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  • Alexis S.
    Alexis S. 16 seconds ago

    I got rid of Instagram because the things people will do for likes made me really uncomfortable

  • Diana Tlatilpa
    Diana Tlatilpa 22 seconds ago

    I'm here for the tea

  • Supreme Lord Commander
    Supreme Lord Commander 32 seconds ago


  • savvy
    savvy 34 seconds ago

    ig 2019 has been a rough year for everyone

  • RoseThe Great
    RoseThe Great 35 seconds ago

    The disclaimer part of the video is so annoying tbh

  • Adalia Galvez
    Adalia Galvez 38 seconds ago

    The last time I was this early the what if i’m a monsteeeeeeeer was still a meme

  • your majesty
    your majesty 50 seconds ago

    guess gabbie really was the monster

  • Duke of Art
    Duke of Art Minute ago

    Good on Trisha. Gabbie is problematic. (I mean not that Trisha isn't but)

  • leftvsright studios


  • Mr shiny Willow
    Mr shiny Willow 2 minutes ago

    I still don’t like Trisha though

  • Cocktails & Consoles
    Cocktails & Consoles 2 minutes ago

    Well, I guess you just can’t argue with a poll from your fans of what’s right and wrong 🙄

  • ғ ɪ ᴅ ᴇ ʟ ᴄ ᴀ s ʜ ғ ʟ ᴏ ᴡ

    2020 WILL BE a revolutionary year for all of us! ✨

  • ·Kayla Ready·
    ·Kayla Ready· 2 minutes ago

    i love your videos🥰 are you going to do a video on onion boy and koi fish (onision and kai)

  • Bubble bass
    Bubble bass 2 minutes ago

    too many gabi

  • Itching Burning
    Itching Burning 2 minutes ago

    Gabbie Hannah smh

  • Butterpillar
    Butterpillar 2 minutes ago

    personally i think it's kinda gabi's fault because she wouldnt leave trisha alone, and if someone harasses you, its probably for the best u get a restraining order

  • namu joon
    namu joon 2 minutes ago

    Woah, never been this early-

  • kamiliachadli
    kamiliachadli 3 minutes ago

    Who cares if anyone tells you anything or not use condoms or go get tested if your gonna be w them a while

  • Mood 24 7
    Mood 24 7 3 minutes ago

    Two part series? I'm listening!

  • Yea No
    Yea No 3 minutes ago

    When Trisha Paytas can make you look bad you know you've failed in life.

  • Laughing Cupcake
    Laughing Cupcake 3 minutes ago

    when it says 7 minutes ago! Omg im early and I love you so much!

  • Niamari Eliseia
    Niamari Eliseia 3 minutes ago

    What's happening

  • Elodia Ichsan
    Elodia Ichsan 3 minutes ago

    But can you really prove a point when you just SAY that yOur sO kiNd

  • Maggerooni
    Maggerooni 3 minutes ago

    You should make a video on onision

  • Ari
    Ari 3 minutes ago

    Does anybody else say "So, what's the big issue" with her??

  • Pink Bourke
    Pink Bourke 3 minutes ago

    When ur early for once for the TEA✌🏻😌

  • Nerd Draws
    Nerd Draws 3 minutes ago

    Why do you keep changing the titles on ur videos?

  • Music Loverr123
    Music Loverr123 4 minutes ago


  • Brenda Montgomery
    Brenda Montgomery 4 minutes ago

    Is her nose edited in the thumbnail?

  • Unkon Delux
    Unkon Delux 4 minutes ago

    Litterly no one likes Gabbie

  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 minutes ago

    Gabbie really asked her followers if she did the right thing....

