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I Learned Spanish in 7 Days
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Can You Guess The Languages?
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50k Subscriber Q&A!
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Ikenna - Je Crois Pas
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  • お兄様love
    お兄様love 54 seconds ago


  • itsYoMate_James
    itsYoMate_James 27 minutes ago

    Tengen Toppa music i see🔥😎🔥😎

  • PaleBear
    PaleBear 32 minutes ago

    The only thing I understood was "хорошо"

  • Silly Wild
    Silly Wild Hour ago

    My question here is why don't you add subs... I mean, you know a lot of languages...

  • Neshaoinspo Polk

    #Ihavetime to become a better mother, a polyglot, a better artist & a better businesswoman. Which in turn I hope will make me a better Neshao🤙🏿😄

  • Mateus Felipe V.

    Please react to Brazilian Trap We have some good ones!

  • amber rainbow gaming

    I'm trying to learn Japanese and so far I'm doing good. I'm still learning hiragana at the moment. I found methods that help me. Last year I tried to learn Japanese, but failed since I was trying to learn it too fast. This time I'm taking my time and I even downloaded a Japanese keyboard on my phone so I can look up stuff in japanese. I'm turning over a new leaf and trying my best. Hopefully one day I'll be fluent. Kanji looks difficult, but I'll learn it when I'm done with hiragana and katakana. I just have to take it one step at a time. You inspire me and I believe one day I'll be fluent if I keep going. Thank tou for inspiring me!

  • The Year of Me
    The Year of Me 2 hours ago

    I love that this was a serious/educational conversation acted out by vr anime characters. The hand gestures really add a certain je ne sais quoi.

  • Adam Dee
    Adam Dee 2 hours ago

    I'll be amazed when I meet one that speaks english

  • Claudio Valerio
    Claudio Valerio 3 hours ago

    Congratulations for job. I study English alone, I believe one day I'll do fluent, I like yours tips, videos funny. #GOENGLISH

  • ᴋɪᴍʙᴏ Agario

    That was amazing 👏😮😮👌

  • Eric Deshields
    Eric Deshields 3 hours ago

    My English isn't good enough for me to speak another language. Probably doesn't even matter.

  • yobwoipitta
    yobwoipitta 3 hours ago

    Thanks I was trying to remember this anime name The king’s avatar

  • イナンエンギン

    03:57 - *Yah yah yah yah yah*

  • Song Ah Yeon
    Song Ah Yeon 3 hours ago

    "te pago um salgado" "biscoito ou bolacha" oloco mano kkkkkk

  • Amanda Rangel
    Amanda Rangel 3 hours ago

    KKKKKKKKK BR ensinando tudo errado

  • Guia para o submundo

    Your videos are always double lessons for me, because i improve my english (my mother language is actually Brazilian Portuguese) and get cool tips about language learning in general so... double thanks, bro. Obs: I wish you could have more conversation in portuguese on your videos but brazilians sucks at language maybe even more than americans do so i can't blame you for that...

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 4 hours ago

    Boy, I watch K drama, J drama, C drama, name any drama, I WATCH IT!!!

  • Kiki Uremovic
    Kiki Uremovic 4 hours ago

    Sadly I have a Spanish oral exam tomorrow

  • watLegendsr
    watLegendsr 4 hours ago

    Hey Ikenna, I just started with the FME method. My questions is, for Assimil would I need all of the audio CDs? (I'm doing Japanese, I can only find the 1book+1cd on amazon from english to japanese)

  • Sarah E
    Sarah E 4 hours ago

    Aw VR chat seems so cute

  • Danielle Porter
    Danielle Porter 4 hours ago

    Have you considered working for the State Dept as a Foreign Service officer? The fact you can speak more than 1/2 dozen languages in addition to English, you have already written your own ticket thus far and would be wonderful asset if you ever pursue that route. Glad I clicked on your video. Just subscribed

  • OSmoke 51
    OSmoke 51 4 hours ago

    What is it with dutch people and Kermit the frog? @Zylus

  • kory chan
    kory chan 5 hours ago

    Yoo I speak I little japanese I'm still practicing (I'm learning Chinese next) and I say phrases or sentences in Japanese and people have zero idea what I'm saying and once in Spanish I had to ask a question in Spanish and I was so close but I forgot how to say can in spanish

  • MasonJason
    MasonJason 5 hours ago

    I like to think being fluent in a language is like losing a little bit of your first language due to the fact that you have immersed yourself so much into the language you have been learning.

