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Fun With Audio - Strings
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  • Justin Hackstadt

    Thousands of people died in the crash of the Enterprise at the end. Like 100x the Man of Steel death toll. Lol

  • Emp Tee
    Emp Tee Hour ago

    Only thing wrong with this movie was casting that fuckwit as the genie.

  • Joe Sunder
    Joe Sunder Hour ago

    God this movie was soooo bad!!!

  • J LA
    J LA Hour ago

    This is my first time seeing this, I just knew it was going to SUCK! Why does Disney keep making these terrible "live" versions of it's popular animated movies? That TV live preformace of The Little Mermaid was so horrible I couldn't get through the first song! What dip-shit thought it would be cool to have a live audience scream through all of the musical numbers??? Besides, who screams at a play anyway?? It's not a fucking Boy-band concert!

  • DirectMAG
    DirectMAG Hour ago

    10:44 Saaame

  • DJ Martinez
    DJ Martinez Hour ago

    You know what would be nice? If there wasn’t politics in these videos. I know I can’t control the video, but just thought I’d say it.

  • Troy B
    Troy B Hour ago

    This channel used to be funny, now it's just cringy.

  • Just a Regular Human

    Nah you're being a dick about Speechless. It's pretty good ! Cliche af but still nice !

  • The Mysterious Mustache Man

    Idk if you’ve ever tried to walk in knee high snow without being ready for it but the movie definitely represents that accurately

  • Son_ Gogeto
    Son_ Gogeto Hour ago

    This is awful

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 Hour ago

    Because of this remake, I decree *ALL* sins for the original be struck from the record

  • Intactbjörn
    Intactbjörn Hour ago

    Jafar looks like the type of guy to send out a bunch of "twitter" messenger birds complaining about how his life is over because he can't find his hat for a few minutes, then shortly after sends out more saying "lol it was on my head the whole time." He bitches to his friends about he how his parents won't buy him a lamp containing an all-powerful genie so he has to send his man-servants out to go look for one but they suck because they're never successful and his parents also won't even buy him better servants.

  • Somebody you know

    so for some reason you didnt sin the fact the pengquin has weird freaky hands and his fingers are fused together?

  • Maren Snapp
    Maren Snapp Hour ago



    How dare you sin the stan lee cameo


    Its easier for him to snap his fingers with the infinity stones so....

  • All The World's A Stage!

    The sin count's pretty low this time around, huh?

  • IIResonancEII
    IIResonancEII Hour ago

    I don’t watch this channel anymore. But I’m watching this video so that I don’t have to watch the actual movie.

  • NotAllCatsAreNice

    Emma stone having perfect makeup in the Apocalypse is a sin.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Hour ago

    Honestly I think his sin counts were a little excessive for this one

  • NotUsingMyName
    NotUsingMyName Hour ago

    Do Kung Fury!

  • Debbie Blackman
    Debbie Blackman Hour ago

    With Frozen 2 out this week, you should do Tangled

  • Raptorman0909
    Raptorman0909 Hour ago

    Disaster movies are almost always the worst when it comes to reality but this one takes the bullshit to levels not seen before or since. Perhaps to single worst disaster movie ever!

  • Khuyen Nguyen
    Khuyen Nguyen Hour ago

    You guys realize that Deadpool is literally one if not the only movie that has a bonus round dedicated to TAKING off sins

  • Everette Bradfute

    In the new movie's defense, the voice actor for the parrot is better in my opinion.

  • alex9100 alex9100

    out of all the amazing songs in the 1980's they pick video killed the radio star. i watched the movie before i read the book and when i heard that was his favourite song i still wondered what the producers were thinking

  • labib pranta
    labib pranta Hour ago

    50 sins redacted for calling the charger challenger

  • LeKaNsWaNsOn
    LeKaNsWaNsOn Hour ago

    Professor: Good neews everyone, i've fixed the ships matter compressor Fry: whats the matter compressor Professor: nothings the matter fry, now that I've fixed the ships matter compressor.

