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Crystal Castles - Fleece
Views 897K3 years ago
Crystal Castles - Char
Views 464K3 years ago
Crystal Castles - Concrete
Views 4.4M3 years ago
Crystal Castles - Sad Eyes
Views 2.5M7 years ago


  • Christian Louboutin
    Christian Louboutin 3 hours ago

    Кто из 2020 и хочет поесть мертвичины?

  • Davide Erre
    Davide Erre 14 hours ago

    sapo bully ollaredegaing

  • acid
    acid 20 hours ago

    1:09 sounds like shes saying "lightning mcqueen"

  • Владислав Башинский

    Русские 2019, не ради хайпа.

  • Self
    Self Day ago

    A D O R E

  • Ваха Ермаков

    Чё та по русски тут ни хрена не написали... Черкану классику- хутин пуйло!

  • ShimmySnail
    ShimmySnail 5 days ago

    I am really Really REALLY f------ sick of Billie Eilish shilling for "Dr." Dre, the guy who sued all his fans for downloading his music even though he was a record producer. Record producers are famous for ripping off musicians.

  • Ashley Arnold
    Ashley Arnold 5 days ago

    Amazing I like this beautiful song.😊

  • Adam Carlone
    Adam Carlone 5 days ago

    Imagine all the people who have no idea they're in a music video.

  • NitsuaNaed
    NitsuaNaed 7 days ago

    Good song for taking your anger out alongside with You feel invincible and psychotic Just the right combination needed

  • Shadow Ops
    Shadow Ops 7 days ago

    If only they knew who they were getting pushed by 😂 I'd flip lol

  • Lucy Del Nebraska
    Lucy Del Nebraska 8 days ago

    S.A.D x E.y.E.s ;(;

    SFZGOTHBOI 8 days ago


  • Topher Doucet
    Topher Doucet 8 days ago

    Alice Glass wannabe...

  • Church of Stalinist Christ For Poor

    Frankly, some precious things are worth stealing. I've been waiting for lo-o-o-ove... ... ... It's all that matters to rescue! The joy and sheen will never be captured, to its detriment! as free. Because all things are free, or capitalism is damned. We are capable of being that good. I love you.

  • ava fernandez
    ava fernandez 9 days ago

    Why would alice want to slam the band and ruin their success, when she could have stayed in the band and had amazing success, leaving the band was one of the hardest decisions she had to make but she had to because of the sick cruelty and lies and control

  • Why God
    Why God 9 days ago

    best song

  • Why God
    Why God 9 days ago


  • El Chico de las Pestañas Largas

    0.0 what? is it based in a real story?

  • Anas Khalid
    Anas Khalid 13 days ago

    But girls are no longer being modest, but some are still their Like That gold that doesn't rust

  • Yharaa Esneyttaly
    Yharaa Esneyttaly 14 days ago

    rəcuerd o/¿♡¿《

  • Yharaa Esneyttaly
    Yharaa Esneyttaly 16 days ago


  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 16 days ago

    I love this song ! Along with Pap Smear / and baptism /Celestica are some of my faves

  • Jhada Music
    Jhada Music 18 days ago

    Check this out! The best cover ever!

  • PhantomOfRaven
    PhantomOfRaven 18 days ago

    Pale blogs forever

  • dead end
    dead end 24 days ago

    This shit is powerful

  • Hazel A
    Hazel A 25 days ago

    Her cheekbones! To die

  • PlutoTheGod
    PlutoTheGod 25 days ago

    Crazy nostalgia. Haven't listened in years, come back & still get the same unique feeling when listening to CC. The music makes you sad & happy at the same time it's weird

  • Yaser Düzel
    Yaser Düzel 26 days ago

    This make me feel like ı am in another world and ı am flying...

  • Lazuli
    Lazuli 27 days ago

    Can someone make like an hour long loop of this song

  • Nico
    Nico 27 days ago

    Who is the director of this? I'm in love.

  • stupid bloody piss *UTTP*

    I'm trying too hard to understand the image from the video lol

    YOUR BROTHER 28 days ago

    If I’m lost please don’t find me ... : /

  • Rare Dzzz
    Rare Dzzz Month ago

    From a big lone star to Milky Way? Yea

  • Jamie m
    Jamie m Month ago

    if you want more music to listen to, I've made some beautiful music ♡

  • Bellickeys
    Bellickeys Month ago

    Niccce CC

  • Gerson Aviles
    Gerson Aviles Month ago

    pes 2011!!!

