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  • Todd
    Todd 3 days ago

    So younger Japanese Americans really push the Interment camp thing I have noticed. That is all these leftist colleges push is victimology 101.. The Japanese were was so brutal to chinese and Filipino people during WW2 They tricked the American Gov with talks of peace while planning Pearl Harbor.. UW. These videos are a big turn off!

    • nmelkhunter1
      nmelkhunter1 3 days ago

      The point Todd is making is that the Japanese interments were not done because of race, but because they were from a country that was the enemy. There is a push in this country to make the decision as one based on race and not a necessity driven by war. This push, and many like it, are driven by a left wing approach to re-write history to make the race card something that is loosely played. Furthermore, this push is often seen on college campuses from professors who teach from a left wing view instead of a centric view. I experienced this myself when I told an English professor that unions have outlived much of their original purposes since regulations now cover much of the ground unions were formed to cover. He told me I was draconian in my views. I politely told him he needed to look at the tactics used by unions to justify their modern existence and then reanalyze his view point. We agreed to disagree, but much of his commentary showed his bias and he was not the only professor I had these experiences with.

    • Anne Guzzo
      Anne Guzzo 3 days ago

      What a strange response Todd. This is about America, about Wyoming - and it is history.

  • wyochiquito
    wyochiquito 18 days ago

    So great to see it after 30 years away. Nicely done!

  • Brayden Courteau
    Brayden Courteau 19 days ago

    no you

  • Julian Roen
    Julian Roen 19 days ago

    you should post fortnite!

  • Julian Roen
    Julian Roen 19 days ago

    Good job

  • Lionel Nolet
    Lionel Nolet 19 days ago

    good job keep up the great work ;)

    • Lionel Nolet
      Lionel Nolet 19 days ago

      ikr bro he is sooooo good this music just makes me so happy ;))))

    • Noah Keighley
      Noah Keighley 19 days ago

      I am so glad he is making thesee videos and I cant wait to see what comes next. I also agree thathe shold keep up the good work. you are a smart person for saying this "Lionel Nolet"

    • Brayden Courteau
      Brayden Courteau 19 days ago

      no you

  • Joe Olive
    Joe Olive Month ago

    Go Pokes! From Seattle

  • checktheskies 4lies

    I have a broken up plants fossils that seem to becoming easier to fall to pices.North England From the West cumbrian coast. Looks like a flood mud slide type of fossilisation, wish I knew the age of them so many different types of plants..

  • Secular Sunshine
    Secular Sunshine Month ago

    Wyoming Where the Eagle soars Where hallowed prairies meet the skies, And Coyotes sing ancient prairie melodies. Where Mother Nature is consecrated, And Equality is driven by the unabated wind. Where Cowboys are King.

  • nmelkhunter1
    nmelkhunter1 Month ago

    I guess I'm just a high desert ranch kid, but what breed of cattle are shown in this video?They sure grown a lot heavier winter coat than the cattle I'm use to. Take care.

    NOMAD Month ago

    Smart guy!

  • Asian Nazi Japan is

    Best beautiful campus and good air👍

  • Alan Hlozek
    Alan Hlozek 2 months ago

    Hmmm, I wonder if they have any plans to add a contemporary classical music performance program? Probably not, but it would be nice if they did!

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 3 months ago

    Such a great video.

  • BP ONG
    BP ONG 3 months ago

    Thanks! Danke! 谢谢大家!

  • Andy Tuesday
    Andy Tuesday 3 months ago

    Beautiful. Thank you 🙏

  • Kaitlyn Savage
    Kaitlyn Savage 4 months ago

    I cant wait to go to college. I really want to be a the rodeo team

  • Brian Arbenz
    Brian Arbenz 4 months ago

    Is that the attendance counter on the screen? 52 million plus people would be an impressive crowd.

  • J M
    J M 4 months ago

    Beautiful. Love all the glass/light.

  • Jeanette Lamb
    Jeanette Lamb 5 months ago

    Wow what an impressive young woman. Proud to have her at U.W.

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic 5 months ago

    Repeating unproven Establishment-interpretations of raw data. Watch Thunderbolts Project or Sky Scholar videos for more proven-predictive theories of astronomical data. (Disclaimer: There's no cushy Govt. career in being an independent-thinking scientist concerned only with objective truth.)

  • Nick Junior Nick Junior

    That's a great video.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 5 months ago


  • M. Bax
    M. Bax 5 months ago

    Just yesterday morning at 4a.m., I was finally able to use my own telescope. I finally saw the moon!!! I am amazed and can't wait to see more. That is why I love these RU-clip channels

  • HDBerlin
    HDBerlin 5 months ago

    Very nicely done, thank you very much.

