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  • Morgan Taylor
    Morgan Taylor 6 hours ago

    Kylie bragging about herself for 10 minutes straight 😂

  • Shyann Mills
    Shyann Mills 6 hours ago

    for anybody who wants to HELP WITH FUNERAL EXPENSES JUST A DOLLAR WILL HELP ; bless you.

  • odell bro0wn
    odell bro0wn 6 hours ago

    Yall are so Amazing

  • MaverickBull
    MaverickBull 6 hours ago

    "Yummy or no?" *Justin Bieber has entered the chat*

  • Zadel Minaya YT
    Zadel Minaya YT 6 hours ago

    Te amo anoche me soñé contigo

  • Katie McLane
    Katie McLane 6 hours ago

    Actually, a sweet video. Shockingly real.

  • Степа Орешкин

    Вилкой в глаз? М М М ?

  • Bee
    Bee 6 hours ago

    Honestly not that bad. You just need to work on your contouring a liiiiil bit.

  • Kamylah Willis
    Kamylah Willis 6 hours ago

    Khloe sounds like Kris👀

  • Aryaman
    Aryaman 6 hours ago

    Ew. This was disgusting

  • Tara Fawaz
    Tara Fawaz 6 hours ago

    Bro, never realized but shes really organic lol 😂

  • Kas Kahea
    Kas Kahea 6 hours ago


  • Big Wes
    Big Wes 6 hours ago

    I love me some KIM 🧡🤍💚❤️🖤

  • Ryan Crist
    Ryan Crist 6 hours ago

    Stormi is so cute

  • stella wells
    stella wells 6 hours ago

    pls do a room tour... xoxo

  • Даниил Беляев

    кто из вилкой в глаз?))

  • ban soo
    ban soo 6 hours ago

    them:we been trying to do this like 3 years me: how its just makeup .-.

  • 안미연
    안미연 6 hours ago

    와 진짜 심즈같이 생겼네...

  • Lucy Seignior
    Lucy Seignior 7 hours ago

    3:43 aw ahahahah

  • autumn conway
    autumn conway 7 hours ago

    Why do these idiot's face time and drive.??!

  • Brookelynn
    Brookelynn 7 hours ago

    Just came here to downvote

  • Colette Martin
    Colette Martin 7 hours ago

    Like your Santa Climmer..going down the Stairs...

  • Colette Martin
    Colette Martin 7 hours ago

    That's do what you can!! Happy you went...nice!!~

  • Queenlavita
    Queenlavita 7 hours ago

    I'm the first to like this video?

  • Colette Martin
    Colette Martin 7 hours ago

    U dont not have to scream all the friends too loud. Need more Music when u roll. 'Want to see more you and Travis Scott. is He Shy??? You look Beautiful...Inside and Out. Live Life and Be Happy..../God Bless!!!

  • some one
    some one 7 hours ago

    These videos don't count because Kim and Kylee have the money for facelift, fillers and.laser skin resurfacing CV ing.pfocedures! A normal every day person does not mlm look this way. Also, your doing makeup in non contrasting light so any artist can make Kim look good. Do a video under school lighting, or early morning lighting!

  • Dominick Földes
    Dominick Földes 7 hours ago


  • Kari Ridge
    Kari Ridge 7 hours ago

    Not a good

  • Dej
    Dej 7 hours ago

    imagine being so rich that you have a separate fridge for your drinks

  • Colette Martin
    Colette Martin 7 hours ago

    Khloe looks like Minnie Mouse when' shes wastedlllLOLP:PLOLs....

  • Nikolina Trivunovic
    Nikolina Trivunovic 7 hours ago

    Will we ever find out which foundation they are using?

