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Pixel 3A - The Better Deal!
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  • Manpreet Singh Pasrija
    Manpreet Singh Pasrija 6 minutes ago

    Iam happy to see this video because 2 months back I upgraded to xr from x and 11 comes now i wait for a year

  • Saurav Bhattarai
    Saurav Bhattarai 12 minutes ago

    Why is samsung and p30 turned off while charging and iphone turned on

  • Watching Videos
    Watching Videos 23 minutes ago

    I love this Canadian shirt, man! Feature it more on your channel. 🇨🇦

  • Andi Papp
    Andi Papp 34 minutes ago

    Hey, great Video:) Just a short question: does the laptop charge up via USB-C Thunderbold and if yes does this also work out for the Razer Blade 15 (2018) Base Model? Thanks in advance

  • rumeth kumudana
    rumeth kumudana 41 minute ago

    I don’t think that there are brand new AirPods for $100

  • Fer Estrada
    Fer Estrada Hour ago

    I’m keeping my 7 plus until apple brings back a finger scanner and hopefully we get split screen. Just repplaced my battery through apple’s program fro $49 and its just like new 👍🏼 that and the new ios 13 made me want to keep mi phone longer 😁🤷🏻‍♂️

  • the roast king
    the roast king Hour ago

    Well note 10 successfully destroy p30

  • Yang Cao
    Yang Cao Hour ago

    Wireless Charging Test Please

  • fotopado official

    in india xr costs 50k 64gb and 11 costs 64k, xr is better deal.

  • Mr.91E0
    Mr.91E0 Hour ago

    Iam having a 6s so shld i upgrade to 11 or xr

  • Giovanni Cervantes

    $699 OnePlus 7 Pro v.s. $799 iPhone 11 The choice is obvious! The iPhone11 doesn't even come with a fast charger included! 😂

  • Imran Shaikh
    Imran Shaikh 2 hours ago

    Seems iPhone and Innovation have parted ways

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star 2 hours ago

    Please do this test again with the battery optimization turned off in both apple devices. They charge slow after 80% its a default feature in ios 13 this is pathetic.

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 2 hours ago

    Husband & daughter just bought the XR

  • Red Head
    Red Head 3 hours ago

    I have the XR and I haven't been wow enough by the iPhone 11 to upgrade nor think about upgrading. I think the XR is a great iPhone and it honestly depends on your pockets to get the iPhone 11. I personally feel that when the iPhone 11 start to get the updates, I think the XR will update just fine and still be a great phone..So save your $100 and get the XR.

  • Kabutar111
    Kabutar111 3 hours ago

    Anyone who realise the resale value knows Xr is 100$ expensive than 11

  • fightnight14
    fightnight14 3 hours ago

    Last year's iphones should be able to do Night Mode as well. Apple being jerks they wanted you to spend for a new phone to get that feature. Android's Night Sight was able to make it to the very first Pixel device and can be ported to non-Pixel devices.

  • Raymart Benjamin
    Raymart Benjamin 4 hours ago

    I prefer a phone that you can use longer than the one who can charge faster.

  • Doc_ Parichay
    Doc_ Parichay 4 hours ago

    I will wait for 2020 iphones to make the switch

    • Fer Estrada
      Fer Estrada 55 minutes ago

      Doc_ Parichay same here need the finger scanner back 😁

  • kamsi idimogu
    kamsi idimogu 4 hours ago

    Hey Matthew, please I need your feedback on how hot this phone gets. I’m thinking of upgrading but I’m not sure if this phone has thermal capabilities. EverythingApplePro complained that his 11 pro got really hot so I want to know if it’s just his unit that is defective. Thank you.

  • Sgtqman19
    Sgtqman19 4 hours ago

    Faster you charge the faster your degrade the battery. Plan on getting a new battery every year.

