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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Showcase
Views 629K16 days ago
Who has the Best PC at LTT??
Views 3.5M2 months ago
Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
Views 2.2M2 months ago
The All-ROG Gaming PC!
Views 3.1M2 months ago


  • Hanselxyb
    Hanselxyb 5 seconds ago

    This chip is witchcraft.

  • Philippe Brunet
    Philippe Brunet 15 seconds ago

    Yep, Sure as hell am proud of my Area51M, Full size rtx2080(No max-Q Bullshit), 32gb ram, i9 9900K , 2x1TB nvme+2TB Hybrid. for less than 4,000 Canadian. 1440P 120Hz on the go and 4K at home on the monitor. Wish they made the two 330W power supplies a bit smaller for travel but it runs so smooth.

  • Rw Nourse
    Rw Nourse 19 seconds ago

    Is that a ZERO air flow case ?

  • Evan Shamoun
    Evan Shamoun 22 seconds ago

    I’m exactly 4:10 of 28:20 and this is my fav ROG reboot yet, their personalities together are fucking great. I wanna see the two of them in like every other LTT video from now on!

  • jan de haan
    jan de haan 23 seconds ago

    this is the most fun video ever greetings from the netherlands

  • stix
    stix 28 seconds ago


  • Cliff Henbest
    Cliff Henbest 34 seconds ago

    That was the most awesome PC build video I have ever seen! Great job, loved it!

  • Chris Bertolino
    Chris Bertolino 38 seconds ago

    Madison + Anthony. That’s a whole mini series in itself.

  • MC Tronse
    MC Tronse 48 seconds ago

    7:30 "eat that" =)))) omg she's sooo cute

  • Ahmad Zafar
    Ahmad Zafar 55 seconds ago

    Yer sure shes not Jake's sister?

  • vwpieces
    vwpieces Minute ago

    Fire Colton! Hire Madison.

  • K M
    K M Minute ago

    *AMD* :- _Reality can be whatever I want._

    HAIRONG ZHU Minute ago

    This is the best episode of PC Build, Ever! Just because of this girl. She is so funny!!!! lolololol

  • Ahmed Abu-Saad ,SS
    Ahmed Abu-Saad ,SS Minute ago

    OMG,, this guy reaction is like aha OK ASUS ROG whatever,, i'm crying here :(

  • J O
    J O Minute ago

    4:23 Ugh bruh she nasty AF?!

  • Josua D
    Josua D Minute ago

    damn this girl have some real talent as an entertainer. her jokes connects and relatable, her retorts are good, and she looks genuine when saying all those jokes. you guys could really use her in front of camera when she graduates. I mean, in LTT currently, Linus and Riley is probably the only good entertainer in front of a camera. Alex and Anthony have good ideas, but they're a little bland at the executions; James is good, but really appears so little; and Dennis just speaks alien incomprehensible language. She could be a good addition with her blender skill and ability to just speaks in front of a camera.

  • Henry Gutierrez
    Henry Gutierrez Minute ago

    WTF LINUS I was not prepared for absolute destruction to that keyboard in such a funny way lmaooo.

  • EliskaMM
    EliskaMM 2 minutes ago

    I love this girl :D

  • Er_deboi99
    Er_deboi99 2 minutes ago

    nope, no 768p disgust, 3 1080p goodness

  • R.J. Bedore
    R.J. Bedore 2 minutes ago

    The LTT censors just earned their paychecks like 10 times over.🤣 Seriously though, Madison is hilarious and adorable. The onscreen chemistry was off the scale, and Linus's reactions to the things coming out of her mouth were priceless. I think he just got a small glimpse of the level of sassiness that awaits him when his daughters become teenagers!

  • derpling elite
    derpling elite 2 minutes ago

    Her: "this is gonna be a reflection on you." Linus: "OH S**T"

  • Jacob Dorn
    Jacob Dorn 2 minutes ago

    Gj linus keep it up! But it dont have to sexy young women to share your spotlight

  • Naqib Qazi
    Naqib Qazi 2 minutes ago

    Linus has finally met his match. Hire her for just that alone.

  • J O
    J O 2 minutes ago

    She cute ASF!

  • tubeforthoughts
    tubeforthoughts 2 minutes ago

    That girls got more memes than ufd tech!

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 2 minutes ago

    cant wait till these builds are over. boring as fuck

  • Kevin Benjamin
    Kevin Benjamin 3 minutes ago

    She trolled Linus good

  • Wafi Ghani
    Wafi Ghani 3 minutes ago

    Everything about this build screams 'Birb!'

