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  • Amar Sinanovic
    Amar Sinanovic 4 hours ago

    Like me PIZ

  • 15 September Ghost
    15 September Ghost 4 hours ago

    In 7:21 there was a bug climbing the log

  • dan1311
    dan1311 4 hours ago

    Jerry doing

  • Ronaldo Cardano
    Ronaldo Cardano 4 hours ago

    oki broh

  • Joan Mabaquiao
    Joan Mabaquiao 4 hours ago

    Fak you

  • chu p
    chu p 4 hours ago

    4:56 hey i got ya there dude you didn't notice even I lose

  • Ronnie Eskisan
    Ronnie Eskisan 4 hours ago

    No she is from deadpool

  • Leo Tan
    Leo Tan 4 hours ago


  • Amar Sinanovic
    Amar Sinanovic 4 hours ago

    Sment and sand like me

  • Dezalenko
    Dezalenko 4 hours ago

    All of the comments are LiKe If YoU'rE WaTcHiNg In 2019

  • chu p
    chu p 4 hours ago

    I lose my out

    PJER GRBIĆ 4 hours ago


    PJER GRBIĆ 4 hours ago

    Cuteeee i have no my logo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Cooper Henry
    Cooper Henry 4 hours ago

    This is how many times he said rainbow 👇🏻

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown 4 hours ago

    Jordi lf you go south there is a 5% chance of finding an island of Dimond

  • Terrator doesn’t Play


  • TheCagonzales
    TheCagonzales 4 hours ago

    I have wachted the original one

  • Clive Honeywill
    Clive Honeywill 4 hours ago

    Hello Anu bestest friend sorry my sister is been so you know him and I love you I hate you I love you

  • Trish Pendleton
    Trish Pendleton 4 hours ago


  • Underhero gaming
    Underhero gaming 5 hours ago

    Ur a really lucky person to have Azzy. I’m still single

  • Dovydas Eidimtas
    Dovydas Eidimtas 5 hours ago

    That is a herobrine

  • Albert kershaw
    Albert kershaw 5 hours ago

    Puppies look so cute I want to adopt them

  • Mischa Febrisa
    Mischa Febrisa 5 hours ago


  • Stella Micabalo
    Stella Micabalo 5 hours ago

    Azzy found your base

  • josephine aprovechar

    I cried 😭 in the second sad story

  • Jimmy Koelewijn
    Jimmy Koelewijn 5 hours ago

    The baller is really good in public games

  • DD5i5ty6 Customs
    DD5i5ty6 Customs 5 hours ago

    Pls like if u want him to do a video on the stunts in this video

  • DD5i5ty6 Customs
    DD5i5ty6 Customs 5 hours ago

    Er.. I think when he says he can, he actually cant

  • Rajeh Leerdam
    Rajeh Leerdam 5 hours ago

    you are the best youtuber bro loves Rajeh.

  • Lxxwxlnvsh
    Lxxwxlnvsh 5 hours ago

    chapter2 is out you still do that

  • Carina Joson
    Carina Joson 5 hours ago

    Meet made it

  • Tammy Stevenson
    Tammy Stevenson 5 hours ago

    can I be your friend

  • ROBLOX Fortnite
    ROBLOX Fortnite 5 hours ago


  • Princess Kate Gachaverse


  • 張莉亞
    張莉亞 5 hours ago

    I still have I was yes that was funny but I still have my life I don’t I didn’t actually laugh yet because it was not funny my funniness is 1000 but it’s infinite so you have to make me laugh with infinite numbers Internet and no because

  • Mohammed Karraz
    Mohammed Karraz 5 hours ago

    Good song

  • Mohammad Karaki
    Mohammad Karaki 5 hours ago

    Can you talk Arabic?

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh 5 hours ago

    Those 5k people who disliked the video are not the fans of Jordi

  • Sara Nazm
    Sara Nazm 5 hours ago

    It is not paint it is coconut milk

  • Mikael Hans Cappleman

    The Johnny express did delivered the box so it is true that the delivery was complete

  • TheOutlaw
    TheOutlaw 5 hours ago

    Destroy obsidian and build a nether portal!!!

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 5 hours ago

    Can u Du a q&a

  • Angelo Eufemio
    Angelo Eufemio 5 hours ago

    i cried in the first video it was sad and i like your video

  • Turtle Gaming
    Turtle Gaming 5 hours ago

    Idiot do not swear loser I unsub

  • TSP2100
    TSP2100 5 hours ago

    cough press tab to see who it is, ya boy.

  • Lara Ahmed
    Lara Ahmed 5 hours ago

    What a powerful angry

  • Bonglyn Apilada
    Bonglyn Apilada 5 hours ago

    It's jilly

  • David Kyle Regalado
    David Kyle Regalado 5 hours ago

    I have a crossbolt

  • Besotted With Wolves

    Are you the voice of Gru from minions?!