    RANDOMNESS873 6 months ago

    The dollar store Pistol Pete

  • Jake’schannel
    Jake’schannel 6 months ago

    Dope video

  • Yoga Galactica
    Yoga Galactica 6 months ago

    Really like this!! Please check out our content, we think you will love it:)

  • Lance Clark
    Lance Clark 6 months ago

    As a lifelong resident of Wyoming, I have grown up a pokes fan. These soy people do not like our way of life and our freedoms. Either love it or get out! Go pokes forever!!

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot 6 months ago

    The term "cowboy" is synonymous with "trailblazer". A person who takes a different path than the norm, who thinks outside the box, pioneer, innovator.

  • Richard Hiatt
    Richard Hiatt 6 months ago

    Wow! Great message. 👍

  • Julia Rickett
    Julia Rickett 6 months ago

    I love it! We do need more cowboys! I am one female not offended by the word boy or man in a word. I would never balk at being called a cowboy

  • Kelly Sue Jones
    Kelly Sue Jones 6 months ago

    I come from a long line of Ranchers. My family opened up the State of Florida when few would tackle the wild terrain a hundred years ago. We are a tough lot of people who work real hard and get a lot accomplished through determination, education, creativity, and sweat. The University was talking about the spirit of a cowboy which is what I think the offended people missed in their overt hatred of white people. Great Video University of Wyoming.

  • Jon Boxleitner
    Jon Boxleitner 6 months ago

    Fabulous! #CowboyUp

  • Christian Colossus
    Christian Colossus 6 months ago

    Great Video! If you fire your professors who were protesting your own slogan I'll buy several shirts from your university.

  • Don Summers
    Don Summers 7 months ago

    Great script!

  • Funny How
    Funny How 7 months ago

    The world does need more Cowboys! We certainly don’t need more soy boys.

  • Mary Wireman
    Mary Wireman 7 months ago

    THANK YOU!! Thank you for not backing down to the SJW & snowflakes. I like your slogan & your video!!

  • Tadiq Shahid
    Tadiq Shahid 7 months ago

    The world needs more cowboys. If when you think of the word ‘cowboy’ you think it invokes a white, macho, male, able-bodied, heterosexual, U.S.-born person then you are very much missing the point, my friend. Expand your mind a little bit, think deeper, come on dammit. It’s all about the spirit and love for adventure that the cowboy has, what is beneath the surface, the detachment from being on autopilot that all of us should embody. #TheWorldNeedsMoreCowboys #BuckingTheSystem

  • Bob Sacamano
    Bob Sacamano 7 months ago

    The world does need more cowboys, and the only people who are offended by this are politically correct social justice morons. Go fuck yourselves liberal lunatics.

  • dan cash
    dan cash 7 months ago

    Thinking about applying to there nursing program is ASU does not work out.

  • moski momo
    moski momo 7 months ago

    Where is the link to purchase some shirts & hats!!?

  • Bateluer
    Bateluer 7 months ago

    Need to buy a shirt with that slogan.

  • Steven Dooley
    Steven Dooley 7 months ago

    Let 'er buck!

  • T G
    T G 7 months ago

    Yup!!! And don’t apologize for saying it!!! Let the cornballs get offended!

  • Rajae Reid
    Rajae Reid 7 months ago

    This video was very informative.. Thank you

  • Redhead Commando
    Redhead Commando 7 months ago

    Yeah baybee! Not only more cowboys...but more colleges to stand up and fight all this pc bs!

  • kd8poi
    kd8poi 7 months ago

    Bends over backwards a bit to be PC, but still a great ad and a great slogan.

  • Doc JC
    Doc JC 7 months ago

    Well done- excellent

  • Debra Westeros
    Debra Westeros 7 months ago

    AWESOME ad.

  • Michael A
    Michael A 7 months ago

    Be bold, move fast, break things. Snowflakes need not apply.

  • Craig S
    Craig S 7 months ago

    HELL YA!!!!

  • Danny Nesbitt
    Danny Nesbitt 7 months ago

    What about the Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings????

  • Muskietime
    Muskietime 7 months ago

    You can be a Cowboy or a Sheep. Sheep will never like the Cowboy, but the Cowboy will always love and protect the Sheep. Strong video.

