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  • KUW KnowledgeWisdomUnderstaing

    Vlad never turn on the AC for Godfrey... interrogation room like a’mofo!

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith 49 seconds ago

    It's a choice period.

  • SwagMan Sands
    SwagMan Sands Minute ago

    why jalen? lmao shes mad annoying

  • Rue Loyal
    Rue Loyal Minute ago

    Jk but you can tell he hate him

  • mark patrick
    mark patrick 2 minutes ago

    Vlad interview Alpo??? Will he sit down with you???

  • Ken D
    Ken D 2 minutes ago

    No Timmy D?

  • Mitchell Brock
    Mitchell Brock 2 minutes ago

    You know a great impressionist when they actually start to LOOK LIKE the person they are impersonating. He literally looked like Pryor, Mooney, and Harvey. LMFAO

  • Rue Loyal
    Rue Loyal 2 minutes ago

    He should of slapped vlad

  • Pete F
    Pete F 2 minutes ago

    bRuh that Negro is fucking gross I wouldn't even fuck her with VLAD's dick. Get that gap fixed between your teeth you ugly worthless piece of shit.

  • Sedgrick Smith
    Sedgrick Smith 2 minutes ago

    Can’t be born gay that goes against the natural order. Man and man can’t reproduce naturally and woman and woman can’t neither. Only make and female can naturally...Thats natures order. Don’t need a study to know that. We’re meant to reproduce and born with the necessary tools to do so naturally... Not by those who wanna be looked at and worshipped as the higher power that laboratory invent tools and methods to reproduce and go against the natural order of things. The shit people except. People can do whatever they like and be happy with their decisions and it’s cool but that don’t make it right.

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 2 minutes ago

    "Why don't you dismount on this dick bitch!!!" DEAD 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Steve Nalls
    Steve Nalls 2 minutes ago

    I want that motherfucker dead god dammit, He fucked my Son in the ass

  • Dorian Gray
    Dorian Gray 2 minutes ago

    Homosexuality is demonic possession type

  • harvey2609
    harvey2609 3 minutes ago

    Is there a question in our future?

  • Preach Bakare
    Preach Bakare 3 minutes ago

    “That’s what the internet is for, Vlad. You gotta learn something ,brother.”

  • Killuminati Snipe
    Killuminati Snipe 3 minutes ago

    I don't use the n word but in my hood white and black homies call eachother it all day. My black homies call me it still to this day.

  • sz1273
    sz1273 3 minutes ago

    beyond burger is dog food with different spices.

  • Cole77 Garrett
    Cole77 Garrett 4 minutes ago

    What does this guy even do. How is he famous?

  • Country Prepper
    Country Prepper 4 minutes ago

    Something doesn't seem right with anything that happened to eazy. Just don't seem right.

  • Ghostaz p
    Ghostaz p 4 minutes ago

    Look at this fake ass haha lord quamar who even listens to this thing

  • ALFRED Robinson
    ALFRED Robinson 5 minutes ago

    Not only was he an hype man. This guy was a lyricist also. And must not forget trendsetter⏰⏰⏰

  • Mada Girl
    Mada Girl 5 minutes ago

    Ed Sheeran? Who can beef with that nigga. ???? Wtf?

  • Mai-Tai
    Mai-Tai 5 minutes ago

    I’ve always been a fan of David Chappelle. And I’m pretty urbanish black-ish or whatever he called us

  • PrAnG2000
    PrAnG2000 6 minutes ago

    Why is there a delay in Vlad's responses?

  • SHAPELESS/Shape From The Bay

    STILL stuck at the surface blocking gates. That's pitiful jahM4RSZzz. You give no fucks bout ya fam or the universoul youth. Black boule rhetoric bitch. Im sicka kickin you lil kids doors down. Yahty even more lame. Yall aint much help either. I had respect for Brand Nubian for a long time until yall tried to block my flow. Sadat came at mei on low. Moron. JahMARS is still racist af. *True WE of all hosts. You got a black eye you big LEGEND. I can't believe how small Redman is. None yall got the blade. Yall all jus in d3m gaym.