  • adeela muneeb
    adeela muneeb 4 hours ago

    IPhone 11

  • elleena hi
    elleena hi 5 hours ago

    Wow I can’t wait to charge my iPhone. Like also literally can’t wait 3 hours

  • pablo valdes
    pablo valdes 5 hours ago

    You can’t compare note 10+ with the regular 11 pro, it has to be the 11 pro MAX

  • Saucy Boi
    Saucy Boi 5 hours ago

    Before you simply assume iPhone charges the slowest even with the fast charger and smallest battery, every iPhone that supports fast charging slows down heavily after reaching 80% in order to reduce wear on the battery. Apple also introduced a setting on iOS to limit the ability to charge past 80% and schedules when to finish charging.

  • Jermel Lyons
    Jermel Lyons 5 hours ago

    "Buy a fast charging cube" lmao iPhone is ass

  • Succa Free
    Succa Free 5 hours ago

    Both are peasant lcd screen phones dull ass screens with no color that stands out. I’ll stick to the XS or 11 pro.

  • NIL Megh
    NIL Megh 5 hours ago

    so why buy a 11 pro?? Only for display!!

  • iqdboss
    iqdboss 5 hours ago

    i’m bouta be 16 an i don’t even have a phone cuz i’m broke. why do i even watch this shit😭

  • Sang Duong
    Sang Duong 5 hours ago

    How many watts is the power brick?

  • Abdel Ez
    Abdel Ez 5 hours ago

    Choose the right one : huawei or samsumg

  • Mihnea Lazăr
    Mihnea Lazăr 6 hours ago

    Water test?

  • Felix Ramirez
    Felix Ramirez 6 hours ago

    got the iphone 11 for 350 from tmobile upgrade special so smd

    JESUS MOYA 6 hours ago

    IPhone 11 Pro suport MacBook adapters, in theory cant charge more faster

  • Gelo710
    Gelo710 6 hours ago

    Question, I have the power cube that same with my S10 which supports fast charge. Ordered an 11. With a regular lightning cable and the samsung power cube will it be faster than the iphone power cube ?

  • Gods World
    Gods World 6 hours ago

    You do know heat is bad right,,, the faster worst,, stand back.

  • Haykguy
    Haykguy 6 hours ago

    You should rename this video to: How to kill your phones battery’s as fast as possible

  • Sigivahen sathivel
    Sigivahen sathivel 7 hours ago

    If you are not into power and camera ...then get the 10r which is very powerful speed plus 4 more years of iOS support..get 128gb

  • M S
    M S 7 hours ago

    Spending the extra $100 is 100% worth it.

  • Miles Koski
    Miles Koski 7 hours ago

    Note 10 demolished the iPhone 11 and 11 pro and it has a 1000 more mAh.

  • Tsuktilong Jamir
    Tsuktilong Jamir 7 hours ago

    One of the best review 👍

  • Apex Playz
    Apex Playz 7 hours ago

    1000$ is not affordable I think I’ll just get a keyboard for my iPad 6th Generation which by the way costs 50$

  • TurkMamba
    TurkMamba 7 hours ago

    It’s still not a big difference

  • Fat Zeus
    Fat Zeus 7 hours ago

    0:06 look at the 11 it looks like a X camera

  • Bukan Vanessa Angel
    Bukan Vanessa Angel 8 hours ago

    A Lenovo Yoga laptop that can't do 360-degree. So what does Yoga mean?

  • don taylor
    don taylor 8 hours ago

    Is it releasing in United states?

  • Alex Pearce
    Alex Pearce 8 hours ago

    Ha our best buy is closing and selling one of these for like 950$. Easy steal fr fr

  • Andrew Oo Leong Wei
    Andrew Oo Leong Wei 8 hours ago

    i was wondering is it support intel optane

  • zaiwen3
    zaiwen3 9 hours ago

    my 6s with a new battery feels like it’s bnew and jumping to a Xr is a huge upgrade indeed. By the time i move on from a Xr, the iPhones would probably have 6 cameras already lol

  • Samir Dubois
    Samir Dubois 9 hours ago

    Can you update this video please?

  • Sal
    Sal 9 hours ago

    I’m watching this on my XR, I could care less for 2 more cameras that I would only use once a year.

