Harry Styles
Harry Styles
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  • Muhammad Hafizhan
    Muhammad Hafizhan 6 hours ago

    When will the music video be released? Because honestly... I really want to see it.

  • LadyUchiha
    LadyUchiha 6 hours ago

    I knew it was Rosalía's voice from the the first sentence ❤️❤️❤️ Would love a collab between these two!!

  • Simone Tsob
    Simone Tsob 6 hours ago


  • freedom
    freedom 7 hours ago


  • Lukita
    Lukita 7 hours ago

    So this is why harry rejected his role as prince eric *Now he is a peculiar*

  • Kimmy Fangirl
    Kimmy Fangirl 7 hours ago

    I feel like this is so absurd for Harry 😂 I enjoy this concept tho

  • Guillermo Aguilar
    Guillermo Aguilar 7 hours ago

    Quem conhece La Rosalía sabe bem quem narro o mini clipe LA ROSALIA

  • Antonia Karanastasi
    Antonia Karanastasi 7 hours ago


  • eliya
    eliya 8 hours ago

    harrys voice is just so soothing

  • Black Star
    Black Star 8 hours ago


  • Tessia Grimmage
    Tessia Grimmage 8 hours ago

    is this for tales of the peculiar?

  • Shela Cahaya
    Shela Cahaya 8 hours ago

    Aneh banget kenapa :(

  • DawN
    DawN 8 hours ago

    Only ad i don’t wanna skip

  • Irum Masood
    Irum Masood 8 hours ago

    I love you harry you are the best

  • Taliyah De Almedia Gomes

    All those dislikes r the fish

  • Jeenal Moreshwar
    Jeenal Moreshwar 8 hours ago

    I don't know why but when he started talking about 1D i started crying 😭😭😭 Comeback 1D 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Anna Kozhokar
    Anna Kozhokar 9 hours ago

    oh my god i am so looking forward to this. this is so interesting , im so excited!!!

  • Average Meme
    Average Meme 9 hours ago

    Watch the beginning of the mv be him eating the fish.

  • Paola Mosqueda
    Paola Mosqueda 9 hours ago

    Alguien que hable español? O soy yo la unica jajaj

  • Luis Quintero
    Luis Quintero 9 hours ago

    Harry styles y rosalia😱😱😍me quedo sin palabras los mejores artistas del momento

  • malexroswellnm
    malexroswellnm 9 hours ago

    I'm not even a fan of hers but even I know that's Rosalia narrating.

  • Maelyn Monett
    Maelyn Monett 9 hours ago

    Eroda means adore but backwards..

  • Mari Cano
    Mari Cano 9 hours ago

    Jodida maravilla

  • Izzy Bee
    Izzy Bee 9 hours ago

    1:15 my boy is wearing nail polish 🥰🥺 love it

  • Katharine Wade
    Katharine Wade 9 hours ago


  • Giorgina Maria
    Giorgina Maria 9 hours ago

    I swear like my whole neighbourhood is freaking out cause he filmed like 1 seen in cockenzie 😂

  • Noora Sajwani
    Noora Sajwani 9 hours ago

    Can you please continue the to be continued faster? And please don’t die

  • Carlos Perry
    Carlos Perry 9 hours ago

    ¡LA ROSALÍA! 💃🏻🌹🌹🌹

  • Oscar Pedroza
    Oscar Pedroza 9 hours ago


  • SHAY
    SHAY 9 hours ago

    just so good. sharing good. he’s good. promoting good. all around good vibes lol i LOVE

  • gibby
    gibby 10 hours ago

    Wow I can’t believe Harry styles stans we’re right about this, crazy

  • Arini widya cahyani
    Arini widya cahyani 10 hours ago


  • madeline sideras
    madeline sideras 10 hours ago

    see you at the album release next friday in LA harry!!!

  • Gabriela Lozano
    Gabriela Lozano 10 hours ago

    I mean I’m crying, but in a cool way

  • Carolina Malik
    Carolina Malik 10 hours ago

    why is this man perfect? genuinely asking..

  • Aika Rios
    Aika Rios 10 hours ago


  • - Confectious
    - Confectious 10 hours ago


  • Ilsa S
    Ilsa S 10 hours ago

    i feel like the more harry creates (music/mvs) the more i get to analyze his brain

  • Eloise Van Gogh
    Eloise Van Gogh 10 hours ago

    The narrator seems to be Rosalias’ voice

  • Neich Phao
    Neich Phao 10 hours ago

    Resting fish face 😂😂😂

  • Mahnoor S
    Mahnoor S 10 hours ago

    Ok budget

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 10 hours ago

    Frowning, "Resting Fish face". Omg I laughed so hard at this I thought I was gonna have a stroke 😂🤣😂

  • ikanterii
    ikanterii 11 hours ago

    how come i just realized eroda is adore in reverse

  • Maria Fernanda Alfaro
    Maria Fernanda Alfaro 11 hours ago

    Just so you know, this is Rosalia's voice

  • John Cruz
    John Cruz 11 hours ago

    anybody else got Amelie vibes?