  • Salmaan Bhimji
    Salmaan Bhimji 5 hours ago

    I disagree, if you watch the most addicting tv shows then you’re not going to be paying attention to the language. However if you watch the crappiest shows in that language, you can focus on the language and not the story. Even better, kids shows speak slower and use easier vocabulary

  • ツMSGTrixter
    ツMSGTrixter 5 hours ago

    Play fortnite squad fills change servers and talk to them.

  • Lycoris
    Lycoris 5 hours ago

    person: teach me your language? brasilian: I don't have passion for any shit

  • Queen Dibz
    Queen Dibz 5 hours ago

    XD I had very similar experiences when I was younger. I grew up in central Asia and every stranger I met expected me to speak Russian. They were so confused when I told them that I didn't know Russian in their own native language. Some people were surprised and impressed at my lack of accent others were so adiment that I couldn’t speak anything other than Russian that they would just yell louder at me in Russian and then my local friends would turn to them and repeat what I said and they would understand them fine and continue to have conversation with them in the language i told them that I could actually speak.

  • Uva
    Uva 5 hours ago

    2:50 momento BOKITA EL MAS GRANDE PAPA

  • ParkHaneulEunha
    ParkHaneulEunha 5 hours ago

    The Kings Avatar! I watched the Drama not the cartoon lol

  • Tukzz W
    Tukzz W 5 hours ago

    U INSPIRE ME also I'm gonna learn how to speak other languages like u😊

  • Alan Santos
    Alan Santos 6 hours ago

    You have a really good taste for music! STROMAE frequently appears in your videos background. I really enjoy it! Saudações do Brasil!

  • GamiDIED
    GamiDIED 6 hours ago

    mhm definitely!

  • Uva
    Uva 6 hours ago

    Español: Sisisisisi, si.

  • Plain Jane
    Plain Jane 6 hours ago

    This sounds like when I learn new phrases in different languages and start singing them to memorize them

  • Potter Head
    Potter Head 6 hours ago

    1. Pimsleur 2. Lingodeer 3. Hello Talk 4. Anki

  • Shokai捷
    Shokai捷 6 hours ago

    Discipline/finding time is the most difficult aspects of learning a language for me

  • Renato SeQueira
    Renato SeQueira 6 hours ago

    Será que se pode falar qualquer língua nesses comentários e alguém vai compreender, considerando que esse canal é um canal de linguagens?

  • Potter Head
    Potter Head 6 hours ago


  • Magnificent Davis
    Magnificent Davis 6 hours ago

    Sauf si t'es parles régulièrement face-à-face avec un interlocuteur alors tout méthodes vont être pas trop effectif.

  • GoldFishBoy1337
    GoldFishBoy1337 7 hours ago

    The first "Hey Dude! I heard you been learning Japanese." is so accurate it's scary.

  • Magnificent Davis
    Magnificent Davis 7 hours ago

    La chose qu’est le plus difficile est d'appendre avoir l'habilité d'écouter les mots et les déchiffrer.

  • Domiziana Sernesi
    Domiziana Sernesi 8 hours ago

    4:28 he's definitely attracted to her In Italy we call this atmosphere "tensione sessuale"

  • Proxivity
    Proxivity 8 hours ago

    Japanese is very fun to learn, the only hard thing is that in America rarely anyone know Japanese since the two main languages here are Spanish and English. Also the R in Japanese is hard for me since my main language is Spanish and we roll our R’s lol

  • Frédéric HAUGUEL
    Frédéric HAUGUEL 8 hours ago

    What kind of game is this? Can you give me its name?

  • Game Tester
    Game Tester 8 hours ago

    I started to study Japanese because I was a weeaboo that couldn't wait for someone to translate every shit I wanted to watch/read/play but nowadays I don't even watch anime because it takes like 5 hours to watch a normal season of something and i prefer to spend that time studying, LOL

  • José Villas
    José Villas 8 hours ago

    I speak spanish and english but i wanna learn french, Portuguese, yoruba so in total 5 language!

