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Need For Speed PC Launch
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Need for Speed - PC Reveal
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Need for Speed Accolades
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Need for Speed Icons Update
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  • Angel Orellana
    Angel Orellana Hour ago

    1:30: ok I like that final trailer ending

  • Yoga
    Yoga 2 hours ago

    Ramengvrl 👍

  • RaizeN
    RaizeN 2 hours ago

    This gane will be sHeat

  • R J
    R J 2 hours ago

    Escape the police for only $7.99 per police vehicle and $24.99 for the helicopter. EVERY TIME!

  • Bastians Goofy
    Bastians Goofy 2 hours ago

    When exactly does this game come out? Date exactly?

  • Dixon Muhammad
    Dixon Muhammad 3 hours ago


  • Talha Uddin
    Talha Uddin 3 hours ago

    Can we play with steering wheel? Does it support????

  • Khairul Rizal
    Khairul Rizal 4 hours ago

    Anjir lagu Ramengvrl❤❤

  • Daffa Muhammad aslam


  • Connor Riley
    Connor Riley 4 hours ago

    Anyone else thinks the next game should be a remastering of need for speed most wanted 2005

  • SuD StiLL
    SuD StiLL 5 hours ago WE NEED THIS!!!PLEASEEE 😫

  • zi daNx
    zi daNx 6 hours ago


  • Frame
    Frame 7 hours ago

    Если физика будет "скользящей" и в этой игре, то серия игр Need For Speed будет для меня мертва навсегда! Надеюсь что Ghost Games не обосрутся и выпустят тот NFS, который мы все ждём....

  • L- Series
    L- Series 7 hours ago

    Me: buys an ea game EA: micro transactions, I SAID RIGHT NOW!

  • Tiago Jorge Gonçalves Correia

    After watching early access gameplay of this I finally think EA made the best NFS since nfs prostreet

  • Zilla Jack
    Zilla Jack 10 hours ago

    I came here for RAMENGVRL!

  • Сергей Трусов

    это топ

  • テㄎひマ尺乞爪乞 GA爪乞尺

    *_LIKE THIS COMMENT_* 0:21

  • arcelivez
    arcelivez 11 hours ago

    No Switch - no buy... Simple as that... Would be perfect on the Switch though!

  • Lakshit Singh
    Lakshit Singh 12 hours ago

    0.44.. Wait wth. What's next, driving through a building.

  • Ganu Entertainment
    Ganu Entertainment 13 hours ago

    Need for micro transactions.

  • Flyer Games
    Flyer Games 14 hours ago


  • Misaal Jayant
    Misaal Jayant 15 hours ago

    What's the difference from other games, it feels like the older , what we want is story like in continuation from nfs wanted and carbon and then include customization like those games and include features of new games. I am not buying this at all...

  • Rifaldy Hendrajat
    Rifaldy Hendrajat 15 hours ago

    Intro be like "INI SIAPA SIH YANG TELEPON TELEPON BANGSATTTTTT" But its like Most wanted 2005 upgraded now

  • Gérard Veyron
    Gérard Veyron 15 hours ago

    Das ist das, was ich als dlc für payback erwartet habe. Als dlc gerne angenommen. Als eigenes Spiel kommt es niemals in meine sammlung. Black Box I miss u.

  • tmahaikal
    tmahaikal 15 hours ago

    who the one that only goes here just to see ramengvrl from Indonesia?

  • Waldi Widirama
    Waldi Widirama 17 hours ago

    Ramengvrl ?

  • Morning Dew
    Morning Dew 17 hours ago

    Came here for ramengvrl!

  • Hill Man
    Hill Man 19 hours ago

    Apasih telpon telpon bangsatttttt

  • Himawan Lutfianto
    Himawan Lutfianto 20 hours ago

    Intro bangsat

  • Firga Febi
    Firga Febi 20 hours ago


  • Ikrar N'usa Bakti
    Ikrar N'usa Bakti 20 hours ago

    Blingg blingg blingg💫💫💫

  • Rendi Fernanda Lengkong


  • Joshua Mora
    Joshua Mora 21 hour ago

    Porque no me sorprende este need for speed veo mas de lo mismo ya vi como empieza si fuera un most wanted diria que es el mejor juego. Lo unico que espero es que no me decepcióne en el final cops que me persiga toda la policia con corvette rhinos que me destruya el carro con bloqueos de pinzas, patrullas, rhinos eso seria lo que pido si es muy facil me decepcionó porque veo pro street no un most wanted.

  • the game addict
    the game addict 23 hours ago

    This could be a thing of this era

  • Idioss L
    Idioss L 23 hours ago


  • Saul Chavez
    Saul Chavez 23 hours ago

    Add a Chevy Cobalt!!!

  • Davin Gonzales
    Davin Gonzales 23 hours ago

    Is it okay if Omelet Films can remake this trailer out of LEGO?

