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  • Lino Stronso
    Lino Stronso 8 days ago

    Ypj win🤟...beautyful lucky woman

  • wltndi dh
    wltndi dh Month ago


    UBISHOTYBOI 2 months ago

    She just used one of her 9 lives

  • Giovanni Penate
    Giovanni Penate 2 months ago

    I think he’s mad

  • Lady Swag
    Lady Swag 2 months ago

    Please clean your terrarium.

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus 3 months ago

    Clean the tank nigga

  • Radium King
    Radium King 3 months ago

    Ha, awesome. Perfect choice of music, this was great.

  • trinity9704
    trinity9704 4 months ago

    Thank you so much you have no idea how much this video from almost a decade ago helped me! I bought a Canon Powershot sx740 a few months ago and had no idea why my pictures came out looking like shit. Not many videos on here will actually show how what buttons do what on the powershot, they just say switch to auto and shoot. Thank you

  • Doctor Love
    Doctor Love 4 months ago

    wonder how they ever installed this thing

  • Zack Steigerwald
    Zack Steigerwald 4 months ago

    What Is Your Cat's Name

  • Luis Gatmaitan
    Luis Gatmaitan 4 months ago

    Shes not syrian.

  • Andie Alviar
    Andie Alviar 5 months ago


  • inekavi
    inekavi 5 months ago

    fuck you real stupid bitch kurdish looser

  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker 5 months ago

    Biji YPJ

  • Mr31formula
    Mr31formula 5 months ago

    Very entertained. You can’t be serious?

  • YeetusFetusDeletus
    YeetusFetusDeletus 6 months ago

    it literally has the htc logo on the back lol

  • Aslan Bisanov
    Aslan Bisanov 6 months ago

    This girl kill all russisk

  • tomi aksila
    tomi aksila 6 months ago

    Jaakkola the name is from Finland

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 6 months ago

    I missed your live ride. I don't really have time to watch the replay. :-( I hope you had a good flight and encountered NO geese. ;-) I gave you a like because I would like to have time to watch it and I figure I would like it. Happy vapor trails!

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 6 months ago

      I really don't expect anyone to watch these, other than the people in them for specific things that happened

  • J Kappler
    J Kappler 7 months ago

    Wait... How

  • Big Stru
    Big Stru 7 months ago

    Hey bud this is funny as fuck. Should have more than 2k views. Good shit

  • Robert Moray
    Robert Moray 7 months ago

    that bright blue headscarf is going to get her killed.

  • Richard Lalonde
    Richard Lalonde 7 months ago

    or you could fix the underlying issue of poor water drainage

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 7 months ago

      It's not drainage. It's insulation/ventilation.

  • Y. A. Dejean
    Y. A. Dejean 7 months ago

    wouldn’t that damage the asphalt?

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 7 months ago

      You can also use it to just break up the top mounds of ice to flatten them out, which is totally safe.

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 7 months ago

      If you're not careful. The key is hitting the ice sideways

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 7 months ago

    Immediately went to Home Depot and bought the Husky version for $32 bucks. BEST THING I EVER DID!!! Weighs about 16 pounds and cuts through everything.

  • Aldo F Mayo
    Aldo F Mayo 7 months ago

    That was pretty awesome. Hahaha

  • Armando Acosta
    Armando Acosta 7 months ago

    Thank for sharing

  • rvdm88
    rvdm88 7 months ago


  • Joel Nawty
    Joel Nawty 7 months ago

    That fighter is brave. They usually never fk with YPJ. No paradise getting shot by a woman in their minds.

  • Nina De Sole
    Nina De Sole 7 months ago

    the hard way... I got it... there's no easy way... ok...

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 7 months ago

      Minutes, not without effort. The effortless way is to hire someone, or get a heating element

  • Sam Pelczarski
    Sam Pelczarski 8 months ago

    Sweet baby! Very talkative!😻😻

  • Angel Bowman
    Angel Bowman 8 months ago

    That’s a mans job, and a lot of work.

  • Emmett Jaakkola
    Emmett Jaakkola 8 months ago

    if they grew that fast...

