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  • Evan Purnomo
    Evan Purnomo 3 hours ago

    Pistol win

  • 최연창
    최연창 19 hours ago

    멋져 ~ (^o^)b

  • Let's Burn
    Let's Burn Day ago

    check out my pumpkin

  • TAKANA piripiri 太郎


  • S&C Gaming
    S&C Gaming Day ago

    *THIS IS V A R T A!!!!*

  • אוריאל גואטה

    Instead of help to the poor people, you destroy phones?

  • moofushu
    moofushu 3 days ago

    You sold me. This will now be my EDC form now on!

  • Benjamin García
    Benjamin García 3 days ago


  • Andon White
    Andon White 3 days ago


    SWEN TACTICAL 3 days ago

    My son and I want to make a hyperloop for a science project and reduce air pressure what we are thinking is a large clear tube, and then we take the two track copper wire approach and put that inside of the tube. And pull air out of tube. Will small Dow rods work - how tight can we make the copper wire on a Dow

  • partha sarthi
    partha sarthi 4 days ago

    No music no bullshit Only original sound Love it.

  • Random Restoration
    Random Restoration 4 days ago

    The results are totally irrelevant! Why ? Because the cannon hasn’t got anything behind it when it goes off , unlike the gun . Repeat the test and the results will be completely different!

  • 안1녕하세요
    안1녕하세요 4 days ago

  • Random Restoration
    Random Restoration 4 days ago

    Your trying for views !

  • Akhil sai
    Akhil sai 4 days ago

    It's sale

    MONU SHARMA 4 days ago

    क्या ऐसा सामान मार्केट में मिल सकता है

  • Modal Kertas
    Modal Kertas 5 days ago

    You should bring this stuff to year 1888😁😁😁😁

  • Feng Timo 冯提莫 phùng đề mạc My love

    Mini cannon > Handgun hehe if FAST cannon ? OMG not anybody life

  • predator killer5
    predator killer5 6 days ago

    Batteries assemble

  • Janak Prajapati
    Janak Prajapati 7 days ago

    I have a question regarding this, how is the model still working? Because the turns of the copper coils are touching each other laterally, this model is based on helical current movement, and if the turns of the copper coils touch each other, it wouldn't work right? Then how is this model still working??

  • Putri Citra Dewi
    Putri Citra Dewi 7 days ago

    How thick the magnet sir? Reply my question soon cause i wanna make this project. Thank you

  • Jung Anlee
    Jung Anlee 7 days ago


  • Nur Amalina Adnan
    Nur Amalina Adnan 7 days ago

    1:53 no knife?use this

  • S creators
    S creators 7 days ago

    amazing :))

  • Boom Boom
    Boom Boom 8 days ago

    Imagine using this as a handheld pistol

  • wasmost. PPb
    wasmost. PPb 8 days ago


  • Lasse Scheiding
    Lasse Scheiding 9 days ago


  • Hawaii Kidd
    Hawaii Kidd 9 days ago

    General Cornwallis and 5he Confederates would like to speak with you

  • Żul Marian
    Żul Marian 10 days ago

    Are you from Poland?(Michał is Poland name



  • Shane Algarin
    Shane Algarin 10 days ago

    Como explicar el fenomeno electromagnetico en fisica

  • Kalevra ###
    Kalevra ### 10 days ago


  • eyeisyou
    eyeisyou 10 days ago

    This video is obviously fake!!! A nokia 3310 cannot be destroyed!

  • Weston Bandli
    Weston Bandli 11 days ago

    *That is a very simple way to make a slinky*

  • William Butler
    William Butler 12 days ago

    Wonder how fast those balls are moving.

  • Martin Ševčík
    Martin Ševčík 12 days ago

    Je to registrované jako zbraň?

  • Robert Bingham
    Robert Bingham 13 days ago

    If U don't like your. Phone just chuk it & save the power.

  • Nora Dunder
    Nora Dunder 13 days ago

    why does the magnet have to be larger in diameter than the battery?

  • Asdi Krik-krik
    Asdi Krik-krik 13 days ago

    how about the mass

  • Mintu Mintu Kumar
    Mintu Mintu Kumar 14 days ago

    khaa se lano

  • Ljna Alexina
    Ljna Alexina 15 days ago

    Hello! We are trying to repeat the experiment, but nothing comes of it; the batteries were tried by JP, Energizer, Duracell. The wire was loosened to remove the varnish. We start the design does not work, you can tell where the magnets were bought, maybe it's in them. I will be glad to answer, thanks.

  • Ljna Alexina
    Ljna Alexina 15 days ago

    Hello! We are trying to repeat the experiment, but nothing comes of it; the batteries were tried by JP, Energizer, Duracell. The wire was loosened to remove the varnish. We start the design does not work, you can tell where the magnets were bought, maybe it's in them. I will be glad to answer, thanks.

  • Baljeet Singh
    Baljeet Singh 17 days ago

    please what is the rate

  • John Graves
    John Graves 17 days ago

    Now I know what happened to Hillary's server

  • Williams Santiago Fernandez

    La duracell ya estaba usada que no va a quedar en lps 35

  • Kenneth Branche'
    Kenneth Branche' 17 days ago

    I like the frontal explosive reaction from the jack o lantern . Blew its top too.

