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I FINALLY got it...!
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The END of Fortnite...?
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Epic... please HELP US!
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Fortnite *REMOVED* farming!
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New *INVISIBLE* Skins! (OP)
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OG Greasy Grove to RETURN!
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  • Visualz andrew
    Visualz andrew 59 seconds ago

    Hey Ali a iv never got a win I just do glitches to get the umbrella

    DIPLIDOCLAS Minute ago

    I can be your new dou partner I play on pc I switched from controller to mouse and keyboard and I'm second best in my school I got 300wins and I'm willing to play with u Epic:Xoried_YT

  • Ashraf Sameh
    Ashraf Sameh 3 minutes ago

    Can u help me too

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 minutes ago

    Who wants a game with ali a after watching this?

  • epic DFG
    epic DFG 5 minutes ago

    my epic is grandmaster-DLM

  • epic DFG
    epic DFG 5 minutes ago

    im not trash i play on mobile iphone s6 and im axuly not trash

  • Tetra Ezio
    Tetra Ezio 6 minutes ago

    Which online game will be better this year 1 - Fortnite 2- Apex Legends 3- Call of duty MW 4 Comment below

  • X
    X 7 minutes ago


  • Diyen Hettiarachchi
    Diyen Hettiarachchi 7 minutes ago

    yous jeb_

  • Lucas Mccrimmon
    Lucas Mccrimmon 7 minutes ago

    He has Twitter

  • Aryaan Nabeel
    Aryaan Nabeel 7 minutes ago

    I watch your videos every day

  • Jaco Du Toit
    Jaco Du Toit 7 minutes ago

    can i please play with you i have no wins I hafe one season 8 win My epic name is JayKing.2019

  • Aryaan Nabeel
    Aryaan Nabeel 8 minutes ago

    Please give me a friend request

  • Hyden Govender
    Hyden Govender 8 minutes ago

    My username is Hyden G-Man

  • Zaid Patel
    Zaid Patel 8 minutes ago

    Please I have no victory royal my name is Moezaid123

  • Aryaan Nabeel
    Aryaan Nabeel 8 minutes ago

    I’m normally on at 7 to 8

  • Hyden Govender
    Hyden Govender 8 minutes ago

    Ali a pls help me to get a victory rolay

  • GoodMik Gaming
    GoodMik Gaming 8 minutes ago

    Wow... So if you buy the batman skin u can keep it. And if they decide to make a avengers crossover we get a dc marvel crossover in fortnite 👌🏻

  • xXToXiCXx_livingx145-YT
    xXToXiCXx_livingx145-YT 10 minutes ago

    Ali a i dont have i have no one and i am 12😭

  • Aryaan Nabeel
    Aryaan Nabeel 10 minutes ago

    The capital a my not be capital but try it capital

    DEATH_ BY_LIMITZ 10 minutes ago

    Hi ali a can you also please help me get my win😭😢 i only started in the end of season 7 and i only have battle pass skins from season 8 and season x can u please help me with my win my real name is Shaik. and my epic games username is OG_Official-AB.OG is only in my name because i heard people saying it so i thought its a nice thing i dont really know what it means😢

  • Zaid Patel
    Zaid Patel 11 minutes ago

    Ease add me and make me get a victory royal people bully me in fortnite because I have no skin but then I completed a challenge but still they bully me

  • Sahra Ubah
    Sahra Ubah 11 minutes ago

    I have no win please help me win

  • shadow Slayer
    shadow Slayer 11 minutes ago

    We finally found this 9 year that PewDiePie wast asking PewDiePie we got e'm

  • Aryaan Nabeel
    Aryaan Nabeel 12 minutes ago

    Ali a can you get me my first win my name is BossAryaan786

  • Hayden Thun
    Hayden Thun 12 minutes ago

    U should go back to ps4

  • Caren Price
    Caren Price 12 minutes ago

    Hi ricotta

  • Stephen Yeardsley
    Stephen Yeardsley 13 minutes ago

    8 have no wins and my dream is to play with you😢😭

  • SoaRKrish
    SoaRKrish 14 minutes ago

    Bro that's so kind of you.

