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SHANGHAI Day & Night
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  • Bilal Rasool
    Bilal Rasool 22 minutes ago

    Sir i need s8 plus please sir contect with me

  • Balaram Musa
    Balaram Musa 8 hours ago

    This was cool

  • Anandula rathan reddy

    Can l Get this parts in online

  • Anandula rathan reddy

    Can I get your number please

  • Anandula rathan reddy

    I phone items can I get in India

  • Lakhan lalwani
    Lakhan lalwani 10 hours ago

    PLEASE make Galaxy s3 frontier watch buy and review in china

  • Daivid Daivid
    Daivid Daivid 16 hours ago

    If you put prices, it would be better

  • Irfan Maqbool Ahmed,CAPM, PMP

    is it dollars or Yuan

  • Daivid Daivid
    Daivid Daivid 17 hours ago

    The best video that I've seen on launch with the writing prices at the bottom is well done

  • Daivid Daivid
    Daivid Daivid 17 hours ago

    But I will encourage you for your efforts, but my brother, are these phones original?

  • Rubenhz
    Rubenhz 18 hours ago

    Hi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanks??????????????

  • Rubenhz
    Rubenhz 18 hours ago

    Hi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanksHi, do you know where to get the english apk of Mi Wear? thanks

  • Ronaldo Messi
    Ronaldo Messi 18 hours ago

    Can u buy 11 pro max 512GB

  • Dinesh varadhan
    Dinesh varadhan 19 hours ago

    Hi i am looking for iPhone 7 housing.. If any one having any spare please do reply

  • sujatha S
    sujatha S 20 hours ago

    Bro please 11 pro maxq

  • YB Asia
    YB Asia 21 hour ago

    How price iphone 6s 64gb motherbord and touch id button

  • Dirk Nowitzki Anoyo Balasbas

    Can i buy your smasung galaxy s8 plus?!

  • Nagsen Misal
    Nagsen Misal Day ago

    Sir what is prize

    • Nikolay Tanev
      Nikolay Tanev Day ago

      Official Huawei price $85, currently sold at the wholesale in shenzhen for $28.

  • Tozammel Haque Bishal

    Can u pls make a video on iPhone 11 pro price

  • Manpablo
    Manpablo Day ago


  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Day ago

    Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max πŸ₯°

  • Nicolas Bonilla

    mi watch will have options for answering whatsapp messages?, call an uber? and such things?

  • 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS without Videos

    How to check if its original?

    • Nikolay Tanev
      Nikolay Tanev Day ago

      Type this code in the dialer: *#0*# if the test menus shows its original.

    COSMIC Day ago

    I want to change my iphone 5s with someone who has X someone wanna deal ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’

    • KillΓ¨r BrΓΆ
      KillΓ¨r BrΓΆ 10 hours ago

      Ha wait for 20 to 30 yrs 5s become as cost as iphone 1πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Krzysztof Szeremeta

    Where I can find Mi Wear app in English or Polish?

    • Krzysztof Szeremeta
      Krzysztof Szeremeta Day ago

      How change language on Wear? I from Poland and know about Wear Os support Polsih.


    HELLO, NICK. Can u share us with adres of this store, I want look, and may be this year I will go to China.

  • Ozan kul
    Ozan kul Day ago

    Helloo turkey πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

  • NizOnce
    NizOnce Day ago

    sir, can u replace that replica speaker with any earphone speaker... just like u did with akg earphone?

  • hanuman singh
    hanuman singh Day ago

    Will Chinese version support ekg in future..???

  • Debabrata Sarker
    Debabrata Sarker 2 days ago

    Loved the upgrade at the end πŸ˜†

  • nischal rai
    nischal rai 2 days ago

    Worth it man in apple store x price is more than $1100 so worth it man only $500 wow man

  • G0 GAM!NG
    G0 GAM!NG 2 days ago

    What's the name of the store you bought this in? - I'm planning to go to shenzhen.

  • myself Mehedi
    myself Mehedi 2 days ago

    Mi watch price??

