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My NEXT Endeavor
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Bethesda Sold Out
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  • Wolvesbayne 156
    Wolvesbayne 156 Minute ago

    Believe it or not, I still haven't finished The Last of Us lmao, still at the part where Ellie and David are fighting off that hord of Infected hahahaha

  • Mathias T.W.P
    Mathias T.W.P 3 hours ago

    Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Iceland, (and maybe even Newfoundland?). Then I'll be happy. But most importantly I want a viking version of the Jæren peninsulas, where I live; because one cannot have a viking game without Hafrsfjord.

  • BlackPantherFTW
    BlackPantherFTW 4 hours ago

    Man I was really excited to play this game but i was quickly bored to tears. The gameplay loop is total garbage and i just couldn't do it.

  • Captain Reily
    Captain Reily 5 hours ago

    9 years later, still play this game. Even vanilla this game is still enjoyable, but mods have really just made this game such a beautiful platform to tune the game to exactly what you want from an apocalyptic game.

  • Wyatt Stansbery
    Wyatt Stansbery 8 hours ago

    My (maybe not when I got to the very end) nemesis was one of those random dudes who killed me once and built himself up. He was first known as Shaka (or similar) and, while I don't remember all the details anymore, was really-moderately tough to kill. I finally kill him and he is revived as Shaka the Undying. At this time I have less of a struggle to kill him, but would always come back. No matter the kill type, he'd come back. I know I lobed his head of and he came back. It got to the point that his face was so fucked up he came back with rags wrapped around his head. I can't recall if he was the one to come back in the end and so war, but I definitely remember him the most. Gods, I want to play that again. Need some necromancy so I can have Shaka back. Lmao.

  • E J
    E J 9 hours ago

    I like you man but you have to suspend your disbelief the whole freaking game of uncharted. Do you know how hard it would to climb they way they do lol. I truly understand your point about how some media force sjw stuff but for uncharted 4, there was nothing really believable about most of that game. And to go back to your original point, I just found that the relationship between Riley and Ellie felt real and that’s all I could ask for.

  • Lautaro Siede
    Lautaro Siede 11 hours ago

    fuck.... why did that clip of joel and ellie make me tear up i swear my heart is not ready for the second chapter of this game

  • Nurbles
    Nurbles 11 hours ago

    I find this moment cute, you can see Ellie is so nervous, it makes this scene feel human and it's adorable.

  • Lest4r
    Lest4r 12 hours ago

    Poor Todd. He's just a kid man, Jesus.

  • CooperDaMan Bingo
    CooperDaMan Bingo 13 hours ago

    Don’t get it wrong Christians don’t dis like gays

  • Ekhmal Azri
    Ekhmal Azri 14 hours ago

    I have a huge nostalgia for mario games with Mario bros 2 being the first actual console game I've played. I used to not care about zelda. I played 2d zeldas before but didnt really enjoy them. But breath of the wild is my favourite game of all time. Putting it on the same level as mario odyssey feels like a disservice. Odyssey is a hell of a good game but it didnt made me want to get into the world again after finishing it once. While botw made me lose more than 200 hours without even realizing it

  • Drew
    Drew 14 hours ago

    You went for a headshot at Micah? I went below the belt 😂😂😂

  • MarkaN
    MarkaN 15 hours ago

    Guess I'm the exception then. I came as a Middle-Earth fan and the gameplay only pushed me away. I'm veteran gamer but I simply don't like this animated (QTE-like) style of gameplay. Twice I tried to get into the game and it simply didn't work. A shame. If it was like Dark Souls for example, I'd complete it to 100%.

  • SaberRaider 1131
    SaberRaider 1131 16 hours ago

    The assassin is a British soldier wannabe but couldn’t get in so he became an assassin first assassinating Mussolini then Hitler finally confronting emperor Hirohito but spared him done

  • Jack Gignac
    Jack Gignac 16 hours ago

    Lol Game Of Thrones ruined itself before Bethesda could

  • Emerson Lee
    Emerson Lee 16 hours ago

    I think Vikings are pretty cool but whats started to bother me a little is the lack asian well...anything in Assassins Creed. We have primarily been immersed in Western Civilization or culture (Italy, Crusades, United States, France, England, and Greece). For Asia we had Henry in Syndicate who was Indian and then the 2D side games taking place in Asia which were just ok. I hope that Ubisoft isn't implying that they just dislike Asian culture and Asian people in their games because that would be a shame. At least give us a main entry game taking place in China, maybe Ming dynasty or Taiping Rebellion. Korea would be worth exploring too I think. Seriously though at some point do Japan and don't screw it up with micro transactions.

