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Finding Forgotten Graves
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Abandoned Railroad Tracks
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Magnificent Abandoned Dam
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Abandoned Sanatorium
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A Risky Barn Adventure
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  • michael wilson
    michael wilson 4 minutes ago

    family one.

  • rhonda
    rhonda 9 minutes ago

    Awesome video! That's a shame. Some of those are pretty old.

  • Gulf Coast and Beyond
    Gulf Coast and Beyond 10 minutes ago

    Thanks for the tour man. Been visiting a few cemeteries here in Florida and Alabama. So much history.

  • Southern Repair
    Southern Repair 17 minutes ago

    Influenza, cholera, yellow fever, 1848-1852 Nationwide epidemic.

  • Alana Ward
    Alana Ward 19 minutes ago

    As a player myself , I think I perceive what is good...and this guy is REAL GOOD ! STRAIGHT UP. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • American Horror Story
    American Horror Story 47 minutes ago

    We stumbled upon a very old cemetery while I was visiting my family in upstate New York, and it was in bad shape, but still in better shape than this one. The cemetery we found only had one or two graves for people that passed in the 1900’s, all the rest passed before that, so it’s a little more understandable that’s it’s been forgotten and abandoned, considering nobody that knew those people in life would still be alive today. That cemetery also looked as though it once extended over to where the road is now, as if they just paved right through it. It’s so sad to see people that have been completely forgotten, especially since many of the people in this cemetery passed so recently.

  • Nate Sherwood
    Nate Sherwood 50 minutes ago

    Isn't that a house right next to it?

  • Lori Buchanan
    Lori Buchanan Hour ago

    Yes I would love to help on cleaning up cemeteries. How do you find this hun?✌️

  • Brian Westveer
    Brian Westveer Hour ago

    It's too bad that it's not been taken care of

  • Lori Buchanan
    Lori Buchanan Hour ago

    Yes! Somebody cared ✌️

  • Daniel Prior
    Daniel Prior Hour ago

    All that work we and they all look away when they fire it!

  • Yet1moreUtuber
    Yet1moreUtuber Hour ago

    I think it's a trifoliate orange tree, sometimes called a Hardy orange. (???) They have large spikes, and sour tasting fruit as I remember.

  • Kimberly G
    Kimberly G Hour ago

    Why did it take seeing my birth-date in a video to make me realize that my first day was someone else’s last? (date, not year) I agree- the sun makes almost everything beautiful. Peaceful place. TFS ✌🏻

  • Kathleena Davis
    Kathleena Davis Hour ago

    Thank you for amazing videos, I live in New Orleans LA. and we have some very very different cemeterys here you would be shocked!!!!!

  • Willie Eckerslyke
    Willie Eckerslyke 2 hours ago

    Fascinating stuff. Thanx 4 this.

  • Margaret Strong
    Margaret Strong 2 hours ago

    A sad but beautiful place..

  • Suz AZ
    Suz AZ 2 hours ago

    First time watcher and new subscriber of your channel. I enjoyed this video very much. I've always loved old cemetaries.

  • American Ghosthunters Explorations

    I would love to have you on our radio show to talk about your adventures. We love old cemeteries and our hearts go out to those who are forgotten in these places. Please contact us @ AGEParaRadio on Facebook. Sorry to post this on here but I do not know any other way to contact you.

  • Letit Bemee
    Letit Bemee 2 hours ago

    Nice find!, Sadden that family member's have no desire or will to come & clean up around or even mow the grass. What "Pathetic people" in this country. Y'all stay safe, & hydrated.

  • Diane Geary
    Diane Geary 2 hours ago

    It’s wonderful just the way it is.

  • Lori Buchanan
    Lori Buchanan 2 hours ago

    Thank you for your big Heart❤️

  • Miss Careywyn F
    Miss Careywyn F 2 hours ago

    Anyone know of history about the Biggers family in that area? I would assume they must have been well known in the area at one time? That's something that I get excited about! The stepping back in history and discovering people who lived, just like us, and who died, just like we all will. I live in western Canada and can afford my own local places, and not travel right now. Would love to hear comments people know about though.

  • Beth Shadid
    Beth Shadid 2 hours ago

    What's crazy is the obolisk for Dr. Brooks has the saying GODs will is done then the second line "so mote it be" is a saying from withcraft. Kinda cancelling each other out 😓

  • Squirtnik Killington

    My family cemetery in Wisconsin, Coates Durley Cemetery in Grant County was ploughed over by a farmer. All the old headstone were stolen or ploughed under. No one cared.

  • Kimberleyanne Demong

    Amazing cemetary.

  • Jean Hansen
    Jean Hansen 3 hours ago

    Nice video!! Very intersting!! Sad for the dead people!!!!

  • D.L. George Henderson

    Even the trees are dead.

