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Xbox One S DIY Remap Kit
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Xbox One X - Is It Fixable?
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Mavic 2 Teardown
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  • mariopic
    mariopic Hour ago

    got an xbox one fat i got off ebay in a lot wondering if u want to try to fix it the ethernet ic burned looks like a short i replaced the ic on the main board but init powers on and off wondering if u whould like to poke around inside it its missing hdd tho but has matched drive 100% intrested messing with it

  • Lukáš Mojžíš

    Wasted time. If you want to see someone do legit repair, I suggest you watch Louis Rossmann instead. This is literally painful to watch.

  • Why Bro?
    Why Bro? Hour ago


  • HackNoodle27
    HackNoodle27 2 hours ago

    Who else here to paint?

  • Dr. C
    Dr. C 2 hours ago

    You didnt go to school for this??? Wow... im impressed. Thanks for the videos!

  • Alex Bob 1
    Alex Bob 1 3 hours ago


    JAY BARKLEY 3 hours ago

    Mine was spitting out the disc. Turning on all by itself. I got the side stand with a fan amd I havemt had any issues ever since. I'll never let it sit flat again. Vertical is how it sits. I let it sit for 4 days till I got the stand with a fan and charger for it.

  • GameBoy629
    GameBoy629 4 hours ago

    tronicfix i dont get it how did you remove those 2 pins that stayed on and can you just put those 2 pins back in the connector to reuse them or you have to buy a new connector

  • Dr. C
    Dr. C 4 hours ago

    Can you also do videos for major companies like BestBuy on their refurbished stuff please~~~

  • David Perezz
    David Perezz 4 hours ago

    Can you fix my mac book

  • Dr. C
    Dr. C 4 hours ago

    If it aint broke i will fix it until it is lol!!!!!!

  • Azerka
    Azerka 4 hours ago

    Your thumbnail is kind of a shame, i hope you won't do that again in the future since it seems that it didn't have the desired effect on your views

  • shadowwulf savage
    shadowwulf savage 4 hours ago

    Do you actually need that metal plate?

    • TRP
      TRP 15 minutes ago

      Yes otherwise even more dust can go in the system. Also the fan won't work optimal because of the pressure change it creates.

  • Zero Requiem
    Zero Requiem 5 hours ago

    Come on steve can you divulge where do you source the units. Cause i know it wasnt on ebay. So please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Craig
    Craig 6 hours ago

    Why does a switch need a video screen? how many devices can you connect to it to switch between? (over 1800 for broken? How much is an electronic switching device for video units worth new?) Analog switches are a few dollars and less likely to break.

    MADD LAMAR 6 hours ago

    Wish my swich did not have drift and broken left trigger because i have the best 6 games mario odyssey/new super mario bros u/mario maker 2/skyrim/la noire/minecraft bed rock/ and my seich started doing this 2 weeks after i bought Mario maker 2 brand new also i dont have a money card for online purchases because my famliy likes hand money;(😪

      MADD LAMAR 3 hours ago

      @Justin Pettit yea but i cant use my swich-_-

    • Justin Pettit
      Justin Pettit 3 hours ago

      MADD LAMAR yo like skyrim se with mods how is it?

  • nathan rochester
    nathan rochester 9 hours ago

    the reality is the chip it's self has been damaged within. and reballing is just a joke. but when you heat the chip sometimes broken traces connect that makes it work for a bit. until trace breakes. and that not at the reball end

  • Mikel Ayala
    Mikel Ayala 9 hours ago

    Couldnt he have done, I bought this cheap game system for $20 and I am going to replace motherboard with working one and ez

  • Aaron_GKV
    Aaron_GKV 10 hours ago

    I come from the three videos of repairing 20 switch, and i think i might have found my new favourite repairing channel!!

  • Oreo's little addventures

    oh ya Mr. crabs

  • Dredj
    Dredj 11 hours ago

    brb gunna start a Nintendo Switch video chip business.