  • Ryan Phillips
    Ryan Phillips 16 hours ago

    Well, this Blizzard situation should be a warning to going public. Blizzard will probably survive this disaster but I doubt Zenimax would.

  • Super Saiyan
    Super Saiyan 16 hours ago

    This game ruined the lore of assassins creed it's not perfect.

  • Cloud Striker
    Cloud Striker 18 hours ago

    Fuck! Youu deserve sooooo much more in terms of subscribers! Your content is absolute QUALITY! Bro. But, where's your jawline?

  • DarthBLB
    DarthBLB 18 hours ago

    Sony is like that one friends family, that you couldn't ever really do playdates with when you were a kid.

  • Max Roy
    Max Roy 18 hours ago

    We need one set during Cortez’s conquest of the Aztec empire

  • Ilovecookies
    Ilovecookies 19 hours ago

    Luke i love all of your videos but the "better" writting is not there for me

  • Nic k
    Nic k 20 hours ago

    I ve played days gone and i loved it there was nothing i didnt like on the game it was challenging and the end was one of the best i ve ever seen call me retarded but thats my opinion

  • Donavan Bell
    Donavan Bell 20 hours ago

    All in for a full-length critique 👍🏾

  • Alex Mohr
    Alex Mohr 20 hours ago

    It just bugs me that no one ever gives credit to Bethesda for the good, and the great that they do when these sorts of titles come out. Especially Fallout 4 gets it the worst. It has a lot of areas that are weak that were never a problem in older titles, but does other things way better than the older games could have ever dreamed of. Some of that is a result of the era in which they were made, but I often times enjoy playing Fallout 4 much more than any of the previous titles, and also am of the opinion that Fallout 3 is pretty much dead even with NV. Every fallout game has it's own strengths and weaknesses, which is why In love the series as a whole, every game feels distinctly different. I personally enjoy exploring the landscape of Fallout 4 way more than any of the older games. Still to this day I'm blown away by the scope of FO4's wasteland. Not so much in it's size, but how open, easy to explore, and full it is. Also being able to go on vertical adventures compared to mostly flat land with the occasional mountain or tall building in the older games is something I really enjoy. Also the combat in my opinion is infinitely better and more satisfying. I Fallout 4 had a stronger dialogue system, and a more engaging plot, I would probably rank it as my 2nd favorite.

  • Jackboi
    Jackboi 23 hours ago

    The team that made The Division 2 is in Sweden so it might be something with that idk

  • Merik Lobo
    Merik Lobo 23 hours ago

    So the loss of Christopher Weaver in 2002 is likely a large part of why every Elder Scrolls game after Morrowind has strayed further and further away from what makes Elder Scrolls games Elder Scrolls. Don't get me wrong, they rose in popularity at the same time, but Unlike Todd, I would attribute that to the push to make Oblivion multiplatform and the rise of open world games in popularity, not the dumbing down of the formula or the stripping away of features. Its the rise in public awareness that they owe their success to. Reintroducing their old abandoned systems and weapon/spell variety won't hurt them like Todd seems to think it would.

  • Charles5621006939
    Charles5621006939 23 hours ago

    Do shadow of warrrrr

  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I? Day ago

    I’m an idiot, but how can a company have shares and not be traded on the stock exchange?

  • Lee K
    Lee K Day ago

    Nope, perma block Ubisoft. Ubishill

  • 5 Suns
    5 Suns Day ago

    The director of Dragon Age and Baldur's gate that left Bioware recently, has just come out with his own studio; Summerfall Studios. And they're crowd funding their first game. And I was wondering if you've heard of it because, well the game is actually a choice based musical! We've all heard before of your love for musicals, so I would actually love to hear your opinion about the concept. So far it seems like a great start, but they need some backup. They got some amazing people working on it too!