  • Arianna Jefferson
    Arianna Jefferson 4 minutes ago

    Just let the boy live, OMFG. 🙄

  • lil chim chim
    lil chim chim 4 minutes ago

    I don't like Trish because some of her vids make her look like an attention seeker I don't like Gabbie for reasons But I like spill so I'm watching

  • SunSet
    SunSet 4 minutes ago

    Wow, I'm early and so many people have been here already

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson 4 minutes ago

    My OPINION is that they're both crazy and problematic, can we just forget these people in 2020 and move on w our lives and not worry about other people's lives that don't affect us at all?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • serial killers fascinate me

    4:04 i'm the bAAAAAAD guy

  • green jeans
    green jeans 5 minutes ago

    idek them but i'm still here for the tea

  • Friendly Unquiet
    Friendly Unquiet 5 minutes ago

    Gabbie needs a nose job

  • Asteria
    Asteria 6 minutes ago

    If you have to TELL people you're kind, you're probably trash. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Absolute Trash
    Absolute Trash 6 minutes ago

    Why does Gabor Hanna remind me of my substitute teacher? Not in a good way tho...

  • TheFluffFox
    TheFluffFox 6 minutes ago

    p e t t y p e o p l e

  • Megan Xx
    Megan Xx 6 minutes ago


  • L. S.
    L. S. 6 minutes ago

    At this point, there is enough evidence that Gabbie H. is the issue. I hope she is in therapy and that her therapist is actually real with her. I can tell she wants to be a good person, but seems too self-obsessed and naive.

  • Prince Peach
    Prince Peach 6 minutes ago

    when I think of gabby Hanna I think of her big nose

  • Anna Kita
    Anna Kita 6 minutes ago


  • sAMVx
    sAMVx 6 minutes ago

    I'm trying to go to sleep and all my favourite tea channels post at once 😂😭❤️ I pick the obvious solution to this. I'm watching all the videos right now 😂

  • Nauares
    Nauares 7 minutes ago

    Gabbie has friends? You Learn something new everyday

  • Not Alive I think
    Not Alive I think 7 minutes ago

    I swear if 2020's the same someone's going down

  • doublebubblediscoqwn
    doublebubblediscoqwn 7 minutes ago

    One of the only times I agree with Trisha.

  • big_boi_ birds
    big_boi_ birds 7 minutes ago

    Gabbie can't swallow the fact that she isn't a good person

    • M!NY A
      M!NY A 7 seconds ago

      Josh Tenold Really???

    • Alfnir Bjornson
      Alfnir Bjornson 15 seconds ago

      Never trust somebody with a big nose and weak chin.

    • yoursoloud
      yoursoloud Minute ago

      @Josh Tenold why

    • Josh Tenold
      Josh Tenold 3 minutes ago

      I support Gabbie low-key

  • LunarSky 54145
    LunarSky 54145 7 minutes ago

    Great video but don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Krusty Krab is a crab trap

  • CrackHeadUnicorn
    CrackHeadUnicorn 7 minutes ago

    Mind ya business Gabbie

  • Xx shadow GachaxX
    Xx shadow GachaxX 7 minutes ago

    Dang.... 2019 is going down in a train reck.... 2020... please take pity on the youtubers.. please

  • SsSsSsSNAke
    SsSsSsSNAke 7 minutes ago

    Continue to upload amazing videos, I love your videos.

  • Nicole
    Nicole 7 minutes ago

    When it comes to Gabbie Hanna - I don't care to wait until the series is over to form an opinion. She's wrong.

  • Seneyana
    Seneyana 8 minutes ago

    so much has happened this year... literally a mental and physical roller coaster..

  • Mandy M
    Mandy M 8 minutes ago

    I am conflicted on whether to be happy or upset that it’s a series

  • Emma Isalene
    Emma Isalene 8 minutes ago

    Gabbie Hannah’s song Monster did not age well because girl she is the monster

  • Rachel Young
    Rachel Young 8 minutes ago

    This would be great if you weren't the last to explain this old story

  • Itz_ AlphaPotato
    Itz_ AlphaPotato 8 minutes ago

    First Roblox takes bacon hair away Second this happened WHAT ELSE WILL HAPPEN!?