  • Aleks Komarov
    Aleks Komarov 11 hours ago

    Hey man great video. I have a ps4 model that needs a new laser eye. CUH 1001A. I looked up the Amazon products used but a bit lost on which laser I need. Any help would be much appreciated. And great and knowledgeable videos. Thanks for the video with info.

  • Benjamin Wibbens
    Benjamin Wibbens 11 hours ago

    The washer trick worked!!! Yes!

  • Brendon Garland
    Brendon Garland 11 hours ago

    Thanks for the information. I'm hoping this will help with my gameplay in a certain game.

  • Aaron_GKV
    Aaron_GKV 12 hours ago

    Duuuuude i just ordered 2 yesterday... if only i had know about your videos before... But i'll keep an eye on those tools, they look great and i think i could repair... well, a lot of stuff i have around here XD

  • Renn Edrey Villaluz
    Renn Edrey Villaluz 12 hours ago

    Do i need a screen protector for the filter?

  • sean mccallion
    sean mccallion 13 hours ago

    I only bought my PS4 last night and I was playing and it turned off by itself and now when I turn it on it beeps once flashes blue and immediately turns off what should I do ?

  • Howling commando
    Howling commando 13 hours ago

    My fans run high all the time and for the first time ever it overheated and turned on me the other day and i got scared

  • B. Zoltán
    B. Zoltán 14 hours ago

    I usually removes batteries with an old 'sharpened' credit card, works on everything.

  • gamer tug
    gamer tug 14 hours ago

    send me one please huhuhu

  • Sam Gecho
    Sam Gecho 14 hours ago

    So my friend's friend intentionally poured soda on HIS Xbox, and as soon as he got a new one, MINE crashes and a total system error occurred out of nowhere. Lmao

  • kevin smith
    kevin smith 14 hours ago

    Just discovered your channel, wow! Love it man 👍 You make it look easy, is this something anyone can do (within reason) thanks

  • Talaha Khan Year 9
    Talaha Khan Year 9 15 hours ago

    Hello can you please help me out because my PS4 is not working I change the power supply and put washers but neither worked can you please help me or can I send it to you so you can fix thank alot

  • doug wright
    doug wright 15 hours ago

    Oof, that mic quality

  • hiczok
    hiczok 16 hours ago

    PS5 retail games should come on memory cards (for those wanting physical version). It would take less space and be simpler

    INTERCEPTOR 16 hours ago

    I have a question about ps4 pro. you have to remove the power supply before changing the therma paste????????

  • Status Z71
    Status Z71 17 hours ago

    Where do you sell the switches after they are fixed???

  • Tech Commander Repairs

    I love your work. I repair consoles, phones and computers. Every time I watch a video of yours I think about recording my own repairs. Keep up the great work.

  • Josh Barlament
    Josh Barlament 17 hours ago

    Video probably would have been helpful.. but my ps4 is set up different than this.. cover was secured with 1 screw not 3.. got that off, then disk drive is completely different setup than in the video. Ribbons connected to drive that do NOT have a quick disconnect, so I cant even take it out of the console.. this has been frustrating as all hell, and I will probably put it back together to have much more than just my disk drive messed up.🤬

  • Scott
    Scott 18 hours ago

    If I took it apart, I wouldn't remember how to put it back together.

  • Wavy Kay
    Wavy Kay 18 hours ago

    I would have cleaned it up and sold it

  • JamesWhyTea
    JamesWhyTea 19 hours ago

    Mine is getting instantly hot and it’s so hot it’s melting the plastic

  • Tampatec
    Tampatec 20 hours ago

    You make all these tech repairs look easy, thumbs up for days 👍👍👍

  • Clint Cockerham
    Clint Cockerham 22 hours ago

    I feel my brain getting bigger when i watch your videos......💪👀 hope your doing well I'll tell everyone i know to watch you for there tech advice. In the mean time keep fixing stuff.👍👍👍👍

