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Zumanjaro Stuck With Riders!
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  • Bubba Cat
    Bubba Cat 21 hour ago

    How did you come up with your name?

  • Gianna Marie
    Gianna Marie Day ago

    This is my home park

  • hmholm
    hmholm 2 days ago

    Its not the Full Ride Experience if you put music on it when you try it :P just saying

  • 4640jds
    4640jds 3 days ago

    I actually like riding Skyview. After riding coasters and walking all day, it's a nice relaxing view. I don't think it's dumb. I guess the Ferris wheel and the monorail are dumb as well. I bet you guys were really pissed off you didn't have more to complain about! Just a suggestion. If you want to ride a few rides with NO lines, get there before 3:00 PM.

  • Bowser Has Fun
    Bowser Has Fun 3 days ago

    It was raining in this video.

  • iceman0191
    iceman0191 4 days ago

    What’s ur Instagram? I wanna add you since I like all ur vids

  • logan Forrest
    logan Forrest 5 days ago

    Officer o lerry, if u see this commet, its logan, we meet by el Toro. (Not kidding)

  • dj boony
    dj boony 5 days ago

    We have about 6 digger lands in the uk

  • •sgreene•
    •sgreene• 5 days ago

    i went there over winter break and i actually rode wonder woman for the first time. it was so much fun and my last ride of the night. i cant wait til the park reopens so i can ride el toro as well :)

  • Santinog1225Vlogs ;P

    12:19 Sean: “is there water in my lense?” Coasterjoker: *lifts glasses* “no”

  • gary t
    gary t 6 days ago

    Are you able to do any construction updates now that the park is closed

  • Drew Dawson
    Drew Dawson 6 days ago

    I always see Jason there but never you 😂

  • X-Coasters Forever
    X-Coasters Forever 6 days ago

    I MISS EL TORO AS WELL!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Judah Gavant
    Judah Gavant 6 days ago

    Oleary, thanks for this season man. These vlogs have totally helped spark my fascination with the entertainment and theme park industry over the last few months- I'll be there next season, either with my own gopro and channel or as an employee, if theyve got any halfway decent jobs :) Thanks for bringing us along.

  • Sam Yelts
    Sam Yelts 6 days ago

    What month will it reopen?

    • J Rhodes
      J Rhodes 6 days ago

      April 4th is the first weekend of operation! I can't wait. We'll be there for the weekend of the 10th with a side trip to Hershey for Springtime in the Park!

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber 6 days ago

    It’s a goal of mine to go back at least once in 2020 for el torro and jersey devil.

  • Coaster Crusader
    Coaster Crusader 6 days ago

    I tried to put the second train together for ya'll, but the fireworks distracted me

  • coolgamer17
    coolgamer17 7 days ago

    I didn’t go at all in 2019. I’ll get there sometime In this new decade

  • party gh05t
    party gh05t 7 days ago

    Hey Sean, i sent you a DM on instagram that day, but you never answered it. I could've met up with you guys XD. I hope to see you at Nick Universe in AD.

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen 7 days ago

    Lol, I met you that day! My son asked you how you chose your name, didn't know you were a GTA player. Maybe we can meet up in Los Santos someday. It was just to cold to stay for the fireworks, the kids had enough as soon as the sun went down. See you next season!

  • hotwing38
    hotwing38 7 days ago

    I was there that night but I didnt see you

  • ThemeParkJunkies
    ThemeParkJunkies 7 days ago

    been waiting for this!!

  • Savage Mister
    Savage Mister 7 days ago

    Ryan's channel is doin stuff. Kudos to that dude.

  • Jordan Vega
    Jordan Vega 7 days ago


  • Savage Mister
    Savage Mister 7 days ago

    Dude, you gotta come to OT. We're year round now.

  • iXortri
    iXortri 9 days ago

    clickbait "oMG iAlMosT diED" rollback train: *safely stops literally 30 metres away*

  • Jay YT
    Jay YT 12 days ago


  • FredsTheFaz BazClaz
    FredsTheFaz BazClaz 13 days ago

    Can’t wait to go back this Summer! ^^

  • NiceKitten788
    NiceKitten788 13 days ago

    😭 I hadn't rode Bizarro in 2 years. 😭

  • Adrian Maugeri
    Adrian Maugeri 14 days ago

    Amazing video! I'm going next May from Argentina :D What day of the week is it better? thinking about monday but I hope this ride works

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 13 days ago

      Thank you! Definitely go during the week. Its not as busy. Have fun!