  • Kenneth Branche'
    Kenneth Branche' 17 days ago

    Nice to see that old gun tech still works . Cool vid .

  • 40thStangGT
    40thStangGT 18 days ago

    New from Hasbro! Available at these fine stores. Great stocking stuffer too 👍😎😂


    best for my legos

  • Experiment Ming
    Experiment Ming 18 days ago

    i feels good this video

  • hello brother
    hello brother 20 days ago


    MARMAJE69 21 day ago

    Duracell want to know your location.

  • Handmade TV
    Handmade TV 22 days ago


  • walter kersting
    walter kersting 23 days ago

    That is nifty.

  • Mgt 225
    Mgt 225 23 days ago

    How thick is the cable?

  • Iron Phoenix
    Iron Phoenix 23 days ago

    The way he has it braced on a wood plank to keep it stationary when it fires tells me that it is likely the first time he fired this thing the recoil threw it off target and it fired in random directions LOL!

  • YoungKittyWarrior
    YoungKittyWarrior 24 days ago

    However it is terribly interesting!

  • The Derp
    The Derp 25 days ago

    9mm Mini Cannon made specifically for the Tree Squirrel Union in defense against the Chipmunk Liberation Army.

  • allrounder teck
    allrounder teck 25 days ago

    Can we use other magnets instead of neodymiam magnets

    • allrounder teck
      allrounder teck 19 hours ago


    • Nicol Ass
      Nicol Ass Day ago

      I think that yu can but it is recomended to use those ones since they are the strongest (I guess)

  • The Huguenot
    The Huguenot 28 days ago

    And this is how grass fires in California begin

  • Jonn
    Jonn 28 days ago

    this guy matches

  • climati oof
    climati oof 28 days ago

    Ou shet men epic 🎃

  • Facena Meple
    Facena Meple 29 days ago

    Back Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood on Kickstarter, right now. Fantastic board game. :)

  • Jack Arrows
    Jack Arrows 29 days ago

    Ready to eat🎃 It 😁

  • lions
    lions 29 days ago

    Owww 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 rip a 🎃

  • Mr. Michal
    Mr. Michal 29 days ago

    Hello my friends where are you from?

    • Mr. Michal
      Mr. Michal 29 days ago

      @lions Thank you !

    • lions
      lions 29 days ago

      Mr. Michal I am from French

  • Inky Draws
    Inky Draws Month ago

    How did I get here, I love this

  • Zach Grant
    Zach Grant Month ago

    this video is fake. the nokia broke.

  • /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)

    Particularly in a 'kids live on computer games' era this is very pleasingly old skool

  • Вадим Селиверстов

    Нокия бессмертна

  • Mr. Michal
    Mr. Michal Month ago

    Don't forget to check out the latest mini canon video.

  • Борис Майоров

    Охренеть, тест-драйв батареек я ещё не видел 🐿️. 🤓

  • Ronaldo Carreira
    Ronaldo Carreira Month ago


  • Jason Zimmermann
    Jason Zimmermann Month ago

    Thumb down for super lame typical YT trash music.

  • DARTrider
    DARTrider Month ago

    how has the C battery failed but it has more voltage rating

  • Ярослав Бизин

    В азот всё залить

  • Taras Bulba
    Taras Bulba Month ago

    Un plotone di esecuzione!!!

  • Rajasekhar
    Rajasekhar Month ago


    SHEAU JIANN NG Month ago

    battery weight will effect the speed too

  • Opi Waran
    Opi Waran Month ago


  • Mustafa Khedapa
    Mustafa Khedapa Month ago

    Who else was hoping that the battery that they use wins

  • NCN Creation
    NCN Creation Month ago

    watch this. ...

  • Kiều Linh Vương

    Dont shoot me plz no no no! Ooof 1:54

  • A6M Zero
    A6M Zero Month ago

    use AAAAAAAAAA Battery

  • Bill Sabado
    Bill Sabado Month ago

    The longest Varta battery commercial ever

  • Сергей СВ

    Мини пушка класс,жаль такую на алиэкспрессе не купишь

  • Andres Chaves
    Andres Chaves Month ago

    Nice toy !

  • Joseph Sabu
    Joseph Sabu Month ago

    How does the battery moves in the coil.. What phenomena causes it? Can you explain it..?

  • Speedy O
    Speedy O Month ago

    How much weight can they pull per "battery engine"?

  • lkjhg hgu
    lkjhg hgu Month ago

    Crazy man

  • Spicoli's Head
    Spicoli's Head Month ago

    i need one of those to cannon my kids phones pads xbox1.

  • zαch
    zαch Month ago


  • Josef Brožek
    Josef Brožek Month ago


  • Tommy MacDerenphyce

    Toy Vs Weapon...

  • Electric A2Z
    Electric A2Z Month ago


  • Electric A2Z
    Electric A2Z Month ago


  • Stephen Whiting
    Stephen Whiting Month ago

    It's simple and brilliant...but wondering how much all that copper cost. 💰💰

  • AutoMoto Prdel světa

    How long time can one baterry drive in it?

  • mazhar üzelakçil

    yaratıcı bir fikir.!

    • mazhar üzelakçil
      mazhar üzelakçil Month ago

      @Oğuzhan yok kamera şakası yaptım bak sağ üstte kamera var el salla :D

    • Oğuzhan
      Oğuzhan Month ago

      cidden mi