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Mike Day Everything About Concrete
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Concrete Cost Per Yard
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How to form a concrete slab
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  • Karen Fortin
    Karen Fortin 9 hours ago

    I love this idea, im looking into redoing my front patio with a cappuccino color and a nutmeg color as the released agent but i have no idea where i can buy these colors?? Do u recommend a website ?? TIA

  • Mark Enomoto
    Mark Enomoto 9 hours ago

    No. Love these videos though

  • Frank Flanagan
    Frank Flanagan 10 hours ago

    Nice work sir! You're 100% correct, weather can definitely make or break you in the concrete industry.

  • Cameron Overfield
    Cameron Overfield 12 hours ago

    Thanks mike that makes me wonder about the guys we have batching our concrete here it’s very inconsistent

  • John Mack
    John Mack 12 hours ago

    Mike, I noticed that one corner of the slab i "lower" than the other corners. Why is that? I am just trying to learn this trade and was curious.

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 12 hours ago

      The slab is level, it's just the board (form) in that corner we didn't dig down to grade. We snapped a chalk line on it level with the board on the other side. The sub-grade was a little out of level that's all.

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 13 hours ago

    This particular project deserves more views.

  • Pro Concrete Coatings
    Pro Concrete Coatings 14 hours ago

    Rain was always a constant battle, I felt like a meteorologist some days...lol Don't you hate when your working your butt off and the homeowner is talking to you? It's like, leave me alone so I can work, geez! LoL

  • Charles De Francisco
    Charles De Francisco 15 hours ago

    I’ve been finishing concrete for 60 yrs and the last twenty with a Honda powered screed...W O W ..what a difference not only in labor ..but far faster and more accurate

  • Julio Rendon
    Julio Rendon 15 hours ago

    How or where do you get rid of left over concrete? and where do the drivers wash off in residential jobs? We’ve been using wheelbarrows for wash offs

  • Gilbert S
    Gilbert S 17 hours ago

    Mike great videos !!! Great to see that there are good people out there SHARING their hard earned career secrets. Nice job.

  • psidvicious
    psidvicious 17 hours ago

    -Did the ready-mix company hit you with a ‘short-load’ charge bcz you only needed a yard and a half? -Yea, I remember the days, as a young man, when we used to look forward to getting rained out! Then we had an excuse to go to the strip club 😛! Becomes a whole different ball game when you finally get serious and own your own business and have some real ‘skin-in-the-game’! 🤜🤛

  • Peggy Patton
    Peggy Patton 17 hours ago

    Great job where are you out of?I'm in twin cities Minnesota in going on my own for 2020 I'm going to small jobs like this block stuff.

  • John Mack
    John Mack 18 hours ago

    Mike do you have a link to an 8lb hammer for pounding stakes in?

  • John Mack
    John Mack 18 hours ago

    I started my own business to work my own hours...I didn't realize it would be every hour.

  • idical idical
    idical idical 19 hours ago

    Mike That's a great look! Are you on the hook for anything if the previous settling (compaction?) continues and your work is impacted?

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 12 hours ago

      This particular one didn't have any settling issues. If there is a job that does, I bring that up to the customer, explain the possible outcome clearly and if they decide to go ahead, I cover myself in the proposal so it can't come back to haunt me.

  • Gospodin Anyaku
    Gospodin Anyaku 19 hours ago

    Concrete business is a collective matter, one is not a warrior in the field :)

  • Carl Harrington
    Carl Harrington 19 hours ago

    Nice work. I'm a DIY guy and this is extremely helpful! Thanks for taking the time to share your skill! Subscribed!

  • Stephen Lamarre
    Stephen Lamarre 19 hours ago

    I know the feeling with the rain. Also, the customer doesn't always understand that. Great job and love your videos!!!

  • frank willwerth
    frank willwerth 20 hours ago

    i am pouring a concrete slab with pex tube for a heated floor over an existing slab. the existing floor is uneven so i need to level it out, what do you think is the minimum thickness for this kind of pour, should i put foam board insulation down first? and does that effect the thickness that the new concrete needs to be? thanks

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 12 hours ago

      Yes, I would suggest foam under the new slab. The thickness depends on what it is. A garage you're driving on 3-4", Just foot traffic you can do 2" minimum.