  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 9 hours ago

    The iPhones are still pretty slow even with the 18W chargers.

  • David Herron
    David Herron 9 hours ago

    For people who get a new phone every year or two then yeah, save the $100 and get the XR if you're fine with the camera. However, if you plan on using the phone until it stops getting updates you should absolutely get the 11. You might be spending $100 more but you'll probably get an extra year out of it.

  • ユウ
    ユウ 9 hours ago

    Thanks for the video! I went with iphone XR 128GB product red!

  • Kyle Postler
    Kyle Postler 10 hours ago

    These batteries are getting destroyed so much faster when you charge them with more current. Let’s see how each of these batteries do 1 year from now. I can already tell you the results, they will be he exact opposite of these results.

  • Berry & Olive
    Berry & Olive 10 hours ago

    Watching on my iPhone 4

  • Tomasz Starzyk
    Tomasz Starzyk 10 hours ago

    So, I’ve bought XR like 4 months ago and sold it to get 11 (because I’ve dropped my 7 into a pool 🤦🏼‍♂️😂🤷🏼‍♂️) 11 it’s so much better than XR, not only rear camera, night mode but also front camera - everyone is forgetting about this, so much better selfies with your family and other half. Better processor, 1h longer battery life which will result is getting Uber without connecting to a power bank at night out and other small improvements which all add up. Definitely go for 11 if you going to keep your phone for 2-4 years

  • J C
    J C 10 hours ago

    I have a Pixel 2. It's still great but I want to upgrade. I'm waiting for the Pixel 4 but the iPhone 11 is tempting; especially if the Pixel 4 is much more expensive than the 11. Plus, I've never had an iPhone. Opinions, please.

  • SNK Corp.
    SNK Corp. 10 hours ago

    waiting for the c940 lenovo or macbook 16

  • ClydeDarkLord
    ClydeDarkLord 10 hours ago

    Honestly i'm not a fan of the looks on the iphone 11 but supposedly were gonna get used to it.

  • Alex Howe
    Alex Howe 10 hours ago

    Would be cool to do the test with the 45w Note 10+ charger.

  • Just Maddy
    Just Maddy 10 hours ago

    i can go 2 days without charging my iphone 6plus

  • Daniel Astillero
    Daniel Astillero 11 hours ago

    GCam on OnePlus solves it

  • ForceStun
    ForceStun 11 hours ago

    you made a good point.

  • Markus Rayna
    Markus Rayna 11 hours ago

    18W charger i use to get on my Xperia Z5/Z5 premium in 2015.....

  • Travis Strickland
    Travis Strickland 11 hours ago


  • Michael Ali
    Michael Ali 11 hours ago

    I got both. The sound and the camera are better

  • Thi Henry
    Thi Henry 11 hours ago

    I wonder in 2020 will they release the iPhone 11 S or iPhone 12?

  • A1MB1G
    A1MB1G 11 hours ago

    Any idea how much storage a 2-3 minute video in 4k 60fps takes on an iPhone? Debating between sticking with 64GB or going with 128GB on my next phone.

  • Dalen Woods
    Dalen Woods 11 hours ago

    Man everyone talking about them having a XR or getting an 11 it’s crazy And there is me having a iPhone 5 that barely works and haven’t been complaining about until now 😭

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 11 hours ago

      Haha well one day you’ll get one whenever you can afford it. Plus if your phone works then you’re good to go

  • Carlo Leon
    Carlo Leon 11 hours ago

    how about none?

  • Random YT
    Random YT 11 hours ago

    Looks like the FBI can't track you through Cameras on this laptop

  • beechcraftpvp
    beechcraftpvp 12 hours ago

    For those who are curious, I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max on the day of release. I took it off the charger 13.75 hours ago and it is currently at 70% battery. I’ve been using it moderately today. Compared to my iPhone XS Max, I would assume the Max would have been around 40-45% right now with the same usage. The battery life on this thing is blowing my mind right now and I could get two useful days out of it if I wanted. Time will tell, however, as my previous Apple batteries tend to decrease in performance in just a few months.

