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Karabiner 98k
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The Astra 600
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Traditions Flint Lock Rifle
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CGV Happy Halloween!!!
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Norinco Type 97 FTU
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Coonan 1911 in .357 Magnum
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Scorpio SKS 15 - Range Day
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Range day with a cannon!!!
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Firearms Rights In Canada
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Aimpoint Day 2017
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  • Матвей Малинин

    Да мужик ты прав, мы тоже ахуеваем от этой пушки. Жаль, что лишь в теории бляць.

  • Reda Aazii
    Reda Aazii Day ago

    داعش الحقيقيون الامريكان

  • wayne jones
    wayne jones Day ago

    Fukn wild dude !!! 💥🔫 😨

  • Garry Hinesmon


  • wayne jones
    wayne jones Day ago

    👏 😯 🍻

  • tyb
    tyb 2 days ago

    Another gun to add to my shopping list .

  • Trench _Raider
    Trench _Raider 2 days ago

    Lol try a Mosin obrez

  • Ahmed Amer
    Ahmed Amer 2 days ago

    Why all this rebound in your hand when we are in Egypt shoot with one hand of this caliber

  • Ahmed Amer
    Ahmed Amer 2 days ago

    Why all this rebound in your hand when we are in Egypt shoot with one hand of this caliber

  • Tom Loughrey
    Tom Loughrey 2 days ago

    Lots were destroyed when the UK banned all pistols.

  • Nuttymeemps
    Nuttymeemps 3 days ago

    I have one. Will never sell it. It’s special.

  • 邓伟文Kevintww
    邓伟文Kevintww 4 days ago

    Sound like samurao edge in resident evil 7 biohazard

  • Voddgreen
    Voddgreen 4 days ago

    I only think of Raab Himself when watching this guy, especially when he laughs. Haha.

  • David Brown
    David Brown 5 days ago

    Can you use mini shells?

  • Drew Williamson
    Drew Williamson 5 days ago

    Any update on release date for Canada

  • TwentyRock Tim
    TwentyRock Tim 6 days ago

    I can get those for 500$ in Texas

  • father son gun
    father son gun 6 days ago

    This would be sweet with mini shells.

  • Keegan O'Neil
    Keegan O'Neil 7 days ago

    I'm impressed. You Canadians get some pretty cool guns.

  • Rationalist Society

    This or the 7.62 version are the pinnacle of enfields. But for nostalgia is the no 1 mk 3 all day long

  • Michael Bethel
    Michael Bethel 9 days ago

    I'm thinking the 12 gauge shorty shells are what is called for here... run this test again with those.

  • Soviet Red
    Soviet Red 9 days ago

    Plus... Its Russian what els could you ask for

  • shawn wright
    shawn wright 9 days ago

    Revamped SKS for 1000.00 no thanks

  • rico567
    rico567 10 days ago

    There is a lack of understanding on several things. 1. The Luger was an adaptation of the 93 Borchardt, and as such is hideously complicated compared to more modern designs.2. A FTF in a Luger is likely due to low-powered ammo. These guns were designed with some stiff loads in mind. 3. Parts were serial numbered for a reason. These pistols were not completely “drop-in” like modern manufactured products. Hand fitting was required for some parts, hence the serial numbers all over. People regard the Luger as classic and beautiful, but a modern firearm it ain’t.

  • Youtuber Trump
    Youtuber Trump 10 days ago

    I shoot the 45 win mag from a lightweight 10” contender pistol. It’s a handful for sure

  • sirickaj benner
    sirickaj benner 12 days ago

    Is this a great defense weapo

  • Joshua Fujiwara
    Joshua Fujiwara 13 days ago

    only bear handgun that ill actually use against a bear

  • Popeye 99
    Popeye 99 13 days ago

    ‘Many people can’t buy a handgun in Canada but They can smoke all the weed I want.

  • El Sea
    El Sea 14 days ago

    Will the aguila mini shells fire from it?...seems like the easy solution if so...?

  • El Sea
    El Sea 14 days ago

    Aguila minis!!

  • Horny Ducks
    Horny Ducks 14 days ago

    Black powder isn't going to just go off if you drop it, or hit it with something

  • Leverguns 50
    Leverguns 50 15 days ago

    It look like he was having a whole lot of fun

  • Amy M
    Amy M 16 days ago

    Is it really a WW2 rifle if the Swiss never fought in the war?

  • Isoldacar
    Isoldacar 16 days ago

    Government can't stop the flow of guns. Try as they may. 3D printing is here.

  • Isoldacar
    Isoldacar 16 days ago

    Goodale is out fall of 2019!

    FORDEVR 17 days ago

    Published July 2018. How do you feel about it now. Nov.2019? Any issues? I’ve been thinking about it for a yr now and the local store owner says not one complaint so far.

