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  • culam nguyen
    culam nguyen 4 hours ago

    If they can get iggy then watch out

  • Sierra Robinson
    Sierra Robinson 4 hours ago

    This is my favorite video 😂😂😂

  • 拖拉庫
    拖拉庫 4 hours ago


  • Nurik Abildinov
    Nurik Abildinov 4 hours ago

    Джек Николсан

  • david la rose
    david la rose 4 hours ago

    2:02, double dribble on Pascal

  • Long Hy
    Long Hy 4 hours ago

    0:03 he stepback twice

  • Kimberly Shane Deniega Varon

    It's 2019 but still watching it❤

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 4 hours ago

    Hommiez taking us way back in time.

  • Alexander Tosevski
    Alexander Tosevski 4 hours ago

    the shirt barely fits russell restbrook

  • Alexander Tosevski
    Alexander Tosevski 4 hours ago

    w is this so cringe and joel is the most cringe

  • Fernando Meza
    Fernando Meza 5 hours ago

    Muy bien carajo English

  • Andrew Marks
    Andrew Marks 5 hours ago

    C'mon Blake these men have families 😭😭

  • 13HellCohort
    13HellCohort 5 hours ago

    AI = basketball GOD!

  • ce grant
    ce grant 5 hours ago

    It's a tie Jordan ,James , Bryant okay by 🌚👍

  • mikros giorgakhs
    mikros giorgakhs 5 hours ago

    1:34 Steph Curry trying to get the rebound 😂😂😂

  • Phet Tumbling
    Phet Tumbling 6 hours ago

    no wonder why people call him Russell Westbrick

  • Vern Trexler
    Vern Trexler 6 hours ago

    In HS i was 5ft5 could get my fingers over the hands too small to palm it.wore ankle wts to school bed practice...yeah i am white.

  • Dee Lewis
    Dee Lewis 6 hours ago

    I didn't think he was at first. But considering no center is this good now. I see we should hv appreciated him and other centers more.

    • Dee Lewis
      Dee Lewis 6 hours ago

      I still didn't like him though

  • tjtrainzCSX
    tjtrainzCSX 6 hours ago

    The Dennis Smith Jr. dunk at #2 was one of the sickest revenge poster dunks I've ever seen

  • I ParadoxGames I
    I ParadoxGames I 6 hours ago

    Anyone here him say dwyane lillard? 6:54

  • Larry John
    Larry John 6 hours ago

    China haven't enough strength to finish the match

  • DRTB12
    DRTB12 6 hours ago

    how i miss the starters

  • Kent Scheifinger
    Kent Scheifinger 7 hours ago

    I love this dude he did get suspended five games for weed but couldn't blame the man

  • Timmy Waddles
    Timmy Waddles 7 hours ago

    Dude even the popcorn did.

  • Kaio Shadaki
    Kaio Shadaki 7 hours ago


  • Timmy Waddles
    Timmy Waddles 7 hours ago

    Been a Miami Heat fan since 2013-2014. But the NBA collapsed, and everything changed.

  • Skoden Fineden
    Skoden Fineden 8 hours ago

    he tripped over his own feet. I don't care what you say.

  • Олег Александров

    One of the best video I've ever seen. Thanks! Kobe - no comments!

  • Cole Lutz
    Cole Lutz 8 hours ago

    0:01 they had to edit that shot too? They couldn’t just have KD make a shot?

  • kai sotto
    kai sotto 8 hours ago


  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri 8 hours ago


  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 9 hours ago

    Wow, the fact that VC played with mugsy is mind boggling. VC has been in the NBA FOREVER. And I'm a year older than VC. Fuck I'm getting old........

  • DNA_ lon
    DNA_ lon 9 hours ago

    Corey harris is the best SG

  • Biały Wilk
    Biały Wilk 9 hours ago

    Wow, one action every single time. Most boring vid ever.

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza 9 hours ago

    5:50 KAT traveling tho hahaha

  • bustdetector
    bustdetector 10 hours ago

    MJ getting crossed by the best ever to do it is no big deal, Lebron however got crossed by Jeremy Lin he can never be the GOAT.

  • ons ense
    ons ense 10 hours ago

    Im big fan of NBA im 13 years old here from philippines can you give me some giveaway please

  • KillEm Mistyy
    KillEm Mistyy 10 hours ago


  • yuch1102
    yuch1102 10 hours ago

    really miss this team Bron Kyrie and KLove

  • Tristen Orr
    Tristen Orr 10 hours ago


  • Shawn Guron
    Shawn Guron 11 hours ago

    He's underrated, a real scorer with a good feel more than just a spot up shooter.

  • Sammy Cross
    Sammy Cross 11 hours ago


  • Jocsan Isaac Rangel
    Jocsan Isaac Rangel 11 hours ago

    One of the best Finals

  • Big 3A Enterprise
    Big 3A Enterprise 11 hours ago

    Motion offense does not work to a certain point according to kd

  • JC's Fun World
    JC's Fun World 11 hours ago

    Met Klay Thompson few weeks ago. He looked great! Very nice guy. Hopefully he comes back before Playoff.

  • PTP Buckets
    PTP Buckets 11 hours ago

    Where is Kemba walker Edit: just realised Kevin Love was injured

  • Julius Regalario
    Julius Regalario 12 hours ago

    85RTG IN NBA 2K19

  • Giana Glacita
    Giana Glacita 12 hours ago

    Put lebron james in passes hell

  • Giana Glacita
    Giana Glacita 12 hours ago

    Wow good assits

  • henry manahan
    henry manahan 12 hours ago

    bulls need more moments for Stacey King. He's the best out there

  • Juoungkouckk ACC
    Juoungkouckk ACC 12 hours ago

    Dell can shoot with a suit on and I still cant even make free throws 😂😂

  • J Hart
    J Hart 12 hours ago

    Stromile played way above the rim. Damn. That two handed wind mill mad creative flush

  • The Age of Z
    The Age of Z 12 hours ago

    If you come to think about it , these shots happen to be the same shots in multiple games, like the game winning shot that Linord hit on Canada , at the same side/place

  • riley freeman
    riley freeman 13 hours ago

    Bro number one was the funniest dunk ever 😂😂 I’ve never laughed so hard at an nba clip ever .