  • Clint Cockerham
    Clint Cockerham 22 hours ago

    To many people want a paycheck but don't want to work for it. You demonstrate good quality craftsmanship and very good integrity I live in North Carolina I don't know where your establishment is if it was near me I would definitely send you referrals I have a business of my own you help me out incredibly on a previous video and I fix my son's PS4 tonight I stay up all night taking it apart but with your help it was a success thank you I hope good things are in your future love the new merch

  • The GodOfDestruction
    The GodOfDestruction 22 hours ago

    Dude you didn’t even plug the first Xbox in of course it’s not gonna work

  • Clint Cockerham
    Clint Cockerham 23 hours ago

    Thank you i was worried i was going to have to drop 300 a year befits ps5 release you helped me bunches💪

  • Tobias Braun
    Tobias Braun Day ago

    4:35 MOSFETs with at least 8 pins? Does somebody know the part number?

  • arvind srivastava

    Bsdk mera aisa nai hai

  • Billie Loftis
    Billie Loftis Day ago

    Use wax and grease remover to clean the outside of the consoles like this. U can get it at paint stores and stuff they use it to remove stickers on cars and what not. Works great just dampen a paper towel and rub it down. Comes right off. And it's fairly cheap and one can will last you years lol

  • Rosalyn Hirawani

    Wow can u fix mine im in nz

  • Canelo, The Man, The Myth, TBE.

    Naw, you doing it for views and RU-clip money. Be real not fake.

  • Avi _lev
    Avi _lev Day ago

    Looks good, but my problem with it is that the back part is smooth and dont have texture like the original one.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Day ago

    For me it doesn’t work and it is my Destiny 2 cd....

  • Mullen412
    Mullen412 Day ago

    TronicsFix, can we send you things for you to fix? I dont need anything fixed now, but if i ever did, id definitely pay to have you fix it. You have extremely reliable and helpful videos. EDIT: lol, nvm, i see the link to send you guys things in the description. Definitely going to be my 1st choice to fix anything i cant on my own.

  • Gari Cabrera
    Gari Cabrera Day ago

    I need some help, I have an Xbox one S, When I play Batman (the last one) is freezing in the beginning, but if I play Sunset overdrive, there is no problem Also I notice there is some problem with the texture on Batman and GTA V when I try to play those games the Xbox freezes and close the game, I changed the Hard drive and the thermal paste, the same happened I honestly don't know what to do, I tested the games on another Xbox and they work well, help please!!!

  • Kellie Surratt

    i did it with a butter knife

  • S Y
    S Y Day ago

    I enjoyed watching all of the eBay challenges. eBay takes too much, esp on auctions. But glad you were able to at least get some good use on the items you fixed and gave away. Looking forward to the next one, maybe for next challenge, fix things people donate and sell on eBay? That way, it's all profit.

  • Patrick Palmer

    Loved it

  • mastermeany
    mastermeany Day ago

    Should have checked all barrerys 1st

  • Patrick Palmer

    Watching you soder is amazing

  • Patrick Palmer

    How do you upgrade an Xbox s

  • Howie Fender
    Howie Fender Day ago

    The white and blue strip at the back of the picture at “8:22” that looks like it’s connected to the fan popped out on me and I can’t figure out where it goes and how to put it back in can anybody help?

  • Lucas Abido Figueiro

    My left joycon does not charge correctly and keeps popping the low battery warning even when plugged to the switch. Have you saw any like this? Do you think replacing the rails would fix?

  • Patrick Palmer

    I just went to your web site and the cupboard was bare meaning no Xbox one s consoles for sale this is a good sign to me .. Standing by...

  • Appple Boi
    Appple Boi Day ago

    Can u fix Xbox 360 e

  • Patrick Palmer

    Are all the pins soder secure because sometimes the soder never really took hold or very poorly and let go with use and vibration or flex?

  • Patrick Palmer

    How much do you want for one that works, 72 yr old vet my 360 redlined?