  • No Hat
    No Hat Day ago

    I think if they had stuck with the original with the advertised idea: Black Mask sends 8 dudes after you. It would have been fine. If they wanted the joker involved than just make him one of the dudes trying to kill batman but back stabs black mask when the time was right. It would have made so much more sense. They would still be able to use the moment of Joker turning on Black Mask as a show of how different the Joker is, where as the others want the money, joker just wants the recognition.

  • Bri Corley95
    Bri Corley95 Day ago

    I'm going to buy Red Dead 2 again for the PS5

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson Day ago

    The last of us is one of the few games that I don’t skip the cutscenes when I play it again

  • Amaror2
    Amaror2 Day ago

    Funny how you neglect to mention all the scummy monetization that's now in every single ubisoft game. 20 bucks for a single armor set, it's just rediculous. Sure Legion sounds cool on paper. But I heavily doubt it's actually going to deliver. Either the game will force you into some mandatory characters that act as the main crew in the story or the dialogue and cutscenes will be incredibly generic and impersonal to the present characters in order to allow every character to be the hero in that part of the story. There sure isn't going to be interesting character development or character arcs to experience. And you can bet there will be tons of character to buy with real money, and skill boosters and revives for your characters that died and and and.

  • Ritvik Chowdhary

    i got to play this game on the PS4 for the first time in 2014 the remaster version, after completing i had to give away the disc back because many other games were coming up and i did not had enough space on my PS (500gb) then after 2months i had the urge to play it again, so i bought a 2TB hard drive just for this and bought it back, now even by mistake i won't sell it again

    • Ritvik Chowdhary
      Ritvik Chowdhary Day ago

      also like many other comments wish i had a daughter, and the funny part is i am single

  • Chicken Nuggies

    That is such a fucking conspiracy... 84 instead of 85 on metacritic score so they missed out on millions in the contract...

  • Alex Isada
    Alex Isada Day ago

    I think Cold War Russia/Soviet Union cold be interesting. Instead of focusing on large scale world war your character could perhaps be focused on rebuilding the brotherhood. Like the brotherhood would be divided between communism and anti-communism. I think it could be possible to have your character decide where the divided brotherhood should stand

  • subjectbigy
    subjectbigy Day ago

    I know this ain't related to Assassin's Creed as a whole but going over the topic of DLC and season passes. If the developer and publisher don't finish the season pass, does the consumer get their money back? Example; Anthem.

  • Metal Cat Channel

    9:03 he is asserting his dominance

  • brett meier
    brett meier Day ago

    Stop saying Colorado I not a joke I have a trigger where when someone says Colorado I just here in my head I'm a giraffe

  • TruePerception

    Nemises. Pronounced neh mih seez.

  • One Winged Angel 15

    the only time i considered dropping sekiro was Demon of Hatred, Guardian Ape was actually pretty easy to me because if you keep your kool he’s pretty simple, but Demon of Hatred was the only boss i had 0 fun while playing

  • Logan Ross
    Logan Ross Day ago

    They wanted to be hated like the rest of the evil bastards

  • Milos Miric
    Milos Miric Day ago

    What lighting mod are you using?

  • cian keane
    cian keane Day ago

    it kind of ruined red dead 2

  • MrD 2001
    MrD 2001 Day ago

    I personally love Origins. It's my second favorite Arkham game after City.

  • Victor Pleitez

    In order to prepare for "The Outer Worlds", I started playing New Vegas all over again on my 360, this game still holds up to this day. While it has crashed a handful of times, probably due to that big save file bug discussed in the vid, it hasn't stopped me from playing even more, actually feel dumb for not giving it more of chance when it came out cuz i used to prefer F3 over New Vegas. But this game does in fact have more satisfying rpg elements than the other fallout games bethesda has worked and its' what stills keeps me engaged.

  • Gerardo Mendez

    Hey Luke how is Jason doing

  • Yad Day
    Yad Day Day ago

    That Todd Howard intrusion spooked me.