  • Daivid Daivid
    Daivid Daivid 2 days ago

    Hello brother there are people who do not understand English if I write prices on the screen

  • Shailkumar Mishra
    Shailkumar Mishra 2 days ago

    What's the price

  • pubg pagla tanmoyninad

    Buy a iPhone 11. Pro max pls

  • Mirajul Mia Sifat
    Mirajul Mia Sifat 2 days ago


  • QueenOfSouls
    QueenOfSouls 2 days ago

    China is such a unique place to visit, especially markets. Hope to visit one day!

  • Franz Walls
    Franz Walls 2 days ago

    Can you show waht building sells ipad ipad minis ,or Lg phones and other brands?there are so many building there I cant find it.

  • Franz Walls
    Franz Walls 2 days ago

    can you show what building is that at Huaqiangbei so many buildings there.i cant find the exact building which sell iphones and other cellphones

  • Ege GΓΆktepe
    Ege GΓΆktepe 2 days ago

    a bad rip-off of Apple Watch

  • Gry Sidhu
    Gry Sidhu 2 days ago

    Hi brother I wanna know about tempered glasses and cover of mobile phones.

  • Hasitha Lakshan
    Hasitha Lakshan 2 days ago

    Come srilanka, can buy note 10 brand new seal pack for $500 Mobile phone cheap in srilanka

  • Mehdi Hayati
    Mehdi Hayati 2 days ago

    Xiaomi = worlds biggest copying company

  • Mustapha Merri
    Mustapha Merri 2 days ago

    what's the name of the game he was playing ?

  • Khaleesi
    Khaleesi 2 days ago

    I wish in my place have this kind of market

  • ah mat
    ah mat 2 days ago


  • Nilima Das
    Nilima Das 2 days ago

    Can it work on Indian sim card

    DALINDAR 2 days ago

    GoPro 8 available there and what other DSLR cameras available please make video

  • osmail mugani
    osmail mugani 2 days ago

    thanks brother

  • Vignesh Venkataraman

    Nikolay It is the best deal you can get for the condition shown.

  • demarco767
    demarco767 2 days ago

    everything looks second hand

  • M R
    M R 3 days ago

    Hey NIkoloy Tanev love your videos man make a video on "" My Smart Tour In china" we would love to see your smart home. Lots of love man

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 3 days ago

    Can I use India 4g,5g sim in this smartphone.

  • Babu Diamond
    Babu Diamond 3 days ago

    I really need one of the Samsung gear...i wish we had those in kenya

  • Koro Sesei
    Koro Sesei 3 days ago

    China tech

  • jd watts
    jd watts 3 days ago

    This watch needs to come to America!

  • Ismael LΓ³pez
    Ismael LΓ³pez 3 days ago

    Can you buy an iPhone x and sell It to me so I can get It cheaper

  • Joshua Nightingale
    Joshua Nightingale 3 days ago

    Do you happen to know the address? I really want to go visit!

  • Dr3amY Dr3amY
    Dr3amY Dr3amY 3 days ago

    Π° ΠΈΠ³Ρ€Π°Ρ‚Π° ΠΈΠΌΠ° Π»ΠΈ я Π·Π° ios?

  • パγƒͺγ‚ͺダス

    Im watching this on my note 10 plus!! Love it such a nice phone

  • Zdravko Spasov
    Zdravko Spasov 3 days ago


  • ahanaf lazim
    ahanaf lazim 3 days ago

    this Chinese markets are ruthless they will even bring the headphone jack to iPhone

  • vishwas kawade
    vishwas kawade 3 days ago

    Give me market add

    SPORT4 EVER 3 days ago

    Soo cheap

  • KaRt0ss Gaming
    KaRt0ss Gaming 3 days ago


  • Calvin Marealle
    Calvin Marealle 3 days ago

    500 usd note10 5G -MIND BLOWN 😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • Dhrumeel jethwa
    Dhrumeel jethwa 3 days ago

    Wow price

  • Dushyant Akolkar
    Dushyant Akolkar 3 days ago

    Plz I want to buy iPad 6th gen and my maximum budget is 215$ and I want to buy iPad and stylus or apple pencil plz I can't access the Chinese market as I live in India plz can you buy it for me plz I will pay you all the money plz help me I want to draw on iPad plz help me I can't afford an expensive one in India plz help me

    HENG XU 3 days ago

    So the whole watch is $120?