  • DJ Yond3r XD
    DJ Yond3r XD Day ago

    I have to get a fixed screen

  • Mission Faled
    Mission Faled Day ago

    Its called priming mechinisom

  • Jonatan Mix
    Jonatan Mix Day ago

    i really dont know why this is so intresting

  • val giron
    val giron Day ago

    my xbox one makes turn on noise but no light, the pwr brick orange instantly turns green then orange again. what could be causing the xbox to not turn on???

  • Burliestpond
    Burliestpond Day ago

    Mine wont connect to my monitor please help ps there is a crack in the ac port

  • yamazaki_getsu

    What am I doing here I am a geneticist 😂😂

  • The Illusion Lotus

    this did not help

  • Maia Talon
    Maia Talon Day ago

    my dad is a certified computer technician that will not expire. after he got certified he said the new cert will need to re-cert every year. He said to tell tronicstix that he removed the fan bracket safely enough away from circuits and pcb. If your not a computer tech or yours needs renewing each year you have no right to judge the tech. Or, watch another video.

  • h8redflip
    h8redflip Day ago

    Does this 'really' count as a fix?! When all you did was replace the batteries? ¬_¬

  • Planetdune
    Planetdune Day ago

    You can buy working Switches for about 100 euro's over here (second hand naturally), this seems like a lot of work to save yourself 10 bucks.

  • Luis L
    Luis L Day ago

    Why was the camera shaking when you opened the ps4 slim?

  • Jack Olsen
    Jack Olsen Day ago


  • Keith Chapman
    Keith Chapman Day ago

    It is 50/50 on gamestop. I got a used system a year ago and there was a broken usb port. Next day i got it exchanged for a different one with no problem.

  • spurs attack
    spurs attack Day ago

    I feel like I'm going to break it.

  • checkMyLikedVideos

    fyi Israeli backdoors in most modern "tech"

  • Dani Filth
    Dani Filth Day ago

    Hi Steve , can you please direct me to your eBay store?

  • Greta Sartori
    Greta Sartori Day ago

    What? Only one ad? What happened?

  • fir3z llXoticll

    this honestly did not work >:(


    The thumb sticks dont get worn down easy ur fingers are just greasy -_-

  • CrazyBarbapapa

    Whaaat!!!! Burned electronics smells nice. It's in the top whit petrol, super glue and burnt rubber.

  • Brian Paluszek
    Brian Paluszek 2 days ago

    I love my thermal imager, too. I've found a relay in a car pulling a slight load, not enough to click the relay, but enough to kill the battery in a few hours or a couple days. Ended up being some idiot wired a switch and used the relay wire for a ground.. under the dash relay was in engine compartment

  • Petr Sourek
    Petr Sourek 2 days ago

    I like 121ES more .-) But I think I will try this xiaomi one with internal battery (I got for 2xAAA batteries).

  • mr mine lowe
    mr mine lowe 2 days ago

    who wrote on those joycons should be put down

  • Xafe Mode
    Xafe Mode 2 days ago

    all of this was giving me anxiety hoping my switch doesnt break because i do not have the equipment nor skill for the more difficult solutions.

  • Jacob Quick
    Jacob Quick 2 days ago

    Doesn't seem worth it after all the time you spent

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez 2 days ago

    He said "best buy"...LoL

  • Hooray I'm_Confus3d

    I can't unscrew anything, the little plastic piece you took off wont come off at all

  • widerevenge
    widerevenge 2 days ago

    3d print the part

  • Camo Maniac
    Camo Maniac 2 days ago

    Why does the camera have to be zoomed out so much i broke the power supply wire off

  • DonkeyBizle
    DonkeyBizle 2 days ago

    Liquid metal about a year ago, my 'launch' Pro is inaudible playing 112 hours of Persona 5.

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez 2 days ago

    It always a good sign... to see wet arctic sliver. Or when bad is turn thermal paste... like tomatoes.

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez 2 days ago

    The old own had a bread Food 4 Less