  • Jordan Vega
    Jordan Vega 14 days ago

    Are u ok i have not heard from you I'm worried about you you ok text me back call me back

  • Joseph Parodi
    Joseph Parodi 17 days ago

    3:19 I one for JL because it had an hour wait. Then for WW

  • CoasterFox Brad Bonshak

    Please tell me where to find the Dole Whip in the park. Its Like a hidden gem to find and I'm addicted, so good.

  • Green Day FTW Baby Shows FTL


  • Green Day FTW Baby Shows FTL

    I Can't Believe That Kid Was Crying On This Ride He Was So Scared Of This Ride I Ain't Scared I Went To Six Flags Over Texas I Loved Judge Roy Scream Runaway Mine Train Shock Wave New Texas Giant And The Titan This Is A Good Ride

  • Green Day FTW Baby Shows FTL


  • Carterridescoasters
    Carterridescoasters 19 days ago

    There awesome

  • tomfrom here
    tomfrom here 19 days ago

    18:03 classic haha

  • Kevin Benedict
    Kevin Benedict 19 days ago

    Got our 25 pin as well which completed every pin for 2019. Hope they keep the pins coming out each year.

  • iceman0191
    iceman0191 19 days ago

    Serious question how old are you? I’m 29 nd love great adventure it’s my home park I live in Delaware

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      iceman0191 at the time of recording I was 25. I’m 26 now lol

  • GlassTechs
    GlassTechs 19 days ago

    Great video as always! Keep up the great content Sean, and hopefully you’ll be able to come out to the west coast sometime and experience Magic Mountain and maybe even Knotts if you renew your Cedar Fair pass.

  • Pedro Keane
    Pedro Keane 19 days ago

    5:34 She's Hot 😍

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      Pedro Keane I was trying to focus on Jason walking around roughly the same speed behind them on the sidewalk but ya know 😂😂😂

  • YoseMiteEmery
    YoseMiteEmery 19 days ago

    It wasn’t cold?

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 19 days ago

    Do you ever see merch with the old logo for sale? Cool that you put it on the thumbnail.

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      James Johnson there was some stuff out a couple years ago that I haven’t seen since like the rainbow logo tee shirts or the fridge magnet.

  • A Unfortunate Being That Exists

    Hey it’s me Skyla!!! I have a question tho.When did you record this?

    • Josiah Simmons
      Josiah Simmons 17 days ago

      @Jordan Vega of course they know, it's a frickin' RMC! Everyone who's a coaster enthusiast is going crazy about it! (including me!)

    • Jordan Vega
      Jordan Vega 17 days ago

      Did you know they Are getting a new rollercoaster called jersey devil

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      A Unfortunate Being That Exists I think it was sometime at the end of May or very early June. I don’t have the original files so I don’t know lol

  • Drew Dawson
    Drew Dawson 19 days ago

    Bro, i went for my first time in July and i now have season passes... i have just gotten over ny fear of rollercoasters and went on all but kingda ka. I miss all the rides that closed for holiday in the Park. I went everyweekend since September 13th ill miss it till april

    • Drew Dawson
      Drew Dawson 10 days ago

      @lindsey klehm thats cool!

    • lindsey klehm
      lindsey klehm 18 days ago

      Drew Dawson i started going a lot in july and started liking coasters more when i first rode ka. i’ve also been going every weekend since september 13

    • Madeline Garber
      Madeline Garber 19 days ago

      Cool! Now you have to ride Kah. Truly it’s not that bad. You go so fast you’re barely aware of what’s happening. It’s not nearly as scary as it seems. Even the drop. You’re just aware that you’re going down and then it’s over. I rode it after Torro and I was terrified. But it honestly left me a little unsatisfied.

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      Drew Dawson no way! I can’t wait until opening day!