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

    Cool...and neat!

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

    Very interesting! (Imagine Artie Johnson - Laugh-In) ;-)

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle 8 months ago

    I fish up in that shit

  • Allkindsofgains
    Allkindsofgains 8 months ago

    They connect with radio??

  • Rebecca Hughes
    Rebecca Hughes 8 months ago

    yeah, fuck that

  • Brandi Ordaz
    Brandi Ordaz 8 months ago

    Wow that’s magic!

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

    I don't have 30 minutes to go for a ride with you. Did you use your repaired joy stick for this flight?

    • chihuahuabulldog
      chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

      OK Good job!

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 8 months ago

      It's not an especially interesting stream. :) the joystick wasn't broke. Every joystick comes with a centering spring which is fine for airplanes but trash for helicopters. The spot you hold the stick to fly straight varies a lot, so a good helicopter joystick will stay put when you let go of it, which is what real helicopter sticks do. So I took out the spring which was a little better, but it would flop down if I let go so I added the cardboard friction to hold it at last position. Now I can let go of the stick and the chopper won't go crazy.

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

    I love fixing stuff. Well done!

    MAGA OFFENSIVE 8 months ago

    Ever notice a full moon only rises at the same time as the sun is setting?.

  • Patricia Spengler
    Patricia Spengler 8 months ago

    Love it

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 8 months ago

      I posted another one from this area later on, when it was overflowing.

  • SimineyGarrett
    SimineyGarrett 8 months ago

    My sister tried this the other day with a mug of hot water. This may be slightly more impressive.

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

    NEAT! Thank you for putting the info in the description. Hey! Something I already knew - boiling water freezes faster than cold water.

  • Robert Bardwell
    Robert Bardwell 8 months ago

    "Daddy, help me!!!" Sorry kiddo, I'm busy makin' my RU-clips!

  • Chris Grimes
    Chris Grimes 8 months ago

    the sound track to this movie is awesome

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

    Very good. You did not hit the mountains. ;-) I read the description. I will not begin to try to understand what you listed after " clear the railings"! lol

    • chihuahuabulldog
      chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

      You made that easy! I did get to learn something today. Thank you. I am kind of afraid of helicopters. I don't know how to say it since I have a migraine coming on, but it's something about how they can suddenly be taken down. I also think of Vic Morrow being killed in one on set while making a movie. I reckon I'm just chicken!

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 8 months ago

      In ground effect / out of ground effect. When low to the ground the air gets trapped and makes a cushion. Basically it takes less power to hover just above the ground than high up. Helicopters also need less power to fly than hover. So to take off at high altitude you hover in ground effect, gradually speed up and take off like an airplane

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 8 months ago

    I missed your live stream and can't manage to view this. I guess that means no learning for me today. ;-)

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 8 months ago

      It was an accident. The thing I recorded is my newest vid

  • Danny Manweller
    Danny Manweller 8 months ago

    How many frames per minute did you shoot?

    • Danny Manweller
      Danny Manweller 8 months ago

      @Eric Jaakkola Yeah! It was pretty smooth. I've done a couple time lapse vids from a plane. One at 1 frame every 5 seconds and the other 1 frame every 10 seconds. Turned out a little jumpy.

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 8 months ago

      I don't recall, but I'd guess 1 per second. I cut out the night flying at 3:34 for the overnight portion.

  • Emmett Jaakkola
    Emmett Jaakkola 8 months ago


  • Santiago Gagliano
    Santiago Gagliano 8 months ago

    wow now is solved? 2019

  • Der Oberharzer
    Der Oberharzer 8 months ago

    Awesome vid my friend.Good Job

  • Brad Ical
    Brad Ical 9 months ago

    might as well use a pick axe

  • pro930
    pro930 9 months ago

    I guess an eternity can be measured in minutes...

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog 9 months ago

    Is this real? Did you really fly between the buildings? If so, pretty wild!

