynch
    Patrick Lynch 2 years ago

    "Player Comparison: Dirk Nowitzki"

  • Erben
    Erben 2 years ago

    Lebron is magic on turbo.

    • Ronald M
      Ronald M 9 months ago

      Lebum is not the winner or leader magic was..lebum is a whiner

    • Mr. Roberto
      Mr. Roberto Year ago

      turbo in 2k?

    • beanie0112
      beanie0112 2 years ago

      I can understand that lebron is compared to Magic because he is a great passer, but tbh, he is nowhere near Magic when it comes to passing. he's not even on the same planet when it comes to passing. What sets Magic apart from lebron are three things: 1) Magic was the greatest at misdirection. He mastered the art of making the opposition think the ball was going one direction and then pass it in a completely different direction. 2) He was the best bullet passer. Not only that, but he could thread the needle like no one else in NBA history. His "through traffic" passes were insane. 3) He knew his teammates sweet spots better than they knew their own sweet spots. Magic knew exactly how to orchestrate the offense so that when he got the ball to you, you'd be in the right spots to get your shot off.

  • 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor 2 years ago

    Malone is the best PF of all time.

  • Mervin Toro
    Mervin Toro 2 years ago

    There was no way Karl was going to win in the Jordan era

  • JetFlyer62901
    JetFlyer62901 2 years ago

    Duncan is better, but that argument is outright retarded. You simply CANNOT use TEAM championships to define PLAYER greatness. You have to go by stats, personal awards, and SKILLS. I still think Duncan has the edge here, but Malone has better stats, so you have to give it to him when it comes to that. The numbers don't lie.

    • The RightStuff
      The RightStuff Year ago

      Agreed! ... the numbers don't lie. ... Karl is better

  • Pervis Cuthbertson
    Pervis Cuthbertson 2 years ago


  • Young Bugger
    Young Bugger 2 years ago


  • City Slicka
    City Slicka 2 years ago

    i hate this sorry bitch ass nigga

  • plmoknty
    plmoknty 2 years ago

    Not sure about this one.... KG in his prime was no joke. AD needs to win that MVP, and champion first. Plus KG last a real long time in the league and is a HOF. We don't know about AD yet.

  • River 102217
    River 102217 2 years ago


  • River 102217
    River 102217 2 years ago

    😭😭😒😒Darryl was my uncle I'm glad someone cares about him I Loved him very much some people don't believe he's my uncle I mias him very much Love Cam+God Blesses You 😚 We Love You Darryl And Ur Kids Tabitha Lexie Nick And Your Wife Janice U LOVE YOU DARRYL DAWKINS!πŸ˜šπŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜­πŸ˜’

  • elevatedboii_ ant
    elevatedboii_ ant 2 years ago


  • Hodman Daad
    Hodman Daad 2 years ago


  • Justin Coe
    Justin Coe 2 years ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ is this even a discussion ...next question

  • Gain Olavera
    Gain Olavera 2 years ago

    bowen=bruce lee. he locksdown and breaksdown with a little kick and punch.

  • Mercy Diego
    Mercy Diego 2 years ago

    Simple but dangerous😊

  • Jason Gilmore
    Jason Gilmore 2 years ago

    working out w kobe took his offense to another level, already seeing flashes of kobe, this would certainly suck for the golden girl's.

    • APJinks
      APJinks 2 years ago

      @Jason Gilmore Pop and Kawhi both commented as much o n media day. Its really not that complicated

    • Jason Gilmore
      Jason Gilmore 2 years ago

      APJinks nobody truly knows for sure. If CIA Pop was involved anything is possible.πŸ˜‰

    • APJinks
      APJinks 2 years ago

      he didn't actually do that

  • hasani SGS
    hasani SGS 2 years ago

    what kind of fucking question is this?

  • LakerHead
    LakerHead 2 years ago

    How does dunn have a better chance than ingram? Dunn playing like shit

  • Ap_26
    Ap_26 2 years ago

    Timberpup bandwagon here ... Ex bulls fan ... Let's get it !!!!

  • Nightfall
    Nightfall 3 years ago


  • Brittlemite 1452
    Brittlemite 1452 3 years ago


  • Fisher
    Fisher 3 years ago

    They should compare reggie miller to ray allen instead of curry.

  • V C
    V C 3 years ago

    How is this even a Question?? Ewing is a LEGEND

    • N8ve Jay
      N8ve Jay Year ago

      E Rock 31 do you realize he won DPOY in Kobe's era & not Curry/Lebron's era, and even then, 3 beats 0

    • N8ve Jay
      N8ve Jay Year ago

      Howard is more accomplished and I think I would take a Prime Howard > Prime Ewing

    • Wu Liwei
      Wu Liwei 2 years ago

      If Ewing played in modern NBA. He would have 5 straight DPOY, a few MVPs and a few rings. He was unfortunate to play in the era against a guy named Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Howard is just overrated. He has no post moves, all he does is throwing low percentage lefty hooks

    • E Rock 31
      E Rock 31 2 years ago

      I'm a bit confused as to why you would consider Howard a legend. 3 DPOY in a watered down offensive driven league? No offensive game to speak of?

