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  • Alexander Sysoev
    Alexander Sysoev 7 hours ago

    C'mon, Ovi! I hope you'll make 900!

  • Дмитрий Семашко

    Ovi hat trick

  • Free Walker
    Free Walker 7 hours ago

    Holt? Who?

  • YDK Marshall
    YDK Marshall 7 hours ago

    hes gonna pass gretzky

  • Православный Атеист

    Анриал дебилы 😆

  • Роман Тимушев

    Ови машина

  • Valic Luca
    Valic Luca 7 hours ago

    это фантастика

  • леха Архипов

    Красавцы 🎗️🎗️🎗️🎗️🎗️🎗️👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Xyli Gan
    Xyli Gan 7 hours ago

    Тупой обзор! Спрортснет - тупит((

  • The Suns of Liberty
    The Suns of Liberty 7 hours ago


  • valenius the kat
    valenius the kat 7 hours ago

    Moral of the Story: NEVER LEAVE EARLY

  • Isaac Burch
    Isaac Burch 7 hours ago

    ovi is crazy

  • Bryan Halstead
    Bryan Halstead 7 hours ago

    Good game Caps fans. We deserved to lose that game, Isles have gotten way to content since mid december and they are paying for it now.

  • Pasetron
    Pasetron 7 hours ago

    Холтби в рамке-жди результативного матча) А восьмерка второй трик подряд выдает,Гретцки,двигайся)

  • [Rock] [Star]
    [Rock] [Star] 7 hours ago

    Ови конечно легенда! 8

  • chris costello
    chris costello 7 hours ago

    He is better than Crosby. Same pace without a 6 week vacay

  • Habslayer
    Habslayer 7 hours ago

    Gretzky knows his goals record is in trouble. Ovi is in beast mode!

  • Дмитрий бигимот

    Холтби понимает, что скоро станет вторым кипером. Не уверено очень играет.

  • Dr. Marmalade
    Dr. Marmalade 7 hours ago

    On one hand it kinda looks like he was trying to get his stick away from Krug so he doesn’t trip/hook him, but you’d think with that much awareness he would be able to avoid Rask as well. I could see it going either way. Does this guy have any history of being a douche?

  • Otto Zizak
    Otto Zizak 7 hours ago

    I hate both teams as a Ranger fan, but I’ve gotta say that this is typical Islanders right here. Always blowing big leads and choking when it really matters for them. They deserved to lose because of their shear arrogance.

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 7 hours ago

      Otto Zizak Lol your entire comment is arrogant.

  • OzzyDo
    OzzyDo 7 hours ago

    "He only scores from the point standing still".

  • Russell Hillyer
    Russell Hillyer 7 hours ago

    Two bits with burke

  • Alex Wagner
    Alex Wagner 7 hours ago

    Lets Go Caps

  • nils4545
    nils4545 7 hours ago

    And people say he can only score from the office :P.

  • Mason Lee
    Mason Lee 7 hours ago

    Toews u idiot 😂😂😂😂

  • Nissan370Z
    Nissan370Z 7 hours ago

    Isles not so cocky now!

    • Nate Brandon
      Nate Brandon 7 hours ago

      Does a Kuzy celebration then loses! Lmao must feel dumb af ;)

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 7 hours ago

      Nissan370Z How so?

    • Nissan370Z
      Nissan370Z 7 hours ago

      @Bryan Halstead I was referring to their players celebrating. But NYI fans are morons.

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 7 hours ago

      Nissan370Z Been an Isles fan all my life I don’t think i’ve ever seen a cocky Isles fan lol

  • [Rock] [Star]
    [Rock] [Star] 7 hours ago

    Самсонов Овечкин красавчики! Вот это игра была зрелищная!

  • Matt Tricomi
    Matt Tricomi 7 hours ago

    islanders fans probably gonna complain about officiating again. lol how about don’t cough up a 3 goal lead?