  • SoaRKrish
    SoaRKrish 14 minutes ago

    Please subscribe my channel bro it will *encourage me to make more videos* *I'm improving in my gaming skills*

  • Johannse Ven
    Johannse Ven 15 minutes ago

    I have not got a win yet btw I am 10

  • Hyden Govender
    Hyden Govender 15 minutes ago

    Pls Ali a

  • Niranjan Raina
    Niranjan Raina 15 minutes ago

    How did u get the combat shotgun

  • Johannse Ven
    Johannse Ven 16 minutes ago

    Can u help me too

  • Niranjan Raina
    Niranjan Raina 16 minutes ago

    He got the dub coz there werent any brutes

  • xanthus poon
    xanthus poon 17 minutes ago

    what happen to your ps4 tho

  • Kierzxn
    Kierzxn 18 minutes ago

    woAh HeS ToO yOunG for TwiTteR

  • Frosty Elf
    Frosty Elf 19 minutes ago

    Ali a is very Nice and generous

  • MX123BROS
    MX123BROS 19 minutes ago

    1v1 me my fortnite is KJBbros 😂

  • jammy
    jammy 19 minutes ago

    Ali this is the the nicest thing I’ve seen all year you are a gamer with a true gamer hart

  • Hyden Govender
    Hyden Govender 19 minutes ago

    Ali a I haven't got a victory rolay I'm from south Africa pls help me username Hyden G-Man

  • Beedo Momentos
    Beedo Momentos 19 minutes ago

    Shout out to the editor for putting the time to the gameplay for this video that looked like 2-3 hours of fortnite just for these clips. much love

  • The Gamer VI-YT
    The Gamer VI-YT 20 minutes ago

    I really like videos like this, keep it up Alister!

  • King Ky
    King Ky 20 minutes ago

    One of the most humble things I've seen in gaming this is so generous and amazing please keep doing this 🤩🤩

  • Tick The Trick
    Tick The Trick 20 minutes ago

    I also never got a victory

  • Khadra Reigal
    Khadra Reigal 20 minutes ago

    That is a pillager hut don't go there

  • PaulBenedict Tan
    PaulBenedict Tan 21 minute ago

    Can you help me get a win too

  • Luca vs Alexandra
    Luca vs Alexandra 21 minute ago

    U can go on top of the magma block and get air but don’t go on it

    ZARST 21 minute ago

    I don’t really watch you a lot anymore, but this genuinely made me happy. Do more of this mate

  • Redreaper 2018
    Redreaper 2018 21 minute ago

    Can you carry me to my first win of this season I’m a bot

  • James Walsh
    James Walsh 23 minutes ago

    I liked and subed

  • Tristin Barrett
    Tristin Barrett 23 minutes ago

    I'm not usually toxic and no offence but me and my m8 would beat him on ios in a 1v1

  • Yanti Yanti
    Yanti Yanti 24 minutes ago

    I also never won i am Fortnitefellow

  • fallen shadow
    fallen shadow 25 minutes ago

    At least he admits his fanbase is younger than 10

  • Ahmed MJ
    Ahmed MJ 25 minutes ago


  • 5unny1
    5unny1 28 minutes ago

    get me a battle pass im a deafult plz

  • Incy Iguana
    Incy Iguana 30 minutes ago

    Wait this kid is nine and has Twitter? I’m 11 and I can’t get twitch

  • Evan Maskill
    Evan Maskill 30 minutes ago

    Why just why would they do this it’s gonna ruin batman for me just no

  • Savage penguin X
    Savage penguin X 31 minute ago

    Honest I get bullied for no solo win when my friends have like 100-240 solo win

  • the sapphire bird
    the sapphire bird 31 minute ago

    New Batman challenge with Batman shin

  • Brett Spicer
    Brett Spicer 31 minute ago

    nice work ali a

  • Melvin Riley
    Melvin Riley 31 minute ago

    Also my fortnite name is duydubdubuybuyb

  • Stealthdiamond
    Stealthdiamond 32 minutes ago

    Sub to this manz!!!