  • Izabella Tóth
    Izabella Tóth 11 hours ago

    his a very talented singer and a motherfuckin actor too😍

  • Annahh
    Annahh 11 hours ago

    Wtf lol

  • The SPA Production
    The SPA Production 11 hours ago

    Harry Styles Your The Best

  • The SPA Production
    The SPA Production 11 hours ago

    Love it

  • Eleanor Jenkins
    Eleanor Jenkins 11 hours ago

    why am i literally crying

  • Abril Ayala
    Abril Ayala 11 hours ago

    Rosalia😍😍😍😍 harán una canción juntos????🤔

  • I_am_me
    I_am_me 11 hours ago

    Personally, I’m not a Harry Styles fan. But this looks amazing, the storyline looks so cool! Will definitely have to check out the rest of the story of Eroda and the boy who smiled.

  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia 11 hours ago

    now i reaaaaaaaally want to hear this album

  • Khushi Shah
    Khushi Shah 11 hours ago

    Guys hes got something huge planned we have to get ready

  • Khushi Shah
    Khushi Shah 11 hours ago

    Omg I love this

  • V a l s
    V a l s 12 hours ago

    La Rosalia xdxd

  • I'm Just Lucy
    I'm Just Lucy 12 hours ago

    Everyone here is feeling spiritual and stuff but this video gave some weird the power within vibe....

  • Nicole Dayeli
    Nicole Dayeli 12 hours ago

    What a brilliant mind

  • Maryangel camacho
    Maryangel camacho 12 hours ago

    It's perrisisisisismo 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Maryangel camacho
    Maryangel camacho 12 hours ago

    Wow WOW!!!!!!

  • Maryangel camacho
    Maryangel camacho 12 hours ago


  • AbrionTV
    AbrionTV 12 hours ago

    a masterpiece. make it a feature length film

  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez 12 hours ago

    yesss bby💞💞💞🤩🤩🤩

    RICARDO C.B 12 hours ago


  • G͙r͙a͙c͙e͙ D͙e͙p͙t͙u͙c͙k͙

    This is so powerful

  • Jay notVersace
    Jay notVersace 12 hours ago


  • Luna Morfin
    Luna Morfin 12 hours ago


  • lyn.
    lyn. 12 hours ago

    Y'ALL there's a girl on tumblr who said that harry might get cancelled because of the suffering they caused on the fish AKDKAKFLAKD #CGIFishRights 😔✌🏻

  • Angelina Xo
    Angelina Xo 12 hours ago

    His voice makes me dissociate but in a good way

  • Matthew Frazier
    Matthew Frazier 12 hours ago

    Harry Styles voice with waves crashing in the background, birds chirping off in the distance. He's got it made.

  • NRJ X
    NRJ X 12 hours ago

    The song in the background gives off a chart toppling hint.

  • Hailey Brown
    Hailey Brown 12 hours ago

    I could listen to her voice forever

  • Bleh
    Bleh 12 hours ago

    Harry is so ugly

  • Marie Medina
    Marie Medina 12 hours ago

    escuche bien? rosalia eres tu? is it you rosalia??? anyone else heard it too?

  • sad boyz_xnx
    sad boyz_xnx 12 hours ago


  • Scarlett Brescia
    Scarlett Brescia 13 hours ago

    For sure the shrooms helped this is amazing and woke af.

  • Sofia Alanis
    Sofia Alanis 13 hours ago

    leeds i’m-

  • talking spinach
    talking spinach 13 hours ago

    is that rosalia speaking?

  • Pasando Pena
    Pasando Pena 13 hours ago

    La rosalia

  • mollie olivares
    mollie olivares 13 hours ago

    i would die for harry styles.

  • Isabella Holles
    Isabella Holles 13 hours ago

    Não entendi, serase sou burra?

  • Kelsie Marie
    Kelsie Marie 13 hours ago

    Is it for standard uk time bec yall are 8 hours behind and am yet to discover tine travel

  • Cristian Acuña
    Cristian Acuña 13 hours ago


  • shipsdontsink
    shipsdontsink 13 hours ago

    Fate is a she

  • Jojo Chan
    Jojo Chan 13 hours ago

    i feel the “big hit entertainment” level of theory here

  • Cassie Lynn
    Cassie Lynn 13 hours ago

    If I was able I would sit and talk with Harry for hours 🥺

  • Natalia Lizana
    Natalia Lizana 13 hours ago

    que onda la voz es de la rosalia

  • dallasallene24
    dallasallene24 13 hours ago

    I’ve never seen someone put out a 3 minute trailer for a 4 minute song. Amazing

  • Audrey Woods
    Audrey Woods 13 hours ago

    If you think I'm going to watch Harry talking for almost 50 minutes then you're absolutely right

  • Jessica Furtado
    Jessica Furtado 13 hours ago

    I can never tell his his stuff is even serious anymore. It never makes any sense.

  • Willian Borges
    Willian Borges 13 hours ago

    Aii meu coração 😭❤️

  • Fernanda Kist
    Fernanda Kist 13 hours ago


  • mirelle
    mirelle 14 hours ago


  • Claudia Marquez
    Claudia Marquez 14 hours ago

    It's me or that is Rosalia talking?

  • brb tch
    brb tch 14 hours ago

    I'm looking for thor

  • applesauce
    applesauce 14 hours ago

    It’s creepy how it gets way louder when is says ODD NUMBERED DAYS

  • Skylion
    Skylion 14 hours ago

    Wow I haven't almost cried over a fake fish since finding nemo.Thanks Harry.

  • Ingrid Martinez Resendiz

    lo amo mi bb

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia 14 hours ago

    Okay but like he needs to be in more movies, I’d watch the shit out of all of them

  • erick yohani medina soto