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Ruth B. - Slow Fade (Live)
Views 41K9 months ago
Ruth B. - Young (Audio)
Views 281K2 years ago
Ruth B - Ruth B in London
Views 117K3 years ago
Ruth B - The Intro (EPK)
Views 210K4 years ago


  • CrunchyShark611
    CrunchyShark611 7 minutes ago


  • gragnese meally
    gragnese meally 2 hours ago

    if you still hear this song in 2020 leave a like.

  • Kadu Beira
    Kadu Beira 4 hours ago

    Escutando em 2020 uwau um máximo.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 6 hours ago

    I honestly thought she made this about suicide??? (To raises awareness in like a good way not to tell people to do it) BUT I watched the genius video and she didn’t mention anything about suicide

  • Yurii Marshal
    Yurii Marshal 6 hours ago

    The best one. World War 3 will be in our minds...

  • TaKiya Reed
    TaKiya Reed 10 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG I UNDERSTAND it to the fullest the whole sweet whole Salty story and actions

  • Yourdailytea
    Yourdailytea 12 hours ago

    I need help I am getting beat on at school he just keep hitting mii

  • Joycelyn Sahai
    Joycelyn Sahai 12 hours ago

    She reminds me of Birdy...

  • indecisive clock
    indecisive clock 13 hours ago

    I remember obsessing over this song years ago. Now that I’m listening to it again it’s bringing back memories

  • Sweet Lemonade
    Sweet Lemonade 14 hours ago

    When you're extremely late but you still want to comment something, hoping you'll get likes, but still don't know what to say...

  • Jon-Yasmin Jaques
    Jon-Yasmin Jaques 17 hours ago

    This is my new song

  • MrPureMatty
    MrPureMatty 18 hours ago

    I came here from an Animaechan stream

  • fabio raka
    fabio raka 18 hours ago


  • Cilla Guzman
    Cilla Guzman 19 hours ago

    I like it

  • Cilla Guzman
    Cilla Guzman 19 hours ago


  • Teeje
    Teeje 22 hours ago

    why is this not the opening of jake and the neverland pirates kappa xd

  • peachyjikook
    peachyjikook 22 hours ago

    I need Jungkook to cover this, I’ve waited since last year .

  • Stephen Barnes
    Stephen Barnes 22 hours ago

    Dandelion tea is good for with no sugar

    FAITH PARMETER 23 hours ago

    I am a Loss Boy From Neverland!!!

  • lit fam
    lit fam 23 hours ago

    I love your voice

  • Besim Danak
    Besim Danak Day ago

    Love this song

  • c'est moi lisa

    elle me fait toujours pleurer

  • Thaiboyce18 '
    Thaiboyce18 ' Day ago

    Why is Peter Pan always flying . Because he *neverland*

  • shannon britt
    shannon britt Day ago

    If you love this post or comment leave a like

  • Irfan Muhammad

    sedihh aing

  • Just Cheer
    Just Cheer Day ago


  • Kayden gaming
    Kayden gaming Day ago

    Peter was a vengeful spiret that was killed by children in the 19 century so in the 21 century he takes a physical form and lures them into his place and brutaly murders them. Captain hook is a boy that survived the wrath of peter pan and is trying to stop peter The neverland is heaven and peters dungeon is Hell...

  • sun moon
    sun moon Day ago

    I came cause taehyung.. Nice voice

  • Aurora Derr
    Aurora Derr Day ago

    I love this song SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much I love ALL of Ruth's songs

  • Heisnam Poirei

    Never imagined i would relate to a song like this but now here i am in my bed thinking about her and tears on my pillow

  • Fromtoday Buddy

    me: nobody: anybody: somebody: I am a lost boy from neverland..... life is plastic, its fantastic

  • T Skyy Videos
    T Skyy Videos Day ago

    Is she in heaven

  • T Skyy Videos
    T Skyy Videos Day ago


  • Vivian Vu
    Vivian Vu Day ago

    This is the best music video and my favorite

  • Davis See
    Davis See Day ago

    Your are a beautiful singer

  • Davis See
    Davis See Day ago

    Keep going girl you'll find your music youll find your beat

  • Uriel Kai El
    Uriel Kai El Day ago


  • Ghazeer 21
    Ghazeer 21 Day ago

    I saw Tae hear it and came to hear it. Is anyone here an army?

