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9 Unusual Nature Glitches
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  • Mayar Sinnokrot
    Mayar Sinnokrot 7 hours ago

    1:44 u know it's called PALESTINE

  • hm mello
    hm mello 7 hours ago

    My talent is eating bugers,tasting blood'eating my skin. The most normal thing RIGHT?

  • Danke Für Nichts
    Danke Für Nichts 7 hours ago

    That's the reason why Nolan Films are so great. They are in a kind of "realistic"

  • Rashed Yousif
    Rashed Yousif 7 hours ago

    1st its not the largest city 2nd 2:52-2:55 are not in dubai 3nd we have solar energy its not absent get your facts straight 4th every body in dubai has sewerage and the trucks filmed are Drinking/non-drinking water or gas or petrol trucks in our main truck road that leads to the highway no one stays several days on the road , as you can reach everywhere in the whole country not only dubai , in less then 7 hours 5th the " abandoned luxury cars with no owners " are filmed in the impound lot where people who get fines or trouble take there cars for a while and as we are in the desret a car left there for a month seems like its been there for a while and no one abandons a ferrari with the key inside not in dubai and or anywhere else 6th dubai is one of the cleanest cities in uae i like your videos but everytime you speak about another country i tend to skip that due to your false facts even the thumbnail is KSA's Mohammed Bin Salman. but there are some facts in the vid

  • Chris Camden
    Chris Camden 7 hours ago

    Thanos could

  • Musthafa Parambil
    Musthafa Parambil 7 hours ago

    would you pararell park like that in public??????????????

  • Eborlang Surong
    Eborlang Surong 7 hours ago

    Mindy Kelly.....looks sexy . Wanna her

  • Saish Sail
    Saish Sail 7 hours ago

    Anyone here after their car went through the same?

  • Eborlang Surong
    Eborlang Surong 7 hours ago

    And the Indian..,lady looks shit😂😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Marek Kõrgesaar
    Marek Kõrgesaar 7 hours ago

    The runnerboy i thing hes a killer clown in the movie

  • Eborlang Surong
    Eborlang Surong 7 hours ago

    The very first guy.....go to UFC.....and all your things.... goes Under....😎😎😎😎

  • Michole Pignato
    Michole Pignato 7 hours ago

    No one beats Jordan and no one will

  • Tara Eyas
    Tara Eyas 8 hours ago

    When they're pregnant it kinda looks like your grandma gave them too much cookies

  • muxammad mursal warsame 4

    Shaolin is nonsense

  • Abhijeet Raghuvanshi

    Only they need is deformable shield and more compact weapons

  • Chrissy Simpson
    Chrissy Simpson 8 hours ago

    I really hope the surgery won't kill the girl with the heart problem 😢

  • Chrissy Simpson
    Chrissy Simpson 8 hours ago

    I really hope the surgery won't kill the girl with the heart problem 😢

  • Soma Chakraborty
    Soma Chakraborty 8 hours ago

    I have been trapped in room My mother was standing after me

  • boricua Family954
    boricua Family954 8 hours ago

    Lol first one got me feeling like she Guna look like shriek wife an stuff she still looks beautiful ☺️❤️

  • Selene Peters
    Selene Peters 8 hours ago

    It’s not hot in Australia only sometimes donkey head

    BLANK THE UNKNOWN 8 hours ago

    So if i point a LMG at a shaolin master at 40 meters , he wont be beaten?

  • Wendy Barton
    Wendy Barton 8 hours ago

    7:30 alcos?

  • Selene Peters
    Selene Peters 8 hours ago

    F you for madding all this up to make kids not to go to Australia 🇦🇺

  • Demon king
    Demon king 8 hours ago

    Can Bruce lee win against a shaolin master!?🤔😅

  • David King
    David King 8 hours ago

    The needle thing was debunked by mythbusters

  • Kainat Mohsin
    Kainat Mohsin 9 hours ago

    Foodies have left the chat.

  • Thunder PlayZ
    Thunder PlayZ 9 hours ago

    Now you see me

  • APBC Technique and UK Osteopathy

    Ozone Gas ⛽️ will kill the snakes 🐍

  • Duke Jukieyz
    Duke Jukieyz 9 hours ago

    5G....1 city only have a bird death phenomenon...so why many other cities nor have a same phenomena... the answer it is not cause by 5G technology...but the city itself...

  • JAJA Cool
    JAJA Cool 9 hours ago

    BABY ELEPHANT : hey i wanna play with u SHEEP : Oh no Pinochio 😂

  • Dynamic Daniel
    Dynamic Daniel 9 hours ago

    Diary of a wimpy kid

  • Zoran Manalang
    Zoran Manalang 9 hours ago

    One thing in common they are all psycho

  • Zoran Manalang
    Zoran Manalang 9 hours ago

    Came here to watch video not money adds!!!

