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  • Dom Wings
    Dom Wings 6 minutes ago

    I think 2 min penalty and nothing more he was trying to slide between the goalie and glass

  • bones343
    bones343 6 minutes ago

    Looked bad. Wasn’t good. Poor decision to jump. But it’s extremely unlikely he was doing that to intentionally hit Gibson and more likely he just made the wrong move in trying to avoid him. Small fine, no suspension.

  • Steven Foltz
    Steven Foltz 6 minutes ago

    Love how some people think he went in there going after the goalie and that he should be suspended..... if you listen closely, you can hear the audibles right before the hit. "hard" hard". The goalie at least knew something was up. No intent to injure here in my opinion. Penalty, yes. nothing more.

  • The Old Boy
    The Old Boy 8 minutes ago

    Wilson molests collies.

  • Murray Neufeld
    Murray Neufeld 9 minutes ago

    NHL reffing is so weak lately. And that the announce booth just mentioned the injury in passing is even more ridiculous. Of course that's Sportsnet for you lately. "ALL EMPLOYEES WILL WALK LOCKSTEP IN DEMAND TO ORDERS FROM CORPORATE OVERLORD HEADQUARTERS AT ALL TIME! IF YOU DONT TALK ABOUT IT, IT NEVER HAPPENED."

  • Renew Crew
    Renew Crew 10 minutes ago

    Tkachuk is a rat

  • 619 OG
    619 OG 10 minutes ago

    Coyotes Goalie was justified.....with not one but two guys crosschecking his teammate.

  • Ryan Yeager
    Ryan Yeager 10 minutes ago

    Marchand is a weenie

  • dsfsfds dsfsdfsd
    dsfsfds dsfsdfsd 10 minutes ago

    Ref was seriously helping Tkachuk by holding Kuemper. That idiot should be fired

  • DC 8091
    DC 8091 11 minutes ago

    Meh, Man up

  • Samuel Marchand
    Samuel Marchand 14 minutes ago

    DANG IT your baby leafs are not in the playoffs 🥺

  • Dennis Peppard
    Dennis Peppard 16 minutes ago

    There’s nothing he could have done he was trying to get around him and Gibson was in awkward position

  • Rad Boom
    Rad Boom 19 minutes ago

    If he was trying to avoid it, he can just stop and go the other way, instead of hitting Gibson in the head

  • Jangos
    Jangos 20 minutes ago

    He was clearly trying to avoid, only looks bad cause he didnt slow down. Was even trying to apologize before getting run over by the ducks players

  • Tony Huynh
    Tony Huynh 21 minute ago

    Where can I get that sick maple syrup Jersey? 🙃

  • James Certosini
    James Certosini 22 minutes ago

    This hit should be at least a game suspension, he left his feet before making contact.

  • Meg Films
    Meg Films 23 minutes ago

    Suspend both

  • 4Kk1Kk4
    4Kk1Kk4 27 minutes ago

    do this against vegas calgary......

  • J Baxter
    J Baxter 27 minutes ago

    Thanks for showing this. The official NHL highlights want us to believe fighting never happens anymore.

  • reelkena
    reelkena 29 minutes ago

    The only words I wanna see after I see those two names is murder suicide.

  • stark1987
    stark1987 29 minutes ago

    that wa sa slewfoot and dive of a marchand level

  • reelkena
    reelkena 30 minutes ago

    Two pieces of garbage that are so incompatible they have negative magnetic force when they see each other.

    HOGZILLA FISHING 31 minute ago

    Imagine what would’ve happened if he hit Braden Holtby like that while Tom Wilson was on the ice ! It would’ve been like last time Oscar got put on his ass by Wilson and would’ve got KO’ed

  • Naz Idoura
    Naz Idoura 31 minute ago

    This game is SO fast. You gotta get to the puck FAST. What could he do

  • Mr17riddog
    Mr17riddog 34 minutes ago

    Yea he ran the goalie over but he made sure he was alright. I dont think he should have gotten ran over

  • Jeff Bowes
    Jeff Bowes 35 minutes ago

    I think someone accidently dropped a glove. Quick pick it up before the ref sees it.

  • Noella Severight
    Noella Severight 36 minutes ago

    Buff man he is awesome

  • Leafgreen1976
    Leafgreen1976 39 minutes ago

    if this was Anderson of the Leaf's, they'd simply go for a line change.

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh 40 minutes ago

    Hahahahhahah 🐭🐭🐀🐀 rat got scared real quick

  • stephane vincent
    stephane vincent 43 minutes ago

    As usual, he ran away like a child

  • FALCON21301
    FALCON21301 43 minutes ago

    WTF did he have to loose an eye in order to get them to stop the play! Disgrace!

