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  • Super Vman
    Super Vman 21 day ago

    I'd love to see Dave Grohl play one of these.

  • James Jones
    James Jones 27 days ago

    Is this thing still working fine after the years or did you need to get another kit?

    • JOHNN Velo
      JOHNN Velo 23 days ago

      hey sorry for late reply, its ok for a beginner but i am thinking about buying a new kit :)

  • Jm Estevez
    Jm Estevez Month ago

    Ganda ng gitara kainis!

  • carlos the zaneurie cuerdz


  • Jhames Gabriel Villanueva

    Kuya pwede po captivated naman thinks btw nice tutorial galing nyo po mag tuto

  • Marco DEL TURCO
    Marco DEL TURCO 3 months ago

    Bad cover

  • Marie Santisas
    Marie Santisas 3 months ago

    It's just simply cool man

  • Clueless Guy
    Clueless Guy 4 months ago

    Simple yet great. More IV of Spades and Ben&Ben sir. +1

  • Sopi Visca
    Sopi Visca 4 months ago

    Ung dulo ng hangganan naman po

  • Sopi Visca
    Sopi Visca 4 months ago


  • Jhames Gabriel Villanueva

    Lamat kuya haharanahin ko na crush ko hahaha nice tutorial btw

  • Ianne Dave Cruz
    Ianne Dave Cruz 6 months ago

    wow just wow sobrang simple ng pagturo mabilis mo lang maiintindihan Come inside of my heart next please

  • Bidokable boi
    Bidokable boi 6 months ago


  • Aaron Malone
    Aaron Malone 7 months ago

    Chamba pareho tayo color ng bayo

  • Aaron Malone
    Aaron Malone 7 months ago


  • Byali99
    Byali99 7 months ago

    Har du manus foran skjermen? ;D

    MAGNAGREED .1 7 months ago

    Mashare nga toh sa group chat ng mga highschool para magkaroon ng maraming views

  • Byali99
    Byali99 7 months ago

    Wow dude πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  • Mr. NoobGuitarist
    Mr. NoobGuitarist 8 months ago


    • JOHNN Velo
      JOHNN Velo 8 months ago

      first name last name salamat!

  • sayan das
    sayan das 9 months ago

    youre so off it is funny. seems like there are very few good people playing this kit.... wonder if that says something about this kit :(

  • galimbrusbrus
    galimbrusbrus Year ago

    Ma Sai Cosa Γ¨ Il Tempo?!?!

    • Augusto Covino
      Augusto Covino Year ago

      ma era davvero così tanto fuori tempo? non riesco a notarlo

  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza Year ago

    Ya too fast bro, chill +1 for the band choice :)

  • Trollo Googlr
    Trollo Googlr Year ago

    You can do a great press roll on those pads? Or not?

  • bitterboyblue
    bitterboyblue Year ago

    I hope you've learned how to properly play that song by now :D

  • jameshetfieldserbia

    bad drumming

  • IndoWestAsian Music

    I just bought this kit too. Did you get the Power Adapter in the box or did you have to buy it separately? I didn't get it in my box but the Assembly Guide says there should be one in it :(

    • Maria C
      Maria C Year ago

      Its hiding in the foam inserts. Its in a white box

  • Azman Polbeng
    Azman Polbeng 2 years ago

    great cover broo

  • Wil
    Wil 2 years ago

    how did you record this

  • ycdcherokee
    ycdcherokee 2 years ago

    bro, you have to practice with metronome

    • JOHNN Velo
      JOHNN Velo 2 years ago

      haha yeah but this was like the day i got the drums so i was really nooby haha

  • Zzehha
    Zzehha 2 years ago

    Hi! I have a question, but i think you will not respond since this video is from 2015 and its 2017 but worth a shot! So, I'm looking to buy the set but the pads are very small and i saw some reviews and some said that the set was good but some said that the pads were too small and other stuff... I'm kinda of a beginner and I live in an apartment so acoustic drums are not and option, your review was awesome and if you reply can you tell me some good sides and bad ones! thanks

    • ドγ‚₯ラパンテ
      ドγ‚₯ラパンテ 11 months ago

      ζ¬ γ˜γ‚ƒγͺくてケツです

    • Zzehha
      Zzehha 2 years ago

      No problem!! Yes school.. :D im busy too hehe but tnx for the help!! Keep the good work!!