  • Manoj Hackerboy
    Manoj Hackerboy 3 days ago

    Love your channel

  • Frank Davis
    Frank Davis 3 days ago

    Thanks for buying a Phone case to protect your phone...

  • just fun
    just fun 4 days ago

    IPHONE 11 pro

  • Ichi Jo
    Ichi Jo 4 days ago

    okay santa,give me realme x2 pro

  • Khaleesi
    Khaleesi 4 days ago

    Make more of apple watch please, like best deal apple watch series 3 or above. And more iPhone from parts too

  • Sri Hari Facts
    Sri Hari Facts 4 days ago

    Total how much money he spend in indian money

  • Moha Abdi
    Moha Abdi 4 days ago

    How much the iPhone x right now in China please answer me

  • Fabian Vilches
    Fabian Vilches 4 days ago

    I watched this video and said f the watch buy the fold that's a incredible price.

  • MrJoker Ashique
    MrJoker Ashique 4 days ago

    bro pubg is not for u πŸ˜‚

  • Dr. Anand Nayyar
    Dr. Anand Nayyar 4 days ago

    Good video and I really enjoyed the market clips which u have shown and I must say that China awesome and I am planning to visit this market next June and have tons of shopping there... Now coming to video all the accessories are good especially cases and pouches for AirPods.... But I think charger could have been better with some fast charging as I have observed that fast chargers are even slow... Can u make a Video on which u only show Fast Chargers for phones and smart watches ...

    DALINDAR 4 days ago

    can you get pixel 4 in that market

  • John04 Ojo
    John04 Ojo 4 days ago

    Orderbuddy redmi airdots 🎧

  • Emeka Anyadufu
    Emeka Anyadufu 4 days ago

    What game is this pls

    JOSE GONZALEZ 4 days ago

    Do they have like a website i can shop it from or something?

    TXC CARNAGE 4 days ago

    LMFAO calculator case Coincidence I think not

  • Leo Silavanh
    Leo Silavanh 4 days ago

    You can only have 32 watch faces...

  • Mohamed Arshad bin Mohamed Riyaz

    Imagine him being your international uncle

  • The_Gurdianx
    The_Gurdianx 4 days ago

    fam wtf is the country that ur are in i need it's name

  • Likeable Ettin
    Likeable Ettin 4 days ago

    It is not a good deal it's a best deal

  • Vernick Eldrine
    Vernick Eldrine 4 days ago

    Creating Custom MacBook Please

  • Adour Chowdhury
    Adour Chowdhury 4 days ago

    Is it unlocked? Global?

  • Aleksandar Lichev
    Aleksandar Lichev 4 days ago

    Π‘ΡŠΠ»Π³Π°Ρ€ΠΈΠ½ Π»ΠΈ си?

    VICE VERSA 4 days ago

    What Website Did You Buy This From?

  • AR Bi
    AR Bi 4 days ago

    does it still work?? have u had any issue in 1 and 1/2 year?

  • Przemek
    Przemek 4 days ago

    very nice idea but akg have wireless headphones AKG Y100 WIRELESS $99.99 , what was the cost of making yours?

    • Przemek
      Przemek 4 days ago

      @Nikolay Tanev ooo so nice deal :D

  • Arafat Sayeed
    Arafat Sayeed 4 days ago

    Plz tell me the mall name And location plz

    LA LIGA AMORSOLO 4 days ago

    Can you buy a drone

  • Kehcn
    Kehcn 4 days ago

    I really want a AirPod pro can u buy them and sell cause I want them cheap but I live in uk

  • Dany Pihera
    Dany Pihera 5 days ago

    Are you from Russia?