  • Peter Rose
    Peter Rose 17 days ago

    Im gonna tell you but you Canadians have a better gunlaw that my country,Spain,here some burocrat behind a desk banned the 223 rem some decades ago,so we have ar 15 in 222 rem and 300 blk,lets see if with the upcoming gunlaw change we have to do next year we can at least revert that,and we have to be thankful to the polish,slovenians and Czech Republic politicians that fought a hard battle in Brussels in 2015 cause the burocrats of the EU wanted to ban all semis.

  • Sherlock
    Sherlock 19 days ago

    So are your gun laws in Canada bad because I was thinking of moving there from the United Kingdom and I was hoping to own guns, I know most of you will say move to America but I really don’t want to spend five years trying to get into America because I don’t have the time and money for it, so is Canada a good option

  • Shinobi Skalper
    Shinobi Skalper 19 days ago

    Nice. Im going to get my PAL soon. My grandfather gave me one of his .303 British rifles. Love shooting that gun.

  • tuan pham pham
    tuan pham pham 20 days ago

    It is stunningly thrilled

  • Jay Ray
    Jay Ray 20 days ago

    That .280 round is a monster! I'd hate to shoot it from a straight pull though......even a front locking Lee bolt would have me worried. Mauser action all the way for that bad boy.

  • el falso mordekai 28

    Is a good shotgun

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber 21 day ago

    That does not look fun but I'd give my left pinky to own it.

  • None of your Business 337

    I seriously hope that you do not actually follow your countries retarded laws. Take the screws out of those magazines when the cameras off and have a good time. I don’t expect a response here. Good luck

  • John Smith
    John Smith 23 days ago

    Once you fire that dillon aero, everything else seems too slow.

  • David Chamberlain
    David Chamberlain 23 days ago

    Just purchased a 6" SxS 12 Gauge. Now I'm a little nervous too shoot it 🤔

  • Locked & load Firearms

    Did they ban ar15s in Canada yet

  • thelocustemperor
    thelocustemperor 24 days ago

    Is that Silverdale you're shooting at?

  • wayne warner
    wayne warner 24 days ago

    5rnds?! 😳🤣🤣

  • Tareq Ahmed Mojumder

    God bless them 🌍🌈👪👪👪🌍

  • Yaru
    Yaru 26 days ago

    Looks fun wish I can try someday.

  • Nav Sohanpaul
    Nav Sohanpaul 26 days ago

    I just love the name "AutoMag." Hahaha

  • Stewart W.
    Stewart W. 26 days ago

    I have fired my 12 gauge pump, 25 rounds in succession, reloading every 6 rounds, and hell, that gave my wrists and arms a work out. This pistol device is insane!

  • Dev4stating x
    Dev4stating x 27 days ago

    This video brought to you by tactical imports

    • Dev4stating x
      Dev4stating x 25 days ago

      @The Canadian Gun Vault Inc. bent guns? Cmon man. How is that even acceptable? Are you trying to convince me or your self? The firearms industry in this country disgusts me. #muricanfirepower

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc. 27 days ago

      This firearm was actually lent to us for the video by a very generous member of the community. After we shot this there were alot of reports of bent units but this one was good to go.

  • KeithElliott
    KeithElliott 27 days ago

    Just ordered one for my 7-year old for Christmas.

  • Ronnie Jay
    Ronnie Jay 28 days ago

    Well, now what's going to happen? Looks like that liberal douchebag got back in.

  • iDatedMyPizza
    iDatedMyPizza 28 days ago

    Do you guys pronounce it Cuh-sul, Cuh-sool, or (Castle)?

  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh 29 days ago

    Is that a single action revolver? Why is he cocking it manually every time before he shoots?

  • jolperi lasard
    jolperi lasard Month ago

    This is one thing i definitely do when i someday go Vegas.

  • Kevin Pickford
    Kevin Pickford Month ago

    Just got mine today, it's in good condition considering its surplus. I went to Canadian tire in 3 different cities and no one has 7.62x39 so I just ordered some ammo. Cant wait to shoot it.

  • mike miller
    mike miller Month ago

    What a goofy gun

  • john m
    john m Month ago

    Wrong, you can try and claim the M1 Garand as your own .No dice ,yes John Garand was born in Canada(that is about all you got correct) but raised in America and became a United States Citizen. America is where the rifle was designed and built by an American.

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones Month ago

    I wish we could get one of those in the States. Good vid.

    DEUS EST MORTUUS Month ago

    I own 3 AR-15's and am absolutely f*cking tired of our government. I'm a responsible gun owner with over 10 years of experience hunting and an incredible amount of time spent practicing my marksmanship and the government is going to tell me that the tools I own are more dangerous than the owner? I'm genuinely tired of their bullshit, and I'm not even going to get into how pathetic our knife laws are...

  • The Baba Yaga
    The Baba Yaga Month ago

    Does it come with candelas?