  • DoggoBrosVEVO
    DoggoBrosVEVO 8 hours ago

    His Dutch was good but he made mistakes here and there, but speaking Dutch is hard to master, great job!

  • lolsec
    lolsec 8 hours ago

    I'm so good at languages I learned one when I was a baby.

    WIZISS 10 hours ago

    Japenese = Most stylish language

  • Vadims Metlovs
    Vadims Metlovs 10 hours ago


  • Davethepieman
    Davethepieman 10 hours ago

    How do you maintain all your languages Ikenna?

  • Cau xxx
    Cau xxx 10 hours ago

    Another polyglot view: Yes all my friends that don't learn say and promise that they cannot learn... You can also say that somehow you can... Either way they are all right about language learning...

  • swoop
    swoop 10 hours ago

    The Spanish wise frog had me dying 😂 great Dutch too man!

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 10 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure the umlaut ( ö/ä/ü) makes the letter closer to “e”

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 10 hours ago

    Remember this: breakdown, breakdown- da. Da da. Dadada da da Divide the long words into parts

  • аппер
    аппер 10 hours ago

    Билан хорошо сыграл полиглота

  • TatoEXE
    TatoEXE 10 hours ago

    Bruh I've always wanted to learn C# but I've never stayed committed

  • Kevin Stratton
    Kevin Stratton 11 hours ago

    This video got me to do my pimsluer for the day. I’m now working through level 2 and feel like I can actually converse in some ways. Thanks for the inspiration, I will not give up!

  • Truth Serum
    Truth Serum 11 hours ago

    you are like moses of VR

  • Devos
    Devos 11 hours ago

    I really liked this guy, hopefully you friended him? If so, can he star in more videos?

  • Ash Trash
    Ash Trash 11 hours ago

    Urei is so freaking cuteee

  • Ola K
    Ola K 12 hours ago

    hahaha I love your beginnings

  • Djaylani Ruben
    Djaylani Ruben 12 hours ago


  • block er
    block er 12 hours ago


  • Nemecoutepas
    Nemecoutepas 12 hours ago

    I'm taking a language class for the first time in my life at university and it SUCKS. I decided to take on the language of the class as my 4th language, and really the class just gets in my way, and my class is full of kids that think they're hot shit because they know how to conjugate verbs ughhh

  • Neylexis R.A
    Neylexis R.A 12 hours ago

    I wish I can ....read and understand the language 🥺🥺 It looks so fun...

  • TheSilverazo
    TheSilverazo 12 hours ago

    Fuck it! I'm learning japanese!

  • NexLevel719
    NexLevel719 12 hours ago

    I struggle with motivation so what helps me learn Japanese is importing video games. It's hard mode especially for kanji heavy games but I find myself picking up more and more with each playthrough. Dictionary apps to help translate are a must. Start out with games for younger audiences for easier kanji like Pokemon and since recent western releases have a Japanese language option, you could try it out if you own the games that offer it.

  • Yaseen Lakhdhar
    Yaseen Lakhdhar 12 hours ago

    Another banger Ikenna sensei

  • _latch_key_
    _latch_key_ 12 hours ago

    5:43 tbh i speak malay but if you keep the sound volume low it's almost not obvious at first that's malay, only reason i knew asap was because he sad ramadan

  • Ritvik Awasthi
    Ritvik Awasthi 12 hours ago

    I saw your add on your video, these folk be rippin you off

  • Ilenise A. das Chagas Alexandre

    My Nome is ikenna

  • BlueDevilDragon7
    BlueDevilDragon7 13 hours ago

    I feel the exact same way the other guy feels but it has the same effect in everything not only languages.