  • Minty Integra
    Minty Integra 23 hours ago

    Literally looks exactly like Forza Horizon

    • CropDudia
      CropDudia 17 hours ago

      Yeah sure Horizon with cops and an actual city

  • Jacktheboss4life

    Tyler Morgan has gone rogue against his people

  • yasa redapple
    yasa redapple Day ago

    Graphic is good. but boring

  • Dominique Nelson

    YES!!!! Finally a NFS to get excited about

  • Marc Be Hoopin

    Finally we get tough cops. NFS 2015 cops were a joke i had to slow down just to keep the pursuit active lol

  • X NA
    X NA Day ago


  • zahid muhammad


  • Israel Oropeza Padilla

    Es hermoso

  • Brananda Denta

    "Sapa nih telfon telfon bangsaaaaaattt" Dipake di awal dong wkwk

  • Nice video
    Nice video Day ago

    terrible engine sounds as always x*(

  • Nice video
    Nice video Day ago

    terrible engine sounds as always x*(

  • Nero
    Nero Day ago

    i need toyota supra in this game 😥

  • Wahyu Pratama
    Wahyu Pratama Day ago

    gw kesini karena ramen gvrl, you go girl

  • wilderreaper gaming

    Everyone: I going to have a Nissan skyline. Me: I going to use a damn golf.

  • AlexH
    AlexH Day ago

    Bring back track width now, it's actually som of us that appreciate having a nice car stock with some nice wheels and fitment, other than that the game looks good enough to pre order for me

  • Dr. Halayqeh
    Dr. Halayqeh Day ago

    The story seems weak.

  • Coshmack the carguy

    I can't wait for download it pirate

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Day ago

    Why does it look like it runs below 30 fps?

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Day ago

    EA doesn't deserve my money.

  • MultiSuperrene

    Heat is better

  • Дед Пул
    Дед Пул Day ago

    it's something hotter!?


    0:51 is the coolest transition ever

  • iamjjwild
    iamjjwild Day ago

    ramengvrl !!!

  • Urban Villager

    I will reserve my decision but this looks good. I hope it lives upto previous games like most wanted and underground

  • Muhd Haekal
    Muhd Haekal Day ago

    Nobody Got in Final Stage yet in this game.. Is that Right?

  • angganurpratama ig


  • Don Domenick
    Don Domenick Day ago


  • evan dirga
    evan dirga Day ago

    I'm here for ramengvrl

  • Rajasekharan Vichattu

    Since when did they start to incorporate B-grade movie dialogues in the game trailer... whats next? , soft core ? , don't they have any that knows how to make decent trailers ?

  • Lend王者金龍

    Alan walker XD

  • daniel ortega
    daniel ortega Day ago


  • Azka 278
    Azka 278 Day ago

    Siapa yg kesini karena ramengvrl

  • much
    much Day ago

    NEED FOR SPEED - PLS get out of the car and go by foot (like buying cars selling travelling with big truck etc) that would be groundbreaking. We have enough with this sandbox game from the early days already!

  • Makotokei Satoruko

    The tone (exhaust)modification sounds interesting. I'm definitely going to have to look at some good reviews before I consider this though.

  • steve
    steve Day ago


    IMAM MAMEN Day ago

    I'm here cause RAMENGVRL

  • Mywapzone
    Mywapzone Day ago

    not intrested, after fortnite

  • Newaccount 1140

    siapa sih telpon telpon bangsattt

  • azz azz
    azz azz Day ago

    0:03 - 0:05 "Siapa sih ni yang telepon-telepon BANGSAT "

  • Alan Arifin
    Alan Arifin Day ago

    "Siapa nih yang telpon. Bangsaaat" :v

  • عبد العزيز درقاش

    Same need for speed wanted and payback

  • SUPERKID 187
    SUPERKID 187 Day ago

    It should have local multiplayer mode that would make it awesome it you should get the ability to gas up

  • Mike
    Mike Day ago

    Most of the comments are very cringe

  • alif prayogo
    alif prayogo Day ago

    Ramengvrl 🔥🔥🔥



  • JJBLadybug27
    JJBLadybug27 Day ago

    Everyone hates Shaw (Heat).

  • Nahuel Sobral
    Nahuel Sobral Day ago

    Need for speed underground 3 for when ?

  • mine man
    mine man Day ago

    Put it on steam

  • watzit toya23
    watzit toya23 Day ago


  • Seth Matteson
    Seth Matteson Day ago

    Why is it, after all these years, cops have never figured that the safe houses are the blatantly graffitied garages that are literally right next to main roads?

    • Kirbyex7
      Kirbyex7 39 minutes ago

      Seth Matteson nfs cops are dumb that’s why

  • Sonnyjp_
    Sonnyjp_ Day ago

    I'm Here after Duo Budjang.

  • Gumiho Lov
    Gumiho Lov Day ago

    20fps???? lol

  • Fouzaan Noble
    Fouzaan Noble Day ago

    Is it always online though? Cause if so, I aint buying it!

  • archim3dis
    archim3dis Day ago

    buy the game, only get the wheels - the rest are DCs

  • Axel Iman Nugraha

    Ramengvrl !!!

  • _ DARKxWEB _
    _ DARKxWEB _ Day ago

    If u don't fix the drifting mechanics and the car weight i will f u up EA

  • daz_92
    daz_92 Day ago

    Seems like Forza Horizon but with cops haaa

  • daz_92
    daz_92 Day ago

    But how are the driving physics tho?! 🤔

  • anjas moro
    anjas moro Day ago


  • Ilham Febriansyah


  • VannTheDawn
    VannTheDawn 2 days ago

    Still waiting for Underground 3