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25 PANZER III vs 15 T-34
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15 IS-1 vs 15 TIGER
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30 IS-6 vs 30 TIGER 2
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  • Hà Dương Tử Văn
    Hà Dương Tử Văn 21 minute ago

    SOVIET UNION HURA 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 From VIETNAM 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Aviation Lover
    Aviation Lover 49 minutes ago


  • romain wausort
    romain wausort Hour ago


  • Pedro Gabriel Henriques dos Santos

    You forgot about the mega artilhery shweeirech gustav

  • Ryan Kruchowski
    Ryan Kruchowski 3 hours ago

    USA USA USA!!!!!

  • ahmad satya
    ahmad satya 4 hours ago

    Rusia and indonesian...best friends..uraaa

  • LocuraPuntoCom
    LocuraPuntoCom 4 hours ago

    Simo häyhä is the biggest camper in the world asshole, was needed 500 soldiers and explosives bullets codes and haks for just hit him

  • shaider1982
    shaider1982 5 hours ago

    Realistically,the crew would have maneuvered, ensuring close to zero hits.

  • GamingEnderDargon9990 :D

    This what happens when you don’t nuke em twice

  • Rom3
    Rom3 6 hours ago

    was this supposed to be funny ... Cuz it wuz, Juah, juahhahahaha

  • Monarchist Dixielander

    Fuckin buffering

  • LocuraPuntoCom
    LocuraPuntoCom 6 hours ago

    the Russian autoloader than reserves the projrctilles arround the turrets makes the T72 a deadly bomb it is get piercing in the turret, with minimal supervivence capacity with the pilot, than usually grt knoked by hit BUT ANYWAY, THE T72 IS A SEXY SLAV GIRL Edit the ammo blow up is so deadly in Russian tanks vecause they use Frag explosive rounds propellered by vodka

  • Oğulcan Yurttaş
    Oğulcan Yurttaş 8 hours ago

    İ need 00:26 music

  • Don McKeoun
    Don McKeoun 8 hours ago

    This is absurd for real

  • John Etheridge
    John Etheridge 9 hours ago

    This would have happened if Japan had won the carrier war at the battle of the pacific oceans

  • Jerry Turner
    Jerry Turner 9 hours ago

    Lol no air cover

  • Jack 1156
    Jack 1156 9 hours ago

    What is that game?

  • Battle droid officer Code.

    *Angry German noises*

  • A Mike
    A Mike 10 hours ago

    21 million Soviet soldiers vs 1 german rifleman

  • Zinuo Chen
    Zinuo Chen 10 hours ago

    Is it me or this look like the Chinese 70 anniversary

  • dent borg
    dent borg 10 hours ago

    Fascist corporate world is in new world order of mafia of corporated clans, RFID chip will be installed in your flesh !!! WAKE UP !!!!!! They don't care about us !!! They plan is George Guidestones !!! 500.000.000 peaple on earth, you see ??????

  • Hayal Mahali
    Hayal Mahali 11 hours ago


  • GotenSSJ
    GotenSSJ 11 hours ago

    we will never forget katyn

  • name surname
    name surname 11 hours ago

    5:41 BEHOLD! The ultimate anti-capitalist weapon!

  • name surname
    name surname 11 hours ago

    5:41 We could destroy the USA with this thing

  • name surname
    name surname 11 hours ago

    Maybe USSR will return?

  • name surname
    name surname 11 hours ago

    I’m a simple man. I hear Farewell of Slavianka, I add this video to my favorites.

  • Jack Arroyo
    Jack Arroyo 12 hours ago

    And air force american???????

  • Tommy_Vercetti1
    Tommy_Vercetti1 12 hours ago

    the pershing is a much better tank

  • Zia Ahmad
    Zia Ahmad 12 hours ago


  • 明弘佐藤
    明弘佐藤 12 hours ago

    What’s the first marching song?

  • Tony
    Tony 12 hours ago

    Bruh gun sounds are not just a small detail all of the fcking Guns sound like fireworks

  • BatMax
    BatMax 12 hours ago

    Cavalery made about 10-15% of total polish army in 1939. However it didn't attack tanks with lances like Hitler propaganda spread... It mostly worked as mobile infantry and was effective (definitly more than infantry), especially as it used 75 mm guns towed by horses and anti tank rifles. Poland also had about 200 tanks and about 600 tanketes (like in 3:17), only about 700 aircraft (as of 31 August 39 only about 450 in combat units) and about 4500 various types of guns, mostly 75 mm. In the summer 39 they bough about 250 new aircrafts, but those were not delivered to them before outbreak of the war. They could have up to 3 milion soldiers, but late mobilisation (some political reasons) coused that they end up only with one milion... Overall - acting alone in '39- they didn't have any chances against Wehrmacht, had only limited chances against the soviets... Being in the middle between Hitler and Stalin, having geography against them - can't see any chances to survive combined attack like i.e. Israel survived in 1967 during 6 day war...