  • Phoenix Freaks
    Phoenix Freaks 32 minutes ago

    Please play with me I have never got a win in duo

  • Fred Akolly
    Fred Akolly 32 minutes ago

    Wait what! I thought they vaulted combats

  • Sinwan Khan
    Sinwan Khan 32 minutes ago

    You are kind as Donald trump😝

  • Jayson Naidoo
    Jayson Naidoo 32 minutes ago

    Isn't combats gone

  • Sinwan Khan
    Sinwan Khan 33 minutes ago

    You are the best Ali a

  • Raging Comedy
    Raging Comedy 33 minutes ago

    Do more minecraft. Ur Fortnite vids are dead

  • Puppet life
    Puppet life 33 minutes ago

    Star Wars x fortnite like if you want this to be real

  • tearful438cart
    tearful438cart 33 minutes ago

    S gift me a skin too Account:tearful438cart

  • Brett Spicer
    Brett Spicer 34 minutes ago

    ali a please play other games like call of duty and other games

    PIRATE PIGGY 34 minutes ago

    I never got a victory in my life pls friend me Ali

  • Skylutic :}
    Skylutic :} 36 minutes ago

    Like this if Ali a is the nicest person ever!

  • Your boi Ali-a Aaa
    Your boi Ali-a Aaa 36 minutes ago

    This nine year old has a Twitter account. Jesus Christ

    REDDY&ANDBLUEY 37 minutes ago

    I started at season 3 and not got my first win😂😂😂😂😂😢😢

  • Commandersspawn
    Commandersspawn 37 minutes ago

    Hey Alia if you can I'm on Xbox commandersspawn if u can play duos with me once or twice I don't know what I would to if you respond have a nice day

  • Adam Clissold
    Adam Clissold 37 minutes ago

    You know this was recorded ages ago cause there is a combat shotgun

  • Melvin Riley
    Melvin Riley 37 minutes ago

    Ali a I’m 10 and I’ve never had a win and I’ve been playing since season 3 can you help me out

  • tdm fans
    tdm fans 38 minutes ago

    Ur so nice u gift him a skin and a win that's so heart warming

  • Ray Ramgopaul
    Ray Ramgopaul 38 minutes ago

    Love you Alia

  • Youtuber GOD
    Youtuber GOD 39 minutes ago

    Lol I got this recommended when real Batman came to Fortnite

  • Auduacity
    Auduacity 39 minutes ago

    Great video 👍🏻

  • AGENT 9
    AGENT 9 39 minutes ago

    I am also nine i just have one win my id is =itssuvrat ............. and can u sub my channle

  • AL PRO
    AL PRO 40 minutes ago

    Hey Ali can I get a ikonk plz

  • The Suttons
    The Suttons 40 minutes ago

    Sorry not tipping it in one. I left a like

  • Iron Blaze
    Iron Blaze 40 minutes ago

    Ali, I play on switch yet I use a pro controller and its really easy (not to mention I can do 90's 😁)

  • Alisdair Reeves
    Alisdair Reeves 41 minute ago

    Alia pls pls pls can you gift me the battle pass I love the skins so if we win a duos match you gift it iplay on xbox my name is Ninjamax6

  • tdm fans
    tdm fans 41 minute ago

    Ali a I love u my name is cool force wwe

  • The Suttons
    The Suttons 41 minute ago

    Your one of my favourite you tubers. Sorry if I spelt it wrong.

  • Indian Pasta
    Indian Pasta 41 minute ago

    Btw its gotham city

  • box-penguin playz
    box-penguin playz 42 minutes ago

    I don't have a win plz ad me my name is Box-Penguin

  • Angelica Sabau
    Angelica Sabau 42 minutes ago


  • FaZe Sway
    FaZe Sway 43 minutes ago

    I have never got one

  • Papa Bastyn
    Papa Bastyn 43 minutes ago

    who noticed he was in tilted town not gotham city? Edit: he had a combat too!

  • FaZe Sway
    FaZe Sway 43 minutes ago

    Pls can you gift battle pass pretty pls

  • Susan Hodgkinson
    Susan Hodgkinson 43 minutes ago

    Hi I'm seven and I don't have a win

  • Laragyan
    Laragyan 43 minutes ago

    I have ask Every won if they can just gives me 100 or 50 v-bux cuz i did buy a skin to my sis and then i understan i dont have so much v-bux pls help

  • FaZe Sway
    FaZe Sway 43 minutes ago

    Ali a

  • The Suttons
    The Suttons 43 minutes ago

    Can I be in your next video.