    • chihuahuabulldog
      chihuahuabulldog 9 months ago

      Neat! I have flown on commercial airplanes a few times. However, I got to fly on a Lear once. I also flew on a twin-engine Cessna(?) from north of Atlanta to Marathon Keys and back a couple of days later. I didn't think I would ever get the sound of that plane out of my ears! lol I look forward to your next video. And again, thank you for taking the time to educate me. :-)

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 9 months ago

      @chihuahuabulldog Just Delta :) I've been in a small prop plane and done some loops and rolls though

    • chihuahuabulldog
      chihuahuabulldog 9 months ago

      @Eric Jaakkola I like how you explained that, like the waves from a boat! Have you ever flown a jet for real?

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 9 months ago

      @chihuahuabulldog In this video you can see the shock wave hitting the water and it's chasing the plane

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 9 months ago

      @chihuahuabulldog Yes, the sonic boom follows along the jet just like waves from a boat follow along the boat. You only hear the one boom, but the boom is still happening. It's breaking the speed of sound that causes the boom, it's the shock-wave you make while you're going faster than sound.

  • multifariousgemini
    multifariousgemini 9 months ago

    Awesome! 👍

  • assault and battery
    assault and battery 9 months ago

    During the day, the moon's light is not needed as the sun lights everything. therefore, it is not switched on..

    ZHE QIN SET 9 months ago

    Thug life

  • Kateri Tekawidthá
    Kateri Tekawidthá 9 months ago

    I love💖 how your son got right on THERE! BRAVO!!💢👏💢👏💢👏

  • TheCureThatKillz
    TheCureThatKillz 9 months ago

    That is a great option if you want to scratch the living hell out of your concrete. I tried that on my old home and it left my driveway looking absolutely horrible. I just built a new house and there is no way I’d do that on my new driveway.

    • TheCureThatKillz
      TheCureThatKillz 9 months ago

      Eric Jaakkola huh? Better water management? My ice build up on my driveway was just from my home facing north and the lack of sun exposure mixed with snow and cold temps.

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 9 months ago

      Hopefully you have better water management now

  • Julian Northeast
    Julian Northeast 9 months ago

    That's not a good takeoff at all you stalled it on takeoff you are suppose to takeoff gently like a real plane very funny crash

  • Hunter Nelson
    Hunter Nelson 9 months ago

    The opposite of what my sstos do

  • MareBsharhan Sharhan
    MareBsharhan Sharhan 9 months ago


  • x13x Monkeys
    x13x Monkeys 9 months ago

    I’ll marry you!!

  • x13x Monkeys
    x13x Monkeys 9 months ago

    Omg wow

  • Annushree Aryal
    Annushree Aryal 9 months ago

    It's awesome...

  • Rizza Ayee
    Rizza Ayee 10 months ago

    Why mine has no slow motion?

  • Naura_funneh
    Naura_funneh 10 months ago

    So cute

    ALPIN KANAL 10 months ago

    Tolle Aufnahmen vom Pilatus!

  • Marvin Thiessen
    Marvin Thiessen 11 months ago

    Little Buddy is saying "where's my treats, you promised"!!! The cameraman appears to be loaded on something. After leaving the porch at 0:54 the show goes south, but you got a thumbs up only because of the cool cat.

  • Rogue infidel
    Rogue infidel 11 months ago

    Beautiful woman with a great smile. I hope she survives this conflict .

  • jeff mackie
    jeff mackie 11 months ago

    Nice! Are you using the tracking? Just bought a Phantom 4. Looks like a few years ago so I guess you had to actually fly it back then lol

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola 11 months ago

      This is actually with the blade chroma, which used GPS to track, which works a lot better than optical tracking, but only for the remote holder

  • Tomáš Berger
    Tomáš Berger Year ago

    God protect you.

  • Trudy Jones
    Trudy Jones Year ago

    A happy cat makes for a good cat.

  • Trudy Jones
    Trudy Jones Year ago

    Dang that cats pretty.😉

  • Jennifer Jahzaria

    where's the tornado?

  • pencil sharpenings

    Is having that much poo in there bad

  • Nick Weissmann
    Nick Weissmann Year ago

    If you run from the cops in LA, they'll just let you go!