  • Nick iStaTT
    Nick iStaTT 19 days ago

    Awesome how you know so many people that work there ... Can wait for summer agian seeing this vid

  • Bryce Esta
    Bryce Esta 19 days ago

    You’re very handsome O’Leary :)

  • XL3R9
    XL3R9 19 days ago

    Is it just me or did it look like el toro was running a little sluggish today?

    • XL3R9
      XL3R9 19 days ago

      OfficerOLeary Ah, I went in October. It was pretty rough back then, not sure how it’s doing now.

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      XL3R9 not nearly as sluggish as in November!

  • 1stressed Mommy
    1stressed Mommy 19 days ago

    Were you in the park the day it shut down for power failure after the storm? They waited way too long to pull people from HH. It was scary.

    • Static Shock 2000
      Static Shock 2000 19 days ago

      I was with him for a bit that day. We were also with our friend Avery

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      I was there! I almost got stuck by lightning on main street!

  • coolgamer17
    coolgamer17 19 days ago

    Last visit at six flags before ww3 happens !

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      coolgamer17 ehh we’ll see. I think if they try anything we definitely have the tools to fight back..

  • Pato Swag
    Pato Swag 19 days ago

    Yo that’s sick

  • Everything SFGADV
    Everything SFGADV 19 days ago

    That title... be careful man, the rabid enthusiast wolves are after you now

    • Everything SFGADV
      Everything SFGADV 19 days ago

      OfficerOLeary yeah Ik you weren’t actually going to, I’m just saying people will assume the worst. Lol be prepared for triggered comments

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 19 days ago

      Let em at me! If you watch, at 10:10 I went up to the entrance to the ride with my phone and joked about taking it on the ride. Obviously thats very dangerous and I wouldn't do that!

  • Isaiah Louison
    Isaiah Louison 20 days ago

    It’s so fun

  • Dragonslayer13 Tenorsax

    They should make toro go backwards and it’s weird how they transfer trains

  • Arunthuthi Appadurai


  • Wannabe 1 Me
    Wannabe 1 Me 24 days ago

    How to survive from the joker Don’t be serious

  • top Ayden
    top Ayden 25 days ago

    Rest in peace bowcraft 2019 😥😿😭😭😢

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 25 days ago

      Ayden the chistmas angel I know.. it’s so sad

  • Brenda House of Shine

    Does anyone know if the Jersey Devil will be running during winter/Holiday in the park colder days? Just curious.

  • Bacon Chris
    Bacon Chris 25 days ago

    Great news I’m getting my own car

  • X-Coasters Forever
    X-Coasters Forever 25 days ago

    Awesome POV! 👏👏👏👏

  • Daniel DeJesus
    Daniel DeJesus 27 days ago


  • Young Vor
    Young Vor 27 days ago

    This is awesome! My gf and I were gifted Six Flags tickets for Christmas and went the very next day! Check out our latest vlog to see what happened :)

  • Ethan MountainDew
    Ethan MountainDew 28 days ago

    Holy shit why is everyone so mad at this guy. You saw the damn rollback so stop being so rude

  • Chris Abrams
    Chris Abrams 28 days ago

    Everyone in the comments is acting like they’ve never seen clickbait before

  • Exotives
    Exotives 28 days ago

    Do u work there or something u know too much about the rides and park like who knows how fast it goes tf

  • luvU2
    luvU2 29 days ago

    The first time I went on Nitro I sat in the front and it was like air and fear at the same time but it was fun

  • Theme park Lunatic
    Theme park Lunatic 29 days ago

    Wish Magic Mountain would do a pin event

  • Kevin Benedict
    Kevin Benedict 29 days ago

    Pin plazooa was great. I was able to get a full set of every 2019 pin plus the wood piece from the coaster. We went on Sunday and there was no line at all.

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber 29 days ago

    Dark night was a once or twice and done for me. A decent wild mouse, but the effects were a bit much. They didn’t slam the door frame for me either. I was covering my ears against the train whistle before I even got on the ride. So loud!

  • gary t
    gary t 29 days ago

    Happy holidays what ever happened to the guy that you used to travel with

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 17 days ago

      gary t that was one of the most insane rides I’ve ever had on any ride!

    • gary t
      gary t 17 days ago

      @OfficerOLeary I liked the video where you two where on the back of s.v and you just had your seatbelt on.