  • Beth Shadid
    Beth Shadid 3 hours ago

    Beautiful place shame no one cares for it. Have y'all ever been to Madison Georgia to the Madison City Cemetery. They've taken 4 cemeteries and made one....what's most interesting is the cemetery was use in Friday 13th part 6...Freddie Lives.

  • eva garden
    eva garden 3 hours ago

    You guys need whisk brooms.

  • Kimberleyanne Demong

    Is it not illegal to destroy a cemetery particularly such a historic one?

  • Kimberleyanne Demong

    How sad. Not only did they endure the horror of slavery but then to be buried with no name. To add insult to injury they lie forgotten. They deserve so much better. I hope they are resting with the angels today. Thank you for bringing us this video. We need to remember this very tragic time in our history.

  • Brenda Peterson
    Brenda Peterson 3 hours ago

    Easier to see without the flash light !!!

  • MsBecki
    MsBecki 3 hours ago

    Thank you for the great videos. It's sad that the old ones are so unattended in your state. Do you ever what to just clean them up (not restore, just clean)? If someone doesn't take care of them they will disappear forever and that should not happen. I wish I could restore some of the cemeteries where I live in Maine. I have seen quite a few where the stones have fallen over, or they are cracked badly or missing altogether. Have you ever checked with a local town office to ask where the cemetery records are? There must be maps somewhere.

  • Jean Hansen
    Jean Hansen 3 hours ago

    Great video!! But, sad the way it ended up!!!!

  • Greg W
    Greg W 4 hours ago

    There are a few places on the Natchez Trace pkwy that might be video ideas. We rode the Trace on bicycles so all of my measurements start in Natchez Mississippi. 1st Christ Episcopal Church Built in the 1790s it's on the Church Hill loop hwy 553 it has a grave yard in the back lot. Wagners Grocery built in 1837 is across the road from the church. 2nd Winsor Ruins Built in 1861 it burnt in 1890. Exit left at mile 30.7 3rd Wintergreen Cemetery in Port Gibson Mississippi, civil war graves plus some very old graves. There are cedar trees that two men can't reach around. Port Gibson is the third oldest city in Mississippi, founded in 1802. If you like court houses they have a nice one, just a cool town. 4th Rocky Springs (old abandoned town) mile 54.8, It was settled in 1790s there'a a cool old church and cemetery. The piano still played when we were there in 2011. 5th Cowels Mead Cemetery mile 88.1 We rode up to Nashville but most of the history was in the southern part. You'll be close to Vicksburg too. There were some good websites on the Trace that you might find something more interesting than I did. As it worked out we rode it during that tornado outbreak, nothin like bicycles an tornadoes. lol

  • Glenn Cheatham
    Glenn Cheatham 4 hours ago

    Would the info be on “the back” of the markers so the family/visitors would not have had to stand upon the actual grave when visiting???

  • Gary B
    Gary B 4 hours ago

    Think about carrying a whisk broom with you to help brush away brush and debris. These are awesome videos! Thanks for sharing this history with us.

  • Donald Bush
    Donald Bush 4 hours ago

    I think what you guys are doing are the best things in the world you'll keep up the good work and it said that cemeteries been like that for over 30 years I think the church should be responsible for keeping at Cemetery up even though their church was moved and they had a new one built they should still be responsible for keeping it keep on it even if they're still paying taxes on the property they should be held responsible in the state should make them squat clean it too but again guys great job you're doing on finding abandoned cemeteries and may God bless you all and everything you do

  • BeachGal1966
    BeachGal1966 4 hours ago

    Vandals did a nice job messing everything up!

  • Fukomys Amatus
    Fukomys Amatus 4 hours ago

    Trifoliate Orange (Poncirus trifoliata) trees? I love your adventures, greetings from germany...

  • Almonte Paolilli
    Almonte Paolilli 4 hours ago

    Sad to see families that must have died out and the cemetery went into ruin.

  • seagoingcook
    seagoingcook 5 hours ago

    Do you ever add the graves you find to ?

  • Nae2285
    Nae2285 5 hours ago

    ......and this was a Masonic Family....they were definitely wealthy and the words they used on each grave adults and children and infants all have significant meanings

  • Cold Slugger
    Cold Slugger 5 hours ago

    I think if I made a channel similar id be digging em up, but not the childrens graves I have standards

  • Sheryle Becker
    Sheryle Becker 5 hours ago

    God bless all those that help to clean up that precious Cemetery

  • Kimberleyanne Demong

    Another great video. How wonderful to discover a family plot. You did a good job cleaning it up without tools. It looked definitely better than when you got there. Makes me want to go home & see where ancestors are buried. Unfortunately i am a long way from home

  • drmichaelshea
    drmichaelshea 6 hours ago

    This is the Biggers family cemetery, Fortson, Georgia. Many of those buried here have been memorialized in and Both of these are fabulous internet resources for genealogists.

