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  • Virgy Lovely
    Virgy Lovely 27 minutes ago

    Is it me or there's a cute vibe between her and Jose? Min 11:40

  • costa zlp
    costa zlp 27 minutes ago

    rise as shine

  • Katalina 12
    Katalina 12 40 minutes ago

    The ugliest of all kardashians, baby cute, ugly name. Who names her baby girl stormy? She reminds me of Adam's family mom, creepy long hair, fake lips tons of makeup.

  • valentina
    valentina 43 minutes ago

    Your so beautiful ❤️❤️richhhh beautiful kylie❤️💗🥺

  • Jordana Duque
    Jordana Duque Hour ago

    Oh qué lindo cuando se levanta con stormi 😍

  • Jordana Duque
    Jordana Duque Hour ago

    Solo viendo este vídeo le damos más dinero a Kylie peor ñe

  • gemmy pooh
    gemmy pooh Hour ago


  • K I M A R M Y M I U
    K I M A R M Y M I U 2 hours ago

    weon, me senti re pobre

  • p e a c h
    p e a c h 2 hours ago

    Rise and shine

  • arc angelz
    arc angelz 6 hours ago

    this is all set up,as if that child is in all meetings and if she is give her back to the Nannie.this is all smoke and mirrors from an evil ,evil family.

  • Luisa Fernanda
    Luisa Fernanda 6 hours ago

    The “rise and shine”

  • Voltaire Dy
    Voltaire Dy 7 hours ago

    Hey guys! Please subscribe my channel too, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you! 🤙🏼

  • Flavia’s Make-up
    Flavia’s Make-up 7 hours ago

    My skin care routine ❣️

  • Lauren Upchurch
    Lauren Upchurch 8 hours ago


  • Alhaj Akhter Hossain

    Kylie you’re soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rich but you didn’t do 6 inch long nail

  • Diana Aleysa
    Diana Aleysa 8 hours ago

    Wow beauty... my like makeup look face

  • Mariah Munoz
    Mariah Munoz 9 hours ago

    Omg this video is hilarious love it so much!!! 😂😂

  • Krew Klickin
    Krew Klickin 9 hours ago

    I'm actually happy with the success she's reached.

  • Sayidah Saleh
    Sayidah Saleh 9 hours ago

    Oof kylie is soo rish I bet shell spend all her money and be poor because dont u see how many designer clothes and bags she has that's soo many and she has more then maybe 5 cars and she has people that do her makeup shes oof wasting her money

  • Frances Ogden
    Frances Ogden 10 hours ago

    Hey Kylie I have a VIDEO I would❤4 "U"2 watch on RU-clip called- (#PAPARAZZI -YORKIE I'M ON VACATION) LOL😄 1 of (22) VIDEOS

  • L0Ne W0lF
    L0Ne W0lF 10 hours ago

    awww kylie looks like a baby

  • Jasmine Ballard
    Jasmine Ballard 10 hours ago

    i feel khloe was acting so much more drunk then she was

  • Renee Visagie
    Renee Visagie 11 hours ago

    The only annoying thing about this video is how much they scream😂😂

  • Sonia Shahamati
    Sonia Shahamati 11 hours ago

    she is very nice person ,,I think all of the Kardashian family has something especial that's why they are famous otherwise without being good and caring and talent no one could reach this level and fans from all over the world,,so sure she deserves to be a famous and rich ❤

  • Door- Snap666
    Door- Snap666 12 hours ago

    Her house is literally mall of America,the wardrobe is a hyper market

  • lshsusj hshsha
    lshsusj hshsha 14 hours ago

    That guy on the end looks so gay oh man

  • Immi Anmoni
    Immi Anmoni 15 hours ago

    it doesn't make me feel poor I just love her life I am happy that her life is so good it's not her fault that she's rich good people always have a good life

  • DivaMia 36
    DivaMia 36 15 hours ago

    Poor parking

  • Edit & Emma
    Edit & Emma 15 hours ago

    ´´This is akward´´ IM DYING HAHAHAH

  • all about me
    all about me 16 hours ago

    Look at all those purses

  • Eliza Paula
    Eliza Paula 17 hours ago

    That’s a true friend for u

  • Nikki Talks
    Nikki Talks 19 hours ago

    I wish to live this phat

  • Lidia Trujillo
    Lidia Trujillo 19 hours ago

    1:52 Mamá 😂

  • The G & A Twins
    The G & A Twins 19 hours ago

    Omg I feel so poor after watching this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rani Jose
    Rani Jose 20 hours ago

    A marvellous site

  • A.P Hedgespeth
    A.P Hedgespeth 20 hours ago

    i just wanna know where kylie got her white tee.

  • Crab Nachos
    Crab Nachos 21 hour ago

    This called me poor 100 different times😥

  • allyson madrid
    allyson madrid 21 hour ago

    People that are wearing earphones rip (14:00)

  • Carrigan Hitt
    Carrigan Hitt 22 hours ago


  • Maria Catalina Mapile
    Maria Catalina Mapile 22 hours ago

    i love your lips kylie🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰

  • Jose Gray
    Jose Gray 23 hours ago

    Cant hate on how smart, and business sassy she a great mom.....this family truly know how to make their money work in their favor and continue to grow their wealth, cannot hate on that.

