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  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy 3 minutes ago

    does sound quality change when its on android compared to iphone ?

  • ursuline lewis
    ursuline lewis 53 minutes ago

    Are u getting a cold?

  • Bedd Bujel
    Bedd Bujel Hour ago

    Nice future s,7 edge

  • Phil PJ Davis
    Phil PJ Davis Hour ago


  • Rove McClain
    Rove McClain Hour ago

    I would be devastated and crying my eyes out if I lost my Note 10+. I'm so in love with it. It's my entire life right now. I really hope you find it. You may have to call the military for a search and rescue at this point.

  • Jesse Konopka
    Jesse Konopka Hour ago

    Android finally slightly catching up to what iPhone had for years

  • k brooks
    k brooks 2 hours ago

    I look forward to seeing what the S11 beings, as it will indicate what the note 11 will be like, that's what I'm waiting for. I hope the rumour of 5 x optical zoom is true.

  • silverxbladeX
    silverxbladeX 2 hours ago

    I'm guessing you found your phone? Glad you found it. I use handwriting when I want to write a really fast message

  • John Gussey
    John Gussey 2 hours ago

    I'm with the others....where did ya find your phone?

  • Roberto Homs
    Roberto Homs 2 hours ago

    Get well soon my friend ✌️

  • Kim Bridge
    Kim Bridge 2 hours ago

    I am now. Wow. Single shot and director view sounds awesome.

  • Kyl Par
    Kyl Par 3 hours ago

    One ui s9?

  • roxanne mcconn
    roxanne mcconn 5 hours ago

    You still haven't found your phone you need to turn your house upside down

  • Ryan Seepersad
    Ryan Seepersad 5 hours ago

    My question is what happened to pairing two Bluetooth device at the same time on the new Android 10 update

  • Oofle Doofle
    Oofle Doofle 5 hours ago

    4:43 u didn’t turn on the equalizer (.-.)

  • PKMenace
    PKMenace 5 hours ago

    I keeps on saying that it’s unsuccessful and that I have to use the controls on the controller to connect

  • Buddhist Elder
    Buddhist Elder 7 hours ago

    Hopefully they will have an 8k display on the s11, or 8k just like 4k will be lost.

  • Midwest Guy
    Midwest Guy 7 hours ago

    Someone may have stolen your note 10 and may have sold it through the eco-ATM if it you bought it through a carrier I would see if the carrier can see the last time it was turned on

  • Alexander Ramos
    Alexander Ramos 7 hours ago


  • jbrei713
    jbrei713 7 hours ago

    I use swiftkey board it does handwriting

  • jbrei713
    jbrei713 8 hours ago

    8k is an over kill you don't really need it unless you have a 4k TV

  • Howard Osborn
    Howard Osborn 8 hours ago

    Look like is gonna be expensive but if NOT TOOO expensive ill get it

  • Marcus Armstrong
    Marcus Armstrong 8 hours ago

    I had all the old Galaxy phones from the Galaxy S5 Galaxy S6 Galaxy S7 Edge the Galaxy Note 8 plus and then I had to Galaxy S9 Plus so now I'm thinking about getting a Galaxy Note 10 plus cousin I got T-Mobile as my carrier and pretty much about it is that you know your video is great and why I was looking at it it's just gave me some good ideas about your video about we were just saying about the ink pad about the stuff in about the pictures and stuff in the air Buds and everything I mean pretty much I've been a Samsung guy and I've been like it enjoyed for a long time but pretty much you know I've been with T-Mobile for a long time but just time for me to get the I know in December 6th what I heard from T-Mobile is that the puffy coming out the 5G but I know it's going to be probably expensive but I heard it's about gaming and everything else but that's what I heard but I really don't know if that's true or not but I don't like to listen to a lot of rumors and a lot of made up stuff but pretty much is that Samsung is good product and I mean I know Samsung did a pretty good job on the S7 and the S7 Edge cuz I know when Lil Wayne was on the old T-Mobile commercial when Lil Wayne pour champagne on the Galaxy S7 Edge I was just so amazed about that that commercial and when I had got the Galaxy S7 Edge I was like no way this had to be so freaking crazy and then I thought about life how the hell is Lil Wayne pouring champagne and still work so as soon as the Galaxy S7 Edge had dropped I want to straighten TMobile and got it that first day when it first came into T-Mobile and when I first guy when the first drop into stores I went to go get it but now I'm getting ready to get the Galaxy Note 10 plus and you know you're off your videos gave me some good ideas about the phone the stuff on it and you know the apps the camera and the pain and you hit the right with it and everything but now I know is that pretty much I just I just know I got to get my hands on a Galaxy Note 10 plus I can't wait to get it your video was helpful and if you ever going to be coming out with any more videos the next time if I watch another RU-clip video I just know next time I'll see you another RU-clip video pop up about different phones and everything but off and on people make a lot of different RU-clip videos and I actually seen a rumor about the Galaxy 11 but that was just a bunch of trash in a bunch of garbage that was just made up cuz when I had talked to Samsung the company that makes the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy phones they said people just make up a lot of rumors and a lot of stories so Samsung had told me is that the Galaxy 11 is not on their website that's just a bunch of made-up garbage and trash that people say the Galaxy 11 coming out and all the other stuff and love this stuff ain't true stay positive think positive and stay positive and you have a good wonderful day too and have a good Thanksgiving and have a good Christmas and happy holidays📲📲🖊😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍💯