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 20 hours ago

    Nicely done.. Looking forward to more concrete stuff from you.

  • Aaron Grabowski
    Aaron Grabowski 21 hour ago

    Rain aways gets our schedule all messed up.

  • Dave Chappelle
    Dave Chappelle 23 hours ago

    5 people standing around, 1 guy working. Must be Union.

  • Jevgenijs Gavrilovs

    Very useful information

  • Jevgenijs Gavrilovs

    Thank you.

  • timothy adonis

    What size stone is in the ready mix

  • psidvicious
    psidvicious Day ago

    Good vid Mike. I think the thing that beginners can take most from this one is when you say to let the concrete set for a while between passes with the mag or steel trowels. Beginners always seem to have a tendency to overwork the concrete and not give it time to do its own curing. Of course the real trick, that only comes with experience, is knowing how long those ‘waits’ should be. 🤜🤛

  • Orlando Castrejon
    Orlando Castrejon 2 days ago

    Gracias. Amigo. Frome Tupelo Mississippi

  • Cameron Overfield
    Cameron Overfield 2 days ago

    Thanks mike but have you noticed if on ur side of the USA that it makes concrete sticky? Because it seems to here lol

  • daniel smyth
    daniel smyth 2 days ago

    Hi Mike, another great video thanks for sharing, how did you come across the mag trouel or know about it,I never knew about it until your videos?

  • Hammer Time
    Hammer Time 3 days ago

    When do u stop pouring for the year when frost sets in the ground?

  • idical idical
    idical idical 3 days ago

    Do you combine water reducer with the CaCl2 salt?

  • Janusz Krenzel
    Janusz Krenzel 3 days ago

    i already know

  • Janusz Krenzel
    Janusz Krenzel 3 days ago

    Excellent job im starting doing stamp concrete in Poland i have a question about concrete mix design for a stamp concrete i wana go to the batch plant and give them recipe for good concrete for my future jobs i m using most of a colour hardener and sealers from Ideal Work company i will be preachier for some good advise from you .

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 2 days ago

      The mix I use for my stamping projects is a 4000 psi mix with 3/8 stone (peastone). This is my standard stamp mix. I will usually add micro-fiber mesh to that also. You can't see it in the mix it's so small.

  • jjjustin17favs
    jjjustin17favs 3 days ago

    I thought the concrete was mixed in the plant not the truck

    • Cripple guy
      Cripple guy 2 days ago

      It is if it's a Central mix plant . Sometimes referred to as a " Wet Batch" plant . They have a large drum up on the plant that actually Pre mixes the aggregate ,sand, cement and water . Drivers prefer those . Less dust all over the truck and the slump is usually right on the money .

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 2 days ago

      They add the dry ingredients into the truck at the plant, as well as some of the water, then the truck mixes it all together.

  • zorroon milkavitch
    zorroon milkavitch 3 days ago

    Do some people take the edger and redo the edge after its broom finished it always seems as if somebody's doing that after the lines are in from the broom but it's hard to tell

  • zorroon milkavitch
    zorroon milkavitch 3 days ago

    Isn't it mandatory to have to lift up the five by five welded mesh when you pouring the concrete I mean if it's just sitting on the bottom what is it doing just sitting there

  • MyConcretExperience

    Great video 👌🏼

  • Pippa pig
    Pippa pig 3 days ago

    Looks really good from where I’m sitting 👍👍👍👍

  • Melicoy
    Melicoy 4 days ago

    BRRRR nice work

  • Jay McCormack
    Jay McCormack 4 days ago

    Have you done a full finish with color on the concrete instead of putting an additional finish floor on top? If so what did you do ?

    • Jay McCormack
      Jay McCormack 2 days ago

      Mike Day Everything About Concrete : how is the radiant tubes attached to the plywood?

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 2 days ago

      We stain and seal concrete floors. We stain and polish them too. I also epoxy a lot of concrete floors.

  • johnlyn1
    johnlyn1 4 days ago

    If I recall I think you mentioned before you don't do any grading and ground leveling. You just come out and pour and finish the concrete? If you were to just pour and finish with all the prep work done and ready to pour, approx. what would it cost to have an 80x128 pad 8 inch deep with 4,500 PSI and fiber mesh added? Also, would laying out a chain link fence over the rebar add any benefit to prevent future cracking?