  • AndreyAdrian
    AndreyAdrian 13 hours ago

    *"The goal is not try to be someone else but to make people want to be you"*

  • Jayden van Schaik
    Jayden van Schaik 13 hours ago

    Ik ben ook Nederlands

  • Ilenise A. das Chagas Alexandre

    Muy Nome os ikenna 👧

  • Tony Woks
    Tony Woks 13 hours ago

    I am definitely a Ukenna now

  • The Major
    The Major 13 hours ago

    I mean I learned English for free to fluency, fast and easy, I just sat around playing video games, and when I wasn't allowed to sit play video games, I thought about how to improve my gaming, and then suddenly one day, I was fluent. When did that Everquest Champions of Norrath game come out... 2004, okay, I spoke fluent English then at age 12, and I started playing games in 1997, at age 5. Mind you, I hardly spoke my native language back then either, I mean after all, my best friend's family spoke Danish and my family Swedish, so at such early age, splitting learning into 3 languages, was probably not the best thing, but as a kid, who knows about efficient planning...

  • Romi Shahaf
    Romi Shahaf 13 hours ago

    Hi, I've been learning English for couple of years now, and I must say: if you don't have a good discipline it's not going to work. It's better to spend one hour a month on planning your learning than learning some stupid stuff on random sites/apps for an hour. Planning is the key. P.S: I'd love to hear if my English is OK. And what grammar issues I had here (if any). Thanks!

  • [NO] - мαяιυѕ. ツ

    NO: Ønsker at noen der i VRChat vil lære seg norsk å... 😄👍🇳🇴 EN: I wish that some people on VRChat wants to learn Norwegian too... 😄👍🇳🇴

  • panda man
    panda man 13 hours ago

    i like these vrchat vids

  • wow wow
    wow wow 13 hours ago

    Да! да,да,да ))

  • The Major
    The Major 13 hours ago

    You can easily understand that the guy is asian, when he keeps interjecting all the time, with the good old, yes, yes, right, right, mm, definitely... reminds me of them jappie bois, Un, sou, sou, un, hai, mochiron mochiron, iine, ... soudesune..... I shouldn't say anything, I do the same, despite being European.

  • Kakaroto Goku
    Kakaroto Goku 13 hours ago

    Хорошо хорошо...)

  • Matt Santos
    Matt Santos 14 hours ago

    Got an Ikenna ad before an Ikenna video. Nice.

  • Isaac Ryan
    Isaac Ryan 14 hours ago

    Je suis brésilien et je parle français et anglais, et pour moi le plus sexy langue est le portugais, je suis désolé haha.

  • Lovro Luketić
    Lovro Luketić 14 hours ago

    you are beige not black.

  • OttoVonWeaboo
    OttoVonWeaboo 15 hours ago

    I respect ikennas opinion but im not leaving duo, it just helps alot and its free. Tho im not an idiot and i supplement duos lessons with Tv series, songs and movies in various languages.... Netflix + duolingo = 1-2 years youll be flitirng with latino women in no time

  • DOGG ;
    DOGG ; 15 hours ago

    " Te pago um salgado" - UM SALGADINHO? YES! Brasileiro não perde chance kkkk

  • VirTual
    VirTual 15 hours ago

    There are several factors in teaching yourself to talk French . One resource I found which successfully combines these is the Mirykal French Plan (look for it on google) definately the no.1 resource i've found. Check out the great information .

  • So Taegerous
    So Taegerous 15 hours ago

    I needed this video to remind myself that being fluent doesn’t mean knowing every single thing . * breathes of relief

  • Shaheen Polus
    Shaheen Polus 15 hours ago

    I feel sad for that guy who said his age is a secret because he probably thought because he is old he would be a outcast D:

  • Lucas Francisco
    Lucas Francisco 16 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he says definitely

  • Somite
    Somite 16 hours ago

    Lol I started “that” life with SAO as well ahaha

  • mushka mushka
    mushka mushka 16 hours ago

    And Mexicans.... they don’t even learn English when they move here. But yeah, Americans don’t learn languages because they don’t need to. English is the lingua franca of the world. Btw, I’m trilingual so don’t come at me. Also Italians are pretty monolingual. Nothing wrong with it as long as you’re in your own country. If I move to Mexico or Peru I will learn Spanish before I even get there.

  • Федя Панов
    Федя Панов 16 hours ago

    бро, отличное русское произношение ;).

  • Федя Панов
    Федя Панов 16 hours ago

    i've 2 native languages: russian and uzbek ('cuz i was born in uzbekistan). and i speak english. WHAT HAPPENS WITH THIS WORLD?

  • 绯樱闲
    绯樱闲 16 hours ago

    0:05 its so nice before he began to speak