  • Alexa Vargas
    Alexa Vargas 7 hours ago

    Kylie: what car should i take Me: taking the same car every day... oh ... i forget that i don't even have a car

  • Mickey D
    Mickey D 8 hours ago

    The way the Kardashians treat their kids is what made me like them

  • gangstsa bob
    gangstsa bob 8 hours ago

    I feel bad that I have a fridge for everything

  • gangstsa bob
    gangstsa bob 8 hours ago

    Now I Feel poor

  • JoJo Al
    JoJo Al 8 hours ago

    I swear Khloé looks like a Barbie doll like her skin is orange she has pink nails pink lips pink eyeshadow it’s ridiculous

  • Alyssa Aldaco
    Alyssa Aldaco 8 hours ago

    I like how she can barely bend over cuz of her waist trainer 😂

  • Eva Valdimarsdottir
    Eva Valdimarsdottir 8 hours ago

    I don’t know her in real life, but she sure does seem like a good mom online

  • JoHaNa SiFuEnTeS :3
    JoHaNa SiFuEnTeS :3 8 hours ago

    i : kylie you are very beautiful kylie: i know :vvv

  • Mena Sileshi
    Mena Sileshi 8 hours ago

    the tension with jose in the elevator...

  • iNofiAnsari :D
    iNofiAnsari :D 8 hours ago

    did she pay kim tho ? fr

  • Kris Phillips
    Kris Phillips 8 hours ago

    Many blessing to your family Kylie 😍

  • Ema Farhana
    Ema Farhana 8 hours ago

    I love u

  • M L
    M L 8 hours ago

    Kylie I like your pink mirror that says Kylie on it! So cute 🙂

  • Hamza Hatahet
    Hamza Hatahet 8 hours ago

    Kylie: So I did my tree super simple this year Me: I don’t have a tree a millionth of that size in fact I don’t have a tree at all😭 Also Kylie: shows Stormy’s house Also me: I wish I was Stormy her house is bigger than mine 😭

  • Estou traduzindo porque é legal

    Stormy is so cute and adorable 😍❤️

  • R S
    R S 8 hours ago


  • Mike Lethe
    Mike Lethe 8 hours ago

    Kim is not aging well.

  • M L
    M L 8 hours ago

    I love it! 😍

  • LaShay Harris
    LaShay Harris 8 hours ago

    Funny Jordyn and her sister have been doing videos of course here comes these two.....

  • Shyla Narayan
    Shyla Narayan 8 hours ago

    okay but the audio is so good

  • aineroq
    aineroq 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or does kylie’s dress look like a brain??

  • barbaratrouble
    barbaratrouble 9 hours ago

    They are who they are lmao kim is savage af

  • Ts XLis
    Ts XLis 9 hours ago

    How is she this famous?

  • barbaratrouble
    barbaratrouble 9 hours ago

    This is like seeing me (leo, kylie) and my mom (libra, kim) LMAO, love it, kim is just so libra it's rlly like my mom I swear

  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson 9 hours ago

    Sister bonding time 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Relowh
    Relowh 9 hours ago

    Looks like my hell.

  • Kaylah Mariah
    Kaylah Mariah 9 hours ago

    How do people hate them. They’re so positive and vibrant. They’re happiness is just so contagious

  • Mrs. Bubblegum
    Mrs. Bubblegum 9 hours ago

    say what you must, Kylie is a great mom

  • Cherrybunshyu
    Cherrybunshyu 9 hours ago

    The way they wanted to do it for years like they’re sisters I’m getting kinda confused but not hating 💕

  • Truth&Dogs Chell
    Truth&Dogs Chell 9 hours ago

    I love love love the interaction between the two of you and you both are so amazingly beautiful!

  • DY 1
    DY 1 9 hours ago

    The most successful hookers in the world

  • Mariana Cruz
    Mariana Cruz 9 hours ago

    “Kylie Can’t get her own setting spray to spray..” Kim:cheap shit 8:38

  • RitaRedeklug
    RitaRedeklug 9 hours ago

    love them <3

  • Kimora Zah Fire Hunter

    5:24 her upper lip didn’t move at all 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Shantel C
    Shantel C 10 hours ago

    Do More Vlogs💗

  • Kat Al
    Kat Al 10 hours ago

    When Stormi appears with sunglasses on I cracked up she is so cute!! 😂😍

  • Ashlee Puente
    Ashlee Puente 10 hours ago

    I loved the outcome!!! You did amazing😍😍😍

  • flowerpower
    flowerpower 10 hours ago

    drink fridge...