  • LOilty
    LOilty 44 minutes ago

    Teammate tries to hug him and he continues to celly past him. Scum captain.

  • Weston Waite
    Weston Waite 45 minutes ago

    No stop should ever sound like that something was weird

  • Samuel Attias
    Samuel Attias 47 minutes ago

    The Panthers squash the rangers 4-3 saturday night

  • Tom Wilson Eats Urinal Cakes

    Im so damn sick of Brandy and his sisters antics. Both are doucebags.

    STAR LIGHT 49 minutes ago

    BAN this ugly sport forever kids are watching it and they are doing it in schools just look all around youtube and its because of these terrible sick men they think its ok to beat somebody

  • What’s That?
    What’s That? 50 minutes ago

    That’s a Dangit

  • Ronald Burgess
    Ronald Burgess 50 minutes ago

    He was trying to avoid contact then apologized. Foh, that shouldn't even be a penalty, Goalie should lose all protection rights when they leave the crease.

  • Haniya Nazir
    Haniya Nazir 51 minute ago

    It should have been from memory. Still cool tho!

  • Kathleen Leydig
    Kathleen Leydig 51 minute ago

    Tom Wilson is a douche

  • Taylor Conroy
    Taylor Conroy 58 minutes ago

    I love hockey

  • JDM Cartunez
    JDM Cartunez 59 minutes ago

    The Flames should keep pulling this crap until the NHL stops picking on them

  • The Count
    The Count 59 minutes ago

    Boston fans pointing and laughing at Wilson while their hero Marchand is laying on the ice playing possum.

  • CKr
    CKr 59 minutes ago

    The goal song is the same song that played after Marc Savard got hit by Matt Hunwick ending his career. 1:03

  • Scott Locke
    Scott Locke Hour ago

    I feel if the Goalie comes outa his net, should be free game, they need to change that rule!! Be more exciting to be able to hit the Goalie

  • Tee Cook
    Tee Cook Hour ago

    Hen<Wreck is a Spit-Bucket

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G Hour ago

    Scary, if Gibson gets hurt, you can pretty much count the ducks as a lottery team

  • Liam Middleton
    Liam Middleton Hour ago

    THIS IS NOT A LINE BRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻☪👳🏽‍♂️✈🏙💥🔥

  • pete klinger
    pete klinger Hour ago

    Ineptitude personified .... if any team requires several full time sports psychologists , it's the leaf's with their fragile psyche .... they have very little mental toughness and even less physical capacity to swing momentum when needed . Leaf fans have every right to be despondent and disheartened at this point . For a team with this much so called talent , they sure don't seem like a very motivated or determined group and no different from years past . Consistently playing from behind almost every game and the lack of execution on PP & PK , have ultimately doomed the " blue & white ".

  • SDT PokemonGo
    SDT PokemonGo Hour ago

    This title almost makes no sense.

  • Natasha Zaccaria

    Eichel- 4 Ottawa Senators- 2

  • Darick Holler
    Darick Holler Hour ago

    The refs won

  • xgoonzx needless

    I don't like either team but he looked like he jumped outa the way and hit him and wanted to due both

  • MrMistrEnigma
    MrMistrEnigma Hour ago

    The Worst play of the Year took place last week. When snivelling little coward Ron McLean stabbed his partner in the back....publicly. Nice one 🐀

  • C-Note
    C-Note Hour ago

    Flames lookin like doo doo at the moment

  • brandogrl
    brandogrl Hour ago

    Gosh I love that voice 😍❤️ it's perfection!!

  • Austin Dwyer
    Austin Dwyer Hour ago

    Matt Roy blocking a Shea Weber slapshot only for him to get the rebound and score is a dang-it

  • C-Note
    C-Note Hour ago

    Still unacceptable. Headshots=No bueno

  • Tee Cook
    Tee Cook Hour ago

    Skate back to Sweden u loser

  • farts arefunny
    farts arefunny Hour ago

    Toronto Maple Laughs

  • Clark Pitts
    Clark Pitts Hour ago

    Oskar is a stand up guy, he's not meaning to pick a fight or cause an injury. . He had a ton of speed and thought he could squeeze by. Gibson knew he was coming.. Helped create the pinch.

  • CrueMember
    CrueMember Hour ago

    wow Ottawa isn't bad. Nilsson is tremendous. Two of my favorites from the East here so didn't mind who won.