  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner Month ago

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

  • Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

    Go aliado

  • Max Well
    Max Well Month ago

    Shared and Added

  • Dean Flewelling
    Dean Flewelling Month ago

    I love mine but it had a short lop so i put a 1 inch utg recoil pad on it

  • Nate McElroy
    Nate McElroy Month ago

    To bad Colt is more then a disgrace, they can suck a hot fart. "No long long guns for civilians" prolly cuz they were losing there ass selling over priced bs. Sad to see all u Colt die hards honestly cuz u guys were the ones ultimately let down.

  • Sara Decapua
    Sara Decapua Month ago

    My grandson is entering the Marines in January. He's going to be here in a coupe weeks and I'm bring him in.

  • Stravo Lukos
    Stravo Lukos Month ago

    Awwww, stop your whingin'

  • What The Блин Тhis is

    PPSH-41​"Fastest SMG In​ My​ Life"?

  • Hamish Mctavish
    Hamish Mctavish Month ago

    Where can I buy one in Canada?

  • ShEyYzi B Noughty

    I wana. Sale My webly scot mark 38 160year old anttique revolver made by birmingham British Revolver

  • Lyle L
    Lyle L Month ago

    Base ball cap guy has alow hanger pair of huge nuts and a long uncut cock...totally hot.

  • Rick Villa
    Rick Villa Month ago

    24?!!! Damn not in Texas

  • Exotico84
    Exotico84 Month ago

    LOL That first shot that you did remains me when I saw my older brother shut a similar gun but the difference was he shot pointing the sky he fly about two meters from the ground

  • James Hetfield
    James Hetfield Month ago

    Suitable for home defense?

  • Lloyd Cargill, Jr

    Now I want one. He makes it look easy. I'll start with the long colts and maybe go from there to the big boys later.

  • DMW1
    DMW1 Month ago

    Excellent video...Lively, informative, not "over the top". Keep it up.

  • Mikhael Beauparlant

    Hello, solid video, buuut it makes me want to hear more about that .280 ross cartridges! Do you think you or the older gentleman can do a special episode on a Ross chambered in .280 ross? All I know is that, it didnt gain the favor of the british empire because metallurgy at the time wasn't so great and at such velocities, bullets would fragments themselves.

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown Month ago

    you can never have too many 12ga in the safe !

  • Scott Buckley
    Scott Buckley Month ago

    I think my mind is made up

  • Nuttymeemps
    Nuttymeemps Month ago

    I have one. She’s my favorite of all my guns. 8” barrel. Such an attention getter at the range, everyone loves it.

  • brettduffy19992
    brettduffy19992 Month ago

    I can't believe you consider them restricted firearms in your countryin our country the United States they are bought over-the-counter they are non firearm. If I lived in Canada I would go to the states to buy all mine

    • Nobody
      Nobody 12 days ago

      @brettduffy19992 that's not good... I personally want to get into it for fun. Kinda pricey tho

    • brettduffy19992
      brettduffy19992 12 days ago

      @Nobody I know these are all I can own

    • Nobody
      Nobody 12 days ago

      They can ship through the USPS no paperwork.

  • Samantha King
    Samantha King Month ago

    How am I just seeing this now?!

  • Sane Canadian
    Sane Canadian Month ago

    Which trade do you think this guy was in the CF? 5:54

  • pukalo [CDN]
    pukalo [CDN] Month ago

    Our gun laws are incredibly unfair.

  • Oneshot Onekill
    Oneshot Onekill Month ago

    Crazy, can buy these and have em shipped to the door with no more paperwork than a receipt.

    MARK JONES Month ago

    Hey, funny that steel "moves good" shooting a full bore rifle a 25 yds, is a walk in the park for that type of firearm, designed to kill at long range.

  • Jesse Powis
    Jesse Powis Month ago

    The magazine, is actually meant to remain in the rifle, and only removed for cleaning. The rifle is loaded using 2x 5 round clips through the magazine charge.

  • HFNP
    HFNP Month ago

    I had to enter this one for sure lol

  • Secret Self-Defense

    How much does it weigh?

  • Joe Searcy
    Joe Searcy Month ago

    How can I find out what year my Infield is ??? Thank in advance

  • C Steele
    C Steele Month ago

    Wonderful news, the gov't will buy it back for 200 to 800bucks. What a deal. Take it while you can cause the next event is ERT kicking in doors in the Big Giveaway or is that take away.....

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Month ago

  • boogaloo14 88
    boogaloo14 88 Month ago


  • Digg Digg
    Digg Digg Month ago

    Could you guys do a review on the Sulun Tac-12? maybe even a comparison with the Benelli M4? edit: i hope i win it

  • coteco92
    coteco92 Month ago

    All votes count.

  • Mayfair2005
    Mayfair2005 Month ago

    Done, hope I don't need to check instagram as I never go on there