  • Zoran Manalang
    Zoran Manalang 9 hours ago

    Had a degree in psychology but psycho and look stupid

  • Jamie Ferguson
    Jamie Ferguson 9 hours ago

    Is those scenes from a movie or TV show at the start?

  • Zoran Manalang
    Zoran Manalang 9 hours ago

    Money maker adds shit

  • Zoran Manalang
    Zoran Manalang 9 hours ago

    A 15 seconds suck adds!!!

  • Zoran Manalang
    Zoran Manalang 9 hours ago

    Adds suck

  • JMartin gamin gaming

    I want a face reveal 😅

  • ThatFedoraGuy
    ThatFedoraGuy 9 hours ago

    South Korea isn’t communist so it wouldn’t be called the motherland

  • Aram Hayyan
    Aram Hayyan 9 hours ago

    It could have been made more interesting by making this a top 10 dangerous dog video, no wait that's watch mojojojo

  • Scarlet Dupo
    Scarlet Dupo 9 hours ago

    The blue screen moment

  • Jeremy Jimenez
    Jeremy Jimenez 9 hours ago

    The clip is incomplete 7:46

  • Xargo
    Xargo 9 hours ago

    I got sent to medhold in Basic Training for the Air Force, so I ended up in basic training for 15 weeks instead of the typical 8 and a half weeks. While in basic training you can’t have your phone or any electronics. My only contact with my family (other than on Christmas and New Years) was via hand wrote letters and those were often weeks apart. Having no internet or electronics is easy, even being away from family wasn’t that bad. In medhold we were confined to the dorms almost all day with really nothing to do, some people preferred to do their own thing and not be bothered by anyone. For me, I enjoyed talking with the other trainees stuck in medhold with me, writing stories, or reading. Ultimately, if I was stuck there alone I think it would have taken a much larger toll on me, but I think the key to making it through this experiment is to find an activity to stimulate your mind (like talking to the camera or drawing). If you focus on the fact you’re stuck there, then it will really start to get to you. I lost count of the days I was in medhold because keeping track actually made it harder than just forgetting about it and taking things one day at a time.

  • Mark Bucag
    Mark Bucag 9 hours ago

    "No one can beat a Shaolin Master" Ip Man: Am i joke to you?

  • crazyrh4gr fegrhrgdb
    crazyrh4gr fegrhrgdb 10 hours ago

    Perentie was a komodo wich isnt in australia

  • Derpthing
    Derpthing 10 hours ago

    the fox and cat seems like an anime plot but to be honest im more into the turtle and hippo story, it feels like a whole new plot for Kung Fu Panda tbh

  • Gabriel Pinote
    Gabriel Pinote 10 hours ago

    Is fake. But there skull. Is not alive

  • Fallen Black
    Fallen Black 10 hours ago

    Let’s share time travel rest everything like a kids shit

  • Loganplayz Ayre
    Loganplayz Ayre 10 hours ago

    I live in assirar

  • V1ruz ?
    V1ruz ? 10 hours ago

    Bruh how many ads do you even need?

  • Mickele Summersfield
    Mickele Summersfield 10 hours ago

    I live in this country and everything is a lie that comes out of this woman’s moth

  • taj savage
    taj savage 10 hours ago

    i hate ou

  • Drk Min
    Drk Min 10 hours ago

    I need to *learn* Morse code.....Just in case....

  • S B
    S B 10 hours ago

    Guards are actually good-looking, but they make them unattractive on purpose.Why those hats?are the bullet proof or something?

    TRAVEL WITH 3-IDIOTS 10 hours ago

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  • hasena 00
    hasena 00 10 hours ago

    This is True !!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Priscilla Ajayi
    Priscilla Ajayi 10 hours ago

    Stashed your cash in the sofa and you couldn't tell anyone before your death? That's not nice at all. Thank God those students found it and decided to give it back. Poor widow

  • Demonix
    Demonix 10 hours ago

    9:02 when ur trying to fit ur d in ur vgin gf.

  • Silas Mathias
    Silas Mathias 10 hours ago

    Dog heaven!! dumbest thing I've ever heard in a while

    DRELVY OFFICIAL 10 hours ago

    Im disappointed if you don't know gta5 drivers do

  • Flamingo fan
    Flamingo fan 10 hours ago

    King kong vs north korea?

  • Jason fedrick
    Jason fedrick 11 hours ago

    WTF filipino cuisine nice i glad it made it to the US

  • Emma Larraine
    Emma Larraine 11 hours ago

    If I was rich 💭 1. Buy a luxury apartment 2. Jeep 3. Travel the world 4. Charity - help the world

  • Dragongammersmasher
    Dragongammersmasher 11 hours ago


  • xLoser. Crystalx
    xLoser. Crystalx 11 hours ago


  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 11 hours ago

    Pac man is DISSAPOINTING

  • Wasem
    Wasem 11 hours ago

    Shahid afraid Pakistani cricketer's 2 sixes in last over vs India in Asia cup should be included.

