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  • Marc Diaz
    Marc Diaz 4 minutes ago

    Coppying Faze Rug Content?

  • MiKO
    MiKO 5 minutes ago

    11:55 Ranz: Why is it 8/10? Seah: Good👍 😆😆😆

  • Iab X
    Iab X 6 minutes ago


  • Charmaine Simpao
    Charmaine Simpao 8 minutes ago

    I never get tired of watching your videos over and over again ♥️♥️♥️

  • jobert araneta
    jobert araneta 9 minutes ago

    niana <3

  • Cass Cantuba
    Cass Cantuba 10 minutes ago

    Why does ranz wear black shoeson every. Dance

  • Cherry Ann Macanda
    Cherry Ann Macanda 11 minutes ago

    Niana why so beautiful .❤❤❤❤

  • Jay Hexitty
    Jay Hexitty 11 minutes ago

    Seah: GOOD.! 🤣🤣

  • Gorgeous Rèbel
    Gorgeous Rèbel 12 minutes ago

    Gantong oras nanonood ako nagugutom nanaman ako HAHAHAHA

  • Saara Shin Kataoka
    Saara Shin Kataoka 14 minutes ago

    *Seah cooks aour food for 24hrs po please*

  • Ronierose Rocha
    Ronierose Rocha 18 minutes ago


  • Maebelle Gonzales
    Maebelle Gonzales 18 minutes ago

    road to 10M subs . malapit na malapit na malapit na~😍❣️

  • Aldrine Claustro
    Aldrine Claustro 21 minute ago

    Road to 10 million ey😍✊

  • Rachelle Lenin
    Rachelle Lenin 22 minutes ago

    niana is pretty with her hair.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • flas gatz
    flas gatz 23 minutes ago

    ranz please DM Jack Dylan grazer and finnwolfhardofficial. And also noahschnapp😅. Just wondering, are they replying?

  • WhatTheFred aye
    WhatTheFred aye 23 minutes ago

    I missed u guys! Niana,you're getting cuter everytime!

  • Nash Macapagal
    Nash Macapagal 25 minutes ago

    Best comment? GOOD

  • * 3125098
    * 3125098 26 minutes ago

    I want you guys to come to Japan ! There are plenty of nice foods here !!

  • Jessa Simbillo
    Jessa Simbillo 29 minutes ago

    "love it" -niana Hahaha hangkyut😂❤️

  • its_me _ximee
    its_me _ximee 30 minutes ago

    pa shout out po ily both

  • Mike T
    Mike T 33 minutes ago

    Dance cover of SB19 Go Up😊plz...

  • Nomi Matus
    Nomi Matus 38 minutes ago

    Hagan de like videos porfavor 😍😍😍😏😏

  • Rosamia Avellana
    Rosamia Avellana 42 minutes ago

    How about "guess that filipino heroes" challenge

  • Llynard Gange
    Llynard Gange 43 minutes ago

    Makes me happy always whenever I watch their videos ♥️😁

  • yna lyrics
    yna lyrics 44 minutes ago


  • April Jeanne Cutamora
    April Jeanne Cutamora 46 minutes ago

    I love u so much niana and ranz❤️❤️❤️ I'm your fun since 2018😍

  • Abhishek Chhetri
    Abhishek Chhetri 50 minutes ago

    ❤️ from india

  • Rosedell Castro
    Rosedell Castro 51 minute ago

    More exposure for Seah puhlease HAHAHAHAHA

  • Tine Tanglao
    Tine Tanglao 51 minute ago

    More vlogs with Seah 😁

  • Shenon Omandac
    Shenon Omandac 52 minutes ago

    Love you so much ranz and niana

  • kyrra guillermo
    kyrra guillermo 52 minutes ago

    Opened your notif

  • Lovender Navarro
    Lovender Navarro 53 minutes ago

    Hi po😊

  • Karla Jane Cunanan
    Karla Jane Cunanan 56 minutes ago

    Seah: Good 😂

  • aaa bbb
    aaa bbb 57 minutes ago

    I bet jollibee is the best....😂

    MIKE ADRIAN 59 minutes ago

    Ignore ur sister Natalia 24 hour challenge pls (prank)

  • Cyril almorin
    Cyril almorin 59 minutes ago

    They cooked the steak well because you guys arrived (maybe) Godbless you two ^^

  • Akoposi raphael
    Akoposi raphael Hour ago

    I love ranz and niana very much!! . . . . . Like if you love their too🤘🙂❤

  • Wenalyn Barro
    Wenalyn Barro Hour ago

    "OOMA" is my favorite Japanese restaurant!! The best!!! 💯✨

  • Heey Nutelinhas
    Heey Nutelinhas Hour ago

    Queria legenda em portugues😥❤

  • Mango Face FC
    Mango Face FC Hour ago

    waiting for a Chef Seah channel :)


    A fan for more that 1 year now.. Love ull

  • Veronica Florendo

    Kala ko nasa Baguio sila HAHAHA. Love you both <3

  • Grazielly Campos

    "Good" 👍haha

  • Louzette Victoria

    The "worst" one looks familiar. Is that in Maginhawa?

  • Its Derick
    Its Derick Hour ago

    Yung youtube channel ni ramze naging poptalk hahaha

  • Mikael Andersson

    idol ko po kayo

  • Najihah Adilah
    Najihah Adilah Hour ago

    So funny

  • ErwinINaction Fajardo

    Cute niana even she cry.... Love you

  • Ivy Sanugan
    Ivy Sanugan Hour ago

    My brother does my make up challenge please 🙏 Like this if you agree ❤️ #ILoveYouBoth 😘💕

  • Navita Parikh
    Navita Parikh Hour ago

    Next challenge - guess the words by the action and win prize .... Like if u agree🙂

  • adrian bendicio
    adrian bendicio Hour ago

    sana gumawa nadin si ate seah ng youtube channel para sa mga mag coculinary e

  • Shaniqua Murdock

    Look nasty is ranz is

  • Blossom Pop
    Blossom Pop Hour ago

    Ano kayang name ng Japanese resto?