  • Ema Lee
    Ema Lee Day ago

    Aujourd'hui ma meilleure amie est partie de mon collège, elle déménage très loin... Elle m'a mis cette chanson... Ray... Mon cœur n'a pas tenu.

  • Ruchi Kumar
    Ruchi Kumar Day ago

    Ok who loves this song sooo much,me

  • Veronika Z
    Veronika Z Day ago

    Very good song. Respect.

  • LoneLunatic 19
    LoneLunatic 19 2 days ago

    This song is amazing. More then this. I know so many other people feel the same, but it is like this women takes the words i exactly feel and put them in a song. She is singing the words, i can't even describe ...

  • Djokovic Warinka
    Djokovic Warinka 2 days ago

    She's sooo pretty.

  • sophia louise
    sophia louise 2 days ago

    Hello Everyone

  • Graciela Rodriguez
    Graciela Rodriguez 2 days ago

    i love this woman so much

  • Anna Kogler
    Anna Kogler 2 days ago

    jemand 2020?😂😂❤

  • Cookie Tiana
    Cookie Tiana 2 days ago

    Her voice is beautiful! 💙

  • Kobra Kidding
    Kobra Kidding 2 days ago

    I heard this song on a frank iero edit and now I’m hooked

  • Michelle Garon
    Michelle Garon 2 days ago

    Why people dislikey????

  • Michelle Garon
    Michelle Garon 2 days ago

    Love the song <3

  • Dixe Rekt
    Dixe Rekt 2 days ago

    I am a forest boy from twitch tv fuck wrong lyrics

  • Jadden Reed
    Jadden Reed 2 days ago

    Suicidal victim here

  • Mejvis Mija
    Mejvis Mija 2 days ago

    wow this is a long time ago ive been listining to this for a while i love her voice

    STEfANI GERMANOTTA 2 days ago


    STEfANI GERMANOTTA 2 days ago


  • Lil avocado
    Lil avocado 2 days ago

    *Who is here in 2020?* *I don't want any likes I just want to mark my place in the world and this is the way to do it cuz.&*

  • Dina Walker
    Dina Walker 2 days ago

    2020!!! Make that an EMPRESS!!!

  • SSelmaXXplayzSS
    SSelmaXXplayzSS 2 days ago

    2020 anyone?????

  • shai f.
    shai f. 2 days ago

    Can Peter Pan come and take me away? Like damn

  • Damla Çetin
    Damla Çetin 3 days ago

    🇹🇷Varmı aramızda TÜRKLER 🇹🇷

  • Unwoked
    Unwoked 3 days ago

    This is Peter pan 👦🏻 1 like=1 year

    • Unwoked
      Unwoked 2 days ago

      Lol he 1

    • Its NIARE
      Its NIARE 2 days ago

      Bruhhh he doesn’t die bruhh😂

  • Liora D.
    Liora D. 3 days ago

    Kannst sooo gut singen

  • The Black Naruto Blog


  • Tesalonika Padil
    Tesalonika Padil 3 days ago


  • Wendy Thomson
    Wendy Thomson 3 days ago

    People come to listen to this song because of life problems and sadness, but i listen to it just because its catchy and my name is in it XD lol

  • Xx_HeavenlyPotato_xX

    I can’t look at this song the same pEtEr pAn iS a KiLlEr OmG😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joshua Duoth
    Joshua Duoth 3 days ago

    This is not the true story

  • Anna B
    Anna B 3 days ago

    I was just watching Peter Pan and I realized Peter Pan is actually dead and he leads kid to heaven (Neverland)

    • Dmoney
      Dmoney 16 hours ago


  • 15k subscribes 0 views challenge

    2020 and we still here

  • Amber nerd girl1
    Amber nerd girl1 3 days ago

    When I gat bullyd at school I go home and listen to this song and close my eyes and get all those bad memories out

  • tristan Mountcastle

    it was sad but a great and love

  • Jordan and Toys
    Jordan and Toys 3 days ago

    Makes me fall asleep.

  • Midnight Wolf
    Midnight Wolf 3 days ago

    This was inspired by the show Once Upon A Time. Peter Pan with the lost boys and his evil shadow, even tho he was evil.

    • Midnight Wolf
      Midnight Wolf 2 days ago

      @ThatOneWeirdo Btw, me too, until he got older....