  • Just a Regular Human

    The most unforgivable sin is probably the lack of Jafar shirtless scene. That is truly the biggest crime of them all

  • Godderz Gaming
    Godderz Gaming Hour ago


  • HESH AtSeaLab
    HESH AtSeaLab Hour ago

    HEY Don't PUT DOWN THE JIFFY POP! They still make em and I get em hahahaha

  • Christopher Ruiz


  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 Hour ago

    "Thanks, I hate it" That's all you had to say to describe this. *ALL* the sins

  • Stomp Chunkman
    Stomp Chunkman Hour ago

    You consider dates terrible? You deserve a swat on the nose.

  • Anthropocène Stroermer

    I’m gonna have to sin you....a terminator needs sunglasses as an homage to the first movie.

  • Kaytee E.
    Kaytee E. Hour ago

    i sin cinemasins for never getting the times right, it says 15 minutes or less but its MORE GODDAMMIT

  • The cheese cake Burglar

    Yes this is the video I have been waiting for! Will Smith made a great genie 🧞‍♂️ Have a great day everyone 😊😊

  • jj blake
    jj blake Hour ago

    Im here to warn you of coppa spread the word #coppa

  • ben lewis
    ben lewis Hour ago

    I'm zariyah

  • ben lewis
    ben lewis Hour ago

    I like this video

  • unfabgirl
    unfabgirl Hour ago

    To be fair, the guard did exist in the original movie (but he didn't get his name until the tv series.)

  • Mark Sommerville

    Jafar didn't say not to touch any other treasure, just not to take them.

  • TheIdealisticCynic

    You missed the biggest sin of all: if the memory guys can send memories to headquarters, why didn’t Joy get them to send the core memories for her?

  • Shaun Martinez
    Shaun Martinez Hour ago

    3:04 ever been to LA

  • GrimReaper4383
    GrimReaper4383 Hour ago

    Glad I never bought this movie.

  • LegendofOtaku
    LegendofOtaku Hour ago

    The video description is everything that ever needs to be said, ever. Thank you.

  • Moonbeam 87
    Moonbeam 87 Hour ago

    Sin 109 Naveen's Little Brother.

  • AureliaZenobia
    AureliaZenobia Hour ago

    I heard: "Take your bag of dicks and get out" not "bag of dates".

  • Proton_ 13
    Proton_ 13 Hour ago

    6:17 Dear god he’s right-

  • Chelsey Lynn
    Chelsey Lynn Hour ago

    Cooper didn’t even graduate from the school of running away from things...hell he didn’t even get accepted! 😂

  • Ferc Polo
    Ferc Polo Hour ago

    Since 7/10 of the backgrounds are CG anyway, this version is less real than the original which exists entirely as physical animation. This version is like a bad Roger Rabbit.

  • Legend Belfalcon

    Can we all take a moment for how long it took to realize that Naomi Scott was not in fact Sarah Michelle Gellar and having to pause the movie to google that is totally a sin?

  • jacob hernandez
    jacob hernandez Hour ago

    4:04 i don't remember that last scene

  • 348joey
    348joey Hour ago

    Are you asking if we care how long the video is or if we care about this movie at all?

  • Antonio Marquez
    Antonio Marquez Hour ago

    I actually enjoyed this movie

  • Dragon Skunk Studio

    Where's The Genie saying "Welcome to earth!" Where's the parrot saying "Aflac!" Why aren't there any musicals from this movie with 'The men in Black' song? Outtakes are getting lazy.

  • Wolfzz_ G0ne
    Wolfzz_ G0ne Hour ago

    How look over there something to sin

  • Wild Cloud
    Wild Cloud Hour ago

    im glad i never watched this shit, and im glad i got to watch cinemasins completely obliterate it. This wasn't a ghostbusters movie as ghostbusters wouldn't involve pre-established icons and characters as if they were somehow on par with cloudy cgi sprites that get knocked out with one hit. Remember in the old movies when the team actually had to spank those mothers to beat them? This was boring and cookie cutter like every remake these days regardless of the characters, plot or the abysmal humor. If anything, women should be offended that this was such a waste of good female talent.