  • Ricardo Costa
    Ricardo Costa Month ago

    pro evolution soccer 2011 checking the league table, setting up the team formation lol

  • Francisca Garay
    Francisca Garay Month ago

    dislaik numero 501 uwu

  • Gaston
    Gaston Month ago

    As we fall into sequence And we're eating our young Remain silent and still for modesty When the splints have been broken And they can't help you now Do you pray with your eyes closed naturally Follow me into nowhere Woven with the utmost care If I'm lost please don't find me If I jump let me sink We descended from no one With a wink When it's cold outside hold me Don't hold me When I choose to rest my eyes coax me Don't coax me When it's cold outside hold me Don't hold me When I choose to rest my eyes coax me Don't coax me Follow me into nowhere Woven with the utmost care Have they cleansed you with chloride And scrubbed behind the knees Has your body been hollowed by the breeze

    • MMS MATH
      MMS MATH 6 days ago


    • Redwolf 319
      Redwolf 319 10 days ago

      Gaston I always thought it was “when I choose the rest of my life, hold me down”

  • Pedro Ibáñez
    Pedro Ibáñez Month ago


  • Deividstevan Rativarojas

    pes 2011

  • JSRF420
    JSRF420 Month ago

    Death never sounded so beautiful.

    HEX METAL Month ago

    I was sure that I heard a version of this without the electronic squeaking.

      HEX METAL Month ago

      @Aarif Abdoo I still listen to this. Just the beeps seem out of place, like an anti-piracy sound effect.

    • Aarif Abdoo
      Aarif Abdoo Month ago

      HEX METAL steal listing to this ?

  • Olegario De Leon
    Olegario De Leon Month ago

    Was listening to this particular song while reading the book, The Drowning People...IDK why...but the music fit the mood in some dramatic parts.

  • ldmt1995
    ldmt1995 Month ago

    Have tried this before, how many times was she punched?

  • Gerson Breno Froes

    Que saudades do PES 2011!!! <3

  • Britain Jasmine
    Britain Jasmine Month ago


  • Maria Spataru
    Maria Spataru Month ago

    Why is this song so short damn

  • lu0 killa
    lu0 killa Month ago

    This is bit scary and super epic

    STYREX Month ago

    synthpop gamchxiret venebshi plez

  • Erik EF
    Erik EF Month ago


  • Máximo Hernandez


  • Katherine 6
    Katherine 6 2 months ago

    Put this song in 0.75 speed. Thank me later 😊

  • Matheus Brito
    Matheus Brito 2 months ago

    lol this was on gossip girl

    • Matheus Brito
      Matheus Brito 20 days ago

      @knives yes, 4th season. the scene is on youtube

    • knives
      knives 20 days ago


  • See Logic
    See Logic 2 months ago

    Sad :(

  • Derek Muszyński
    Derek Muszyński 2 months ago

    Edith so high here, I'm so jealouse.

  • Team Android
    Team Android 2 months ago

    Lo escucho sentado y mi pie se comienza a mover una Music... real pes 2011 ;)

  • Vefa
    Vefa 2 months ago

    Dinleyen türk varsa bana ulaşsın jsjdjsj çok değerli bı parca üstüne konusalim

  • Ash Defenders
    Ash Defenders 2 months ago

    Crystal Castles one love!

  • Eduardo Avilés Sánchez

    Cuando estás a medio concierto y se te olvida grabar el vídeo musical :0

  • Andre Bautista
    Andre Bautista 2 months ago

    the picture tho...

  • Serenity Heart
    Serenity Heart 2 months ago

    Alice Glass ftw. <3 Ew to replacing her. Still <3 Edith though.

    • Jacobo
      Jacobo Month ago

      Edith was fine

  • Алень Неизбежный

    Слушаю эту песню с 2011 года по 2019 и буду до конца своих дней наслаждаться этой песней! Это просто философия всей нашей жизни, печальная, таинственная и притягательная! Обожаю эту песню!

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez 2 months ago

    White Castle is yummy..

