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  • Luca Binagana
    Luca Binagana 16 days ago

    The song speaks to me I have monsters

  • Luca Binagana
    Luca Binagana 17 days ago

    What song is this tho dude!!!!

    ZELIX LEO V 23 days ago

    I wanna bang marina

  • LeClezio
    LeClezio 28 days ago

    Shayna and Jessamyn could have been so much more if they trained with quality striking coaches.

  • Faraan Babar
    Faraan Babar Month ago

    What a video introducing Ronda's friendship group

  • The Elite One
    The Elite One Month ago

    Marina Shafir I've never been more intimidated and aroused at the same time

  • MaSQue
    MaSQue Month ago

    I have not watched this show yet.

    • SheffRudyTKE
      SheffRudyTKE 14 days ago

      Binge watch it. You got just over a week before the moment we all been waiting for

  • Learn Crap Quick
    Learn Crap Quick Month ago

    this song made me repeat it

  • amila perera
    amila perera 2 months ago

    Great video i am a big fan of ronda rousey

  • Mystic Odyssey
    Mystic Odyssey 2 months ago


  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur 2 months ago

    Cooler and Ultron are the same person lol...Perfectly edited trailer...

  • Remi GOFFLO
    Remi GOFFLO 2 months ago


    • Remi GOFFLO
      Remi GOFFLO 2 months ago


  • Ya Ya
    Ya Ya 2 months ago


  • K B
    K B 2 months ago

    What is this? I don't see a single pic of Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte or Becky??

  • Abraham Sanchez
    Abraham Sanchez 2 months ago

    Ronda could beat cm punk in an mma fight

  • Ian Worley
    Ian Worley 3 months ago

    1:52-2:00 😏👌

  • Evelyn Silva
    Evelyn Silva 3 months ago

    Is may love ronda rousy

  • jose antonio molina caro

    Waiting! Love this. Track?

  • Castor G
    Castor G 4 months ago

    Good stuff. Should be a good fight.

    • Castor G
      Castor G 4 months ago

      @Daniel Goland Yea, it's been a while, my friend. I'm good, thank you. How about you?

    • Daniel Goland
      Daniel Goland 4 months ago

      Absolutely, and great hearing from you man! How are you?!

  • GenoBreaker45
    GenoBreaker45 4 months ago

    Loved this bro. Great to still see u making videos. Hope to see more from ya

  • Grumpy Astrologer
    Grumpy Astrologer 5 months ago

    Krillen as Black widow!!!!🤣

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 5 months ago

    Why did I get this reccomend now in 2019 :/

  • swathi sam
    swathi sam 6 months ago

    Now she is in wwe i hope she gets her rematch against becky lynck

  • ronda rousey 4ever
    ronda rousey 4ever 6 months ago

    Ti amo ronda ❤️❤️❤️

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 7 months ago

    Breaking Bad a good man doing bad things

  • Michael VIENS
    Michael VIENS 7 months ago

    We're here to fight fight not to make friends great quote

  • Mohammed Abshir
    Mohammed Abshir 7 months ago

    Damn that was firs

  • James Ball
    James Ball 7 months ago

    Just as the video ended i heard thunder outside ,awesome

  • Alicia Lemire
    Alicia Lemire 7 months ago

    Would love to see a match the four horse women vs the other four horse women

  • Scott Mcgaha
    Scott Mcgaha 7 months ago

    Ronda, sacrifice bring blessings, and I never said it would be easy, I only said it be worth it

  • Scott Mcgaha
    Scott Mcgaha 7 months ago

    I remember those days all to well, from high school Soccer, high school wrestling, high school cross country, and high school track, I would run til my legs get wobbly and sore, to the point when I go to bed at night, and it being difficult to wake up in the morning

  • bea trixx
    bea trixx 7 months ago

    They aren't the four horse women

  • xDark Girlx
    xDark Girlx 7 months ago

    00:03 winx club

  • Harry Day
    Harry Day 7 months ago

    how did u find the music

  • shanasia peterkin
    shanasia peterkin 8 months ago

    @Eyewill Sie actually only Ronda officially in the wwe bayzler is in nxt and Duke and shafir are just there the other two haven't even made the main roster yet on nxt

  • AlexPlays
    AlexPlays 8 months ago

    These are not the four horsewomen

  • Gokul Bolt
    Gokul Bolt 8 months ago

    Love you Ronda.....u are my greatest inspiration because we almost kind of have same attitude

  • Gokul Bolt
    Gokul Bolt 8 months ago

    Real 4 horse women

  • Sutha sussanna emmanuel

    The ONLY TRUE 4 HORSE WOMEN!! Jessymyn duke, Marina shafir, Shayna and Rousey!!! 🙌🙌🙌 I TRULY can't stand with so called fake WWE faux4horsewomen