    • Matt Tricomi
      Matt Tricomi 7 hours ago

      Bryan Halstead obssessed over how bad they are 😂 nice try there little man. we’ll be right behind the isles in no time cuz we actually have a decent team and don’t win games by playing the neutral zone trap

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 7 hours ago

      Matt Tricomi Lol buddy, you’re obsessed with the Isles. Perhaps you should worry about the fact that you’re 10 points behind us 😆

  • Jonny Nerot
    Jonny Nerot 7 hours ago

    That fifth WSH goal fron Vrana 👍

  • RonaldoBetter ThanMessi

    I dont watch ice hockey a lot. But I looked up lemieux and gretzky, and wtf are those goalkeepers

  • Sir Drinkalot
    Sir Drinkalot 7 hours ago

    at 0:22 the refs might as well blow the whistle --> face off in the middle, automatic goal for the caps :D

  • Isadore Isadore
    Isadore Isadore 7 hours ago

    Islanders fan here,. Congrats OVI, guess, we'll be tied together in this, in the history books . Again. Good work!

  • Santi Jauregui
    Santi Jauregui 7 hours ago

    Didn't think caps would win this one. Pleasant surprise to see the score. go caps

  • If u disagree with me u are stupid

    He’s passing Gretzky . We are witnessing something truly amazing

  • Hubcap FS19 UHD Game Play _

    since when is fighting a suspension

  • Word Bearer
    Word Bearer 7 hours ago

    This guy seems pretty good at scoring goals in Ice Hockey

  • Hubcap FS19 UHD Game Play _

    The leagues decision was a steaming pile of dog crap

  • Brandon Milligan
    Brandon Milligan 7 hours ago

    Islanders have horrendous announcers. Knew once Toews did that celebration that the Caps would win.

  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise 7 hours ago

    Lol isles blew a 4-1 lead in the third.. their fans have been nowhere to be found after winning the imaginary Stanley cup during their 17 pt streak

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 7 hours ago

      Matt Tricomi lol you’re so obsessed with the Isles. Your team is 10 points behind us 😆

    • Matt Tricomi
      Matt Tricomi 7 hours ago

      Bryan Halstead no he’s not... bud

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 7 hours ago

      Tom Cruise Lol you’re reaching bud.

  • Rahim LaQuica
    Rahim LaQuica 7 hours ago

    Good questions, nice interview guys

  • chris costello
    chris costello 7 hours ago

    Overshadowing Crosby since 05-06

  • Николай Нагорный

    Саня молодец! Уже 692!

  • Zyzz
    Zyzz 7 hours ago


  • Shea Angus
    Shea Angus 7 hours ago

    Greatest goal scorer of all time.

  • BiG MiG
    BiG MiG 7 hours ago

    Какой счёт,грёбаный Экибастуз?!

  • ShutTheFuckUpWhore
    ShutTheFuckUpWhore 7 hours ago

    Islanders are so lucky to have OV spit on their buttholes like that.

  • doZer boy
    doZer boy 7 hours ago


  • Macon
    Macon 7 hours ago

    “Move over, Mario.” That’s something you don’t hear often in a game.

  • Robby Peña
    Robby Peña 7 hours ago

    Gretzky has left the chat....sweating.

  • Daniel O’Callaghan

    God Bless you Nate. Jesus is the way the truth and the life .

  • Baegitte
    Baegitte 7 hours ago

    Is Crosby in the NHL still or Khl? Rarely hear about him anymore 😂😂😂

  • ExpectoPatronum28
    ExpectoPatronum28 7 hours ago

    This dude is on a tear!

  • Thomas Harper
    Thomas Harper 7 hours ago

    Is no one talking about how Dunn's goal is a move from NHL '95?

  • shnuts
    shnuts 7 hours ago

    Great win by new york

  • The Anthropologist _Forensic

    In all fairness to MARIO THE GREAT.... he had CANCER and missed about SIX YEARS of his prime playing career

  • Robert Carlson
    Robert Carlson 7 hours ago

    Let the record show he tied Yzerman at 692 before the end of the game!

  • Raniere
    Raniere 7 hours ago

    you gotta be good to be lucky.

  • Marc Bibeau
    Marc Bibeau 7 hours ago

    NHL is a joke

  • Виталий Гринько

    Игрок от бога. Молоток Саня. Украина за тебя. Пример для всех. Великий Овечкин.

  • киря в законе

    Как сыграли? Где обзор?

  • киря в законе

    Один диз.Свеча поставил

  • Ryan N. 95
    Ryan N. 95 8 hours ago

    Congrats Ovi, from a Pens fan. Still consider Mario a top 3 player all time, and both Ovi and Sid are top 15 at least.