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz 23 hours ago

    I love your game

  • Mirela Godinez

    I love you Kylie you go girl

  • Jerrica Hodges

    50000000000 bags 10 outfits

  • Hill 98
    Hill 98 Day ago

    14:00 , RIP phones users

  • Bryin E. Willis

    [ I'm playing dumb ]

    #QUEEN SAV Day ago

    Now can u tell us your pb and j secret

  • Mae
    Mae Day ago

    I’m pissed at that paparazzi man for running on her property

  • Ruba Khamiss
    Ruba Khamiss Day ago

    Is that alcohol

  • Lily OBrien
    Lily OBrien Day ago

    Can I ask a question?, why do you (kylie) not do anything for climate change and animals that are endangered anndd homeless + much more when you have billions, you could do so much but you choose cars, designer items and make up, you could still do all this while you do something to help so please do something I would like to have a future but climate change is ruining it, so would animals but poachers are out there and there isn't enough orphanages and more people are becoming homeless please can someone see this and show kylie- kylie is the youngest billionare in the world and if she wants to have a future and for her baby stormi she would want to open her eyes and I don't mean this to be rude I just want to make a change and you (kylie) are doing nothing, thank you if you read this all

  • lil wolfy
    lil wolfy Day ago

    the water she uses to wash her face is even expensive than my rent

  • Ela Esen
    Ela Esen Day ago


  • CStreetSupply
    CStreetSupply Day ago

    You are trash!

  • Jazmin Rocha
    Jazmin Rocha Day ago

    l feel like l watched the most expensive video in my entre life-time o May gox

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt Day ago

    I swear these people have clones because every time I see them their facial features, voice, hair and everything is different

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt Day ago

    You and your family are 🗑

  • panda bear
    panda bear Day ago

    She was at 5 million last night now 6 wow

  • Water Bird
    Water Bird Day ago

    18:45 is lit

  • Anshu Sharma
    Anshu Sharma Day ago

    I love u very much from india🙏🙏

  • Martin Barrera


  • Martin Barrera


  • Martin Barrera


  • Martin Barrera


  • Martin Barrera


  • Gloribeth Chavez


  • phero
    phero Day ago

    Rise and shine, b*tch.

  • i like your face


  • Pas de Blazeee

    My life : sleep sleep and again eat eat and netflix that's not the same life 😐🤣

  • gaming with emily

    When you woke up stormi I tought you would say RiSe aNd sHiNE

  • Rebecca Luwinas

    Her handbag collection is larger and more expensive than my entire closet ☹️🥺☹️🥺☹️🥺☹️🥺☹️🥺☹️🥺

  • Haffy vlogs
    Haffy vlogs Day ago


  • rosario. k
    rosario. k Day ago

    this is probably the only long video on youtube with no adds in between

  • leonna geluz
    leonna geluz Day ago

    Kylie looks like a clown lol

  • Eda Yılmaz
    Eda Yılmaz Day ago

    6:44 cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Fluffy Pancakes Gacha

    This called me poor in everyway

  • Uzt Nus
    Uzt Nus Day ago

    Kylie jenner is the filth of the earth everyone come together and pray for her and all her family including her bitchass baby to die in plane or car crash like the person her dickless father killed. If we all pray together god can make it happen.

  • Uzt Nus
    Uzt Nus Day ago

    Kylie jenner is the filth of the earth everyone come together and pray for her and all her family including her bitchass baby to die in plane or car crash like the person her dickless father killed. If we all pray together god can make it happen.

  • Uzt Nus
    Uzt Nus Day ago

    Kylie jenner is the filth of the earth everyone come together and pray for her and all her family including her bitchass baby to die in plane or car crash like the person her dickless father killed. If we all pray together god can make it happen.

  • Ayman Layiri
    Ayman Layiri Day ago

    Ilove you kylie

  • bitch please
    bitch please Day ago

    rise n shineeee my ass

  • Mimi Mimi
    Mimi Mimi Day ago

    At least she’s not acting like Cardi B next to her kid she’s being appropriate and a good mother

  • Andrea Lisa
    Andrea Lisa Day ago

    3:34 Wow look at those bags 😭

  • World channel Video

    Shit what do you do

  • Brianna Delatorre

    do y’all know where i can find those type of pink barrettes ?

  • Ana Tua
    Ana Tua Day ago


  • mohini Tiwari
    mohini Tiwari Day ago

    Kylie I just Love your product but i stay in india so how can i buy your product plz let me know

  • Sarah Cole
    Sarah Cole Day ago

    None of them are as good as Kim Kardashian

  • Judy Osman
    Judy Osman Day ago

    I love your dress

  • Jacob's World
    Jacob's World Day ago

    khloe w a juul. we love that

  • K Conrad
    K Conrad Day ago

    You are a fucking piece of trash Kylie and you can rot in hell.

  • Sam Stansbury
    Sam Stansbury Day ago

    I was waiting for sis to say Thai was awkward

  • Candice Williams

    Your name is Kylie? Walks away lmao

  • Wendy Lu
    Wendy Lu Day ago

    Las Kardashian en Culiacán oh yeah 🤠

  • Marineal Galo
    Marineal Galo Day ago

    I love it when kylie thanked the lady who serves her food

  • ItsDes
    ItsDes Day ago

    kylie is such a good mom omg

  • Yoongied
    Yoongied Day ago

    her phone has a crack im hurt :'<<

  • Lizberry
    Lizberry Day ago

    My birthday is on November 30

  • Xolly Xolly
    Xolly Xolly Day ago

    Her face looks differently from her photos. Photos been retouched.

  • Anmol Sidhu
    Anmol Sidhu Day ago

    poor jose

  • Liliana Techno Princess

    All of you salty people that are envious of her riches. She isn't a bad person because she's wealthy. Being envious isn't a good trait and it shows with your bitter-ass comments. I'm poor as shit, I know I'll never be rich like that, but that doesn't mean I hate on rich people.