    • Midnight Wolf
      Midnight Wolf 2 days ago

      @ThatOneWeirdo Yeah, it was. She Came up with the first few lines while watching it. She posted her singing the few lines, and everybody liked it, so she started making a song out of it. Just go here (2nd paragraph of the article):

    • ThatOneWeirdo
      ThatOneWeirdo 2 days ago

      ummm no it was not not even close it was inspired by either the original story or one of the movies but I like how you think. I loved that show but it got bad when Henry became a grown-up.

  • _.jacey._ schultz
    _.jacey._ schultz 3 days ago

    This song hits hard...

  • Tia Shepherd
    Tia Shepherd 4 days ago


  • Sumaya M
    Sumaya M 4 days ago

    Sad 😂

  • Sumaya M
    Sumaya M 4 days ago


  • Gaelle Pelletier
    Gaelle Pelletier 4 days ago

    I remember i listened this song when i was in bad mood and now I reahearing this song and I think it’s very different when you listen this song when you are sad and/or when you are fine

  • Denelle Nelli
    Denelle Nelli 4 days ago

    I am a lost 👦

  • Alan Samuel
    Alan Samuel 4 days ago

    I don't why but I think this is the song of Tinkerbell! I know she's not a lost boy, but still.

  • Switherxyz_
    Switherxyz_ 4 days ago

    oi eu sou brasileiro mais sou grande fan dos estados unidos <3 meu sonho é morar nele, pois qnd eu tiver 15 anos vo mudar para ai mais meu tio Help

  • joan michelle
    joan michelle 4 days ago

    she's so talented IIDIISNSXM

  • L S
    L S 4 days ago

    Where are you Ruth B? She needs to be front and center. Of every main event. Shes lyrically and vocally similar to Adel.

  • lil cherry666
    lil cherry666 4 days ago

    Yess 😥

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 4 days ago

    “I think that you are the one for me cus it get so hard to breathe”

  • indi rain
    indi rain 4 days ago

    this song reminds me of my best friend she was new to my school this year and she has made me feel happy. I felt like i wasnt alone at my schoo and i dont when she is with me. she makes me so happy. I love her so much.

  • izumu midoriya
    izumu midoriya 4 days ago

    This song is awesome and this gets me through some stuff I'm life

  • Mathias Kristensen
    Mathias Kristensen 4 days ago

    I love this song😊👌😀

  • Peachy Devil
    Peachy Devil 4 days ago

    she has such talent. who wouldn’t lover her? she’s amazing i lover her voice

  • rachel tolentino
    rachel tolentino 4 days ago


  • ikram
    ikram 4 days ago

    What I take from this song is that someone has fought against depression and finally killed himself, and I will explain. The song says "my only scribble is a person on the moon and sometimes he will even leave." Shows that he is different and people don't like him. The lyrics "then one night when I closed my eyes" symbolized him dying. "He came to me with the sweetest smile, and told me he wanted to talk for a while, Peterpan is what they call me. I promise that you will never be lonely. "For me it was God who spoke to him. Said that everything was fine now. And he was safe. In the next verse the song said," When we flew over a city that never loved me I realized that eventually I had a family. "This means he will go to Heaven for me." And peacefully my feet touch the sand "only makes it clearer." Neverland, I love you so you are now my beautiful home forever, the LOST lost boy. "He finally finally only supported my statement that he depressed and he finally ran away from everything Interpret

  • Kayla`s show ttu
    Kayla`s show ttu 4 days ago

    im scared about world war 3 I type this in 2020

  • Lo Kei
    Lo Kei 4 days ago


    CYDNIE POWELL 4 days ago

    Me and my lil brother love this song so much. Sometimes I listen to this song when I'm depressed😞 or when I'm playing with my lil brother. 👫 I had to sing this song for a lip sync battle 👩🎤📷 at camp and I was a little nervous 😰.

  • bunny love
    bunny love 4 days ago


  • Bonnie Maynard
    Bonnie Maynard 4 days ago

    Tinkerbell Halloween 4 years old Plastic costumes

  • Bonnie Maynard
    Bonnie Maynard 4 days ago

    Despite all of it I'm lucky to have had neverland and the lost boys call me crazy all you want can't wait to see them all again but I know they watch over me and you

  • Sassy CC
    Sassy CC 5 days ago

    Can't wait to find someone who'll teach me like this. Until then, everyone else better watch out ;)

  • Grace Through Faith

    My Lord came to me in this way. He us my Beloved.

  • t h o t a l l y
    t h o t a l l y 5 days ago

    Why the hell im seeing her look like katy perry but with darker skin