  • tehbonehead
    tehbonehead Hour ago

    If Stitch had showed up at 10:22 this movie would have been way better...

  • B 37
    B 37 Hour ago

    No we don’t really care minutes. Thank you anyway.

  • NikkiJ336
    NikkiJ336 Hour ago

    Thank you CinemaSins. Now I won’t waste my time and possibly ruin my childhood watching this mess. Also f*** that parrot 😡

  • Neuborn-Tragedy
    Neuborn-Tragedy Hour ago

    The nostalgy in this vid is crazy

  • TinselTown
    TinselTown Hour ago

    is this really what people who havnt played the game/read the books think? the portal is actually still too small, sargeras cant get through.

  • Mark Sun
    Mark Sun Hour ago

    basically just stock footage of swimming at a beach f*cked up with tons of cgi sharks.

  • Kou Izumi
    Kou Izumi Hour ago

    One sin off for Jeremy's out-of-the-blue Cool Spot video game reference, a game made for 7UP (yes, the soda) that, up until now, I thought NOBODY else had ever heard of and that I was 50% sure was a fever dream my older brother and I had in the mid-90s.

  • Hiraghm
    Hiraghm Hour ago

    It's really not the 21st century that sucks so hard. It's the fucking people in western society in the 21st century that blow hard enough to put out entire blue giant stars. And yes, I hate the mindless morons who suck this shit up every little bit as much as I hate the evil fucking media companies that put this shit out. I'm glaring at you with lasers coming out of my eyes, Disney.

  • Hannah Pilkey
    Hannah Pilkey Hour ago

    Speaking of which, why HAVEN'T you done a video on the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

  • Novacane
    Novacane Hour ago

    whenever they make reboots, it just makes the original look like masterpiece sometimes

  • Jak Hawkins
    Jak Hawkins Hour ago

    Why did they only hire ugly people to act in this movie? Edit: I take it back, Princess is pretty cute. And Will Smith is still a good looking man.

  • SquidsShip Prime

    The nexu does because of Padmes kick to the chest because nexus have really weak bones

  • David Harty
    David Harty Hour ago

    I'm so glad you have to watch these terrible movies so I don't.

  • The boi Zypeo
    The boi Zypeo Hour ago

    I actually thought this movie was really good

  • Monique Ford
    Monique Ford Hour ago

    A sin for existing ROFLMBO

  • Kor3xican
    Kor3xican Hour ago

    Uhhhhh.....everything’s wrong with this movie!!!!!

  • D'Angelo Duran
    D'Angelo Duran Hour ago

    Where’s Endgame

  • RedPanda07
    RedPanda07 Hour ago

    “Avengers: Infinity War already has an infinity of actors” Wait until you see EndGame, literally everyone is in it: Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlett Witch, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Korg, Meek, M’Baku, Okoye, StarLord, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Thanos, Doctor Strange, Loki, Wong, the Ancient One, Frigga, Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Hawkeye’s Daughter, Hawkeye’s Son, Hawkeye’s other Son, Hawkeye’s daughter, Wasp, Hank Pym, Shuri, Stan Lee, Nick Fury, That Kid From Iron Man 3, Pepper Potts, Winter Soldier, Kraglin, Random Sorcerer Supreme’s, All the Ravangers, the entire Black Order, Red Skull, etc.

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Hour ago

    The "Get it yourself" part of this remake doesn't work. In the original, Genie ask Aladdin to demand something of him because all that Aladdin's wishes were given in the form of demands. A demand would do nothing for the new genie because the conditions for getting him to grant a wish were saying "I wish" and rubbing the lamp. You can't have your nostalgia cake without properly preparing it first, Disney.