  • Romjin Black
    Romjin Black 10 hours ago

    “I’m gonna trademark that” I love it , always thinking of money. An immediate reaction

  • Rachel Loyns
    Rachel Loyns 10 hours ago

    These two are great

  • Rowan Koesal
    Rowan Koesal 10 hours ago

    kylie: "thank you for filming with me" khloe: "what's your name?" kylie: "kylie" khloe: "your name is kylie?" kylie: "kylie" khloe: **ight imma head out**

  • khadeja richard
    khadeja richard 10 hours ago

    The way they talk is so piercing to the ear. Dragging the S is like nails on chalk board

  • Kat Al
    Kat Al 10 hours ago

    The new RiiiisE AnD sHiiiiiiiiiiiiiNe: WE're OUt oF cHicKeeeN

  • Hana A
    Hana A 10 hours ago

    These girls are so rich they live in another world😭🤦‍♀️

  • Kate& Chelsia
    Kate& Chelsia 10 hours ago

    This is low key my favorite video, they both uplifting each other and used each other’s products ❤️❤️❤️

  • mizna mutar
    mizna mutar 10 hours ago

    I have no idea why they are so famous for what ? So silly

  • SydneyLoves Makeup
    SydneyLoves Makeup 10 hours ago

    #KylieJenner #KylieCosmetics #KimKardashianWest #KKWBeauty ☺❤🖌💄

  • Paloma Romero
    Paloma Romero 10 hours ago

    STORMI She is so cute BELLA BEBECITA

  • Mile Radovic
    Mile Radovic 10 hours ago

    This is how many purses she has ⬇️

  • swanlilly100
    swanlilly100 10 hours ago

    Plastic looks great!

  • Ky Scar
    Ky Scar 10 hours ago

    Kylie Jenner’s name being kylie jenner: My name being kylie: The kids at school: YOU SHALL BE KYLIE JENNER

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith 10 hours ago

    I would scarf up that cockroach like it’s piece of chocolate. A million dollars could literally help me with everything rn 😂

  • Azlan
    Azlan 10 hours ago

    Nikits dragun looks like she snuck in thru security 18:40

  • Antanasia Coleman
    Antanasia Coleman 10 hours ago


  • 2 Hoinari
    2 Hoinari 11 hours ago

    Hello, plecase check my RU-clip Chanel ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • • Юмико •
    • Юмико • 11 hours ago

    Кто после видео с канала вилкой в глаз?

  • Kate Ellis
    Kate Ellis 11 hours ago

    They didn’t even say what they were doing or how they were doing it

  • lipsa dorai
    lipsa dorai 11 hours ago

    Why is kylie covering kim's face all the time ???? Like how will i see the makeup

  • Katya Hladka
    Katya Hladka 11 hours ago

    “Cheap shit” Lol

  • Жизнб Чайки
    Жизнб Чайки 11 hours ago

    Вечер в хату,дорогие и дешёвые

  • yourthebeesknees :
    yourthebeesknees : 11 hours ago

    I don’t care what people say about the Kardashians/Jenners, Kylie is such a good mom ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Abby Aguilar
    Abby Aguilar 11 hours ago

    I feel like this went downhill after Kylie didn’t know the name of Kim’s “little shadows” and she realized Kylie doesn’t care about her make up @6:46 Kim then goes on her phone, ignores kylie, says she won’t like the brown mascara on the bottom lashes, calls kylie’s spray cheap shit, then Kylie says she’s going to frame the eyelash, and Kim says something about beating her on ig again... I get a feeling that they never talk and are constantly competing when Kylie wouldn’t be “Kylie jenner” without Kim in the first place.

  • Haydee Ostos
    Haydee Ostos 11 hours ago

    Cheap shit

  • Manduh
    Manduh 11 hours ago

    "I'd be a makeup artist if I wasn't Kylie Jenner." I love everything about that quote. 😂

  • Ayden Schwartz
    Ayden Schwartz 11 hours ago

    Behind all the work, they look like a happy family

  • Vitoriia Ramalho
    Vitoriia Ramalho 11 hours ago

    Her life is literally a game with infinite money

  • bubu Bubu
    bubu Bubu 11 hours ago

    Moche --->maquillage ---> Jolie

  • Ruby Marroquin
    Ruby Marroquin 11 hours ago and who are those two people that showed up at the end ??? 😂🤣

  • Mick Morley
    Mick Morley 11 hours ago

    This channel is utter shit