  • Max Perez
    Max Perez 6 minutes ago

    So He Went At A Dude Who Fucked His Wife. SMH..You Need To Be Checking Her..Not Him. #Sucka

  • Zack W.
    Zack W. 6 minutes ago

    Godfrey’s impressions 😂😂😂😂😂👍🏾

  • ScarStains .
    ScarStains . 7 minutes ago

    The poor baby got raped. I dont think she got raped by pac but she definitely got raped that night....the laughing & smiling in the interview was a way to cope & I say that from experience

  • c holt
    c holt 7 minutes ago

    Bill Russell top 3... I mean I respect he a pioneer of the game. But fam ain’t no top 3 lmaooo.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 minutes ago

    Did Vlad say Iverson?!

  • Brandon Wiley
    Brandon Wiley 8 minutes ago

    No babies are born straight either

  • Lauren Bellard
    Lauren Bellard 8 minutes ago

    May God destroy this woman for her lies and deceit. An innocent man was convicted for no reason. She is a filthy liar.

  • Dr Yosef Ben- Jochannan

    Godfrey on some bulshit.

  • The Coppered Legend
    The Coppered Legend 8 minutes ago

    If u look at Richard Pryor's roast from his 1970s TV show. He said Paul was there with him when he fucked his first man...So yaaeah

  • Savage Trill
    Savage Trill 8 minutes ago

    I Always Thought He Had Some Sugar In His Tank Ijs

  • Tonio
    Tonio 9 minutes ago

    Jalen was cappin on this one, Wiley was right.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 9 minutes ago

    @1:51 nigga said "I sar it"😂

  • DJMarkflexx81
    DJMarkflexx81 9 minutes ago

    Brand Nubian at the time in the early 90’s had a huge impact on the black community , me included . I’ll never forget being around the age of 8 or 9 years old and my dad gave me the All For One album and I would go back and forth between Brand Nubian - All For One & Public Enemy - Fear of a black planet and listen to all of the lyrics and now thinking back . That was a special time because a lot of other groups were following in the footsteps of brand Nubian and Public Enemy . I put a tribe called quest in the same category because their music wasn’t aggressive and they weren’t talking about killing other black people in their rhymes . It was very uplifting and informative and I actually went to school and studied hard and got good grades because my thirst for knowledge about my lineage and history became important to me and it was because of Brand Nubian , PE , KRS ONE & ATCQ !

  • Freddie Nails III
    Freddie Nails III 10 minutes ago

    Respect, but yeah it's a basis value in scale or measure bias based apon methodology of the most high or most forged of in tech of the based apon visual appearance an or know how. But within that you have the raw ability deal with makeup or of genetics with this learning deal of low energy transfer with high relativity. I beg to differ about Floyd thou, too much time, an too many fighters to say so in multiple different classifications, it's a list. But any fighter would say they would beat someone, but it's also watch what you assume with who you may say you can beat, also little bit hyper critical or overboard about little bro who's not with use right know, but he is alittle night owl, 🕵or it's still a entity of life of the alternate that has left little of himself here an aided in this way of progression an using some connection to inside enjoyment later😎. Why it sounds alittle skiddish immulating boxing athletes to martial artist, when boxing is a more restricted, skill wise, an point driven spectical that as you see thru history of the boxing world been questionable judging an has gotten alittle obvious know on how to win but boxers have, skill wise, reseeded. Why it had Floyd attention in MMA, but had to let him know don't waste your time. True to a point but realize the encisive, balance, an true turn out of this process, why would you even worry if his not here or also did you know that was my little bro. Womp womp, but the relativity here in visual means in explanation to would yeah its true, based on how adverse relation works in subverse or the little change that happen thru time, but know per say against balance.

  • r0mediddy
    r0mediddy 10 minutes ago

    I hope Vlad doesn’t put the Tupac-like journalism and dedication into this Paul Mooney mess!

  • jdareyah
    jdareyah 10 minutes ago

    So a gay person who loves and defend his race can't be gay

  • gmac gmac
    gmac gmac 10 minutes ago


  • R Turner
    R Turner 10 minutes ago

    I love how Jamar talks shit about white people to Vlad like Vlad ain't white. Vlad is real AF for overstanding and never seeing himself as included in the criticism, because he knows himself to not be racist.

  • Pharaoh XO
    Pharaoh XO 10 minutes ago

    Lord Jamar stare game so real thought my phone was glitching

  • Tondalaya Sonya
    Tondalaya Sonya 12 minutes ago

    Paul Mooney is a legend and you cant destroy his legacy. I hope everyone refuses to listen to dvlad anymore after this !!!

