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  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration 7 minutes ago

    Lol they trash talk arby's most of the video and arbys thanks them and sends them free stuff. Guess all publicity is good publicity!

  • Free Robux Scam
    Free Robux Scam 17 minutes ago

    Vin cheese el

  • FallingShells
    FallingShells 21 minute ago

    Angular contact ball bearing was the term you were looking for.

  • Inculta
    Inculta 24 minutes ago

    Python... :(

  • Cinder Q 18
    Cinder Q 18 42 minutes ago

    Just to save your time 9:14 you’re welcome

  • Jordan Truesdell
    Jordan Truesdell 44 minutes ago


  • Carter Herrigstad
    Carter Herrigstad 50 minutes ago


  • Bobo
    Bobo 53 minutes ago

    i your videos but i mostly come here to get sure that Michael Reevs is still alive :D

  • ima cool human not
    ima cool human not 56 minutes ago

    You guys saying that guy so much makes me want to legely change my name to that guy

  • Yagiz Kutlubay
    Yagiz Kutlubay 57 minutes ago

    Wow new season yay

  • Paul MacGregor
    Paul MacGregor 57 minutes ago

    You wouldn't download a chainsaw

  • Jonathan Chute
    Jonathan Chute Hour ago

    2:20 - What kind of diapers do you wear? Me: Well, it depends

  • abdul kader
    abdul kader Hour ago

    I like the Pete way.

  • Lil Glitch Juice

    Alex Ernest isn’t a real person

  • elderly methhead

    Clips that have not aged well Exhibit a: 0:02

  • Matsuda Industries
    Matsuda Industries 2 hours ago

    Idubz is starting to look like cody’s lab

  • meeeeee423
    meeeeee423 2 hours ago

    This is the exact content i come back for. Please don't die, I mean it.

  • Chris The Canadian Camper

    7:45 Raybon (shit name) looks REALLY good.

  • Chris The Canadian Camper

    Vicknair... You're HOT. You can DIVE DIVE DIVE down on me any day.

  • Tasifa Ahmed
    Tasifa Ahmed 2 hours ago

    To be fair he was playing minecraft

  • Skreamies
    Skreamies 2 hours ago

    How does one even get this sponsorship haha

  • Lucas castillo
    Lucas castillo 2 hours ago

    I want it

  • A Corner of The Internet


  • Juanito Esteves
    Juanito Esteves 3 hours ago

    can an american car door break your hand?

  • ADITYA Ramekar
    ADITYA Ramekar 3 hours ago

    3:18 another one But is suits it to him

  • Green Man
    Green Man 4 hours ago

    The way he handles sharp objects triggers my flight or fight.

  • Geary
    Geary 4 hours ago

    Anyone gonna talk about him eating a cheeseburger and operating a camera while driving? Ok then.

  • Isabel Hollinger
    Isabel Hollinger 4 hours ago

    The adventures of sinbad is an anime just saying

  • A Corner of The Internet

    you sound like the Sean who screams I LOVE NATURE!!!

    JNSNBTTN 5 hours ago

    Good job, proud of ya!

  • Suburban Bourbon
    Suburban Bourbon 5 hours ago

    i am feeling really and i mean really dizzy after watching this

  • ElGavino
    ElGavino 5 hours ago

    Watching that laser cut through the bone makes me think "WOW! that will suck if your finger get caught in there"

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 6 hours ago

    Dogs shouldn't eat watermelon seeds. It can cause intestinal blockage

  • Brian Zimmer
    Brian Zimmer 6 hours ago

    Hey William! Squirrels, I’m pretty sure, mate in the fall/ early winter. As this is video was posted in May, I can only assume it was made in the spring. Try it again in the fall, hopefully you might have a batter result!

  • jjkookllbtw
    jjkookllbtw 6 hours ago


  • Ricky Duggan
    Ricky Duggan 6 hours ago


  • RAY T.WU
    RAY T.WU 7 hours ago

    Hite is korean

  • I hate furries
    I hate furries 7 hours ago

    How did Ian not have a panic attack from recreating the infamous “BAGEL BOY”

  • Jezzibolt
    Jezzibolt 7 hours ago

    Everything you make could be a bomb XD

  • iDunnoSorry
    iDunnoSorry 8 hours ago

    i want a cd

  • RethinkingLifeDecisions uWu

    Who else pinched/touched their nose at least once throughout the video but kept watching anyway?

  • The Chivalrous Zech Reeder

    You should’ve used it in battle bots

  • cardboardbox
    cardboardbox 10 hours ago

    I feel like shit

  • nathan jobson
    nathan jobson 10 hours ago

    Can ihave a cattoo plz

  • Nd Pngs
    Nd Pngs 10 hours ago

    Look how Barnaby suffering in crappy time but still good

  • nathan jobson
    nathan jobson 10 hours ago

    Who's that weird little Indian child?

  • Ember Hydra
    Ember Hydra 10 hours ago

    Both egg landed on the side. Feelsbadman

  • Blume Ceo
    Blume Ceo 10 hours ago

    William Osman: Today we are going to see if a car window can break your finger Car: NOPE

  • Maxx
    Maxx 11 hours ago

    you are so cute 🥰

    INSANE COMMANDER 11 hours ago

    We can see the Arby’s hat in the back of the intro lol

  • Ompharus
    Ompharus 11 hours ago

    That thumbnail was not a good idea lol

  • Devil don B R
    Devil don B R 11 hours ago

    6:30 super ending 🤣😂

  • David Branch
    David Branch 11 hours ago


  • nathan jobson
    nathan jobson 12 hours ago

    The true bean is Heinz beans

  • Timm2
    Timm2 12 hours ago

    I didn't realize that was Bobby until he said wewd

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 12 hours ago

    It's nice to see a video like this from you once in a while. You're clearly very intelligent but it's nice to be reassured about that once in a while!