  • dahlz
    dahlz 8 minutes ago

    ur videos are so watchable

  • Seneyana
    Seneyana 8 minutes ago

    and that's a wrap

  • gaby s
    gaby s 8 minutes ago

    I’m early 🤗

  • F e t a
    F e t a 8 minutes ago

    Happy 1 million 😋🤩

  • Taylor Nordquist
    Taylor Nordquist 8 minutes ago

    ayyyy who's here before 300 views?? when it says posted 41 seconds ago you know you're early

  • Dana Jim
    Dana Jim 9 minutes ago

    Earlyy ganggg wassupp

  • ttheLemonSong
    ttheLemonSong 9 minutes ago

    SPILLY I MISSED U It's been two seconds but you know

  • Demonic Television
    Demonic Television 9 minutes ago

    Gabbie just isn’t the same anymore. I guess what they say is true. Fame and wealth can really change someone, not always for the better.

  • TKGotRanOverByATruck
    TKGotRanOverByATruck 9 minutes ago

    2020 is going to be worse :(

    ILLUMINAUGHTY 9 minutes ago

    How did Trisha plot this when Gabi started it lol. Projection much?

  • Sky
    Sky 9 minutes ago


  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 9 minutes ago

    Trisha Paytas? See you Laytas 😂

  • Vined Cross
    Vined Cross 9 minutes ago

    Guess whose finally early, ME I am. Also, why you so smart gurl share the brain cells please

  • Indigo Girl
    Indigo Girl 9 minutes ago

    Gabby is not a good person. I've always, always felt bad vibes from her and she does NOT deserve the following she has. She's an annoying mean girl

  • Luna_Woods
    Luna_Woods 9 minutes ago

    Glad to be early! So excited 😍🥰😁

  • Emily Felix
    Emily Felix 9 minutes ago

    Who clicks right away 🤪

  • Anthoni Andrade
    Anthoni Andrade 9 minutes ago

    Tea is going down 😐

  • íşh Ćøøķìěś
    íşh Ćøøķìěś 9 minutes ago

    Litterally no one: Not a single soul: Me: REEEEEE!! GIVE ME THE TEA SIS!!!

  • serial killers fascinate me


  • H A M B U R G E R
    H A M B U R G E R 9 minutes ago

    4200609 anyone!?!?

  • Tater Thot
    Tater Thot 9 minutes ago

    Just in time for lunch.

  • Riane McDoggo
    Riane McDoggo 9 minutes ago

    wow accidentally early

  • Charlotte May
    Charlotte May 9 minutes ago

    Trish files restraining orders against people she agrees to collab with🙄 this isn’t new😂😂

  • Josh Tenold
    Josh Tenold 9 minutes ago

    I support gabbie

  • addy
    addy 9 minutes ago


  • Pixeled Forlife
    Pixeled Forlife 10 minutes ago


  • Fuzzy Heehee
    Fuzzy Heehee 10 minutes ago

    woah gabbies in a pickle

  • Stariato
    Stariato 10 minutes ago


  • chris
    chris 10 minutes ago

    I usually don't agree with trisha but wow, you can tell that Gabbie is clearly in the wrong.

  • -swaytae -
    -swaytae - 10 minutes ago


  • cata
    cata 10 minutes ago

    me when i get a notif for spill : MOM CAN YOU MAKE ME SOME TEA NO SUGAR

  • Mariam reyes rey
    Mariam reyes rey 10 minutes ago

    El Pipo coñooo -> Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 check

  • jackie
    jackie 10 minutes ago

    Had to stop doing my hw for this. Deadass.

    • hAi ShIshTeRs
      hAi ShIshTeRs 6 minutes ago

      @big lion Um... chile anyways so-

    • big lion
      big lion 7 minutes ago

      whenever someone says deadass- my mind: cut the cameras. deadass.

  • _nikera
    _nikera 10 minutes ago

    was waiting for this😭

  • Oli Scaife
    Oli Scaife 10 minutes ago

    oooo tea

  • maryrose alajo
    maryrose alajo 10 minutes ago

    Wooo clicked so fast 😂🤪

  • Tooty Fruity
    Tooty Fruity 10 minutes ago

    Yay hi spill I luv ur vids!

  • Sugar Sprinkles
    Sugar Sprinkles 10 minutes ago

    Oh good timing just made some hot tea ❤️

  • 1 0 1
    1 0 1 10 minutes ago

    One of my favorite youtubers just made my day

  • Dana Jim
    Dana Jim 10 minutes ago

    Ya, im glad 2019 is almost over.