  • Cody Douglas
    Cody Douglas Day ago

    You shouldn't call old ladies chicks.

  • Zekiel ._
    Zekiel ._ Day ago

    Rainbow six siege is my poo.

  • Griffin Riches

    the seeing ball and the puns i had t be forced to stop and had no clue she was gay until the last of us 2 trailer either im blind or i forgot and could not give a shit ether way

  • Steven Simmons

    I love Shadow of Mordor but FUCK was Shadow of War an infuriating dumpster fire. As a Tolkien addict I sort of hated it but I could separate it from 'real' Middle Earth stuff. The weakest part I found was the story but the combat was really good. Maybe I'll go back to Shadow of War sometime but I REALLY doubt it.

  • Tanel Piik
    Tanel Piik Day ago

    I wish and belive time comes when studios make again good storys single player games

  • sagephil
    sagephil Day ago

    That is an awful way to fight the corrupted monk.

  • idkusername
    idkusername Day ago

    One thing I have to say is that outsourcing labour is not good for Londoners in the story. Of course, it’s good for the overall economy and the big businesses because it costs less, but Londoners can’t do their jobs because suddenly there are none. It’s the same people have problems with immigrants or even outsourcing nowadays because of relaxed labour and tax laws in other counties, not to mention lower wages and standards of living.

  • Ralius
    Ralius Day ago

    finished two times yet calles shocker electro...... ahhhaaaa -.-

  • Ralius
    Ralius Day ago

    such a shame.... if there was no witcher 3 this game could have been the game of the generation.....

  • Ervin Kee
    Ervin Kee Day ago

    How would a modern day assassins creed would be cool

  • Weld MaSteR
    Weld MaSteR 2 days ago

    Yes I slept with an old lady ! :))

  • Let Tice
    Let Tice 2 days ago

    Ehhhhhhhhh, I'll agree with you that the nem system is really cool, but I found the combat to be sluggish and kind of trashcan, I feel the same way about the ark games I mean DMC4/Bayo 1 had better combat on the ps3, might even say kh1/kingdom hearts 2 has better combat on ps2/ninja gaiden, you put this game next to newer games like sekiro/nioh/dmc5/nierautomata/astralchain/bayo 2 and it can't even stand up. I don't think the combat is really good enough to cover for the lackluster story. That being said I haven't played the sequel, I heard that was much better. Yet for a triple A lord of the rings game, I expected to enjoy it more than the gamecube lotr game. I'll say it has better combat than a-creed, but those games also have overrated combat, same with witcher 3. I challenge you to dive deeper into combat oriented games.

  • Shari L Williams
    Shari L Williams 2 days ago

    You've not mentioned that it's for the ps5 which mean's a new upgraded tv ='s more $ thousands more not to mention the price of the game. I'm not going to be doing another rpg if that's what it's going to be. I got alot of flack from all sorts of people then I decided meh hmm why not give it a shot...I realized I am not going to be ever again persuaded by the very people who sat and criticized me and belittled me and made fun of me only to have them very same people bellyache whine complain and bi about how many things were wrong with the game. I mean how oxymoronic can a mass of people be? I was basically talked into getting the game by a person I believed to be a friend only to have that person turn around and shove it in my face once I got it (speaking of Odyssey) and said it stunk along with some other foul language I won't repeat here. I platinumed the game and all but I'll not ever again get another rpg game, especially 1 that can be influenced by a group of people to not only change some part's of the game, but as well the name of trophies! I will stick with my old games if that's what I have to do. I won't be making that mistake again, ever. Yeah, it looks awesome and all The Vikings AC but Nah just like breakpoint, I platinumed Ghost Recon Wildlands, I tried breakpoints' beta what a joke. Anyhow I hope everyone has fun with it when it comes out, hopefully I'll be able to be getting my hands on another game. And whatever happened to Skullz and Bone's AC? Whatever, have fun I'm not into the whole Nordic thing (red eagle) I'm German so that's just not me. So again enjoy it and have fun to all. And your right that movie it blew! Glad they seen it and didn't annihilate the game any further than it did.

  • Tiii Efff
    Tiii Efff 2 days ago

    It's just a game.