  • Victor Ruggiero
    Victor Ruggiero 8 hours ago

    Why is it when google switches to strictly face unlock everyone’s like “oh I prefer face unlock rather than a finger print censer”, but when Apple does it people say “ this is bs, they’re taking away our choices I’d rather a finger print censer”.

  • Joseph Breen
    Joseph Breen 8 hours ago

    All it's gonna do is make the phone more expensive

    • Joseph Breen
      Joseph Breen 7 hours ago

      It is sad that they're doing that with phones

    • Buddhist Elder
      Buddhist Elder 7 hours ago

      Yes it will but every year it goes up without any major updates.

  • denziiey
    denziiey 8 hours ago

    My biggest issue with one ui 2 in note 10 is android auto switches audio back and from bluetooth to phone. Sometimes it does it indefinitely and I have to reset my bluetooth. It happens everytime i ask google assistant for anything.

  • Aorus Terminator
    Aorus Terminator 8 hours ago

    How many people have 8k tv ?😀😀 useless.

      JAY THOMAS 2 hours ago

      Yeah too soon for 8k .not many ppl will be able to watch it

    • jjmf1222 15
      jjmf1222 15 6 hours ago

      @Buddhist Elder only 2

    • Buddhist Elder
      Buddhist Elder 7 hours ago

      @jjmf1222 15 so you have 8k? Wow rich.

    • jjmf1222 15
      jjmf1222 15 8 hours ago

      Aorus Terminator haters already hating

  • GoatV8
    GoatV8 8 hours ago

    8k seems sorta pointless at the moment. Not many people could even watch it in that resolution.

  • Toby Williams
    Toby Williams 8 hours ago

    Gregg, how i can change the keyboard to G board?

    • Myles Clark
      Myles Clark 58 minutes ago

      Go to Playstore and download g-board Keyboard. When you open it just follow the instructions it should prompt your to change the default Keyboard from Samsung to G-board

  • MrJikser
    MrJikser 8 hours ago

    8k would be awesome on a smart phone

  • ActiveDodger
    ActiveDodger 8 hours ago


  • Don Brooks
    Don Brooks 9 hours ago

    This Beta version must only apply to older Android phones. I have a Note 8. There is no Beta, just the fully developed version.

    • Royal Howard
      Royal Howard 8 hours ago

      I have had it on my Samsung Galaxy A20 for over three weeks already.

  • Princeton Chua
    Princeton Chua 9 hours ago

    Yup, mine doesnt stick

  • bad65dad
    bad65dad 9 hours ago

    I already do when I'm messaging on Facebook note 10 plus

  • Herbert Kornfield
    Herbert Kornfield 10 hours ago

    dude it should have taken .5 to explain this stupid fucking setting.

  • Weekend Warrior
    Weekend Warrior 10 hours ago

    Why not just use FB messenger. Everyone has it and it does all those things for both i phone and Android?

  • GregglesTV
    GregglesTV 10 hours ago

    FYI: I didn't find my note 10+ - this video is older :(

    • Myles Clark
      Myles Clark Hour ago

      I saw this video and I thought you must have found your phone. Must be bugging you. Maybe try hypnotism.... Works in the movies.

    • Landon Wilson
      Landon Wilson 9 hours ago

      Well, i guess you have some nice videos to remember it with when you get older. 🙃 #note10didntkillitself

    • Alina Johnson
      Alina Johnson 9 hours ago

      Smh. Its probably somewhere so stupid lol

  • C Dem
    C Dem 10 hours ago

    thanks Greig I always love aboard better than Samsung Keyboard It reads Better and much faster than samsung when user Hand writing!

  • BillyBoBurns
    BillyBoBurns 10 hours ago

    You could use sticky tak

  • Tiler Rice
    Tiler Rice 11 hours ago

    I register for the One UI Beta but literally after I click register it goes straight back to the regular home page of the Members app. I've probably gone through this cycle 10 times now.

