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  • Rocky Rocky
    Rocky Rocky 13 hours ago

    I am worried about their brothers

    AWM LOVER 7 days ago

    Saale havshi launde

  • #Arpan Gamer
    #Arpan Gamer 22 days ago

    Sala chutiya banaya ga delhi its foreign

  • satyam Dogra
    satyam Dogra Month ago

    Very bad shame on you bloody RU-clipr First of all respect girls.understand uh don't make such non sense videos.. Shame on you u should be beaten by girls in public...

  • Mohsin Nazir
    Mohsin Nazir Month ago

    aisa india me koi prank karta dikha to pahle mai pitunga

  • Marripudi Ashok
    Marripudi Ashok Month ago


  • jai ho
    jai ho 2 months ago

    In Indian bus many girls and aunties loves to be pressed .

  • Trending Uploader
    Trending Uploader 3 months ago

    Oh bhai voh last wala funk you ka snake prank ka tha😒😆

    • Mohsin Nazir
      Mohsin Nazir Month ago

      jab snake prank pr ye hal thi to ispar kya hoga ye soch....

  • rohaya osman
    rohaya osman 4 months ago


  • Callboy delhi m
    Callboy delhi m 4 months ago

    mast h yrr. chodne me mja aa jayega mera mota lund se. interested girl mail kro

  • AR21
    AR21 4 months ago

    1:46 please leave her. She is innocent

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh 4 months ago

    Last me bhut brria kia larrki ne thaperr mar ky

  • Hamza Khan H
    Hamza Khan H 6 months ago

    Don't dare to try in India

  • Alex Gamer
    Alex Gamer 6 months ago

    2:37 is she Dani Daniels

  • Dark Instinct
    Dark Instinct 7 months ago

    What if captain america did this. He would tell like"I can do this all day".😂😂

  • Luka Thangaraj
    Luka Thangaraj 7 months ago

    Try this in Saudi,,,,, will definitely choppe ur 😀🙈🙈

  • hazard guy
    hazard guy 8 months ago

    Bhai deepak kalal k bhi daba

  • Sunny Logan
    Sunny Logan 8 months ago

    It's molestation?

    • Ben Ten
      Ben Ten 6 months ago

      It's fake, they're paid to do this...

  • Bhavishya Pancholi
    Bhavishya Pancholi 8 months ago

    Suppose 5:00 pm tried in India Then at 5:01 you will be dead

  • RT Josyula
    RT Josyula 9 months ago

    If they tries in India, next moment their death

    • Angel Sky
      Angel Sky 17 days ago

      @Swastik Pabharekar 2019 se India Mai bi hai

    • Swastik Pabharekar
      Swastik Pabharekar 17 days ago

      @Angel Sky no

    • Angel Sky
      Angel Sky 2 months ago

      @joss buttler but as of 2019 in India also such prank is there

    • Gamology
      Gamology 2 months ago

      @Angel Sky you are right 💯 scripted

    • Angel Sky
      Angel Sky 2 months ago

      It's scripted

  • Ashish Meena
    Ashish Meena 9 months ago

    Not Delhi ....Wish it was Delhi 🤣😘

  • Muhammad khaja
    Muhammad khaja 9 months ago

    Agar India me. Hota to, log in ko itna maarte, ye apni Maa ka dood bhool jate

  • Prabhu Shukla
    Prabhu Shukla 10 months ago

    Whatever has been shown in this vedio is completly orchestered with lots of rehearsal All are actors and performing an act Even in those countries real time scenario would be catastrophic

  • shrikant Pawar
    shrikant Pawar 10 months ago

    Are yaar tu pahle bolo mai touch karna chahata hu aur iske badle me mai tume 100 Rs deta hu tab colege ke sabhi Ladkiya Q me aajayenge. Ek Baar Try kar ke to Dekho. Tumhari Video ko itana Views and Comments aayenge ki tum Believe Nahi Kar pavoge.

  • amarjit Rajput
    amarjit Rajput 11 months ago

    It's wrong....

  • Azmi Rizvi
    Azmi Rizvi 11 months ago

    Can you do it to your mom n sister and upload it

  • Chandan Gurjar
    Chandan Gurjar Year ago

    can you do it to your mom and sister and upload it ..

  • Ismail Friendly
    Ismail Friendly Year ago

    i want to press your sister's and mother's boobs indian prank mamagament youtube

  • Ismail Friendly
    Ismail Friendly Year ago

    i can do rhis but this youtube prank managament's sister with if indian shamefull prank dont mind hahahaha

  • afilabdulla
    afilabdulla Year ago

    How is he doing that

  • Osama Azam
    Osama Azam Year ago

    Its not india you dick head

  • Tanmay Singhal
    Tanmay Singhal Year ago

    madar chod kahe ko ullu banat ho behen ke laude. INDIA bol ke bahar ka video dikhata h madarjaat

    MUHAMMAD AMAR Year ago

    Who care about india?????

  • #Raa fance
    #Raa fance Year ago

    Kya baat chaa gaye bhai

  • Ahmed Riyaz
    Ahmed Riyaz Year ago


  • Mubarak Alam
    Mubarak Alam Year ago

    0:23 who is this girl

    • Ramey Lobo
      Ramey Lobo 7 months ago

      @Stranger no she is your mom, she gave me a nice blow job too. Call that bitch once again for a night..

    • Vikas Mnm
      Vikas Mnm 7 months ago

      That girl was sexy

    • one click
      one click 10 months ago

      she is my x... and she is not an indian

    • Stranger
      Stranger Year ago

      Mubarak Alam your mother

  • Vinay Kumar Rohilla

    2:26 who is she ?😍

  • Kannan Ta
    Kannan Ta Year ago


    BABU RANG GILA Year ago

    Its Russia

  • Ahsan Shahid
    Ahsan Shahid Year ago




  • Kannan Ta
    Kannan Ta Year ago

    this is not a india

  • Nilesh Sindha
    Nilesh Sindha Year ago

    Oh my god mere to ladki ke same ne bol ki himat nahi ye banada ...

    • Rocky Boy
      Rocky Boy 10 months ago

      Nilesh Sindha Kya bolnay ki? I love u

  • Sneaky
    Sneaky 2 years ago

    how dumb is this

  • Cosmic Xayne
    Cosmic Xayne 2 years ago


  • Armand Likrama
    Armand Likrama 2 years ago

    Interesting information for the upcoming iPhone. Nice work bro.