  • Darkness ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Darkness ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 minutes ago

    How many hdmi ports does it have

  • J O
    J O 3 minutes ago

    Linus getting advertised by teachers. Lol

  • sam_bread
    sam_bread 3 minutes ago

    Finally someone who can obliterate Linus. If you don't hire her you'd me the stupidest person alive.

  • Adnan Orakzai
    Adnan Orakzai 3 minutes ago

    That was cool built. i like it 👌 and whole chemistry 😄

  • Steve Krantz
    Steve Krantz 3 minutes ago

    I just spent the last half hour watching this with my headphones on, and getting scolded by my 17 year old because I was laughing so much. She's a natural . . . and she's right, only pµƒƒ!3ƒ play Minecraft.

  • Apoorv Gharde
    Apoorv Gharde 3 minutes ago

    She's soooooo derpy!

  • Wane Braddy
    Wane Braddy 3 minutes ago

    Annoying video

  • Joanna
    Joanna 4 minutes ago

    Celeron 300 running at 450Mhz. I remember it well. Bargain of the century!

    HEADSHOCK 278 4 minutes ago

    I need to hire her for savage videos and becoming the best channel

  • Ronil Caro
    Ronil Caro 4 minutes ago

    where is the continuation it's been a week already hahaha

  • Savage
    Savage 4 minutes ago

    linus is suffering from male pattern baldness diffuse thinning

  • Qasmoke Games
    Qasmoke Games 4 minutes ago

    I'd like to meet this girl she seems smarter than most people here in Arizona

  • Brandon pixley
    Brandon pixley 4 minutes ago

    give her a job

  • Ryan Grobe
    Ryan Grobe 4 minutes ago

    I like her personality, she's funny and passionate.

  • Sawyer Howell
    Sawyer Howell 5 minutes ago

    This video was amazing hire this woman

  • CNC295
    CNC295 5 minutes ago

    Ok, pay us $40,000 a year to learn - now just sit down and watch LTT videos. Pay me! - Modern Day College.

  • Hayden Isfeld
    Hayden Isfeld 5 minutes ago

    Shes my favorite no cap

  • John Miller
    John Miller 5 minutes ago

    21:16 is the hardest clap back of forever, holy f@ck lmaooo

  • Sujiren Sinoruj
    Sujiren Sinoruj 5 minutes ago

    Wtf are you doing Linus, hire her.

  • Ahmed Abu-Saad ,SS
    Ahmed Abu-Saad ,SS 5 minutes ago

    i need one of those :(

  • Jakob Pearson
    Jakob Pearson 5 minutes ago

    For plastic repairs, try Polycaprolactone

  • Dante Reppas
    Dante Reppas 5 minutes ago

    I'm a sexy little baby goddamit dan why did you bring this into the world

  • Oliver Dixon
    Oliver Dixon 5 minutes ago

    How do people so young already have such yellow teeth?

  • W N
    W N 5 minutes ago

    This was one of the most hilarious and entertaining videos. She's adorable and so funny! She's right, PHX is too fcukin' hot. I thought, "She's from PHX?! But she's too cool to be from PHX? Then she reveals she's from Calgary, ah makes sense! I'm also from the north, and don't know why I had a brain fart to move to the desert southwest. To anyone thinking about it....don't do it! It sucks and is a cultural, a culinary waste land. Plus, you'd probably get shot, since it's full of armed Trumptards! And advice to her....move! Get the F out of there like I did.

  • Saitama
    Saitama 6 minutes ago

    been watching your videos, and this is by far the most funniest video ever! lmao. i laugh 5ghz times!

  • Er_deboi99
    Er_deboi99 6 minutes ago

    too much dialog in the vid.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 6 minutes ago

    Shes hilarious, Linus give her a job

  • Hey its me! JM
    Hey its me! JM 6 minutes ago

    linus found his match..

  • Bernard Jones
    Bernard Jones 6 minutes ago

    She has had to be the toughest guest on LTT!

  • M. Sameer
    M. Sameer 6 minutes ago

    Finally met your match linus.

  • Aditya Santhanam
    Aditya Santhanam 6 minutes ago

    She put Linus in his place. Very funny. She needs to be given a job at LTT.

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 6 minutes ago

    Man it sure took a long time to get us them picture phones

  • andy pandy
    andy pandy 7 minutes ago

    They need an M.Dog and Linus show.

  • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages

    Immature jokes galore. Love it. Also, Simone Giertz could easily be mistaken for her sister.

  • Sneakichan
    Sneakichan 7 minutes ago

    Linus gave up with this girl at 12:30

  • Shawn Podlesak
    Shawn Podlesak 7 minutes ago

    Almost as cringe as the Verge build!!!

  • Confused Raccoon
    Confused Raccoon 8 minutes ago

    Holy shit. Hire her for something.

  • Revampedd
    Revampedd 8 minutes ago

    Wow wish I heard of this challenge.. I just had my PC break down and stutter 24/7. Anyways great vid Linus and this girl is entertaining as heck.

  • Fer ddsc
    Fer ddsc 8 minutes ago

    19:17 how his voice can go higher than hers :v

  • Ninaus Bernhard
    Ninaus Bernhard 8 minutes ago

    Just hire her!!

  • Jarred K
    Jarred K 8 minutes ago

    Never stick yo dick in crazy.

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 8 minutes ago

    This is the funniest video I've ever seen on this channel. I recommend you reinvestigate offering this girl a job.

  • Katoptrys
    Katoptrys 8 minutes ago

    "ok boomer" is the single handed best edit of this entire video

  • crazy_awesome_dad45 _
    crazy_awesome_dad45 _ 8 minutes ago

    Linus. I would be grateful if I ever won. Just saying.

  • Mike Núñez
    Mike Núñez 8 minutes ago

    very funny

  • Pedro Soares
    Pedro Soares 9 minutes ago

    just listen to 6:35 - 7:05 without watching the video

  • Mr. Saephan
    Mr. Saephan 9 minutes ago

    I really thought she was his sister

  • dabob720
    dabob720 9 minutes ago

    Yeah I'm hoppin on the "hire her" train

  • Jed Truitt
    Jed Truitt 9 minutes ago

    Sorry Linus. That was hard to watch at times.

  • Leedleedle
    Leedleedle 9 minutes ago

    Please hire Madison she’s hilarious

  • Heinrich Oliphant
    Heinrich Oliphant 9 minutes ago

    Reading the comments below after typing mine...its just n Linus meet his needs lol

  • Bobby Nicholson
    Bobby Nicholson 9 minutes ago

    best one so far

  • ッSytro
    ッSytro 9 minutes ago

    lmao (luh-mow)

  • azure zeed
    azure zeed 9 minutes ago

    whoa, she's great in camera!

  • Nicar Lopez
    Nicar Lopez 9 minutes ago

    Give her a job!! She's gold😂

  • Ayush Choudhary
    Ayush Choudhary 10 minutes ago

    18:47 that expression is pricelesss.....😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joey Burgess
    Joey Burgess 10 minutes ago

    This was like a guided tour through a one of a kind tech museum... I'm all about it

  • digizilla164
    digizilla164 10 minutes ago

    Damn talk about fate being on her side.

  • Safwat Fester
    Safwat Fester 10 minutes ago

    Best one ever .....

  • SHsuper CM
    SHsuper CM 10 minutes ago

    This was so fucking funny

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta 10 minutes ago

    Don't comment much, but this has been one of the funniest videos you've guys have ever made.

  • Jakob Pearson
    Jakob Pearson 10 minutes ago

    I cannot stand mechanical keyboards, what's the appeal?

  • Marathi Tech
    Marathi Tech 10 minutes ago

    Just hire her linusss

  • SightedNZ
    SightedNZ 10 minutes ago

    Give this girl a job, if not just for the entertainment value!

  • John Michael Cruz
    John Michael Cruz 10 minutes ago

    You should Hire her !

  • Kasey Vander Loop
    Kasey Vander Loop 10 minutes ago

    7:36 I respect that cable management....

  • Alex Sam
    Alex Sam 10 minutes ago

    Hahah someone hire her.

  • Magister Classicus
    Magister Classicus 11 minutes ago

    Hire her linus!

  • Rene Hourian
    Rene Hourian 11 minutes ago

    It's free real estate.

  • Heinrich Oliphant
    Heinrich Oliphant 11 minutes ago

    In my language...Afrikaans..cause im from South Africa... Linus julle 2 behoort saam in span..baie haar n werk in jou span asb...

  • Amaranthine Plus
    Amaranthine Plus 11 minutes ago

    This is sooo fun haha