  • Awesomely Hooked

    "or Da Ghost" I really chuckled hard. I can't watch movies without judging them now

  • Hiraghm
    Hiraghm Hour ago

    A female Sultan? They really really want to absolutely ignore cultural reality, don't they, in order to promote this multi-culti, all cultures are equal bullshit.

  • john the wandering shougun

    9:27 yo that's so powerful man 😭 I remember watching the og Aladdin in vhs back in 2004 that is the truth

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby Hour ago

    Ahah! 4 is my favorite number. And temporarily my favoritesin

  • Faelyn Dexter
    Faelyn Dexter Hour ago

    The bowl in Jasmine's room isn't full of's full of Pomegranates.

  • Alan Fok
    Alan Fok Hour ago

    Fuck you. Speechless is an amazing song.

  • Shelley Dwyer-Murphy

    "Thanks, I hate it." Did you steal that, or, what, you and Lindsay are pals? Because she loves your endless "my college girlfriend..." stuff? Or because you are long in the tooth to stil have trouble saying the word breast instead of boob? Render unto Lindsay what is Lindsay's . I have been a female fan of yours for quite awhile, you may have gone too far for me this time. Disappointed in you, Jeremy.

  • Mark Sun
    Mark Sun Hour ago

    The BIGGEST sin about these movies is that the reason we're here, to watch giant legendary monsters clash, is completely denied by random sh*t that blocks our view of the giant awesome fight.

  • GM Freeman
    GM Freeman Hour ago

    I love CinemaSins, but I can't even watch this version of the movie.

  • Hiraghm
    Hiraghm Hour ago

    Jafar: "I can destroy cities" Americans: _yawn_ .

  • Briana Hicks
    Briana Hicks Hour ago

    Does this movie pale in every way to the original? Yes. Did it still make me happy? Yes.

  • Rory J
    Rory J Hour ago

    Well the pillow over the head would probably help with the blood splatter and not just the noise.

  • Márcio Araujo Mitrano

    Nice, but you missed my favorite sin: the pair of boys playing “Final Fantasy VIII”, a solo player J-RPG, in co-op.

  • TheEnchilada Kid

    Hey, do you remember that time The Sultan said praise allah and Jasmine was stoned to death for talking to Aladdin and then he blew him self up because Muhammad said so, hahaha good times

  • CGP
    CGP Hour ago

    "This movie exists." *DING* Me: *Clap*

  • Damyen Hockman
    Damyen Hockman Hour ago

    The best way to celebrate this movie coming out is by watching the original. Plus you probably own it by now, so you can most likely watch it for free!

  • Hiraghm
    Hiraghm Hour ago

    "stand with the people of"... this whole democracy/socialism thing is so incredibly terribly out-of-place. Not only is it not culturally accurate for the alleged time period and (wrong) location of the telling of the tale, it's culturally appropriating it from Europe. All because one of the mindless mantras of the modern world is that the good guys are fighting 'for the people'. When in reality, the good guys fought 'for the people' almost as seldom as did the bad guys. Aladdin was all about being Emperor, not President of the United States. Though, even _without_ accounting for the age difference, I'd much rather be married to Melania than Jasmine. Because beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, Slovenian, etc.

  • o o f
    o o f Hour ago

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for a Cinema Sins with Do You Really Care minutes !

  • Sanghamitra Chetia

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! I was waiting for this.

  • Wesley Cairl
    Wesley Cairl Hour ago

    Do we even need a 'Everything Wrong With Super Mario Bros'? We can tell that the movie companies made a big uh-oh by just seeing the cover of the movie.

  • Gig-gity
    Gig-gity Hour ago

    Disney will remake this remake in 50 years

  • Mark Sun
    Mark Sun Hour ago

    I would've paid money for you to make a bonus round for every time they spewed some science ramble.

  • Jacob Gutierrez
    Jacob Gutierrez Hour ago

    Bro I hate how they put that extra princess jasmine song just for feminist like Disney needs to quit shit like that and stick to the classic stuff