  • Kim Bridge
    Kim Bridge 11 hours ago

    That's funny I didn't like gboard. So you got your note 10 back awesome. I like Samsung keyboard but they got rid of emoji predictions so not happy about that

  • Saif rehman
    Saif rehman 12 hours ago

    Hey I just searched PS4 remote play app on play store and there is no application sorry guy u at least have a Android 10 phone so you can enjoy this feature bad luck I am still stucked on Android 9

  • Angel Luis Rodriguez collado

    How i can change the keyboard to G board?

    • Soul Alpha
      Soul Alpha 11 hours ago

      Download it from playstore

  • Ash Rehman
    Ash Rehman 12 hours ago

    Can u do that on WhatsApp?

  • Fahmi Nagi
    Fahmi Nagi 12 hours ago

    where did u find your phone ?

  • wesley Linnet
    wesley Linnet 13 hours ago

    You should make a video called "found note 10+" you'll probably get a lot of views on it. Your subscribers would like to know where you found it or if you just went out and bought a new one.

  • Piscean XENOS Infopinion

    Found the note

  • Katz cassim
    Katz cassim 14 hours ago

    Awesome tnx Greggles👍👏I see you found your Note 10 Plus Awesome 😃🤩👍can have more video's now about the Note10 Plus 👏👍🤗

  • MrJikser
    MrJikser 14 hours ago

    You got it now thats great

  • mojahed sarairah
    mojahed sarairah 14 hours ago

    what's the advantage of this over whatsapp fb messenger telegram ....?

  • bossqueen
    bossqueen 14 hours ago

    U found your note 10+

  • Kim Bridge
    Kim Bridge 19 hours ago

    If it's a clamshell I hope they don't call it a fold. I am not interested in a flip phone I want a fold. Am hoping that they do a pill cut out like the s10 plus instead of that wedge like the one out now. But would still prefer that over a flip. Going to check the fold out tomorrow now it's out here

  • Danger Russ
    Danger Russ 19 hours ago

    I think the Bit that keeps coming undone (because you keep pulling it on & off) is supposed to STAY on the Tab?? The stand and Pen cover are uncovered by lifting the Flaps!! ...AREN'T THEY?? I've just bought a Tab S6 and was Going to buy this... has anyone please got anymore info on the stickiness business?? Also is the Genuine Keypad o.k?? Thanks!!

  • Nhỏ Vừng
    Nhỏ Vừng 19 hours ago

    Thank you so much

  • dexter collins
    dexter collins 20 hours ago

    I would like the note 11plus to come with a S-pen that would be nice addition

  • moises lopez
    moises lopez 21 hour ago

    The watch is now $20 cheaper!

  • Jimmy Le
    Jimmy Le 21 hour ago

    Anyone out there having sound not loud even when I turn max volume on my android phone????

  • Tha Duke
    Tha Duke 22 hours ago

    I'd much rather pay something, oh, let's say $9.99, per package and get 5-10 channels over a monthly subscription of 75+/- channels that I NEVER watch. ✌️ 🐯

  • jjmf1222 15
    jjmf1222 15 23 hours ago

    That’s a quadruple noooo Google is going backwards they should not even be in the phone business

  • Mamink
    Mamink Day ago

    Was this tablet the wifi or International LTE version?

  • John Oc
    John Oc Day ago

    Same here I was going to return them but thanks to you I figure it out thank you very much

  • Mustafa Ihsan
    Mustafa Ihsan Day ago

    I joined the beta and downloaded the update but when I open the app and go to the settings of chat features, it says "Chat features unavailable for this device.". Any suggestions?

  • Unknown Bytes
    Unknown Bytes Day ago

    literally every app has a back gesture. Some boring apps don’t but most do

  • Adan Guzman
    Adan Guzman Day ago

    Not an apple fan... I tryed them yesterday and they blew my mind... Went to 3 stores then the forth had them... I got them 😊

  • Deon C.
    Deon C. Day ago

    I'm hearing the battery life is straight TRASH! 🗑️🗑️

  • Merion Burns
    Merion Burns Day ago

    I added it to my Note 9 yesterday using instructions from Jimmy is Promo

  • Brian Crandall

    Are you sure it's not your phone picking you up when you say "Ok Google" and not the AirPods Pro?