  • Danielle Adair
    Danielle Adair 6 hours ago

    I found an editorial in the Tennesean new paper. JW Biggers wrote of troubling times, war and greed. If one didnt see the date on the article, it could have been written today.

  • craig horton
    craig horton 6 hours ago

    It would also help if you carried a little whisk broom or brush with you to brush the litter off the grave stones.

  • Valencia Joubert
    Valencia Joubert 7 hours ago

    Hi New here, I'm from Namibia - It's on the African Continent for those that don't know. Just above South Africa. @1:47 disembodied voice say's "sht"

  • Michele Lupe-Bowe
    Michele Lupe-Bowe 7 hours ago

    Is that Mack Truck Tee vintage? I have been looking for one!

  • benavi isme
    benavi isme 7 hours ago

    I find if you put paper on the grave stone and draw over it a bit like tracing if you understand what i mean sometimes it helps to get the names dates etc excellent video guys ... Love watching from the UK 😄

  • Linda Farner
    Linda Farner 7 hours ago

    That rr bridge will be there another fifty years or more

  • Dorothy Truitt
    Dorothy Truitt 8 hours ago

    You ever think about carting a small work broom. You can carry on your belt? Always afriad you cut your hand

  • Michael Fields
    Michael Fields 8 hours ago

    You guys found an old sour orange tree. They still make excellent marmalade.

  • kholbrook203
    kholbrook203 8 hours ago

    When ever you come across someone that fought in the civil war or revolutionary war, you should take a picture and write all the information down and than contact either the sons or daughters of the confederacy headquarters and also the sons or daughters of the revolutionary war. It’s very important to do so. For years I did Civilian Civil War Re-enacting. I was a Southern Belle. I searched for several years trying to find where my ancestor who fought for the 8th Virginia Infantry was buried but could never find him. I even had someone that did research helping me and she could not find him. I know where his wife is buried. I know the county he lived in for 30 years after the Civil War and believe he died in that county and maybe was buried on his sons farm. There are a lot of people who are searching for their ancestor that would love to know where they are buried. Keep up the great work.!

  • Norma Mock
    Norma Mock 8 hours ago

    I believe Robert is bringing to light a SAD situation. These departed and their graves need to be respected for who they were. He's doing that by bringing these forgotten places to our attention. Thank you, Robert.

  • Seth Tyrssen
    Seth Tyrssen 8 hours ago

    Also rather sad is that these stones weren't cared for over the years. I've seen stones that old, and older, in much better condition. (Newburgh Cemetery, the oldest in Wayne County, Michigan, whose earliest "tenants" are from the Revolutionary War.)

  • kholbrook203
    kholbrook203 8 hours ago

    P.S. you should carry a hand brush with you.

  • kholbrook203
    kholbrook203 8 hours ago

    This was an amazing family cemetery. I love reading the old stones. Thank you for taking us along.

  • resahsattic123
    resahsattic123 8 hours ago

    Thank you for taking us on your adventures!

  • Allen Pendleton
    Allen Pendleton 8 hours ago

    You guys should have taken a broom.

  • Norma Mock
    Norma Mock 9 hours ago

    First time I have viewed one of your videos. You're very interesting. I'm subscribing to your channel. Thanks for taking us along.

  • Rachel C.
    Rachel C. 9 hours ago

    I just discovered your videos have been binge-watching ĺast few days. You should show a video of your family cemetery after it's cleaned up. My aunt use to say she did not want to be buried in the family cemetery because she didn't want a tree growing on her. I understand why she said that because it can be problematic getting family to mow the grass inside the cemetery and just keeping it up in general.

  • DeadlyKnot
    DeadlyKnot 9 hours ago

    Have you ever been to New Orleans cemeteries?

  • Linda Farner
    Linda Farner 9 hours ago

    Trees are a curse in a cemetery.....falling branches,tree roots just destroy the stones and graves

  • Dorothea Walker
    Dorothea Walker 9 hours ago

    Hey guys I shared this with a group I belong too. Hoping they know some in the area who can go get it clean up or they mite have family there.

  • DeadlyKnot
    DeadlyKnot 10 hours ago

    Your cemetery videos inspired me to film my own cemetery videos!

  • brn2wld
    brn2wld 10 hours ago

    Thank you for always reading the names of people. They live again even if only for a moment when they are remembered.

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas 10 hours ago

    I just had a thought. Why not get some colored flags like the ones people put to mark gas lines or water lines. So when you first go out you can flag them for when you come back.

  • Sue Strahl
    Sue Strahl 10 hours ago

    Such a shame that these places get forgotten. How awesome would it be for them to be cleaned up so people could visit and see part of history. Unfortunately it happens too often here in Australia too. Such a shame. Thank you for showing us.