    • psidvicious
      psidvicious Day ago

      Using chain link fence for reinforcement would work exactly like welded wire fabric (‘wire mesh’). It would actually be even stronger than the typical wire used in patios, sidewalks etc, bcz typical wire is W1.4 x W1.4 whereas chainlink fence is a thinker gauge wire and the ‘square’ spacing is about 3”x3”, not the typical 6”x6”. You would also have the added benefit of the wire being galvanized. It would not be advisable to buy fencing as a substitute for WWF though bcz the price difference is substantial compared to the added benefit gained. 🤜🤛

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 2 days ago

      I don't talk pricing on RU-clip, you can join my private Facebook group "Concrete Ninja's" to talk pricing. I've never used a chain link fence for reinforcement before, I suppose It wouldn't hurt and it may help reduce cracks if it had enough coverage over it.

  • skliros
    skliros 4 days ago

    Mike. I poured 37 yards slab the other day and it got rained on after we finish troweled. Temp was 40s and at night too. Next day a few small areas were flaked up. And it seems to be in areas I steel troweled maybe too much or too early. Why does the steel trowel cause water or air to be trapped?

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 2 days ago

      Aaron said it perfectly, good job Aaron!

    • Aaron Grabowski
      Aaron Grabowski 4 days ago

      Always check any areas in direct sunlight first. The sun plays a big role on when you can start finishing

    • Aaron Grabowski
      Aaron Grabowski 4 days ago

      skliros you can see there is no more water on the surface of the slab. And like Mike showed in his video you can only press your fingers down about a 1/4 “

    • skliros
      skliros 4 days ago

      @Aaron Grabowski thanks for the reply. How do you know when the concrete is done "bleeding"?

    • Aaron Grabowski
      Aaron Grabowski 4 days ago

      Its because it seals the surface so that bleed water cant escape through the top. Hope this helps. A mag or wood float still leaves the surface open so the bleed water can evaporate

  • Rchm Chavez
    Rchm Chavez 4 days ago

    I don’t think it’s level perfect

  • Ansari Baksh
    Ansari Baksh 4 days ago

    Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful view at the lake

  • Cameron Overfield
    Cameron Overfield 4 days ago

    Sorry I suck at writing bear with me

  • Cameron Overfield
    Cameron Overfield 4 days ago

    Hey mike I have a question for you. What is the pros and cons of adding air, do they do it at the plant or dose the truck when adding water, and does it make for sticky concrete

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 2 days ago

      Adding air-entrainment is just for freeze/thaw. The tiny microscopic air bubbles in the matrix of the concrete allow water to penetrate (absorb) into the pores and freeze (expand) without popping the surface. It can make for a little stickier mix when finishing but not too bad. Any concrete that's interior doesn't need it of course. Just exterior concrete in climates where you have winters.

  • Travis Blanding
    Travis Blanding 4 days ago

    Very informative... A+

  • Kettle Korn
    Kettle Korn 4 days ago

    5:40 You call Enrico Colantoni for your concrete?😆

  • justin green
    justin green 4 days ago

    Thank you mike for another good video!

  • thomas seven
    thomas seven 4 days ago

    I have a question Mike. I'd like to build a little pad for a water storage tank up on a ridge that is not accessible to anything other than a pump with several sections of hose. However, I don't really want to pay $450.00 bucks for the pump so I'm thinking of using 60 lb bags of concrete and humping them up the hill. I'd use a mixer but obviously the first bags I mix up would be going off at a different time than the last. Any tips as to how to compensate for that lag time when it comes to trying to get a nice finish on the surface? I'm estimating about 44 bags of concrete to do the job. Thanks.

    • thomas seven
      thomas seven 2 days ago

      @Mike Day Everything About Concrete That's what I was thinking. I was worried about a cold joint though. The pad is only 104" in diameter and obviously excess heat is not a problem at this time of year, so I'm guessing it might go off kind of slow. I have one of those wacker neuson pencil vibrators so maybe that would be good to lay in there after all the concrete is where it needs to be...?

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 2 days ago

      You could fill the pad from the bottom up, leaving about 2" on the surface to do with your last bags. How big is the pad?