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary 17 days ago

      gary t which one? Branden? He’s busy with school and what not

  • X-Coasters Forever

    Nice footage! 👍

  • Brian D
    Brian D Month ago

    I really enjoy all your videos. Just by watching the vids, I got in to drinking Pibb soda every time I go to the movies. Hope you have a good new year.

  • danisherr
    danisherr Month ago

    This is my home park. PLEASE don't let this be like wcr and come out in 2021 😭

  • greg charles
    greg charles Month ago

    4:43 YO, IS THAT ELTORORYAN????!!!

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming Month ago

    When does the park close for the season?

  • John Richard
    John Richard Month ago

    Do they run rides this time of year or is it open for walking around?

    • CrypticCoasters
      CrypticCoasters Month ago

      John Richard they run rides except all the stuff toward kingdaka(el toro, bizzaro, tango, etc)

  • Jack T-rex
    Jack T-rex Month ago

    I cant wait. This is going to be one of the best coasters in the world

  • my frog
    my frog Month ago

    Idk yet when I'm going to six flags and anyone from 2020?? Anyone?

  • Can we hit 5,000 subscribers with no videos?

    Any guess at when the track will show up?

  • Many_Horrors
    Many_Horrors Month ago

    Have a good hoilday! And also can't wait for the new ride, can't wait to see the actual track being built. (:

  • Matthew Soulsby
    Matthew Soulsby Month ago

    Marry Christmas AND a HAPPY new year (:

  • Latte the Coaster Enthusiast

    Wait? Why was it slow? I’m guessing it was testing

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary Month ago

      I clogged the toilet they have to stop the second train at that exact spot to add the other.

  • Chong Pooka
    Chong Pooka Month ago

    We go day after Christmas, park is dead it’s our “family celebration” that Christmas and spending way too much money on crap for relatives that we see or talk to twice a year is over! Thanks for the preview!

  • XL3R9
    XL3R9 Month ago

    I know this is 3 years late but ima say it anyways: “One does not simply pull down their RMC hydraulic restraint without permission from a ride op.” For some reason they are real serious about that on Wicked Cyclone, and they’ll happily unlock all the restraints in that car so they can tighten their seatbelt.

  • RADZADproductions

    This was an interesting day. Also you should see the transfer track first thing in the morning. Since all the air pressure is built up, it shoots over in less than a second

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary Month ago

      RADZADproductions wow that must be cool to see lol

  • CoasterFox Brad Bonshak

    Having a little bit of Nerd Moment LOL!!! Love it, I was marking out a bit myself. So cool looking.

  • Ktm kid 567 557
    Ktm kid 567 557 Month ago

    Hey O’Leary I love your channel

  • Many_Horrors
    Many_Horrors Month ago

    i thought el toro was closed for the season?

    • Many_Horrors
      Many_Horrors Month ago

      OfficerOLeary thats sad, thats one of my fav rides in the park too

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary Month ago

      Many_Horrors it won’t be open again until April 4th.

    • Many_Horrors
      Many_Horrors Month ago

      OfficerOLeary i honestly was so sad to hear it was closed for the season, one of the best rides ever. u think itll be open the last day before the park closes which is january 1st or not till april 4th?

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary Month ago

      It is. This was taken during the summer

  • my frog
    my frog Month ago

    Oh that's crazy and werid and its slower now???

  • pepsidiet26
    pepsidiet26 Month ago

    they added new seats with lapbars?

    • Mbapnyc N
      Mbapnyc N Month ago

      pepsidiet26 el toro never had over the shoulder restraints. It’s always had lapbars

  • aaron hart
    aaron hart Month ago

    What did you take the video

  • Denzel Oliver
    Denzel Oliver Month ago

    Cool train designs

  • Gamer Squad
    Gamer Squad Month ago

    Sharon Case Said Right 24:06

  • coolgamer17
    coolgamer17 Month ago


  • David Vargo, Jr.
    David Vargo, Jr. Month ago


  • David Vargo, Jr.
    David Vargo, Jr. Month ago

    Nope it wasn’t

  • David Vargo, Jr.
    David Vargo, Jr. Month ago

    Was this today