  • Bernard Oliveira
    Bernard Oliveira 2 days ago

    There are towers in the game that you can unlock which show where all the collectibles for that area are. So that criticism is invalid.

  • Jordan Sanchez
    Jordan Sanchez 2 days ago

    I mean the last of us was good but damn it wasn’t the best story of all time. I think God of War was better

  • Brotherhood Head Paladin

    The 5+ times i've finished this game has always left me in tears. Not from the situation, but of how stunning and cherishable it is overall. The both of them are unbelievably lovable, and each time I see them in a cutscene i'm always left with a smile on my face. No game has done that. Truly a unique and rare game.

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh 2 days ago

    Love your shit man! How was school today?

  • jengaaaaa
    jengaaaaa 2 days ago

    Best side quests and open world. Great characters and good story. Combat however is pretty basic. Overall easily top 5 games I've played.

  • stefadiusch
    stefadiusch 2 days ago

    Great review of a fantastic game! Buy it guys - such a great game and developer needs to be supported.

  • Willy Beamish
    Willy Beamish 2 days ago

    Becoming increasingly greedy is a natural effect of capitalism

  • Kirk Bupkis
    Kirk Bupkis 2 days ago

    There was only a few characters I didn't really like that much, but the only one I absolutely couldn't stand was Sadie. I skipped almost every cutscene she was in because her gravely voice and "I'm just as strong and butch as any man and I'm gonna make sure everyone around me knows it" demeanor was so over the top and it annoyed the hell out of me. She seemed like more of a caricature than a human being. Edit: Lol he called her loveable, I guess I'm just an asshole 😂

  • Sundowner
    Sundowner 2 days ago

    tl;dw - (((Robert A. Altman)))

  • Kirk Bupkis
    Kirk Bupkis 2 days ago

    Bottom right corner at 36:38 made me think something was wrong with my phone screen lol

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus Hicks 2 days ago

    Interestingly, I enjoyed the combat overall. It wasn't groundbreaking, but it was good. Monsters or NPC's that were too much for me had a red skull over I gave them a wide berth.

    • arno victor
      arno victor 2 days ago

      the combat with expansions skills and mods like EE got even better

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T 2 days ago

    Guiness is literally the worst stout. It doesn't even deserve to be called it stout. It tastes like fucking water lol.

  • Ghigongigon asdad
    Ghigongigon asdad 2 days ago

    The fountain makes you immortal

  • Gabe
    Gabe 2 days ago

    I’m not saying it’s bad that she’s lesbian but in my opinion It would be great if she were straight because she would be able to have kids when she gets older and that could start a whole new era to The Last Of Us. Just think about it. Ellie and some other guy could protect their child and try to make the best of it during a zombie apocalypse

  • peyj
    peyj 2 days ago

    I'm sorry but holy fuck upgrade your damn armor.

  • Cbd
    Cbd 2 days ago

    Nice bearded dragon

  • Gerardo Mendez
    Gerardo Mendez 2 days ago

    The real world does have little side markers

  • John Mecca
    John Mecca 2 days ago

    I’m here in 2019 because this was just released today on Switch. I’ve never played this before but just bought it a couple hours ago. I won’t be able to dive in until this weekend but I’m taking info from videos like this to get me pumped. I can’t wait til Friday night.

    • John Mecca
      John Mecca Hour ago

      The United Marshmallow Federation you will love it!! And please, go to Wal-Mart, they sell it for $49.99 instead of $59.99. They always sell 10 bucks cheaper. Let me know if u got it.👍🏽

    • The United Marshmallow Federation
      The United Marshmallow Federation Hour ago

      Same here I'm getting it today

  • Corrupted
    Corrupted 2 days ago

    I really like these games, creative ideas and being overly ambituous >>>>>>>> boring polished AAA games made with target groups in mind

  • Recht_voor_zijn_raap

    I actually really liked Shadow of War.. It had its flaws sure (especially at launch with the lootboxes they added) but it was still an amazing game and the nemesis system was perfected and never been done like it since (which is sad) Nowadays they totally removed the lootboxes and microtransactions (which almost no one ever used btw) and the game has improved significantly.