  • Jeff Govak
    Jeff Govak 11 hours ago

    i live in strange town where it always rains in the town or everywhere else but the town and the boarder is almost always in same spot. peaople here are also really dum vote demon rat and they live in a 3rd world country in florida.

  • TheRanger
    TheRanger 11 hours ago

    It's not about beating

  • Soul Shaker
    Soul Shaker 11 hours ago

    1:42 The monk walking on coals is Mr. Bean!

  • Jeff Govak
    Jeff Govak 11 hours ago

    sell strang password?!?! i dont think its a strang password if someone else has it :X

  • Sarah Aherne
    Sarah Aherne 11 hours ago

    The sharks look kind of like nurse sharks, but I'm not sure

  • Ethan steven Cabico
    Ethan steven Cabico 11 hours ago

    I loved broccoli but green pepper bleh!

  • JedTheOne
    JedTheOne 11 hours ago

    What if i just shoot him?

  • Unicorn World
    Unicorn World 11 hours ago

    Wow there all so good

  • GodofDeathZero
    GodofDeathZero 11 hours ago

    P.O.S. ads

  • itstaco _gamer-girl
    itstaco _gamer-girl 11 hours ago

    1:37 omg she is so friking adorable and cute!!

  • C Finch
    C Finch 11 hours ago

    I'm 62 and go to the gym almost every day: Yoga, Pilates, High Intensity, weight lifting. Weekends I dance salsa and hike. Life is Good!

  • Fake pewdiepie
    Fake pewdiepie 11 hours ago

    #Mind warehouse

  • Jeff Govak
    Jeff Govak 12 hours ago

    everybody should learn to jump from planes and it should be the law liek seatbelt to have a paarachute on and a hole in the back of the seat for the [parachute to hold.... unfortuabntly when plane is crashing fuckers rather crash burn and die then attempt to jump and ejectalate out those who are gonna die anyway.

  • kaitlyn gordon
    kaitlyn gordon 12 hours ago


  • kite lover
    kite lover 12 hours ago

    They are preparing for warld war 3

  • YuWin Eri
    YuWin Eri 12 hours ago

    I already finished contra when I was 9 years old And the dinosaur game is my only game in my cellphone HAHAHAHA PS. I didn't finish the dinosaur game 😂😂

  • cambripug _xoxo
    cambripug _xoxo 12 hours ago

    I love how much Pete is in the Battletoads portion

  • George Bushaway
    George Bushaway 12 hours ago

    I want my coffin hole filled with concrete instead of dirt. Just to keep my remains safe for 100s of years... and from being eaten by creatures.

  • ItsGammingTime
    ItsGammingTime 12 hours ago


  • Animal stuff!!! !!!
    Animal stuff!!! !!! 12 hours ago

    My dad used to own 2 Neapolitan Mastiffs and 2 Cane Corsos and at some point a Terrier but he had four dogs already so he gave her away

  • Animal stuff!!! !!!
    Animal stuff!!! !!! 12 hours ago

    Ok listen i HAVENT watched this yet but if PIT BULLS are on rhis list!!!!! They should know that they r the GOOFIEST and CUTTEEESSSTTT DOGS IN THE WORLD!!!!

  • The Kiwi
    The Kiwi 12 hours ago

    Wheres Ken block? He did the 99 hairpin road sideways

  • ERLICORN And the bois.

    I have a friend who is a pro golf player in florida

  • Noodles
    Noodles 12 hours ago

    Lol, they’d get killed in a cage fight.

  • cLeanX box
    cLeanX box 12 hours ago

    i dont wanna be that guy but i cant get over the fact that you said Recife wrong and i dont know why. its pronounced He-see-fee

  • HazmatGrater
    HazmatGrater 12 hours ago

    The reason why i dont fully hate the human filth that tends to litter every street but some people can be really benevolent

  • Relly Josh Gaming Channel

    if your watching this in 2020 you must've a fan of Spongebob💖 Small RU-clipr let's subscribe to subscribe each other❤

  • barbara leighton
    barbara leighton 13 hours ago

    SORRY, you actually showed that Hornet...Sorry & Thank you!

  • Lilibeth Quitilen
    Lilibeth Quitilen 13 hours ago

    Me if i could see a cat or a dog being left alone or being physically abused it will make me feel hurt, angry and shattered because I have a pet puppy and I am devastated to whatever will happened to him what more to those homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals. If you have a dog or cat treat them with love, kindness and a lot of attention because they need it. We are their parents even if they get old we need to take care of them to.

  • barbara leighton
    barbara leighton 13 hours ago

    You owe me that much, but of course you have no one managing your chat ! DIRTY POOL. that is! Won't be back...

  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 13 hours ago

    "Shaolin Masters" are a joke when it comes to fighting.... they've been exposed.

  • barbara leighton
    barbara leighton 13 hours ago

    Hey Webmaster, you showed a picture of a weird looking Dog, but your Video was of a Bear! So what the hec is that picture you put online/