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  • lynda Mintz
    lynda Mintz 7 minutes ago

    I've lost 10 pounds ever since I've started watching her, and I'm so grossed out by myself eating that I try not to eat at all 😲

  • Johnny Doe
    Johnny Doe 11 minutes ago

    the most delusional diet ever

  • Matthew P
    Matthew P 19 minutes ago

    One of those boxes is a whole meal in itself and she treats it like a side

  • Kathy C
    Kathy C 20 minutes ago

    This is so sad.shes literally killing herself

  • Nina  Forrest
    Nina Forrest 21 minute ago

    She needs to be on my 600lb show

  • Hairbyme-TriplesBeads 2019

    I don't even wanna cuss this fingers are itching too ngl...its her life, and she obviously enjoys eating the whole menu

  • Nina  Forrest
    Nina Forrest 22 minutes ago

    Omg...all that food..weight watcher cant help her .. that's sad.. what

  • Dina Dajani
    Dina Dajani 58 minutes ago

    And ppl in the comments here expect her to suddenly just eat lettuce it dont work like that atleast she is making the effort dont discourage her..and y'all saying it feeds 10 ppl she is bigger she obviously eats more so if she is on a diet and wants to eat a free meal so she can get it out of her system let her enjoy it

  • Dina Dajani
    Dina Dajani Hour ago

    Good job on ur diet keep it up try to have a cheat day every two weeks not every week and keep ur diet healthy and balanced so u dont get sick of it do something steps make healthier choices each meal at a time

    • Dina Dajani
      Dina Dajani 46 minutes ago

      @El Crew shut the fk up seriously

    • El Crew
      El Crew 50 minutes ago


  • Missy Briggs
    Missy Briggs Hour ago

    I think you're so beautiful ❤️...

  • Beyond Seattle Eats

    You all need to study psychology. She isn’t going to change for you, and she won’t continue for you either. This is all her.

  • B R
    B R Hour ago

    It's sad that you're waiting to have your first cardiac episode before having a "come to Jesus" moment. I hope you survive it and change your ways.

  • Potty Mouth Penguin

    Candi, I've always been a supporter of yours, and I know this video description states you're not dieting anymore, but I have to say, you appear dishonest this time. You don't look as if you've lost any weight. As a matter of fact, you look bigger. And your breathing, I'm concerned you may have a heart blockage. Do you see a cardiologist? If not, I would recommend it. Of course being overweight will cause shortness of breath, but yours seems excessive. Just concerned.

  • Julie W
    Julie W Hour ago

    How many people am i feeding today? Popeye's thought a whole family.

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze Hour ago

    What kind of diet calls for a 6k calorie binge? The moaning noises sound like a person who has bad constipation and is trying to ‘produce’.

  • Anna Torickashvily

    it is ok to treat yourself for the hard work but not by eating in one day all what u loss so far this is to much whats the point if your goal is to loss fat. pathetic.

  • Lynette Dundon
    Lynette Dundon Hour ago

    Thanksgiving in a sub!

  • Vun Lith
    Vun Lith Hour ago

    Omfg I’m scared!!!😂😂😂

  • eastmountainposse
    eastmountainposse 2 hours ago

    You are dying.

  • Diva aka Mrspitt
    Diva aka Mrspitt 2 hours ago

    My 600lb life in the making...i absolutely love Chinese food but not that Damn much to order they whole entire menu that's enough food for 5 more people😔😞😣😢 not a cheat day boo it's a suicide day....praying 4 you homegirl happy belated birthday hope you are still around to see many more and I can't lie carrot cake is bomb especially from wegmans but for me That's a couple times a year type treat lol

  • Jay Mullins
    Jay Mullins 2 hours ago

    Ignore theses asses I’m hella proud of you for trying to go on a diet I think that’s awesome 👏 have a cheat day every once and a while but please don’t give up💜💜💜💜

    • Annie
      Annie 2 hours ago

      The blimp gave up a long time ago🤣🤣omfg

    • Annie
      Annie 2 hours ago

      Jay Mullins 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Doll glam
    Doll glam 2 hours ago

    8 days took me out 😂😂😂 I’m thinking she about to say at least a month

  • Yumi_ R
    Yumi_ R 2 hours ago

    Don't judge her and what she wants is what see do

  • CR CR
    CR CR 2 hours ago

    Damn it's hard to watch her breathe. Like, she doesn't realize thats not normal? Or she just doesn't care? Literally suffocating while sitting there.