  • Jeff Henderson
    Jeff Henderson 4 days ago

    Thanks for the details Mike! Learning 👍 thank you

  • Charles Ilaria
    Charles Ilaria 4 days ago

    i have poured lot of crete but this is my first over pour. i have a good plan . will send pics of my prep .would like to see what u haveto say .

  • Killa Kable
    Killa Kable 5 days ago

    Noice!! 👍

  • Sean Privensal
    Sean Privensal 5 days ago

    Yes pls have another draw for the viberscreed. Mike I've done concrete foundation for about seven years, but I've just started my own flat work company and would love to give the Marshalltown viberscreed a test run and will be buying your concrete stamping course over the next couple months since I live in niagara Canada and this is our down time for flat work. Cheers keep these videos coming, great work brother!

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 5 days ago

    How about pouring over a milk house floor (dairy farm) how and what to pour over a porous surface , etched from chemicals

  • Tyler Bryant
    Tyler Bryant 5 days ago

    165.50 4000 Air with out an account With an account probably 140 +/- . Columbus Ohio

  • Iowa Matt
    Iowa Matt 5 days ago

    Your only as good with a vibra strike as your puddlers

  • Rob S
    Rob S 5 days ago

    Another great video Mike! It was cool to see how you selected the contest winner.... Very transparent and stand up. Even better was the way you worked that vibra screed.... You make it look effortless. I enjoy your videos so much I recently signed up for one of your courses. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next video.

  • Gospodin Anyaku
    Gospodin Anyaku 5 days ago

    Please tell me from the height of your experience. What type of joints in concrete is correct? The one that is made by the disc after the concrete has hardened or the one that is made by the cutter while the concrete is wet? What technology really works? Thanks! PS Your videos and tips are very sensible, unlike your colleagues in the workshop, you give working recipes and tips, even talk about the secrets of mastery. This inspires confidence in you as a master and teacher. Thanks again.

  • Sheila Mclaughlin
    Sheila Mclaughlin 6 days ago

    If u learn to tie with piers u can tie faster than a guy can use a twister

  • A.J. Garcia
    A.J. Garcia 6 days ago

    Yes do another one

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 6 days ago

    How much would this cost?

  • joao augusto
    joao augusto 6 days ago

    good work , but please wear somme masks the release is dangerous

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 6 days ago

    I felt in love with this video I really loved to work concrete I hate my boring job . Please if anyone is hiring out in los Angeles' area please let me know GOD BLESS America

  • skliros
    skliros 6 days ago

    What's that bag you threw in made of?

  • Taniela Vake
    Taniela Vake 6 days ago

    Been looking for a video review of this for the longest time! Thank you!

  • Malcolm Andrew
    Malcolm Andrew 6 days ago

    I’m pouring a garage slab. Upper 40s during the day and lows just at freezing the rest of the week. Should I be worried about curing

  • Mike Marsteller
    Mike Marsteller 6 days ago

    My home has a large patio 16 feet the entire length of the house. When they back filled the basement they did not compact the soil and it settled causing the pad to crack and drop in come areas as much as 5 or 6 inches. The house is 20 years old so I feel like any settling is done and over with by now, your thoughts? We live in Indiana so we have warm summers and can get pretty cold in the winter. It would be very costly to remove it. Would you suggest pouring over it and if so what steps would you take to insure it wouldn't crack from the two pads possibly expanding at different rates. Thanks great channel!

  • John cabral
    John cabral 6 days ago

    Hi Mike, the fact that you live in Maine ,do you pour all year long.

  • Joe Garage
    Joe Garage 6 days ago

    I bought a honda powered screed a few months ago. I have a slab that is 48 by 72 that I will use it for that one. I have trouble getting people that want to work for any amount of money. I will probably do this slab by myself 12 by 72 sections at a time. I plan on drilling dowel pins to tie the slab parts together (never done it this way, but way too large for just me to pour in one pour). Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will still use a bull float and a power trowel to get the surface as near perfect as I can. Concrete floor in the next week. Anyway, love you videos, I have done concrete jobs all my life, I watch your videos for great pointers.

  • Jeffery Thorndyke
    Jeffery Thorndyke 6 days ago

    You dont need that damn thing to pour concrete.