  • Shady Boy
    Shady Boy 13 hours ago

    Jeremy still played well after the Heat game disaster. The media wrote a shitty narrative

  • I love Myself
    I love Myself 13 hours ago

    Hate this Man if you want.But he's still amazing.

  • ঙঘগডজফবড ঌডজফঠপঠ

    laugh like fools are the most idiot on the planet

  • Aryan Jagannath
    Aryan Jagannath 13 hours ago

    What was the final score of this game?

  • LGballer 30
    LGballer 30 13 hours ago

    I see him at peak sometimes

  • A T28
    A T28 14 hours ago

    Donald trump masturbates watching this video

  • nengah pariasa
    nengah pariasa 14 hours ago

    njirrrr tinggi amat

  • MrKillingfly
    MrKillingfly 14 hours ago

    I got to meet Vlade Divac. Amazing and funny guy. Came to my local Serbian basketball hall in Melbourne.

  • en jhay
    en jhay 14 hours ago

    September 2019 and still watching

  • D. Solomon
    D. Solomon 14 hours ago

    This is why this man is doing workshops on footwork

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK 14 hours ago

    So F’n iLL

  • Physical Adventure
    Physical Adventure 14 hours ago

    I saw Ellen at the end

  • D. Solomon
    D. Solomon 14 hours ago


  • Payton Morrison
    Payton Morrison 14 hours ago

    Very high class act. Gotta love the nba

  • XXXSkelboy
    XXXSkelboy 15 hours ago

    2:36 play at 0.25x speed James Harden doesn’t even touch the camera

    WHALE 15 hours ago

    2:08 wasnt that a double dribble?

  • Survival
    Survival 15 hours ago

    I love you so much Kawhi. Thank you so much for ending the Warriors’ dynasty.

  • Lucasee Huang
    Lucasee Huang 15 hours ago

    The title said: “2018 NBA season”, yet LBJ was still on Cleveland uniform.

  • Rireflix
    Rireflix 15 hours ago

    Chuck Norris was in the crowd and he ordered Georges to shoot. For Georges it was a matter of staying alive or not ! The story of the shoot ! You're welcome !

  • Roti RAGE
    Roti RAGE 15 hours ago

    Bro really though the 2019 playoffs were awesome but idk if they were the best

  • Seth B
    Seth B 15 hours ago

    The best title win of the decade! Led by the superstar of the decade.

  • subhan zarar
    subhan zarar 15 hours ago

    cu cu cu curry is just to to good no I mean it to to to to to to good

  • Erik Hernández López

    Orrible estilo de este jugador...

  • Jack Chambers
    Jack Chambers 15 hours ago

    How great! 0:57But was that a foul to press on that guy's shoulder?

  • Amiel B.
    Amiel B. 16 hours ago

    164 dislikes don’t know shit about basketball

  • EduSanjuan777
    EduSanjuan777 16 hours ago

    Him and Vincent Lamar... best highlights there is. There are better player players. There are not better cousins. Nor better highlights

  • chetemeche
    chetemeche 16 hours ago


  • Drake Tennyson
    Drake Tennyson 16 hours ago

    Three quotes each came during 1993 and 2005.

  • Sir E
    Sir E 16 hours ago

    This man went to the same highschool as me

  • Javier Gomez
    Javier Gomez 16 hours ago

    How do you forget shaq?

  • Kingx408
    Kingx408 16 hours ago

    LeBron: and for my final pick of Team LeBron I choose James Harden Giannis: That's a bad pick * Because he's salty that he knows Harden deserved MVP *

  • EduSanjuan777
    EduSanjuan777 16 hours ago

    2.15 that block on Kobe OMG

  • armhair 1
    armhair 1 17 hours ago

    Number 2 should be number 1! WTF

  • David Mikaelian
    David Mikaelian 17 hours ago

    Hold up what? 14:32

  • Miguel Fernando
    Miguel Fernando 17 hours ago

    When a thick-accented Filipino makes fun of a Canadian accent 😐 Smh

  • David Mikaelian
    David Mikaelian 17 hours ago

    Man I cant wait for the season to start!

  • Golden Shot
    Golden Shot 17 hours ago

    I liked the ankle play on Paul the most

  • Cc117 cc117
    Cc117 cc117 17 hours ago

    How do you like that second-ranked play he did Jordan on Jordan

  • Demetrius Evans
    Demetrius Evans 17 hours ago

    If you don't respect Lebrons game, you're not worth responding to. i hated Jordan, but I acknowledge he's the best ever. Only a miserable lame finds it hard to give a man props when it's clearly deserved. Flat out...

  • Carmine Sammartino
    Carmine Sammartino 17 hours ago

    My favorite player of all time!

  • Charley Masubed
    Charley Masubed 17 hours ago

    Respect 😎👍

  • EsotericOccultist
    EsotericOccultist 17 hours ago


  • 20-One
    20-One 18 hours ago

    he ghosted during the sixers series lol but came through in the end



  • She Took The Kids rip my boy HR tho

    One of my favorite plays of Steph Curry🙏

  • alfon4k maniggi
    alfon4k maniggi 18 hours ago

    I thought tacko fall was gonna be the first pick :(