  • JustSomeDude
    JustSomeDude 2 days ago

    Viking hidden blade but instead of blade it’s a hammer

  • Oliver Phoenix
    Oliver Phoenix 2 days ago

    Even if you remove all glitches from watchdogs and unity The games are still p bad Watchdogs especially Most Ubisoft games have bland mediocre gameplay and bad writing I enjoyed watchdogs 2 as an example but I'm the first to admit its world feels like it was made by computers and has little point of staying in the world coupled w some of the worst writing ive played in a game on ps4 Most of my complaints for watchdogs 2 are the same complaints I have of the best (and my favorite) Ubisoft games

  • mean on the internet

    Trumps fucking with my slav- help..ers now he's messing with my games.

  • NRezXBX
    NRezXBX 2 days ago

    Shadow of Mordor didn't launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it was ported to them later.

  • Eshowdow
    Eshowdow 2 days ago

    What corruption do the Followers have in this game?

    • Eshowdow
      Eshowdow 2 days ago

      Additionally, this discussion of mods has literally no point. It's one thing to say mods that make the game playable are fine, it's another thing to critique the game with mods.

  • BjornGrim
    BjornGrim 2 days ago

    The joy of fighting the massive hordes would have no impact if that's how the game started. It went from Resident Evil 2 to the best elements of Crackdown 2 in one game. It's an astounding achievement. This game was amazing in how it made a dozen enemies seem like a dangerous situation early-game, then by the end of the game I can take on entire hordes of 100+ enemies, thanks to the tools, weapons & strategies I had discovered & honed over time to get to that point. I utterly disagree with your approach to how the game should have shown this element of itself sooner - it would of ruined the pace totally.

  • blank
    blank 2 days ago

    90% of gamers are men... most of tlou fans are also men and at least about half of these fans were somehow offended by ellie being gay.. honestly, in short my conclusion is that the stereotype of homohobia mostly circling around men is true and yall nasty, goodbye.

  • ygna
    ygna 2 days ago

    lol this review

  • Stoney Harward
    Stoney Harward 2 days ago

    I’m sorry, but if you couldn’t tell from the main game that Ellie was at least bi, then you literally don’t listen to meaning behind words, and emotion conveyed. It was pretty clear it was gonna happen. The kiss itself was just the nail in the coffin to solidify, ya, she likes girls. Not a big deal at all. Everyone just needs to get over themselves.

  • CPK Unlimited
    CPK Unlimited 2 days ago

    Nahh. It was nice to have to earn everything. The slower roll. Made it unfold great. Days gone likely the best game ever

  • Sal Salcedo
    Sal Salcedo 2 days ago

    I don't know

  • nooria
    nooria 2 days ago

    it’s one kiss. how does that make it an activist/sjw commentary ? you wouldn’t see this type of analysis if ellie kisses a guy. it’s plain and simple. people who are mad that ellie is gay can stay mad about it. also this hasn’t diluted the story so idk what ur going on about. and nadine frail?? yes it was unrealistic for her to beat the shit out of nathan but she is not frail lmfaoooooo.

  • Sykout
    Sykout 2 days ago

    If any gamer that is a fanboy of bethesda actually did what they said, they would have boycotted a long time ago. It's just a shame that there's not a single one of you that sticks to your word or actually boycotts these companies' products.

  • metroid omelet
    metroid omelet 2 days ago

    Fallout 3 was my first Fallout game and I lost interest before the end. Picked up New Vegas (and all the DLC) on a whim and and beat it 3 TIMES! I fell in the love with the universe and the lore AND got all the achievements. I went back and beat FO3 and bought FO4 on release. Great games but neither come close to NV for me. I'm not surprised Bethesda doesn't talk about it. Here's hoping in FO5, they take a page out of NV and make your character a blank slate and not "WHERE'S SHUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN?!"

  • Gerardo Mendez
    Gerardo Mendez 2 days ago

    EA will change

  • Oliver Phoenix
    Oliver Phoenix 2 days ago

    Make a critique of shadow of war now after all their updates, I want to know if its even worth playing in. 2019