    • Henrik Anttila
      Henrik Anttila 7 hours ago

      Name 14 better players than Ovi? Lmao top 15.. TOP 5 EZ

  • ццуывп ывпывп

    огонь санька

  • Jordan Perepolkin
    Jordan Perepolkin 8 hours ago

    Hamilton is a big loss

  • conor wreckoner
    conor wreckoner 8 hours ago

    Imagine being islanders fan

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 8 hours ago

      conor wreckoner Could be worse, could be a ranger fan.

  • Tariq Ginkinger
    Tariq Ginkinger 8 hours ago

    Reminded me of that one from his rookie season

  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise 8 hours ago

    Jesus that was insane.. the league won’t be the same when Ovi and Crosby retire

  • Якубов Санжар

    This is the history we are witnessing 😎

  • Slap Shot Hockey
    Slap Shot Hockey 8 hours ago

    Of course the Capitals have to win🙄

  • Tim Chen Irr
    Tim Chen Irr 8 hours ago

    Санек молоток

    MrILIKEBACON 8 hours ago

    I think history will remember ovie more than Crosby

  • John Elsliger
    John Elsliger 8 hours ago

    Tkachuk had to stand up for himself , bottom line .. , sooner or later , you pay for those kind of runs , on players .. TIME has a 'long' memory !!

  • Роман Филипский


  • Greyson Gladney
    Greyson Gladney 8 hours ago

    Great goal... But let me use Crosby fans logic here... He purposely shot it off the stick to get it around the goalie, purely planned my friend, amazing... In reality, he's doing what every great hockey player does, get it to the net and good things can happen....

  • penguins back2back
    penguins back2back 8 hours ago

    ovechkin the goat of goal scorer, crosby the goat of the hole game, cant whait to next week, then ovi will go - 4 on that game agains pens InshaAllah

  • People's Champ
    People's Champ 8 hours ago

    Ovechkin is the greatest goal scorer of all the time. I hate the era argument though it needs to stop just sit down and watch this legend in the making and appreciate what he is doing. Yes Mario did it in less games, yes it was easier to score back then, yes Ovechkin would destroy would back then, but there is reason there wasn't an Ovechkin back then and that is because the game wasn't as developed as it is now. Mario and Gretzky paved the way for hockey to be what it is today Ovi and Sid wouldn't exist of those guys didn't put the sport on the map. They're all awesome so stop trying to discredit all of their accomplishments.

  • Николай Нагорный

    Саня молодец!

    TECH REVIEWER 8 hours ago

    Heating upppppp wow

  • ramms mutter69
    ramms mutter69 8 hours ago

    49th game of the season. Sitting at 34 goals. If he keeps a similar pace and doesn't drop off he only needs 4-5 more season to beat the record. You can do it Ovi!!! Edit: Kids take notice. This is the example of what it looks like not to give up. Nobody thought Ovi would get a cup.

    • ramms mutter69
      ramms mutter69 7 hours ago

      @Ron Bonora They said he was showing signs of slowing down when he was 30. Boy were they wrong.

    • Ron Bonora
      Ron Bonora 7 hours ago

      4 to 5 seasons at Ovi's age is a long time! LOL

  • mst3k54
    mst3k54 8 hours ago

    Dude didn’t just “leave his feet” he leaped into the air trying to target another players head with his hip. Tkafuck Tkachuk. Dude needs a straight up stick across his face full force.

  • Евгений Королев

    Овечкин уже 9 в списке самых лучшех снайперов за всю историю!)

    • Galaxy A5
      Galaxy A5 7 hours ago

      В нем бурлит коктейль из мастерства и харизмы!

    TECH REVIEWER 8 hours ago

    Ovi beast mode

  • Maryland Bass Hunter

    8 goals in 3 games! Unbelievable!

    • Shyam Tanna
      Shyam Tanna 7 hours ago

      Maryland Bass Hunter I stand humbly corrected. Yep. He had 2 vs Carolina prior to these back to back tricks.

    • Maryland Bass Hunter
      Maryland Bass Hunter 8 hours ago

      @Shyam Tanna Still 8 total. Back to back hat tricks with a 2 goal game prior, 8 total in 3.