  • Dulcelina Cabral
    Dulcelina Cabral 2 hours ago

    For all of you who love her life style and think she is sweet , loving go check out TLC CHANNEL ON RU-clip she needs help of a different kind.

  • Katherine Rose Art
    Katherine Rose Art 2 hours ago

    You are out of breath just sitting down. You shouldn't be having "cheat" days ... and let's just be honest... this is not a "cheat" ... this is a binge. You need to stop this.

  • Sarah Pugh
    Sarah Pugh 2 hours ago

    I am genuinely worried about you and your health. Maybe you can do videos where you eat healthy and set a good example for others who are trying to lose weight and live healthier. You are worth it.

  • SM Davis
    SM Davis 2 hours ago

    Diets are good to shed 10-20 pounds. You my love need a lifestyle change. That means changing how you look at food. Food is a means to fuel your body. Dont make the meal the event or way to celebrate something. Not easy but nothing worthwhile is! Therapy is a huge help! You CAN do this Candy!

  • BixbyLBC
    BixbyLBC 2 hours ago

    Just for the record guys, it's cheat meal and not cheat day. A cheat meal is maybe a regular burger and fries, one ice cream cone maybe a bag of sensible indulgence, not a damn buffet....Candy is set in her ways and will never change. I just don't want people thinking this is what a cheat meal should look like......

  • SM Davis
    SM Davis 2 hours ago

    Looking super beautiful!! Blue is your color!!

  • Damon christopher
    Damon christopher 2 hours ago

    Why are most of the critics on here female.i thought you were supposed to be helping your fellow sister in need not leaving durogatory comments to make yourselves feel better what happen to girl power

  • Damon christopher
    Damon christopher 3 hours ago

    Were all brainwashed to stay away from drugs and guns but American Fast food puts more people in graves then drugs and guns will ever do in a thousand years .

  • make america great again

    The diet aint working!

  • socobliss
    socobliss 3 hours ago

    Why does she drink WATER?????

  • hey wah
    hey wah 3 hours ago


  • Simply Rale
    Simply Rale 3 hours ago

    Damnnnnn gurl share WID me

  • وجد السماء
    وجد السماء 3 hours ago

    والله ياعمري بالنسبه لوزنك يبي لك مب ايام دايت يبي لك سنه دايت ع شان صحتك وقلبك 💛💛💛💛💛

  • Jeff In Chicago
    Jeff In Chicago 3 hours ago

    You finally ate a biscuit it. I love them with butter.

  • sideshowtink
    sideshowtink 3 hours ago

    It's so weird. I don't get the eating videos but yet I am compelled to watch and repulsed at the same time!

  • EmmaMVZ
    EmmaMVZ 3 hours ago

    that carfish tho! 😋😋😋😋

  • ian smith
    ian smith 3 hours ago

    u go gurl!

  • Lea Williams
    Lea Williams 3 hours ago

    She has posted 3 cheat videos and only been dieting for 8 days.

    • Petrovich 93!
      Petrovich 93! 12 minutes ago

      She should be having one cheat day per 60 days but everybody knows that's not happening. Weighing that much should result in 6-7 cheat days in a year not 40.

    • Jason C
      Jason C 3 hours ago

      these could be pre-recorded on different days

  • boifromvenus
    boifromvenus 3 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to stand in front of a train? The outcome would be the same... both suicidal.