  • Simone Papasidero
    Simone Papasidero 13 hours ago

    Cyka blyat intensifies

  • Paola Albaredo
    Paola Albaredo 13 hours ago

    600 german vs the Best soviet sniper (Iván sidorenko)

  • cpawp
    cpawp 15 hours ago

    Impact measured in Megatonnes....

  • kadendop3
    kadendop3 16 hours ago

    At that range : kar98k at 1 micrometer : m1 garand

  • kadendop3
    kadendop3 16 hours ago

    not real life: the video real life : we got em

  • Vladimir Miftakhov
    Vladimir Miftakhov 16 hours ago

    This is American Sherman M4A3E8 JUMBO. Not British Sherman Firefly

  • James Pettigrew
    James Pettigrew 17 hours ago

    Politically correct/historically inaccurate bullshit. The national symbol for NAZI Germany was not the Iron Cross. It was the Swatstika. That adorned the flags. If you can't put the Swastika where it belongs, you shouldn't do the CG video.

  • веселый Егор

    Это чё за параша блять!!!!

  • History Girl
    History Girl 17 hours ago

    *feel the wrath of German engineering, fools*

  • 변영훈
    변영훈 18 hours ago


  • GTA 5 Gamer
    GTA 5 Gamer 18 hours ago

    What's this game name

  • Iosif Stalin
    Iosif Stalin 18 hours ago

    Slava narodu pobeditel!!!

  • Ринат Губайдуллин

    Что за ху йня?

  • Caio Jacob
    Caio Jacob 19 hours ago

    6:28 *Switzerland enter in the axis*

  • Caio Jacob
    Caio Jacob 19 hours ago

    Where is Jesus in 3:21?

  • Caio Jacob
    Caio Jacob 19 hours ago

    Attack on Playmoth 1943 colorized

  • Faiz Akbar
    Faiz Akbar 19 hours ago

    Whats the song name in 0:28 ?

  • Fauzaan Fabianto
    Fauzaan Fabianto 19 hours ago

    If i didn't mistaken, this is "Operation Typhoon" an bloody hell Third Reich all out assault towards Moscow, the Russians march directly towards battle ,death toll For Germans around 800.000 lives and more than1.000.000 for Russian. After this offensive Germans lost their offensive capacity

  • BALLS yo
    BALLS yo 20 hours ago

    I like your video so much Please keep doing well

  • Romeo Roberts
    Romeo Roberts 20 hours ago

    *rare footage of resistance fighting german generals 2019 colorized*

  • Lorenzo Amandy
    Lorenzo Amandy 20 hours ago

    All ya had to do was follow the god damn train CJ! *cough* *cough* wrong phrase All ya had to do was blow up the god damn bridge Britain!

    NOSCOPEFIGHT FAN1 21 hour ago

    Dis is awesome

  • Даниил Никонов

    Слыш союзнике европейские после этого видео чё то у меня сомнение о вашей высодки в нормандии!

  • Millan K 2
    Millan K 2 21 hour ago

    Make historical battles of world war two, This is amazing!

  • mika фамилия
    mika фамилия 21 hour ago

    Если этот тот ролик показали бы белогвардейцам в 1910 году то они бы не поверили бы в это и подсчитали бы страшным сном...

  • Millan K 2
    Millan K 2 21 hour ago

    Awesome work... Nice to see men of war in movie :D Nice man i try something like that and soo hard for me...

  • Purwaningrum aldwiansyah

    0:28 is that reznov ?

  • OMB3NG
    OMB3NG 22 hours ago

    Call of duty:Soviet Vs Finnish

  • V Значит Виндетта


  • Felix
    Felix Day ago

    This is awesome!

  • Alex Poenaru
    Alex Poenaru Day ago

    Really. We can see all cuz you make it on computer. Is not real😑

  • Diligent One-Six


  • usmkp 209
    usmkp 209 Day ago

    Alguien que hable español me puede decir que juego o Simulador es

  • никита зятиков

    Ты сравниваешь нисравнимое Сталин против Гозла как такое может быть и Сталин нипохож, ис 2 против тигр 2 ЧТООО, почиму не су 152 или ису 152 А!? И ещё помне ты за Гозла А, Авы как щитаете??