  • Kyle Wetelainen
    Kyle Wetelainen Hour ago

    Sundqvist tried to avoid Gibson hence him jumping up along the boards. Nhl is garbage now

  • Michael MacRae
    Michael MacRae Hour ago

    Demers is pathetic

  • CrueMember
    CrueMember Hour ago

    who is that announcer doing color commentary?

  • Michael MacRae
    Michael MacRae Hour ago

    You lured me with a goalie fight. I'll be contacting my lawyer for false advertising.

  • Kylesnipes 9
    Kylesnipes 9 Hour ago

    Blackhawks absolutely dominated

  • Wilhelm Lindberg

    Stupid rules, if the goalie leaves his area he should be hitable

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown Hour ago

    Absolutely ridiculous, there are multiple highlight videos of players being hit in the head by shots and the play immediately gets blown dead no matter who has the puck. There is no excuse for this to happen.

  • Lawrence McCowan



    So, Jack...wanna give us the total of Rat B*stard’s fine and suspension history?

  • Riley
    Riley Hour ago

    Wilson is the biggest clown in the league

  • Agg Cavan
    Agg Cavan Hour ago


  • Adamn adissident

    0:23 Tkachuk dropped that goalie with a straight hook to the mouth!!!!!

  • Human Being
    Human Being Hour ago

    So many almost goalie fights... Fleury & Budaj, Rask & Vasilevskiy, Rask & Howard and now Rittich & Kuemper :(

  • Kreutz
    Kreutz Hour ago


  • Tearloch
    Tearloch Hour ago

    Brad The Weanie

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly Hour ago

    Well Malkin said he will be fire lol

  • Jrs
    Jrs Hour ago

    Stupid goalies cant take a hit. All goalies should be open game out of the blue paint!!!

  • Adam French
    Adam French Hour ago

    This was a pushing match. The last good line brawl was 2/22/09 I believe. Buffalo v Ottawa. Now that was a brawl

  • Wade McGinnis
    Wade McGinnis Hour ago

    howd you like that dive Jack? lol

  • pill0wm4n
    pill0wm4n Hour ago

    Can't spell Montreal without an "L" at the end.

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips Hour ago

    Petey a savage Straight up murderin' people to try get us a point

  • DownpoursGaming
    DownpoursGaming Hour ago

    McDavid isn't Gretzky, but Kurri isn't Draisaitl.

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake Hour ago

    He leaped into him and hit him in the head. Everyone acting like it was an accident, give me a break.

  • Luyen Dao
    Luyen Dao Hour ago

    He was trying to squeeze through but that play should have been avoided considering it’s always very similar, goalie plays the puck with limited mobility and space.

  • Aaron DeMars
    Aaron DeMars Hour ago

    Absolutely no reason to suspend him, or even fine him. No injury, no intent, and was apologetic. This would be a terrible suspension

  • Tyler Baum
    Tyler Baum Hour ago

    Unacceptable by the refs. You have to blow the play dead there

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 2 hours ago

    That was all on Gibson, he was trying to jump up and slide in between Gibson and the boards to avoid him. Can't believe this is getting a hearing but the ovi hit on droiun that led to a concussion is fair game. Wheel of DoPS justice.

  • George Logue
    George Logue 2 hours ago

    Goalies? A $500 helmet sittin' on $5 head.

  • Emphatic
    Emphatic 2 hours ago

    Don't see why Sundqvist got fined, this wasn't charging, he tried to avoid contact there was just no way to get around him...goalies just need to stay in their nets..., these interference calls when they are out of their nets are frankly ridiculous.

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 2 hours ago

    this guy should go back to junior hockey

  • turtle with knife
    turtle with knife 2 hours ago

    big ups vancouver for not celebrating and focusing on calvert. good stuff guys

  • Mike Grizz
    Mike Grizz 2 hours ago

    His overpriced contract was in his skate causing him to feel lopsided

  • Mcronin_34
    Mcronin_34 2 hours ago

    After year 1: nothing has changed. In fact the team has got worse. Vlad and bo alone cannot carry the entire team

  • Dustin Grimoldby
    Dustin Grimoldby 2 hours ago

    this anit no 80's hockey. reminds me of middle school fights. one hit and someone cries ref.

  • begging for likes
    begging for likes 2 hours ago

    Who would win. Demko's short side or 1 avalanche boi

  • The Crypto Pickle
    The Crypto Pickle 2 hours ago

    bring back old time hockey!

  • NobeRobe
    NobeRobe 2 hours ago

    Not surprised that its Sundqvist who is doing things like this again 😂

  • Shawnaldo75
    Shawnaldo75 2 hours ago

    Always fun seeing a Hab get crushed, but BOTH of Ovi's feet were off the ice before contact is made. The hit is dirty af.