  • Fitiggs Jarm
    Fitiggs Jarm 3 hours ago

    🙄 another cheat day...gorl, your not supposed to have one... 8days of dieting then you'll gain it back with your massive cheatday🙁...

  • Jeff In Chicago
    Jeff In Chicago 3 hours ago

    I am dieting too girlfriend (9 days). Going for Chinese tomorrow cheat day. On diet days I eat NOTHING but one chicken breast, 1 cup plain veg. and 4 prunes.

  • simplycbh
    simplycbh 4 hours ago

    the last 8 days 💀 that was barely enough time to get adjusted to the diet

  • whatmyohmy
    whatmyohmy 4 hours ago

    I had the police looking for me because I ran away to save my life. It's sad to hear people's horror stories of childhood when I went thru hell and back and the only person to save me was myself.

  • Donnalee Clubb
    Donnalee Clubb 4 hours ago

    How much money is that haul???

  • Calynne Choudhury
    Calynne Choudhury 4 hours ago

    U know hungry fat chick to be on a diet u should of lost 8 pounds

  • becky saintil
    becky saintil 4 hours ago

    y'all out here commenting mean stuff , but this woman is enjoying food like everyone else. she is a beautiful soul, if you don't like her don't watch her video Period. go shower or something cause half of y'all be stinking ..

    • Annie
      Annie Hour ago

      becky saintil, Yeah well going by the videos posted by foodie booty, she’s now being laughed at by youtube🤣🤣

  • Nícha Míldí
    Nícha Míldí 4 hours ago

    So so sad and dangerous 😒💕

  • whatmyohmy
    whatmyohmy 4 hours ago

    Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to keep the moaning down so I don't bother someone. Sounds like your having sex

    • whatmyohmy
      whatmyohmy 10 minutes ago

      @Annie Men who love big beautiful woman. They are out there

    • Sunshine and lollipops
      Sunshine and lollipops Hour ago

      Google Candy Godiva

    • Annie
      Annie Hour ago

      whatmyohmy, WHO in their right mind would go there???

  • Sylvia Menchaca
    Sylvia Menchaca 4 hours ago

    She looks "high".....shes moving extra slow.......yup shes "high"....👀

  • f montes
    f montes 4 hours ago

    That's not a cheat day. That's a cheat month.

  • Annie McDougal
    Annie McDougal 4 hours ago

    You know what I'd do? I would take one bite of everything, then that's it. You got the taste, but no damage.

  • Meredith Parker
    Meredith Parker 4 hours ago

    I've been on a diet for eight days!!!

  • Michael Chamberlain
    Michael Chamberlain 5 hours ago

    Making all that noise over potato wedges SMH

  • Angie Blunt
    Angie Blunt 5 hours ago

    It’s just really is. I am overweight and trying to diet and yes it is difficult. I slipped up last week and bought a donut for breakfast. Then I felt bad about that and gave it to someone else because I knew I didn’t need it.

  • sugardeb12
    sugardeb12 5 hours ago

    3500 calories equals 1 lb not over 6000

  • Quentin Hardison
    Quentin Hardison 5 hours ago

    8 days deleted

  • lisaloo571
    lisaloo571 5 hours ago

    I have never had Popeye's chicken but it looks pretty good.

  • Melanie Joy
    Melanie Joy 5 hours ago

    You look like you lost a lot of weight. Good on ya.

  • A. Nonymous
    A. Nonymous 5 hours ago

    "Apple Pies, y'all...where's the third one? Thought I had three"...:)

  • jerri harris
    jerri harris 5 hours ago

    I would like to take your food and knock it all on the floor

    • Annie
      Annie Hour ago

      jerri harris Bro she would eat it straight off the floor.