    • Caron
      Caron 2 years ago

      Donald Sanders troll

  • Unruly-Sparta Lee
    Unruly-Sparta Lee 3 years ago

    Smallest mvp pound for pound best The answer

  • Unruly-Sparta Lee
    Unruly-Sparta Lee 3 years ago


  • Alex Ndayi
    Alex Ndayi 3 years ago

    He's nothing more than a spot up shooter like a Kyle Korver lmao. He can't create his own shot and he's the best 2 guard ? He does play good defence got to give him credit for that but he's not the best shooting guard lol. Jimmy Butler prolly the best 2 guard right now

  • Rick Foutain
    Rick Foutain 3 years ago

    A i was a shooting guard

  • aj little
    aj little 3 years ago

    they're the same style of player but their not the same player magic better passer better post game better handle underrated rebounder lebron better scorer better off the ball better defender do I even need to mention athleticism both could average a triple double for a season if they wanted too but wouldn't jeopardize team success for personal goals magic is probably the greatest point guard to ever play but I can't say he's a better player than lebron because defensively he's Scottie pippen in his prime

  • Rene Quinonez
    Rene Quinonez 3 years ago

    I think Malone is way better and real power forward,Duncan looks more like a center.

  • jamz YT16
    jamz YT16 3 years ago

    klay is the best

  • OoWee BJizzle
    OoWee BJizzle 3 years ago

    Cavaliers are definitely the best in the East!! and is now the 2016 NBA Finals Champions!!

  • Cyrus MUFC
    Cyrus MUFC 3 years ago

    1:00 Right behind oubre.How old is that man

  • Weixiang Lian
    Weixiang Lian 3 years ago

    this channel deserves more subcribers..it is actually very informative

    D VAUGHN 3 years ago

    I'm from Detroit, so you know I don't like Karl Malone for what he did to Isiah Thomas, but Stats don't lie. Karl Malone has better Stats and he use to dogged Tim Duncan when their teams played each other. Now, Tim Duncan skills was more fundamental then Karl Malone and If I was picking a team, I would pick Tim Duncan over Karl Malone because of that but you have to give It to Karl Malone base on his Stats. Only nerds, non players and dumb asses would use team championships as a way to define a player greatness. If Michael Jordan was never a part of a team that has won a ring, he still would be Michael Jordan. If Magic Johnson & Larry Bird was never a part of a team that has won a ring, they still would be Magic Johnson & Larry Bird.

    • 1 Survivor
      1 Survivor 2 years ago

      D VAUGHN I've found someone who thinks the same way I do when it comes to the fact the team accomplishments should not be the determining factor for individual greatness. I'm glad I'm not alone lol. And I agree completely. Malone is definitely better. He's the greatest PF of all time. And I believe a top 10 player of all time. He's big time underrated by people because 99% of people only focus on rings and it's a damn shame. Given better luck or a better team around him he could have had rings. His lack of rings wasn't because of a lack of greatness.

    • gabougabougm
      gabougabougm 3 years ago

      Ok, the stat people always forget when judging the stats is, Duncan is 2nd in defensive rating ever...

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee 3 years ago


  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee 3 years ago


  • King Tutt
    King Tutt 3 years ago

    If I'm starting a team, I take CP3, and don't even hesitate for 1 second. I personally think CP3 is the better player between the 2.

    • Caron
      Caron 2 years ago

      TIKI K hold this L

  • Jordan Abubakar
    Jordan Abubakar 3 years ago


  • justOnerandomguy
    justOnerandomguy 3 years ago

    The good Kush

  • pickzkickz
    pickzkickz 3 years ago

    Dumbest video of the week.

  • justOnerandomguy
    justOnerandomguy 3 years ago

    Kobe singlehandedly had 81 points.

  • Allen Long
    Allen Long 3 years ago

    fuck you, silver

  • Okan Okan
    Okan Okan 3 years ago

    Definetly Carmelo Anthony

  • mini mcgrady
    mini mcgrady 3 years ago

    that the stupiest thing i ever heard. t-mac better in every catergory.. mcgrady no doubt.. twice on sundays

  • MemoTea
    MemoTea 3 years ago

    Left the Sixers franchise because he wanted to do something bigger: Opens up a Pirate museum....

    • Mark O'Connor
      Mark O'Connor 6 months ago

      You clearly missed the point he was trying to make...

  • Kris Kretschman
    Kris Kretschman 3 years ago

    My Sixers will be the beasts of the east soon

  • David Mydla
    David Mydla 3 years ago

    Nope, they need to fire Hoiberg

  • justOnerandomguy
    justOnerandomguy 3 years ago

    a 40-96 record TF

  • Nick Harley
    Nick Harley 3 years ago

    His way of comforting himself because he can't win a ring.. Sad but true. Melo had a lot of potential though...

  • OoWee BJizzle
    OoWee BJizzle 3 years ago

    And last year it was the Hawks that had an amazing season as a team and was also looking like the best in the East.

  • labelle me
    labelle me 3 years ago


  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz 3 years ago

    This is stupid

  • Paulius R.
    Paulius R. 3 years ago

    He's an awesome guy!