  • Fazal Kabir
    Fazal Kabir 8 months ago

    Best friend

  • parlowderick
    parlowderick 8 months ago

    Not a fan of Rousey. She came into the WWE and was immediately put at the top without earning anything. She might have been a fan of pro-wrestling ,but the only thing she offered was name recognition (which would have meant more a few years ago before Holmes and then Nunes exposed her as being over-hyped). So when I see her now I think of someone who bought into her own hype so much that when she actually lost she crumbled and ran to some place where she could have her outcome scripted. It's been a year since she first showed up in the WWE and she is still horrible cutting promos and still doesn't handle it well when fans boo her or cheer for some other woman louder. Shayna Baszler has actually become a great heel in the women's division and is able to cut convincing promos and her ring work has improved a lot. As for Marina and Jessamyn they look like they are improving. I think Rousey would have worked better as a heel ,since that is how most people now see her outside the controlled WWE environment. It would have helped if she had come up through NXT to help break her in more properly.

  • Hey Girls Tumblr
    Hey Girls Tumblr 8 months ago

    Ronda rousey I love you 😍

  • AMV's JRB
    AMV's JRB 9 months ago

    I love ronda 😶😶😧😴😘

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 9 months ago

    Maybe better than the actual movie

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 9 months ago

    Video that seems to capture Nick the best is "Diaz - 'It's a crazy business,'" I'd say.

  • Eyewill Sie
    Eyewill Sie 10 months ago

    All 4 of them moved to WWE

    • shaquille parsons
      shaquille parsons 3 months ago

      Eyewill Sie they are having better matches the Ronda

    • Eyewill Sie
      Eyewill Sie 8 months ago

      Sarah Smith Yes but only Ronda made it to the main spot while the other is in the developmental roster

  • skeloSTEVE
    skeloSTEVE 10 months ago

    Krillins voice tho

  • Luis Carlos Guzman
    Luis Carlos Guzman 10 months ago

    The original 4Horsewomen.

  • David Limardo
    David Limardo 10 months ago


  • Rvsengan
    Rvsengan 10 months ago

    I am deeply obsessed with these women (except rousey). The other 3 give me complete life! I’m so proud of shayna and can’t wait to see the other two in ring

    • Rvsengan
      Rvsengan 8 months ago

      Jill's Sandwiches no one said I was high and mighty😂😂 I made a comment of my opinion and you can’t accept my opinion. I didn’t tell anyone not to like her. I simply explained why I don’t respect or value her as a wwe superstar 🤷‍♀️. And I really don’t care about anything that has to do with her. I acknowledge her accomplishments but they don’t mean anything to me.

    • Rvsengan
      Rvsengan 8 months ago

      Jill's Sandwiches I’m an adult who knows whether I like a person. I don’t have to like your precious Ronda.dude I just don’t like Ronda. You can’t force your views on me. If I don’t like her I don’t like her. There’s no fact or event in her life that will change it. Get over it. She’s just my least favorite and I’ll be happy when she leaves. A lot of people don’t like her. Can’t change that. Like I said it’s cool if YOU like her but I can’t stand her and I explained why. She will forever be my least favorite horsewomen of them

    • Jill's Sandwiches
      Jill's Sandwiches 8 months ago

      @Rvsengan wait what? You didn't acknowledge anything I said. You brushed them off with a *'i don't Care'* because you know you don't have any solid ground to stand on. How old are you? 12? You knew who Shayna was but not Ronda the face of WMMA? The Undertaker, Brock and Vince all mutually agreed it was time to hang up the boots & end the streak after years of Scripted Fights. TERRIBLE ANALOGY you're using right there. At this point you're just nit picking for any flaw to dislike this woman who has done you no wrong. Who might you be??? I'm sure you're a perfect person that has done no harm right? *"Real Champions get up."* says who? You? She doesn't owe you anything. Like Ronda Rousey Anderson Silva was never the same after his two losses to Chris Weidmann. Get off your morality high horse. Out here talking as if you're above us. When Ronda leaves her best buds will be going back with her too so no more Shayna for you.

    • Rvsengan
      Rvsengan 8 months ago

      Jill's Sandwiches but if you like her, that’s great! She should have support I guess 😊

    • Rvsengan
      Rvsengan 8 months ago

      Jill's Sandwiches I acknowledge it but I don’t respect her still. The undertakers streak lasted a long ass time and when he lost did he try to jump off the deep end? No real champions get back up and she couldn’t Soo (I don’t really care about her childhood periodt). She just the least favorite while I love the others. Plus I knew of shayna before I even cared to know who rousey was. You can’t really change my mind. Once she leaves wwe I’ll be pretty happy.

  • Pierre Lifted
    Pierre Lifted 10 months ago

    I workout to this

  • Will Edward
    Will Edward 11 months ago

    4 horsewomen of mma u have my full support

  • C-Glock official
    C-Glock official 11 months ago

    Shyna bazsler 🔥🔥🔥

  • Magic Pineapple
    Magic Pineapple 11 months ago

    Ronda and shayna and two other nonstop existant people

  • Miler Huanca Beniz
    Miler Huanca Beniz 11 months ago

    Ronda, Shayna, Jessamin y Marina! Grandes representantes de la UFC bravo por ellas!!!👏

  • Andrei Mendoza
    Andrei Mendoza 11 months ago

    And now in WWE

  • Amada Por3
    Amada Por3 11 months ago


  • Negan
    Negan Year ago

    Wait Krillin is Black Widow , why not use Bulma for that . They both have the perfect size of Bazookas !