  • Ray Sun
    Ray Sun 12 hours ago

    pixel 3 xl oneplus 7 pro

  • Skye Strachan
    Skye Strachan 12 hours ago

    I’m upgrading in November from iPhone 7 to the 11

  • Technical Bro
    Technical Bro 12 hours ago

    Mate 30 pro

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal 12 hours ago

    IPhone 11 is the better deal. Yes the improvement in battery and camera is worth that extra 100

  • Mera Rasta
    Mera Rasta 12 hours ago

    Get a Slickwraps Naked Gloss and this

  • Marijan Pablo Pavan
    Marijan Pablo Pavan 12 hours ago

    At 30 minutes, samsung charged more mah than the P30 Pro, even tho the Note was at 68 and P30 at 69, samsung charter more

  • Yanky Altman
    Yanky Altman 13 hours ago

    OnePlus 7 T Pro

    VALDICK 13 hours ago

    Drain test including s10 plus plzzz

  • Chowow
    Chowow 13 hours ago

    Where can I buy ear pods for 100 dollar?

    • Chowow
      Chowow 12 hours ago

      Matthew Moniz you said if you buy the xr you can buy the ear pods too 😢

    • Matthew Moniz
      Matthew Moniz 12 hours ago


  • powerlinkers
    powerlinkers 13 hours ago

    please upload your battery drain test with screen on time. people are not interested in charging test.

  • Cameron Pelkey
    Cameron Pelkey 13 hours ago

    Apple slows the charging down for the last 15% to save battery health. The winners of this challenge lose maximum capacity much quicker so id gladly take the iPhone speed over the others any day thank you very much.

    • Dami Fash
      Dami Fash 12 hours ago

      Bro shut up... Both note 10+...Huawei and one plus do that also.... Note 10 slows down after 90% P30 pro aftere 85% So no pointless excuses

  • wesley lewis
    wesley lewis 13 hours ago

    never expected your wife to be at the start of the video lol

  • 96 love On 69
    96 love On 69 13 hours ago

    I think 11 is little bigger

  • Joshua
    Joshua 13 hours ago

    Battery drain test?

  • Amazing GamePlays
    Amazing GamePlays 13 hours ago

    Going for the S10e, would be the best decision rather.

  • demsokk
    demsokk 13 hours ago

    ay hell yeah I fuck with that intro beat so hard! one of my favorites

  • Flo XD
    Flo XD 13 hours ago

    Iphone xr gang

  • Virk Saab
    Virk Saab 13 hours ago

    If I was to get a phone i would have gone with top one so that i won't have regrets later on.

  • Jay Tweezy
    Jay Tweezy 14 hours ago

    I vote IPhone 8 over IPhone XR

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves 14 hours ago

    i miss when you didn’t have to pay $1000 for an iphone with a 1080p display

    • feuerrmFilms
      feuerrmFilms 12 hours ago

      You can get 1080p for less than $300 on Moto phones

  • Cue Zephyr
    Cue Zephyr 14 hours ago

    1:20 I'm doing crazy things like play Pokémon Go in 2019.

  • Usman Tariq
    Usman Tariq 14 hours ago

    Maybe with IOS 13, the camera quality on Xr will also get better...

  • Giuseppe Nativo
    Giuseppe Nativo 14 hours ago

    Mr Moniz, a request. Considering the today intense interest for global warm change (they spoke about it, for the first time just 30 years ago) and the impact of new devices on it, plus the old, would you think to make a video about the good and not so famous fairphone 3? Maybe after it, someone would decide to use his her money on a fixable and recyclable and swappable product, helping ourself and the planet. Thank you.

  • Ashster !
    Ashster ! 14 hours ago

    When you're buying a 700 dollar device don't look for 100 dollars. Go ahead and buy the latest with 100 bucks more.

  • AI Bakchodi
    AI Bakchodi 14 hours ago

    200$ extra for iphone 11 in india so i have to think about xr too