  • Conceptual Ideas 365 Eastburg

    Convertible Burt was the First in our hood to ride drop top Rolls Royce , what rappers do today he was already doing in the 80's , he's right there will never be a time like that again

  • Butterfly Carter
    Butterfly Carter 12 minutes ago

    For some reason, NC carries this corny vibe... but much respect to him in retrospect. He's consistent, and more powerful than he appears ta be!! A lion in sheeps clothes?!

  • Foreign Jay _
    Foreign Jay _ 12 minutes ago

    Startin to think he a gay ass crip😂😂😭

  • cortez thompson
    cortez thompson 13 minutes ago

    Ross done showed love to all the dope boys

  • Ten Again
    Ten Again 13 minutes ago

    Where did all that money go? High pitched voice explained how some one else gambled. This guys full of shit

  • M .Gallegos
    M .Gallegos 13 minutes ago

    But didn’t Marlon Brando bang Richard Prior?

  • Prefer Not To Say
    Prefer Not To Say 13 minutes ago

    Facts Facts Facts Facts Facts Facts Facts Facts Facts

  • Steffen Johansen
    Steffen Johansen 13 minutes ago

    vlad, you gotta stop throwing iverson's name in there. i wouldn't have kobe in the top 10, but i understand why you mentioning him, but cmon man. AI is not on that level, and it isn't particularly close either.

  • r0mediddy
    r0mediddy 14 minutes ago

    That report came out and essentially said there’s no gay gene. That proves it! Why can’t gay people just admit they chose to be gay?! You know why...because they can say that they have no choice and are getting discriminated against. I think they should be able to receive all basic human-right protections, health benefits, life insurance etc etc. But enough with the cancel culture if you don’t agree with gay people.

  • Weird Day Equinox
    Weird Day Equinox 14 minutes ago

    This dude is good in changing the narrative. Stephen A called MJ to tell him that Kobe is running his mouth on him. On how he is going to beat him if they met on their prime. MJ confirmed that Kobe mentioned that to him. They didn't play 1 on 1. MJ only confirmed that he knows what Kobe thinks if they met on each others prime.

  • William William
    William William 14 minutes ago

    Godfrey ain't trying to fuck up his ticket sales... I can dig it. But damn, why you had to pull a Kobe and snitch on Shaq?!

  • Karla Mitchell
    Karla Mitchell 15 minutes ago

    Here from the Steve Harvey impersonation

  • Kelsey Ripley
    Kelsey Ripley 15 minutes ago

    Godfrey has been 35 for 30 years

  • 88smjls
    88smjls 15 minutes ago

    Gary just didn’t care lol Say anything and it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.

  • 46erbfume
    46erbfume 15 minutes ago

    TK: me and Jimi Hendrix was on tour together and you know what happened

  • Kao Saechao
    Kao Saechao 16 minutes ago

    Michael Jackson is cultural icon.... that want to be white, wasn’t it?

  • Robbie T
    Robbie T 16 minutes ago

    Its John Salley!!!

  • JOHN Doey
    JOHN Doey 16 minutes ago

    🤔 How many freaking parts does this interview have? Seriously! RN I'm on part 113 and there's more 😅

  • GunLineBoss 87
    GunLineBoss 87 16 minutes ago

    S/O to vlad for this interview I'm so sick of people saying your born gay which you are NOT because that's like saying your born a racist which you are NOT you have to be taught and exposed to these behaviors💯

  • Elliott Davis
    Elliott Davis 16 minutes ago

    5 or 10 years from now nobody will know about joe budden’s music they will know about his radio career but Wu TANG whole different story

  • C Williams
    C Williams 17 minutes ago

    that's about $120 in ONES. That ain't no real scratch

  • Kenneth Barrett
    Kenneth Barrett 17 minutes ago

    Why he not on snl

  • #RhymingOverBeats
    #RhymingOverBeats 17 minutes ago

    Whole video and comment section is a facepalm. Who'd I get here?

  • Chip Sammich
    Chip Sammich 17 minutes ago

    This motherfucker does the shittiest job interviewing. Flav gives a 5 minute response Vlad dont even respond asks next question. Wtf

  • Suhail Khan
    Suhail Khan 17 minutes ago

    Griselda never worked for Pablo.Convertible even says that here.He says "indirectly"worked with him at 4:58.vlad getting the title twisted.