  • Maria Khristina Bongala

    So sweet💐

  • just dee
    just dee Hour ago

    Is niana's foot actually touch the floor?

  • palstar6 1234
    palstar6 1234 Hour ago

    Iwant to try Ooma sushi one day too. Looks very ymmy delicius. You cant please all the other place are ok too im sure but Ooma is special .

  • angel
    angel Hour ago

    Ano Ranz and Niana Kuha Content kay FaZe Rug

  • Millicentanna Calderon

    also shout out my name please 🙏😊

  • Millicentanna Calderon

    how about this calling some of your fans and ask them anything 😊 👇like this if you agree

  • Kate Nassen Bingayen

    3:15 what’s that move niana?! HAHAHA

  • Aria Daraug
    Aria Daraug Hour ago

    Niana can i ask u two questions ??? Nanonood po ba kayo ng Stranger Things ? Idol nyo po ba si Finn Wolfhard at Millie Bobby Brown??? Sana po masagot nyo ito 😍 Sana nga lng po ehh😅🥺❤️

    • Minmin Marucut
      Minmin Marucut Hour ago

      Im niana so im just going to start watching st jowk nagjojowk lang ako baka magkaroon ng world war 3 dito sa comment section ha

  • Bea A. • 10 years ago


  • Javalicious Bell

    Ranz: you know what I’m saying...🤣

  • Gandarng Avehhh
    Gandarng Avehhh Hour ago


  • ivy tv
    ivy tv Hour ago

    Plss do the best reviewed hotel in manila

  • joshua moresco
    joshua moresco Hour ago

    Remove a cap when you eat. Share ko lang po yung mga natutunan ko sa mga matatanda. Lol! Godbless you always ranz and niana😇

  • Maria Ligaya Tanawin

    Seah’s good 👍🏻😂😂😂

  • Robert Natividad

    you guys go there with a hidden camera & disguise yourself then do the review.

  • Belle Rivera
    Belle Rivera Hour ago

    Niana is like dancing in the air!!!❤

  • Özgül ünal
    Özgül ünal Hour ago

    Open turkish subtitles

  • Jasmine Curato
    Jasmine Curato Hour ago

    niana is like a kid becuse she is riding a cart

  • Rose Ven Miles Moral

    Niana looks so Gorgeous!😍🔥Legitttt!💯🤘

  • Vivian Bernaldez

    When i commented this 👇🏻i dont know if i am late because i watched this video at nov. 17 and i came to your house in the same day

  • PaniCola D
    PaniCola D Hour ago

    November 2019?

  • Maria Bernardo
    Maria Bernardo Hour ago

    i really love renz and niana😍😍😍

  • Mikee Toquero
    Mikee Toquero Hour ago

    A vlog like FazeRug.

  • A C
    A C Hour ago

    No one: Seya: Good.👍 (Haha wala lang. Shout out lang sa kaniya :D)

  • Saul Aceituno
    Saul Aceituno Hour ago

    The food looked good at the least reviewed restaurant so I was impressed :) kaya tama kayo dyan, it's all about personal preference. As for the best reviewed restaurant I really liked how the sushi looked :) Great vlog guys! Looking forward to the next one

  • Michael Gapasin
    Michael Gapasin Hour ago

    suggestion... can't say no to a fan a day in ur life shopping vlog hit like if u want to see that content

  • All Games Challenge


  • Vivian Bernaldez

    Hi ranz and niana earlier this afternoon I came to your house but I was to shy so I did not knock at the dore and I came from malolos bulakan and by the way I love your chanel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  • Maria Khristina Bongala

    I like all of ur vlog, me and my kids watching ur video

  • Maria Khristina Bongala

    Dare: household chores challenge

  • Maria Khristina Bongala

    Dare: household chores challenge

  • Eunica Doreen Hayag

    I love your purple hoodie❤❤

  • rhianna delos santos

    Wings to sawa Is so good at taste and its only 199 per person Place:binangonan rizal san carlos gloria street

  • Katherina Maddugay


  • sad la
    sad la Hour ago

    good <3


    Pa shout out po john paul bautista name ko

  • Patricia Tiambeng

    *Uploaded 2 hours ago* *48k views* Wth-

  • Aleyow
    Aleyow Hour ago

    10:40 is so funny😂😂 especially when it is repeated

  • via Salvio
    via Salvio Hour ago

    Buying all menu challenge🤘🤣

  • Jhenifer Abata
    Jhenifer Abata Hour ago

    vlog po kayo na tumutulong sa mga nalindol.

  • Hanna Canoy
    Hanna Canoy Hour ago

    Guerrero spanish origin means warrior😯😯

  • erza scarlet
    erza scarlet Hour ago


  • Mia Domingo
    Mia Domingo Hour ago

    Why are there still people who dislike their videos? 😿

  • Nguyen Thi
    Nguyen Thi Hour ago

    Is viet namses

  • Emma Joseph
    Emma Joseph Hour ago

    In the best reviewed restaurant, Seah: GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD

  • 0518ariel
    0518ariel Hour ago

    Sana may sariling vlog si Zea, crush ko siya hehe. again nice content. keep it up. 😍😍

  • LYka UNte
    LYka UNte Hour ago

    Hey Ranz, you are almost 10M! Congrats we love you and Niana🥳💖