  • Louie Paul
    Louie Paul 7 months ago

    Quequesahs, McDonald's, and others ain't ur real family pokerjims are

  • Louie Paul
    Louie Paul 7 months ago

    James ur family is half pendorielle, ur a pokerjim from Flathead Johnny Arlee lying to you. You're whole family my true blood

  • A little bit of Everything

    Cool video

  • thereal MCPM
    thereal MCPM 8 months ago

    Go pokes! I wish I had the opportunity.. My dad is part of the cowboy joe club who became a very successful engineer and my little brother got to attend the university for a semester before transferring to UCCS. His mistake in my opinion, I would give anything to finish my degree there. Unfortunately I'm wrapping up my college experience in Gunnison, CO most likely.

  • Bacha Khan
    Bacha Khan 8 months ago

    in pakistan i saw labours making roads of plant fosils stones.. need help to preserve and study it

  • BF McCune
    BF McCune 8 months ago

    Yahoo! Another winning marketing campaign!

  • Bill winn Bustos
    Bill winn Bustos 9 months ago

    I worked out at petan ranch in nevada and my friend tyres to teach me it's cool language but to me very hard and in high school my best friend Ray Tucker tryed to teach me a little

  • Frank Rahel
    Frank Rahel 9 months ago

    What a great video. It beautifully summarizes the activities designed to excite undergraduate students about the possibility of pursuing a career in wildlife biology.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 9 months ago

    underwater stuff are awsome. Cool.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 9 months ago

    under surface things are awsome. Cool.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 10 months ago

    freediving stuff rule. Cool.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 10 months ago

    deep things kick ass. Cool.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 10 months ago

    uw stuff are welcome. Cool.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 10 months ago

    underwater stuff are awsome. Cool.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 10 months ago

    uw stuff are welcome. Cool.

  • Vitomir Maricic
    Vitomir Maricic 10 months ago

    uw stuff rule. Cool.

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  • mboiko
    mboiko 11 months ago

    I live in New England about 30 miles from downtown Boston and just saw this video. Whoever did it...did a fantastic job...nice work! We all need more Cowboys.

  • Don Szuti
    Don Szuti Year ago

    excellent state to study and live life as a proper cowboy.

  • Coralise Ranca
    Coralise Ranca Year ago

    Me and my friend are trying to learn to speak the Shoshone language. We have memorized the alphabet but we dont know any of the words. Somehow the internet is so limited on this. I was horever able to find out about the translation project that the University was doing back in 2011. Is it still going on, finished, or was it given up. Either way, is there a way i can access the database without going to college? We are just silly school children interested in the Shoshone but id love if you could help us out. Thank you. -Coralise R.

  • D'Brickashaw
    D'Brickashaw Year ago

    is it a diverse University??

  • David Beam
    David Beam Year ago

    Nice video Rob. Hope this finds you well. Had the pleasure of attending the NY Stoic Camp this year. I hope to attend your camp again sometime in the near future.

  • Leo Gomelsky
    Leo Gomelsky Year ago

    Very cool

  • bollershad
    bollershad Year ago

    Nice GO POKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrPR3Shaff
    MrPR3Shaff Year ago

    Stay out of the bars and turn off Facebook

  • Mitxun Jumaboev
    Mitxun Jumaboev Year ago

    How can I study at the university?

    • Mitxun Jumaboev
      Mitxun Jumaboev Year ago

      @University of Wyoming Thanks! .

    • University of Wyoming
      University of Wyoming Year ago

      Good day Mitxun! Those questions would best be answered by our Admissions Department. You can reach them by phone at (307) 766-5160 or Toll Free: (800) 342-5996, or by email to If you want to fill out this form we can also get you started on the process to figuring all this out for you. Thanks! Here is the link: Let us know if you need any more help!

  • Ross Mitchell
    Ross Mitchell Year ago

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker Year ago

    I love this recruitment video. It is so clever and so expertly conveys the goals of the University of Wyoming; this embodies creative thinking. I've never been there, but I'm impressed and now a bit of a fan!

  • Tony Gilder
    Tony Gilder Year ago

    This is nonsense. Females are not cowBOYS. A vaquero is a vaquero and a caballero is a caballero. "Cowboy" is not a spirit either. And a cowboy is not the same as a pioneer, which is more what this ad should recommend. Cowboy is masculine. Why must males parse that? What is wrong with being a cow GIRL? Oh, and Dale Evans was not a cow BOY either, nor was Annie Oakley.

  • Carolyn Pignataro


  • sandeep27189
    sandeep27189 Year ago

    It indeed does !!! I attended University of Wyoming all the from Sri Lanka. Proud cowboy here.

  • Ruebin B
    Ruebin B Year ago

    Leave it to UW to hire a company out of Boulder, CO to do their marketing/advertising. How original are you when you have someone from Colorado telling you how Cowboy you are? UW didn't even hire out their own people because they know how bad of institution they are. So much for the world needing more Cowboys. Apparently UW doesn't need them either 😆

  • wyoprospector
    wyoprospector Year ago

    Real Cowboys, the exact opposite of Snowflakes.