  • никита зятиков

    2:20 Почему Трактор а не газ 101 или 110

  • никита зятиков

    Дорра вигня например если цель накодится правее что делать новые рельсы ложить и ещё он заряжается 3 часа


    jajajajaja puede ser jajajja

  • Loc Duong
    Loc Duong Day ago

    Man In High Castle Scenario “Tank Battle of Vladivostok”

  • Burnick ,Burger ni Monick

    Can anyone give me a link of the background music

      MICHAEL WIJAYA 7 hours ago

      How about the first song during german coming??

    • WarfareGaming
      WarfareGaming 21 hour ago

      0:25 March "Hero" ("Герой) 2:41 March "Triumph of the Victors" ("триумф победителей") 3:07 March/Song "Katyusha" ("катюша") 3:56 March/Song "Farewell of Slavianka" ("прощание славянки")

  • BifeWheater
    BifeWheater Day ago

    T95 ftw

  • Leandro RiveroVEVO

    Battlefield 2.0.

  • gatewaymofreight

    hate to be in that IS 2 getting the ricochets off the turret! ouch! Panther rifles were just awesome

  • gatewaymofreight

    Panther V, the tank that lost the war! Had they pressed for more of the Panther V the out come would have been much better, less steel. power to weight. nice rifle on it. just a winner and good looking tank.

  • Artur Artur
    Artur Artur Day ago

    Круто их наши разнесли.

  • Tom
    Tom Day ago

    It's 1 am. I should be sleeping. Instead I'm watching nazis spraying Americans on Omaha beach.

  • Ordinary Lord
    Ordinary Lord Day ago

    What is the name of this game?

    • Ordinary Lord
      Ordinary Lord 9 hours ago

      Ok... shit im poor .-.

    • WarfareGaming
      WarfareGaming 18 hours ago

      @Ordinary Lord This is a PC game, on Steam

    • Ordinary Lord
      Ordinary Lord 19 hours ago

      @WarfareGaming have Mobile version? I don't have much time i will back for my home

    • WarfareGaming
      WarfareGaming 21 hour ago

      Men of War Assault Squad 2

  • JacobTV OBrien

    Name: tiger tank Weakness: transmission breaking after a few feet Strengths: good gun and good armor despite being extremely expensive to make and Germany barely having any crews left Society: It’s thE bEsT tANk oF Ze VaR

  • maker man
    maker man Day ago

    But he didn't kill anyone with his bagpipes . What a swizz

  • Fox
    Fox Day ago

    Такой техники как лет 100 нет))

  • Ruben
    Ruben Day ago

    81 germans have disliked this video

  • Soosente
    Soosente Day ago


  • Kiano Rivz
    Kiano Rivz Day ago

    Неинтересно, танки то не со своего времени.

  • Ву Зи Му

    Красная армия всех сильней

  • ну чудик я смешной

    the civilians look like mike wazowski

  • Tadas Švėgžda

    If only....

  • random person
    random person Day ago

    And than there's also the little detail the .50 can go through armour and such

  • ophelious johnson

    Germany: invades Usa: stop making all that racking we just nukes Japan twice now the west front ugh Germany: sees that its Americas land Usa: looks at nukes Gwrmany: CHILL CHILL IT WAS A JOKE BRUH Usa: presses nukes Germany: sees nuke fly by Usa: My turn Server: Germany has left the chat.

  • Ayu Q
    Ayu Q Day ago

    The Pacific

  • Chris Londo
    Chris Londo Day ago

    1:25 the tracer rounds being fired from the MG 42 remind me a little bit of Fury.

  • Amom Thomas
    Amom Thomas Day ago

    What is the name of the game?

  • SM Koval
    SM Koval Day ago

    What game do you do this on?

    • SM Koval
      SM Koval 7 hours ago

      WarfareGaming I cant believe you said what it was and it was you

    • WarfareGaming
      WarfareGaming 21 hour ago

      Men of War Assault Squad 2

  • SCPD
    SCPD Day ago

    Tip: when there's a sniper get down

  • apple
    apple Day ago

    2:46 Spain vs indigenous civilizations (1500-1700) xd

  • Mat Somsiad
    Mat Somsiad Day ago

    How did you get these voices of germans from MoW like this? 0:00 - 0:12

  • Pucckiu_Hemeu_

    реактивных установок катюша и андрюша не было на параде в 41-м

  • Mw3raf143
    Mw3raf143 Day ago

    I died at the end

  • Harambeee Jr
    Harambeee Jr Day ago

    Uhm...no Schwerer Gustav was bigger