    • JOHNN Velo
      JOHNN Velo 2 years ago

      hi sorry it took me 6 days to reply, i was busy with school hehe. But in my opinion, the pads are not that small. You just need to get used to it. :):):)

  • MaxManManus
    MaxManManus 2 years ago


  • Davide Mori
    Davide Mori 2 years ago

    Hi, is the sound edited with Logic Pro or it sounds in the Headphone like in this video?

  • jozsi jozsika
    jozsi jozsika 2 years ago

    Great review!

  • MaxManManus
    MaxManManus 3 years ago


  • TechnoKS
    TechnoKS 3 years ago

    Hi John, I have a question.Are the pads durable? Also, is it difficult to hit the pads they seem a bit small?

    • TechnoKS
      TechnoKS 3 years ago

      @JOHNN Velo Thank you so much!

    • JOHNN Velo
      JOHNN Velo 3 years ago

      Hi, I still have them and they are still working and perfectly fine. The pads are durable and you can hit them hard, I hit them hard sometimes too and nope, they aren't hard to hit even though they're small. You just have to feel the beat and then your muscles will do the rest. ;)

  • Am-Bess
    Am-Bess 3 years ago

    AWESOME! Amazing video! You perform so nicely. Eager to watch the next cover of you. I would love your visit to my channel to check out what I do. Your feedback will be appreciated. Anyway big thumbs up <3<3<3

  • Byali99
    Byali99 4 years ago

    Awesome vid man :)

  • Ali Arshad
    Ali Arshad 4 years ago

    aweaome video bro, keep it up :D

  • Ali Arshad
    Ali Arshad 4 years ago

    Nice video bro, keep it up

  • Ali Arshad
    Ali Arshad 4 years ago

    Nice video bro, keep it up

  • Ali Arshad
    Ali Arshad 4 years ago

    Nice video bro, keep it up

  • Rondek Sofi
    Rondek Sofi 4 years ago

    Den er bra

  • Alfie Torres
    Alfie Torres 4 years ago

    where do u come from??

  • Chopper Kun
    Chopper Kun 4 years ago


  • Hannah Deanna Singueo


    • Noor Al
      Noor Al 4 months ago


  • JOHNN Velo
    JOHNN Velo 5 years ago

    @mustafa Elwakeel , sorry for late reply, i am currently using live rom its good and smooth also its like samsung s4 . i dont have any problems with it so u must be too :)

  • mustafa Elwakeel
    mustafa Elwakeel 6 years ago

    hello i neeed your help what is the best custom rom for samsung galaxy note gt-n7000 to make it faster and long life battery and i have to pot new kernal and make root for the new rom or ?! thank you

  • Jocas Rima
    Jocas Rima 6 years ago

    wow nman pati dito meron talagang updated =P

  • Domantas Stugys
    Domantas Stugys 6 years ago

    rom must have s note :)

  • Kathlyn Valerio
    Kathlyn Valerio 6 years ago

    JAYJAAAAAY, YOU MADE US PROUD. :> Stay strong, bro. I feel you. :-bd

  • Lemuel Nitsuga
    Lemuel Nitsuga 6 years ago

    Pro TLGA wala nang PIPIGIL PA !! :D

  • SirWerdy
    SirWerdy 6 years ago

    lol youre evil ;(

  • Kishan cena
    Kishan cena 6 years ago


  • Kishan cena
    Kishan cena 6 years ago

    worst intro ever!