  • jerri harris
    jerri harris 5 hours ago

    Idk what your laughing at. This is not funny, healthy or attractive and Popeyes ain’t that damn good to be making all these noises. Get your shit together girl. Smfh

    • Annie
      Annie Hour ago

      Foodie booty posted videos of her 🤢🤢

    • Annie
      Annie Hour ago

      lrogers76 But they are making her out to be sweet and kind and innocent.

    • Sunshine and lollipops
      Sunshine and lollipops Hour ago

      jerri harris Shes moaning for her feeders. Google Candy Godiva

    • Annie
      Annie Hour ago

      jerri harris, Did you hear her say “ Come on now Popeye, don’t do me like that?” That sounded so sleazy.

  • Tycell The Hun
    Tycell The Hun 5 hours ago

    Pancake on a burger? I revoke my American citizenship

  • Tycell The Hun
    Tycell The Hun 5 hours ago

    A cheat day for me like 2500 calories & it's verrrry rare WTF, I can't imagine eating 6000 calories or close

  • CookyCatsNails
    CookyCatsNails 5 hours ago

    I don't know how in the world I stumbled apon this channel.. But when you are wheezing while eating and that out of breath then might be time to make a change.. People out here going hungry and you're sitting there stuffing yourself with enough food to feed a whole family.. Gluttony at its finest.. SMH!!!

  • Monik Pineda
    Monik Pineda 5 hours ago

    Its like you are with you favorite cocaine.....your drug its food

  • البحر الاسود

    تنهت من سمن خرب يومج 👌👌😍

  • Playgirl Coco
    Playgirl Coco 5 hours ago

    i like you’re haircut

  • Julian Cruz
    Julian Cruz 6 hours ago

    Really!!! Fat chick!!! The word cheat day shouldn't even be in your vocabulary at this time. You just wasted a 8 day diet that's gone to the trash!!!

  • snowy nights
    snowy nights 6 hours ago

    Don't give up hungry fat chick!!! I was rooting for all because you failed this time does not mean you can't start again!! I know from experience NEVER give up even if you have to start over every week. One of those weeks you will stick 2 it each day of eating healthy counts.

  • Sabrina Allport
    Sabrina Allport 6 hours ago

    She just can’t eat without moaning all the time my god who does that!!!

  • dylan
    dylan 6 hours ago

    i'm so proud of u:) keep going:)

  • Sabrina Allport
    Sabrina Allport 6 hours ago

    She is just not wired up right in the head!!! She doesn’t care all her ailments are due to her weight and all her enablers think people who tell the facts are just haters!!!

  • odd odium
    odd odium 6 hours ago

    she was on a diet? LOL

  • Felicia Robinson
    Felicia Robinson 6 hours ago

    Where's his teeth

  • Marnee Wolfrath
    Marnee Wolfrath 6 hours ago

    She seems like such a sweet lady. I wish she would take her health seriously. A "cheat day" for me would be to have a candy bar. Not a 6000 calorie buffet. Honey, you need to get some help. Even your kitty was crying for you to stop. No hate intended....

  • wishingnstarz
    wishingnstarz 6 hours ago

    They gave her enough forks and napkins for a family :(

  • Karen Reynolds
    Karen Reynolds 7 hours ago

    Do you go to therapy????

  • Julie Snider
    Julie Snider 7 hours ago

    Sad, just so very Sad.....

  • JoeJoeRunya
    JoeJoeRunya 7 hours ago

    you are gross

  • JoeJoeRunya
    JoeJoeRunya 7 hours ago

    jeez I thought ALR was bad. at least you own this ridiculousness

  • JoeJoeRunya
    JoeJoeRunya 7 hours ago

    you deserve to be fat-shamed

  • San San
    San San 7 hours ago

    When will people understand that this is a mental illness? It's an addiction! No matter what anybody says, this won't change unless she decides to take action for herself. Rude and insulting comments are not helpful at all, if anything, it might make things worse.