  • Sayuri Yuki Hong

    Ronda Love you💪💪💪😎

    ALBIN C BABU Year ago

    Piccolo did far better

  • J-Boy Homesick.Hawaiian

    Nice video

  • Angelo Badour
    Angelo Badour Year ago

    This would be great in the movie

  • Anders Frederiksen


  • Mike Fight Promo

    Great work. Haven't seen one of these from you in a while, glad you're back!

    • Mike Fight Promo
      Mike Fight Promo Year ago

      Nice, can't wait. Tell me about it lol!

    • Daniel Goland
      Daniel Goland Year ago

      Thank you man, hope to make another one for this fight! These promos are super fun to make, I kinda forgot about that hehe!

  • SLK
    SLK Year ago

    good job

  • Trent Parker
    Trent Parker Year ago

    They should use this theme for the women's evolution ppv

  • Kaleeb Blake
    Kaleeb Blake Year ago


  • Samuel Gotze
    Samuel Gotze Year ago

    SO FUCKING SEXY !!!!!!!

  • Hizzer Edits
    Hizzer Edits Year ago

    this is pretty awesome, man!

    • Daniel Goland
      Daniel Goland Year ago

      Hizzer Edits Thank you, man! Much appreciated!

  • Scarlet Blackburn

    Great video huge huge huge fan of Ronda Rousey. She's changed my life. 👏🔥💯👍

  • depoll de oro
    depoll de oro Year ago

    En un momento krilin tenia que aser una vos de muger

  • Erfan Shaikh
    Erfan Shaikh Year ago

    Rowdy Ronda rousey is next women's champion 😚😚😚😚😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 Year ago

    I felt like the trailer felt dark but the movie some scenes were funny

  • Amean Abdelfattah

    Krillan with Black widow voice? :/

  • Raimundo Vieira
    Raimundo Vieira Year ago

    muito linda demais, sou super fã dela demais

  • Lydia Espinoza
    Lydia Espinoza Year ago

    This is so badass

  • Kaos YT
    Kaos YT Year ago

    Damn I'm impressed I would have took this for an actual movie

  • Smitten Werbenjagermanjensen

    They're gonna hit em really really hard

  • JohnTavares IsALeaF

    Who did this remix of killing in the name of?

    • Daniel Goland
      Daniel Goland Year ago

      Ryan Davidson ru-clip.net/video/GQxiGvT5F70/video.html

  • Debanjan Roy
    Debanjan Roy Year ago


  • Debanjan Roy
    Debanjan Roy Year ago

    One word Awesome❤

  • Thomas Godzilla
    Thomas Godzilla Year ago

    Bravo pour cette vidéo avec un super style 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jeremiah Bayta
    Jeremiah Bayta Year ago

    Best dragon Ball

  • Juste_the_ Maëli

    Trop top la bande annonce 👍😁

  • Sean Macguire
    Sean Macguire Year ago

    If cooler is ultron then am I thanos

    • ermac was here
      ermac was here Year ago

      @Lord Obion no because thanos is a good villain while every villain from dragon ball super is trash just like the anime

    • Lord Obion
      Lord Obion Year ago

      Broly The legendary super Saiyan nah I think Goku black would be Thanos

  • Daniel Goland
    Daniel Goland Year ago

    Hey everyone, it's been a while!! Check out a new fun trailer I made for Avengers Infinity War!! ru-clip.net/video/_o4-ej3T4s8/video.html

  • EmeraldEyeProductions

    Well fuck that was amazingly. Honestly could see that as a real trailer (besides the fact that I don’t think they actually use that song, but if they did, they’d use this). Bravo! Keep it up!

  • Trailer Blend
    Trailer Blend Year ago


  • ComiXEdits Trailers


  • DerektheDalek
    DerektheDalek Year ago

    Damn, awesomely epic, good job!

  • Ken Hernandez
    Ken Hernandez Year ago

    This isn't the real 4 horsewomen.

    • Rolland Goodwin
      Rolland Goodwin Year ago

      Ken Hernandez yes it is and the four horsewoman of wwe

  • Autochthonous Being

    Y'all won't be laughing in a yr

  • RondaRouseyWWE RRR


  • 金正恩正金
    金正恩正金 Year ago


  • Sexually Ambigous Frog

    Done prety well

  • Edson Ibarra
    Edson Ibarra Year ago

    This whole video. 😂😂😂

  • ForsakenX
    ForsakenX Year ago

    Omg this is so bad Jk it’s really good

  • Ssjb anthony King gormaz

    .. I can think of something its so good the vid