  • Makaila Myers
    Makaila Myers Year ago

    What is her last name? I think this was my highschool counselor!

  • Earleen Devine
    Earleen Devine Year ago

    How do I activate the macro/infinity mode. Nothing happens when I press that side. (It used to work, but for some reason, it doesn't any more.)

  • yourlocal memedealer

    where's the rainbow

  • Tinnybird G
    Tinnybird G Year ago

    This part of movie was funny! Loved this movie!

  • Brian G
    Brian G Year ago

    Lose the blue hat dumbass

  • Kelly Gammon
    Kelly Gammon Year ago

    Aw my little tuxedo cats, Mr. Count Duke and Princess Pretty Curious I just love to death.

  • B Forte
    B Forte Year ago

    Real Deal Bud! Thanks

  • Max Force
    Max Force Year ago

    ... 1 BADASS BALLSY b.... --- i dont know which side usa is on ... this week... but i like her ...!

  • blackice71
    blackice71 Year ago

    Thank you for this video ! It was helpful to make sure I am not covering any of the sensors

  • Larry Scott
    Larry Scott Year ago

    A good and ancient observation. The orbit of the moon is well understood. And the moon’s visibility during the for much of its orbit is normal, as it’s been documented for over 2000 years. I mean, it’s not like the earth isn’t a globe. As you know, FE is implausible, not even a defendable hypothesis.

  • Mike Davino
    Mike Davino Year ago

    Only on a Flat Earth Realm No such thing as a physical "PLANET" lmfao Space is fake. Nothing orbits anything.

    • Marvely
      Marvely 4 months ago

      Mike Davino ur fake u stupid

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink Year ago

      Are you ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY stupid, and pathetically delusional? Go ask your mommy to change your diaper you mentally defective moron.

  • Bianca Warner
    Bianca Warner Year ago

    That's you making that noise XD no wonder the cat didn't respond lol

  • Cesar Solorzano
    Cesar Solorzano Year ago

    I have the same problem, did you fixed?

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola Year ago

      Cesar Solorzano I purchased a new camera and gimbal off ebay for about $200. I tried replacing the ribbon cable first, which sucked, and it did not fix it.

  • Fluorescent Memer

    This is my cat when she wants a treat

  • Terry Blanton
    Terry Blanton Year ago

    Hell, if you have ever watched Storage Wars you would know the jewish producers wanted Weiss to win. They told him to always buy the first unit and that was the only unit that always seemed to have a very small object with a big assed price. Even though the jew Weiss has quit, the jewish producers still have him take up 3/4 of the rerun programs. I hate Weiss so much that I made a rule that if I check to see if the program is on and Weiss is there I don't watch it. They have beautiful women there but Weiss is the only one the jewish gay producers showed taking off his cloths. Probably ordure filled. Hell, it seems to take two hours at the end of the program to show all of the jewish producers of that program.

  • Dexter Xjh
    Dexter Xjh Year ago

    7 years later, you may already know this, but just in case. US Naval Observatory has a web site, and there are probably a few others. Minneapolis, MN daily 2011 MAY 3 ? SUN click on 3rd day of month & float mouse over time of day to find sunrise. map day & night MOON You video must have been a few days before 2011 MAY 3. click on 3rd day of month & float mouse over time of day to find moonrise. map Moon & Sun visibility Go forth and educate the masses of FE believers about heliocentric globe Earth.

  • Sean Ingram
    Sean Ingram Year ago

    I hear a domestic goose and a Mallard drake in the background :) Cute gosling :)

  • Ariana Uriati
    Ariana Uriati Year ago

    Yay, just as I imgained

  • Heed the Seen
    Heed the Seen Year ago

    fine capture of the lunar shadow advancing

  • Enter a name here

    Perfect recreation!

  • Stephen J Payne
    Stephen J Payne Year ago

    Smooth moves and more attention to the edit would greatly improve the clip.. Nice start though.

    • Eric Jaakkola
      Eric Jaakkola Year ago

      All this footage was on the cutting room floor. I only threw it together because it's all the footage I had from that area, which is mostly under lava now.