    • Calypso
      Calypso 6 hours ago

      San San Well good luck believing that theory. The only person who is going to be there in her hour of need will be driving a black hearse. 👋

    • San San
      San San 6 hours ago

      @Calypso Maybe she is, but the fact that this is the route she took to make money says a lot about where she is at mentally. Regardless, I hope she finds the help she needs.

    • Calypso
      Calypso 6 hours ago

      She is full of BS, it’s about the money and always will be.

    • San San
      San San 6 hours ago

      @Calypso like I said, it's a mental illness. It's very sad. As for the moaning and licking, she may be trying to entertain "feeders." There are people who consider this a fetish. It's definitely not for everyone.

  • Jeremiah Larkin
    Jeremiah Larkin 7 hours ago

    Your Hair Look So Cute Candy! We Love ❤️ you in Arizona😎and in this house 🏡

  • Samuel Paniagua
    Samuel Paniagua 7 hours ago

    Candy, live your life! Screw the haters, you’re not oblivious. We all as adults understand there are consequence for actions. Like all these assholes in the comments bitching about calories, knowing damn well they out there drinking, and snorting cocaine, god knows only what else. Point of the story, don’t Judge.

    • Calypso
      Calypso 5 hours ago

      No the point is, DON’T bring your BS onto a social media and not expect to be judged for it. It goes with the territory.

  • LostinNow Dazyday
    LostinNow Dazyday 7 hours ago

    I'm stunned. I'm not a little person, but even I know that you are killing yourself. Have a fruit filled cheat day instead. Fried foods are not your friend. I've had a few strokes. I know. Don't let yourself down like this.

  • Felicia Robinson
    Felicia Robinson 7 hours ago

    Her breathing is off

  • Lot2Love
    Lot2Love 7 hours ago

    Yummy popeyes love they fries and ranch with biscuits

  • Anna Maria Cantalupo

    So sorry for you, darling... Wish you the best and hope someday you will definitely ask for help with your eating addiction. You are a pretty lady and what a pity you are doing this to yourself. 😢😢😢

  • Malachi Taylor
    Malachi Taylor 7 hours ago

    girl ,cheat day is the last thing you need at this point

  • Blessed1 2018
    Blessed1 2018 7 hours ago

    they gave you all the eating utensils because they thought there were other people eating....SMH

  • Megan Green
    Megan Green 7 hours ago

    Sometimes I don't even understand why people even waste their time commenting she doesn't really read these and even if she does she doesn't respond to them and honestly she's going to do what she wants to do And we can all say well we want to but she is alternately the one that makes this scission for herself Just like we choose whether we want to watch her or not there really is no need for negative comments because you can choose not to watch her eating And you can feel how you want but I don't think it will change her views so I have decided that I'm not going to hate These videos help me so that I don't binge so I do watch them and I do understand what she's doing To herself and sometimes it does make me sad but I can't make her choices for her And even if I could I wouldn't people have to be free to live their own lives and discover things on their own

    • Calypso
      Calypso 5 hours ago

      Megan Green That fat slob is always trolling these comments. You apparently don’t have a clue. Nothing like the ignorant following the ridiculous.

  • fallon A
    fallon A 8 hours ago

    pitiful and hopeless. liar and addict.

  • Sylvia Riddle
    Sylvia Riddle 8 hours ago

    Cheat day!?!? Start waving goodbye to those eight days cause they are going down the bloody drain to go float with pennywise. A cheat day is when you see a difference. Your going in a bloody circle

  • Melissa Lynn
    Melissa Lynn 8 hours ago

    Plain water maybe add some berries for flavor but no crystal lite sooo bad for you aspartame eek!!!

  • Megan Green
    Megan Green 8 hours ago

    I know I might get hate from this but these videos help me so that I don't binge or when I'm feeling in urge to binge

    • Megan Green
      Megan Green 8 hours ago

      And I've already lost 15 pounds

  • Fran .Schw
    Fran .Schw 8 hours ago

    cheat day ok! Do you still realize that you're going crazy in the 8 days of your diet? Where is the interest ?