  • dusty_taco
    dusty_taco 5 hours ago

    That was funny

  • Unicorn Pet
    Unicorn Pet 5 hours ago

    De girlfriends of Steve is Alex dat is de girl plz like

  • Dian Pieterse
    Dian Pieterse 5 hours ago

    I like you

  • Dian Pieterse
    Dian Pieterse 5 hours ago

    Sorry was my sister

  • Dian Pieterse
    Dian Pieterse 5 hours ago

    You suck

  • 張莉亞
    張莉亞 5 hours ago

    Anglea and I haven’t said wow and

  • Rigairo Janga
    Rigairo Janga 6 hours ago

    The Hot weels car is twin mill

  • 張莉亞
    張莉亞 6 hours ago

    What is Spiderman far from home

  • Gaming Brant
    Gaming Brant 6 hours ago


  • shayan3dy vlogs
    shayan3dy vlogs 6 hours ago

    You have to make a video for fortnite chapter 2

  • Gaming Brant
    Gaming Brant 6 hours ago

    ha Ha HA!

  • Jort
    Jort 6 hours ago

    Ik voel erg met je mee, wat sterk van je dat je het kan volhouden om de video te doen!. Ik heb de hele tijd mij moeten inhouden om niette huilen. 77

  • Gaming Brant
    Gaming Brant 6 hours ago


  • rogelio rosete
    rogelio rosete 6 hours ago


  • rogelio rosete
    rogelio rosete 6 hours ago


  • Venkatesh Parasuram
    Venkatesh Parasuram 6 hours ago

    So sorry jordi😯👼

  • KBLE Stormz
    KBLE Stormz 6 hours ago

    Like that

  • Thirdy Ellasus
    Thirdy Ellasus 6 hours ago

    I din't lough every single videos

  • 張莉亞
    張莉亞 6 hours ago

    No I’m not I know it’s the candies the attendees OK do you have know how to spell Tandy’s ha ha Ha that’s a lot of years like 10 years ago 10 years yeah I don’t know how to spell 10 years but I can do some researching of how 10 Years way and how what day I am because I get on

  • Xelabor
    Xelabor 6 hours ago

    Azzy had duct tape stuck to her face

  • Pjokki
    Pjokki 6 hours ago

    I have dine IT and im a intellegefvhh person

  • John Michael
    John Michael 6 hours ago

    Imagine if he forgot to record

  • Nilda Darang
    Nilda Darang 6 hours ago

    Pls print a big lambo

  • Nilda Darang
    Nilda Darang 6 hours ago

    Print a lambo

  • puppet family
    puppet family 6 hours ago

    I wacth that vidio before i messyourseltś chanel

  • Rasha Ralhan
    Rasha Ralhan 6 hours ago

    You are a good person and I love you so much

    GOD OOF BRUH SANS 6 hours ago


  • Diana Tamajobe
    Diana Tamajobe 6 hours ago


  • REXO
    REXO 6 hours ago

    Yeah i think.. he watch Jelly's Video.

    KNIGHTMARE EYECE 6 hours ago

    Lil pump?

  • lider lifer
    lider lifer 6 hours ago


  • Rachel Dorrington
    Rachel Dorrington 6 hours ago

    Jsjebsbzndnxnsnsnsnsbsdnbdbdbd d ebeebbbebebdbdbxbdbdbdbdbdjdnddbbdbdbhejdjenennsn

  • Lucid Owen
    Lucid Owen 6 hours ago

    I am intellegent

  • ronald ogot
    ronald ogot 6 hours ago

    On the first video of slime you say wow

  • Nob Moch
    Nob Moch 7 hours ago

    this is sad and funny at the same time also im from cambodia

  • Ace You
    Ace You 7 hours ago

    Look at 2:17 its funny 😂

  • 張莉亞
    張莉亞 7 hours ago

    By the way I am Leah

  • 張莉亞
    張莉亞 7 hours ago

    Jacob he said that he’ll blow my end every day every day every day every day like almost every month so you should almost do it a month because that’s gonna be awesome today I love your videos so so so so so so much and I love her every day I watch it every day I love it every day

  • Galla Mage
    Galla Mage 7 hours ago

    I have an idea what if whatever item gets put in the chest you put it in an organization

  • Tiffany Jones
    Tiffany Jones 7 hours ago

    To go cup of love all the videos add more

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M 7 hours ago

    So cool

    • Dylan M
      Dylan M 7 hours ago

      I like you you're so cool you're my fan

  • River Ochuschayo
    River Ochuschayo 7 hours ago

    I thought you said spain?

    FAISAL FAZLANI 7 hours ago

    This actually made me cry

  • Meann Escusa
    Meann Escusa 7 hours ago

    I did not lauhft

  • {gacha_powerrr}
    {gacha_powerrr} 7 hours ago

    For all the haters from this music video, you can't do it better

  • hastak power
    hastak power 7 hours ago

    You are dutch

  • ConfusedHydra 1057
    ConfusedHydra 1057 7 hours ago

    Aaron esser

  • jessica van der heyden

    Call it pesfall land

  • Sarah Farr
    Sarah Farr 7 hours ago

    You could do it

  • logan moccardine
    logan moccardine 7 hours ago

    I sh¡t my pants when I saw that person

  • mansoca
    mansoca 7 hours ago