  • ShogunBean
    ShogunBean 18 minutes ago

    Well I find that the universe deals with peoples wrongs better than any justice system. Call it God call it Karma whatever but if he did rape him well Dementia is a fitting reward that is a horrible way to leave this world.

  • Jerome Benton
    Jerome Benton 18 minutes ago

    I remember this brother and he is HILARIOUS

  • Amina Lahrichi
    Amina Lahrichi 19 minutes ago

    Yep he's probably gay...but you're a fraud. I'm not talking about Brother Jamar.

  • danny dice
    danny dice 19 minutes ago

    That's a crusty ass C on his shirt lol

  • Chistability
    Chistability 19 minutes ago

    Salley has a point but The Celtucs walked off and shook hands. Pistons just walked off period except Salley but it is,a double standard that tyey never mention the Celtics doung almost the same dayum thing and we all know why! and I hated them both but especially the Pistons!

  • x kennedy
    x kennedy 19 minutes ago

    Worlds best shaq impression goes to Keefe

  • yaka
    yaka 20 minutes ago

    That's them Sac boppers for you smh

  • Luis Villanueva
    Luis Villanueva 20 minutes ago

    Damn you about to get jamar to hate Mooney

  • Just my Thoughts
    Just my Thoughts 20 minutes ago

    Sounds smart to me... she is REAL... this is how it is... your choice to stay with her or leave. I get it.. Maybe it would come off better if it were a male saying it...

  • thisiswilson moE
    thisiswilson moE 20 minutes ago

    Cardi already said she has a writer so who cares.. this ngga needs to wipe his nose.. she's 1oo that's why she sells homie 1oo

  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez 20 minutes ago

    Jews are not white people

  • Whitey Ruuster
    Whitey Ruuster 21 minute ago

    Damn im late

  • Jizzle 412
    Jizzle 412 21 minute ago

    He sounds like shaq so good

  • Joseph Simmons
    Joseph Simmons 21 minute ago

    His Denzel is ridiculous !

  • NawfsideHtown
    NawfsideHtown 21 minute ago

    Godfrey's Paul Mooney can't touch Aries Spears

  • hbksharpshooter
    hbksharpshooter 21 minute ago

    Bird > Kobe > Duncan > Bron > KD (this is not my top 5 btw lol!)

  • google play store
    google play store 21 minute ago

    I used to do a lot of whining, looking back now turns out it was just jealousy and my inability to overcome my own shit. ...actually I still do a lot of whining..but I am working on it.

    STOP SIMPIN' 22 minutes ago

    Michael Jackson? You mean the pedophile? Good riddance.

  • Akx Smittz
    Akx Smittz 22 minutes ago

    The laughs begin@3:00

  • Ptah Enoch
    Ptah Enoch 23 minutes ago


  • Groupies Danny Glover
    Groupies Danny Glover 24 minutes ago

    Convertible Burt like my man Tye from Grant Projects Manhattan New York driving the BLACK 750 BMW. 😂

    STILL 24 minutes ago

    The Narrative of Self is a product of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” and Cosmos. Illusion of Self.

  • Belette Nasty
    Belette Nasty 24 minutes ago

    My cousin 😂😂

  • Mischa S.
    Mischa S. 24 minutes ago

    I grew up on public enemy and without flav and chuck rap music as we know it wouldn't be the same. Chuck D and flav juxtapose each other brilliantly. Favorite PE song, Black Steel in the hour of chaos...that was a movie made into a rap song.

  • Conyska
    Conyska 24 minutes ago

    Fuck Lord Jamar who is he

  • cortez thompson
    cortez thompson 25 minutes ago

    I touch work like I'm Convertible Burt

  • Brandon
    Brandon 26 minutes ago

    Did he say Iverson and Durant? What are you putting Charles Barkley in too? Foh.

  • Bellcity
    Bellcity 27 minutes ago

    292 people are covered in man gravy

  • Ted Angelo
    Ted Angelo 27 minutes ago

    "You know what i'm saying?"

  • Crown Royal
    Crown Royal 27 minutes ago

    This interview is kinda disrespectful. Vlad had three opportunities to drop a flashback... and nothin". Vlad is a culture vulture... and a racist. IJS.