  • Cinders Fire
    Cinders Fire 10 hours ago

    I clean old headstones in my spare time. To be able to make a vets stone shine bright after 100yrs is a wonderful feeling💖I live up in the mountains of Northern California. We have some really really old amazing cemeteries. I always ask permission before I start. I look for children and vets and if they have family with them then I clean them 2. I subscribed🤓ty for sharing

  • Pamela D'Angelo
    Pamela D'Angelo 10 hours ago

    Why doesn't someone clean that up. These guys should contact save the cemeteries for assistance.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 10 hours ago

    I wish you all could clean up this graveyard. It would so nice of you guys to do that.

  • Barbie Morris
    Barbie Morris 11 hours ago

  • JD C
    JD C 11 hours ago

    Thanks guys, really is amazing.

  • catherine mary
    catherine mary 11 hours ago

    I wonder if the craftsman who carved the headstones kept a record of his work, listing his headstones by families. What a fascinating video. Heartbreaking.

  • Robert Haarlem
    Robert Haarlem 11 hours ago

    Bring a small broom next time

  • George Cullen
    George Cullen 11 hours ago

    Thank you, fellas! Great video. I think we all appreciate your sensitivity and compassion. Very respectful every moment.

  • Marta Pennington
    Marta Pennington 11 hours ago

    I have a question I have heard several differnt explantions on this and I'm curious for the real reason why!!? Does it mean that someone took thier own life when you have a garve stone facing a differnt direction? Also what is the reason people place pebbles on grave stones?

  • Angela Treherne
    Angela Treherne 11 hours ago

    You should take a picture of each grave and add info to or It may help people looking for info on their lost relatives.

  • Mike Stanley
    Mike Stanley 11 hours ago


  • Hank Facer
    Hank Facer 12 hours ago

    Another fine Southern Adventure, love the simple little cemetery, I guess there was just nowhere else to bury the family, miles from nowhere

  • joseph baska
    joseph baska 12 hours ago

    I hate voice to text

  • joseph baska
    joseph baska 12 hours ago

    Most cemeteries early cared for for the maximum of two generations after that unless there is a historekel significance to them they certainly come over grown and forgotten about it's a sad reality says a lot about our country but it's also true

  • Julie Wilson
    Julie Wilson 12 hours ago

    It would be nice to see a photo of what it used to look like and maybe some history on the famliy who lived there x

  • Dan Cline
    Dan Cline 12 hours ago

    I was shocked at the graves from 1968, 1971, and 1973. They were modern for the conditions. I would have thought it was abandoned long before those burials, the condition of it now.

  • pat goff
    pat goff 12 hours ago

    We are losing our grandmother's grave. My cousins in Germany say 100 euros a year is to much to pay to keep her grave in the cemetary. So sad.

  • pat goff
    pat goff 12 hours ago

    Lets all go to a local cemetery on Memorial day an clean up an learn about our past an then go home an BBQ an talk about it.

  • MsBecki
    MsBecki 12 hours ago

    I'm amazed that there are forgotten cemeteries in your state. I live in Maine, where even small, family cemeteries are cared for, or at least kept clear and mowed. If a stone falls over and there is no family members left no one else bothers to fix them and it is very sad. Some of the oldest graves I have personally seen here have people born in the late 1700s. Also, every veteran's grave is cared for by the VFW (I believe) and a small metal flag holder with flag is stuck in the ground beside the stone. Every single veteran's grave is marked, no matter where it is. Thank you for posting this as I enjoy exploring old cemeteries!


    What a great find. These poor souls. Were lost but now, not forgotten. Thx guys.

  • UncleFeedle
    UncleFeedle 13 hours ago

    E. Brown, died in 1885. Great Scott!

  • Lee Majors
    Lee Majors 14 hours ago

    William G Patrick Jr, definite patriot 👍

  • Elizabeth Mueller
    Elizabeth Mueller 14 hours ago

    Give me a weed whacker and I will take care of that overgrown grass problem

  • Alana Ward
    Alana Ward 14 hours ago

    The name Francis Woodall sure sounds author perhaps? Really enjoyed this video guys. So so touching...sending respects to our military and families.

  • Cathy Ruthroff
    Cathy Ruthroff 15 hours ago

    I believe those are satsuma trees. Another awesome adventure. Thank you. I would like to see this cemetery cleaned up.

  • Alana Ward
    Alana Ward 15 hours ago


  • T. Baker
    T. Baker 15 hours ago

    Love your channel! A little brush might help you read easier.

  • Ruth Herchenhanh
    Ruth Herchenhanh 15 hours ago

    The way you ended that video was creepy

  • icicicles
    icicicles 15 hours ago

    A lot of children---so sad! A.E. Biggers seems to be the oldest living one of all of them. She must have stood there in that grave yard as each and every one of them were laid to rest. She probably wondered why me? That's a lot of heartache for one person. God rest her soul. Thx 4 the video.