  • Oscartron
    Oscartron 12 hours ago

    what is the song at 6:14

  • Maximus 8414
    Maximus 8414 13 hours ago

    12 year-old science man helps homeless guy cut his fingers off

  • DeDL0z ¿¿¿
    DeDL0z ¿¿¿ 13 hours ago

    Once I put my finger outside and my dad didn’t know but he rolled his window up luckily he put the window down after when I told him

  • mic dio
    mic dio 13 hours ago

    I say this house tour was lit🔥

  • Jezzibolt
    Jezzibolt 13 hours ago

    As a cosplayer who has wigs and takes care of them, this video was horrifying XD

  • Stanislav Schaller
    Stanislav Schaller 14 hours ago

    Hite hyyyyyyype

  • TheHowLord
    TheHowLord 14 hours ago

    Have you tried a bigger size of bowling ball?

  • ajmckay2
    ajmckay2 15 hours ago

    3:13 great burp!

  • RGP B
    RGP B 15 hours ago

    Quality episode

  • blue7339
    blue7339 15 hours ago

    Watching in 2019: THE MIC IS SHIIIIIIT!!!!

  • Poke The Dead
    Poke The Dead 15 hours ago

    Why was he just doing an egg drop by himself

  • Goat_devil 12
    Goat_devil 12 15 hours ago

    This is really American

  • Exclusive1421
    Exclusive1421 16 hours ago

    What size does the shirts come in

  • Zastock
    Zastock 16 hours ago

    "Could not come up with a better name" After about 5 seconds, I came up with Shock Shag....and that, as bad as it is, is better than taser carpet.

  • Blockbusterjack
    Blockbusterjack 16 hours ago

    Litterally tooth paste is tooth sensitive sandpaper. It's grit in a flavored gel. Keep in mind healthy teeth and white teeth are not 100% their are cases of people losing the pigment in their teeth because of over whitening. Also the banana just has chemicals that are useful in whitening teeth. The best toothpaste is the ones dentist recommend not because the other stuff doesn't work but because litterally anything can work but if toothpaste ruins you teeth it's their fault.

  • blue7339
    blue7339 16 hours ago

    Bobby those eating noises make me want to shoot myself

  • Henry Atkinson
    Henry Atkinson 16 hours ago

    From burning house to electric carpet in new house.

  • paulrwjr
    paulrwjr 16 hours ago

    Bro, you forgot the chain and gear cover! FAIL!

  • Henry Atkinson
    Henry Atkinson 16 hours ago

    Ians face is priceless.

  • UnderDog 427
    UnderDog 427 16 hours ago

    you should have done the beer on the bottom and crumple zone in the middle so it was bottom heavy

  • spencer
    spencer 16 hours ago

    Excuse me I think your cat has autism.

  • ManuEcheveste
    ManuEcheveste 17 hours ago


  • Lizard Crimson
    Lizard Crimson 17 hours ago

    when Chelsea was like "I'm not gonna eat the pumpkin" then did in anyway with William, my heart melted <3

  • oh yeah
    oh yeah 17 hours ago

    He should bring this to a store and drive it around with himself in it, see what people do. edit : I was early in the video and as soon as I comment this he goes to a grocery store. wow

  • JMango
    JMango 17 hours ago

    Laser cut Aerogel

  • BioMagic
    BioMagic 17 hours ago

    boyfriends much?! <3

  • Nd Pngs
    Nd Pngs 17 hours ago

    Your very first videos is boring but still the best

  • Gabriel Jowers
    Gabriel Jowers 17 hours ago

    Nasal period

  • Tyler Sparkes
    Tyler Sparkes 17 hours ago

    This video is one of the weirdest videos I’ve ever seen.

  • V-Fixzle2
    V-Fixzle2 17 hours ago

    I can smell the axe from here

  • oh yeah
    oh yeah 17 hours ago

    soooo basically that episode from gravity falls?

  • Reklaw
    Reklaw 17 hours ago

    This is surreal

  • RandomFunny
    RandomFunny 17 hours ago

    2:27 lol you can see Michael holding in his laughter

  • Logan Sano
    Logan Sano 18 hours ago

    The ears falling down on the hot at Costco was so sad

  • Chungus Boi
    Chungus Boi 18 hours ago

    Caretaker is jealous

  • CNSL Hammy
    CNSL Hammy 18 hours ago

    One time my mom slammed the door on my finger and I still have the scar 8 years later

  • oh yeah
    oh yeah 18 hours ago

    who is Chelsea?

  • Oksi Min
    Oksi Min 18 hours ago

    How funny the mic man stay him all the time

  • AdmiralBiff
    AdmiralBiff 18 hours ago

    they even treat michael like a little kid

  • Awesome Opossum
    Awesome Opossum 18 hours ago

    What’s the song at 1:35

    PEPPERS_PARADISE 18 hours ago

    right when u was pregnant it gave me a add on preganacy

  • Haven Wilson
    Haven Wilson 18 hours ago


  • Maccaroney
    Maccaroney 18 hours ago

    William, are you calling up machine home instead of work home, possibly?

  • 은하ᄋᄉᄋ
    은하ᄋᄉᄋ 18 hours ago

    Idk how I got here but I rlly want to know why my doctor hasn’t mentioned this procedure yet. I’ve been suffering since I was little. Edit: called my doctor and brought up the idea, might get it done.