    • psidvicious
      psidvicious 17 hours ago

      Of course you don’t need it, but it has revolutionized concrete finishing in the last ~25yrs. 🤜🤛

  • steve richardson
    steve richardson 7 days ago

    Mike for me its a bear but buddy i am old loll now all these young whipper snappers can run them like a cake walk, but to be honest these boys love to strike it off with a dago stick and no disrespect to any Italian people but they invented the practice of striking it off this way, we will use pins for our grade points while out away from walls or where ever our grade point is, but we use a laser stick while rakers are pulling.

  • skliros
    skliros 7 days ago

    Do you lift up at all when pulling the vibrascreed? And do you pitch the blade or keep it flat?

  • Tom Roe
    Tom Roe 7 days ago

    Keep the videos coming. Everyone loves a good giveaway

  • Abram Monrreal
    Abram Monrreal 7 days ago

    Great video im learning the way the others contractors work👏👏👏

  • Kevin Mcfadin
    Kevin Mcfadin 7 days ago

    How are you getting your floor level ? Do you use grade pins ? I have a Viber screed we set up preform level 2x4 to ride the screed on.Then after I buzz it we remove the forms and bullfloat.You guy's make it look way easier then the way we do it. P.s I love your video's

  • Kenny Justman
    Kenny Justman 7 days ago

    Love your channel. A lot of useful tips and how- to's yes do another give-a-way

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 7 days ago

    Yes please do another one

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    delfino mojica 7 days ago

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    Goyo Lòpez M 7 days ago

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  • Goyo Lòpez M
    Goyo Lòpez M 7 days ago

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    mark saraceni 7 days ago

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    JC Anthony 7 days ago

    Hellp yes please do another!!! Great channel!!!

    LILMAN FUNKFREAKS 7 days ago

    By the way the concrete I want to slap is on the back patio

    LILMAN FUNKFREAKS 7 days ago

    I want a 3rd opinion, I need and want to pour new concrete on top of the old , the water comes towards the house, where are you located?

  • Jeffrey Boarman
    Jeffrey Boarman 7 days ago

    Meet or exceed

  • Jony Garcia
    Jony Garcia 7 days ago

    How Mach cost tha screed?? Prize in dollars

    • Jony Garcia
      Jony Garcia 6 days ago

      @Mike Day Everything About Concrete thanks mach, have great weekend

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 7 days ago

      It cost 1610.00 US dollars. If you use coupon code EAC when you check out you'll save 10%.

  • Célio Ferreira
    Célio Ferreira 7 days ago

    hello me pasa your imail please please accurate converse with vocês.. thanks

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 7 days ago

    Cool stuff.. Congrats to Simon.

  • omerta
    omerta 7 days ago

    Large Bolt cutters and the manual cutters are what i prefer.

  • Outlaw
    Outlaw 7 days ago

    power screeds are ok from time to time, but they are just way too slow compared to hand rod

  • Shane Fonville
    Shane Fonville 7 days ago

    That's the best thing invented for concrete

  • Megan M
    Megan M 7 days ago

    Thank you for all the videos Mike! Please do another raffle. Either way I look forward to your videos.

  • bjhomola
    bjhomola 7 days ago

    Where did you buy the extra concrete shoot? And what length is it?

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 7 days ago

      I have a local concrete supply store that sells them. There are some companies that sell them online, Google "concrete chute" and you'll find them.

  • kip carroll
    kip carroll 7 days ago

    Ever use a roller screed.....if that's what they call it ?

  • Matthews Aaron
    Matthews Aaron 7 days ago

    Great Job Guys...

  • 1965mt
    1965mt 7 days ago

    I thought it was important to put down a layer of rock first, 4-6 inches

    • 1965mt
      1965mt 7 days ago

      i should have been more general and called it aggregate. i have seen a number of videos on youtube and none of them have installed an aggregate base. i thought it was a good practice to excavate and install a 4-6” subbase prior to pouring the concrete

    • Mike Day Everything About Concrete
      Mike Day Everything About Concrete 7 days ago

      No, good gravel works just fine.

  • Willam Bush
    Willam Bush 7 days ago

    Mike , I noticed that you have lift mounted at the rear of your truck to help load and unload your power trowels. I did have add a lift gate to my truck , that sure makes that part a easier . As always great work . Please keep those videos coming.

  • Peggy Patton
    Peggy Patton 7 days ago

    Definitely saves on your back