  • Karl Green
    Karl Green Day ago

    Yeah a little bit of a rush

  • Taimoor Akram
    Taimoor Akram Day ago

    Is anyone else's Note 10's S-pen is inaccurate when you write just below the punch hole (camera) while you hold your phone in a normal vertical position? I take class notes on my phone and I turn on landscape mode so I have a wider screen to write on. But whenever I reach the line just next to the punch hole, the pen loses its accuracy. And then about half a inch down the line the accuracy comes back. It is annoying because I have to erase so many time and then I just scroll the notes up so the line i want to write on is no more in line with the punch hole. Now another bug has started to occur that when im writing something suddenly last couplenof letters i wrote get erased automatically. I reset s pen twice but it still happens. I am just wondering if it is just with my phone only or it happens with all Note 10 phones. I bought it unlocked about a month ago from best buy. . And I dont know if it is possible to get it replaced or whatever if it is a problem only with my phone. Everything else works fine though.

  • Cole Neves
    Cole Neves Day ago

    Also doesn't work with Verizon if you're using the pixel 4

  • Jesper Hansen
    Jesper Hansen Day ago

    I'll nearly bet that there is not going to be an E-version of the S11 (or whatever naming convention they go with) It going to be S11, S11+ and S11+ Pro with S-pen.... Along those lines somewhere I think

  • Bradley Petersen

    In North Richland Hills in Texas on my sprint network I been getting 145mb download 8 upload vs version only a cap at 10mb

  • Phil PJ Davis
    Phil PJ Davis Day ago


  • carlos53
    carlos53 Day ago

    999.99 no more.

  • carlos53
    carlos53 Day ago

    That sucks they increased Hulu live TV... Specially during Christmas/holiday time.

  • Anthony Maestas

    I actually have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Pixel 4 XL I find myself using the Pixel more. It’s clean, fast, and does what I need. My opinion both phones great just like the Pixel more.

  • MrJojo2go
    MrJojo2go Day ago

    It won't let me download! But it just scared me with all of those issue... 👍🙂🙃😐😶👋🏼👋🏽🇨🇦🏍️🇵🇭🛵🇺🇸📸📹👍🏼👍🏻

  • Gatefan1565
    Gatefan1565 Day ago

    I would love to see an improved version of the Fold and then merged with the Note line to create the Samsung Galaxy Note Fold!

  • Gatefan1565
    Gatefan1565 Day ago

    Wish I could report the "Drone X" add attached to your video. They used numerous videos of other drones and kept calling it theirs.

  • bad65dad
    bad65dad Day ago


  • Buddhist Elder

    If it wasn't like the moto razr design then yes, Charlie ergen tried it with people buy individual channels and it didn't work. I would say individual studios will have they own vod and some live app which eventually will be expensive later.

  • Sotirisdim8
    Sotirisdim8 Day ago

    Lmao can't believe that was actually the issue. Thanks a lot!

  • Ejay Manlangit

    3rd 😁

  • What's up 44566 Golden

    2nd 😄

  • Albert Ramos, Jr.

    I have the Pixel 4XL and I do love the phone, but I have to say I prefer my iPhone 11 pro max. Good questions!

  • sWaYed Clan
    sWaYed Clan Day ago

    Does the s9 support 60 fps?

  • RAy Stone
    RAy Stone Day ago

    See I'm trying to choose which one I want I either want the samsung fold or the pixcel xl 4 I'm definitely not going apple this year tho

  • Jayson Kock
    Jayson Kock Day ago

    Mine didn't work. It keeps saying unable to connect

  • Constipated Frog

    K ima buy these then

  • bad65dad
    bad65dad Day ago

    The pixel are like buying a car with roll up windows and a stick shift plus the easy to be broken Jerryrigeverything video even in your pocket

  • Joel Casas
    Joel Casas Day ago

    I just got the pixel 4 xl and it’s awesome !

    KWAN POPO Day ago

    How s your note10+?

  • Kevin Ryusan
    Kevin Ryusan Day ago

    The pixel is definitely for those that like the pure real Android experience. And a really amazing camera which practically leaves you never needing to pay a photographer for portrait photos. The pixel take unreal perfect photos. And it's simple and much fun to use.

  • L.V. Legit
    L.V. Legit Day ago

    Honestly, I've tried it for like 4 minutes at best buy and can't stand that it's too bare bones. At least have more stuff, Oxygen OS screen off gestures to open apps, or more cool stuff like Popup Windows on Samsung.

  • parvez ryan
    parvez ryan Day ago

    I've got the s10 + and the pixel 4xl and I love them both

  • Phil PJ Davis
    Phil PJ Davis Day ago


  • lixnatanael
    lixnatanael Day ago

    compared to anker soundcore liberty neo?

  • Haseeb Boss
    Haseeb Boss Day ago

    how to rename buds

  • Zamaron58
    Zamaron58 Day ago

    Cant find the app, I know it's late but can you please reply with a link if that's ok. Fine if it's not