    • Bartholomew Higgins
      Bartholomew Higgins 11 months ago

      Exactly! The cowboy spirit is making America Great Again. Sissies and crybabies have never contributed anything to America.

    DAVE HAROLD Year ago

    Yes the world needs more cowboys. Go pokes!

  • Scott Lilly
    Scott Lilly Year ago

    Go pokes!!!

  • DeShawn Michaelson

    CraprapCrap - Taking male terms and giving them to females is crap. Cowgirls are awesome and (lets say) can do anything cowboys can... okay fine, that only leaves the gender as the difference. Calling a girl a bor or a woman a man is not empowerment - it's promoting the illusion of sameness. Sameness is not diversity... it's the opposite. We need the differences so we can get the best of what each brings to the table. Cowboys have always been men, not because they use their genitals out on the range, but because women are too important and too valuable to put into risky, even dangerous situations on a regular/normal basis. Men are literally disposable - if you'd say that about a woman, you're a misogynist.

    • mboiko
      mboiko 11 months ago

      You miss the point...this is about the spirit of the "Cowboy", not an actual physical person. How many times have you or others around you said..."OK, guy's let's get going.." Do you get offended if the group happens to have women in it? Because the vast majority would not.

    • Tony Gilder
      Tony Gilder Year ago

      DeShawn I said the same thing. Wish I had seen yours first. If you notice the ad is very careful NOT to mention gay men "cowboys" even though underneath, that is what they mean by diverse and that cowboy can be anyone.

  • polemtnsage
    polemtnsage Year ago

    If it takes you 30 seconds to explain that you don’t really mean cowboy when you say the world needs more cowboys, you failed. I searched this video out to see what the kerfuffle was about, and couldn’t make it all the way through. The video looks just like all the other promotional videos. Here’s a thought - back in 4th grade, when I first learned Wyoming history, I learned that Wyoming is the Equality State. Take that one and run with it. We could use more equality in this state and this world.

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller Year ago

    Great video! Born and raised in Wyoming, love the state!

  • DeShawn Michaelson

    A petite female entomologist is a cowboy - - like Elvis was a black-belt fba agent.

    • Bartholomew Higgins
      Bartholomew Higgins 11 months ago

      It’s not really that hard to understand the *inclusive* cowboy brand and it’s values. Did you read some of the positive posts from those who attended from other countries? Maybe it is you that needs to re-think what inclusivity means. Try a cowboy handkerchief. They do wonders for wiping away tears.

  • Hold Your Horses

    It cracks me up that some are 'offended' over the use of the term 'cowboy' in these ads for the U of WY. In the real western world, women who work on ranches, train horses, or otherwise live the western lifestyle usually call themselves 'cowboys'. Not every use of every gender-originated term is somehow associated with building up or tearing down the 'women's movement'. Sometimes it's just a word. And sometimes, it's a word that goes way beyond gender. We call America, 'she'. We call God 'he'. It's ok to call women who epitomize the western way of life, of adventure, of bravery and courage, and drive, 'cowboys'. It's a compliment. Folks need to get that.

  • Steve Peifer
    Steve Peifer Year ago

    I loved this so much and whoever complained about it never watched it. It's the greatest college video in quite some time.

  • Sean Guliotti
    Sean Guliotti Year ago

    This is what all the fuss was about?

  • Kyra Dawn
    Kyra Dawn Year ago

    Threw out my child's postcard that says we need more cowboys. No we don't. Please, women aren't cowboys, just change the slogan and include men and women.

    • TraceVideoProductions
      TraceVideoProductions Year ago

      Jesse Campbell exactly pretty much every language works that way. You use the masculine to address a group of both. 1 male and 20 females you still use the masculine. It's just language and nothing should be offensive about it. Plus if the schools mascot is the cowboys then any student going is a Wyoming cowboy it's that simple. Glad some people understand.

    • Jesse Campbell
      Jesse Campbell Year ago

      How does this not include women? The masculine is the neuter gender in the English language. Using the masculine can refer to both men and women. And, besides this is a reference to Wyoming’s rich cultural history. Why should our one state university change in order to accommodate people who not only don’t share that unique cultural heritage but even demean and condescendingly try to squash it?

    • single batch23
      single batch23 Year ago

      kyra dawn....i feel real sorry for your kid,you have it on estrogen pills yet....makes the transition easier im told

    • single batch23
      single batch23 Year ago

      kyra do realize how pathetic you are right?

    • Hold Your Horses
      Hold Your Horses Year ago

      Very classy. Not.