  • zsv 23
    zsv 23 2 months ago

    A E S T H E T I C

  • B Sherman
    B Sherman 2 months ago

    I wanna bite her

  • linn
    linn 2 months ago

    love you alice!!! <3

  • Richar_
    Richar_ 2 months ago

    one of my favorite song, with black panther !

  • C
    C 2 months ago

    reminds me of christmas

  • Ronny Kazadi
    Ronny Kazadi 2 months ago

    PES 2011

  • zakarota1985
    zakarota1985 2 months ago

    pes 2011 للذكرى

  • Alfie Collins
    Alfie Collins 2 months ago

    Damn the aesthetic of this is so... well, I can't put my finger on it really. It's so lonely and psychotic, but ineffably cool.

  • Lazuli
    Lazuli 2 months ago

    Fuck this song brings back so many memories

  • lu0 killa
    lu0 killa 2 months ago

    İ scare from graveyards and lone forests because they remind me deads and wrecked things cause of war

  • lu0 killa
    lu0 killa 2 months ago

    She is little bit gotic

  • Axeicom Art
    Axeicom Art 2 months ago

    1:13 la chule version hombre xdd

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 2 months ago

    Bumps into someone swinging their pp around haha

  • Ludvik Th3HeiSt
    Ludvik Th3HeiSt 3 months ago

    Ohh M Soo many Memories . . . . PES2011 :'')

  • Kolos Farkhasiu
    Kolos Farkhasiu 3 months ago

    This is where their fall began.

  • Rodrigo Rigobello
    Rodrigo Rigobello 3 months ago

    New Crystal castles is shit

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 3 months ago

    Type the shirt..glad I've seen them with Pantera 96..

  • Neon Charger
    Neon Charger 3 months ago

    Muierão da porra

  • Fernando Ospina
    Fernando Ospina 3 months ago

    Por siempre ♡

  • Jeff Mecham
    Jeff Mecham 3 months ago

    Nice shoe on basketball court sample

  • FBHI
    FBHI 3 months ago

    oh this song should be in the new Vampire Masquerade game!

  • Luis Davila
    Luis Davila 3 months ago

    2019 México presente, Alv perros

  • Pablo Orellana
    Pablo Orellana 3 months ago


  • Lucien de Peiro
    Lucien de Peiro 3 months ago

    Toda una historia tras uno de los grupos que más he disfrutado durante los últimos años, desde 2008. Su música me apasiona. Debo referirme a los dos artistas que crearon una serie de maravillas (Crystal Castles, II y III) hasta una pelea y separación total. Parece que ni se hablan: Ethan Kath (músico) y Alice Glass (cantante). Posteriormente Ethan fichó a una nueva cantante, Edith Frances, y sacaron un buen disco (Amnesty, I), aunque a mi juicio no supera los tres previos. En fin, cuestiones personales a parte su discografía me tiene enamorado desde hace años. Su música me resulta maravillosa, emotiva, pegadiza y compleja, utilizando la abstracción con moderación en la mayoría de temas, pero impensable de popularizarse en países como el que suf... vivo, más allá de los cuatro gatos a los que tanto nos gusta. "Char", por ejemplo, ejemplifica su estilo y es una de sus incontables maravillas. La foto es de Ethan con Alice, la cantante original que podemos oír en esta canción. 23. Crystal Castles, "Char". []

  • Manuel morra
    Manuel morra 3 months ago


  • Manuel morra
    Manuel morra 3 months ago


  • Celeste’s Alt
    Celeste’s Alt 3 months ago

    Best band some people are gay lol not to be a bitch lol

    TURKOGLU 06 3 months ago

    Pes 2011. Very beautiful song and voice.

  • Fabrizio Hernández
    Fabrizio Hernández 3 months ago


  • Patryk Sobczak
    Patryk Sobczak 3 months ago

    Actually to be honest with you this is The sickness beat I heard in my life It is a mix off The Prodigy and Telefon Tel Aviv The backrounds it is just amazing This is What I called Electronic Witch Techno The best Group in The World Genius

  • Patryk Sobczak
    Patryk Sobczak 3 months ago

    In 2019 who is writening on Type'O Negative t-shirt???🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • R.O.S
    R.O.S 3 months ago

    extraño a Alice Glass

  • mrperika
    mrperika 3 months ago

    Pes 2011 for eva

    SAINT VALARIE 3 months ago

    enjoyed this so much