    • Shyam Tanna
      Shyam Tanna 8 hours ago

      Maryland Bass Hunter Make that 9. :). Back to back Hat tricks!!!

  • jfuite
    jfuite 8 hours ago

    Good luck, OV.

  • дамир счастливый


  • Дмитрий Привезенцев

    САНЁК МОЛОРИК!!!! Опять Хет трик!!!

  • Urban Treasure Hunting

    Back to back hatties and 8 goals in three games at 34 years old. Let that sink in.

    • Urban Treasure Hunting
      Urban Treasure Hunting 7 hours ago

      @ramms mutter69 superstition. Same reason you don't say "wow, haven't been sick in a while!"

    • ramms mutter69
      ramms mutter69 7 hours ago

      @Urban Treasure Hunting ....why?

    • Release The Kraken
      Release The Kraken 7 hours ago

      Also its the first time in his career when he goes 3 straight games with multigoals. Which means he’s only getting better

    • Urban Treasure Hunting
      Urban Treasure Hunting 8 hours ago

      @ramms mutter69 add that to a large list of things you just don't say out loud!!

    • ramms mutter69
      ramms mutter69 8 hours ago

      Not only that. Need to factor in he's never had any serious injuries playing. He's just going to keep trucking.

  • noisia noisia
    noisia noisia 8 hours ago

    Again hat trick congtac

  • michael zex
    michael zex 8 hours ago

    if your gonna pass Lemieux thats the way to do it

  • Scarecrow7
    Scarecrow7 8 hours ago

    Ovie to Gretzky "I Must Break You(r goal record)"

    • dakotuhh _
      dakotuhh _ 7 hours ago

      best comment I've read in a while

    • Scott Andigan
      Scott Andigan 7 hours ago

      Rejean Nowlan Ovie would have at least 800 by now if not for those lockout seasons.

    • Rejean Nowlan
      Rejean Nowlan 7 hours ago

      he miss all most 2 season for lockout

  • den di28
    den di28 8 hours ago

    lol 3 period 5-0 ))) 2 day OVI 3 goal

  • kenneth troutman
    kenneth troutman 8 hours ago

    Tampa just building those expectations again lol that's all

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 8 hours ago

    Ovechkin couldd be the greatest goal scorer of all time. Crosby could be the best player of all time.Take into consideration the eras between lemieux and Gretzky, and Crosby and ovi.

  • Christopher Nasca
    Christopher Nasca 8 hours ago

    After his hatty he is now tied #9 with 692 goals

  • Артем Леонтьев

    Саня тащёр!

  • Bryse99
    Bryse99 8 hours ago

    imagine Alex playing at the same time as gretzky... Ovi would be so much better, even if he doesnt end his career with the most goals ever, he will still be the greatest goal scorer of all time

    • The Anthropologist _Forensic
      The Anthropologist _Forensic 7 hours ago

      I'm taking it you werent alive to see Gretzky play? He was the most effortless player I have ever seen, as to why I said he was GOAT as a kid.... Then I saw footage of Bobby Orr, and took that back

  • Wow Pow
    Wow Pow 8 hours ago

    Ovi COULD be the greatest goal scorer of all time. Crosby COULD be the greatest player of all time. I'm not saying these 2 players are, but you boomers need to take into consideration the eras, one had disastrous goalies, this has good goalies.

    • Ron Bonora
      Ron Bonora 7 hours ago

      @bob chris yes, bob, the kid is a fool to say that!

    • Ron Bonora
      Ron Bonora 7 hours ago

      @Jared Davis yeah, Jared, some of these young people do not know much about the history of hockey! Crazy statements about the goalies gone by.

    • Ron Bonora
      Ron Bonora 7 hours ago

      @Ktsoccer97 I don't think so! Ovi has not even caught up to Howe's 801 yet. Let's give it time and see what happens. Lemieux and Gretz would have been excellent in any era! LOL

    • Austin Knops
      Austin Knops 7 hours ago

      Ryan we will see that is still in the air, mcdavids key advantage over everyone is speed and you slow down as you age will he still be as good as he ages..........IDK only time will tell (I think so but can’t say for certain). I mean ovechkin when he entered the league was really fast and look how much he has slowed down in terms of skating (he is still a beast on the ice). Crosby edge work is probably best in the game and mcdavid is the fastest with the puck no question about that but when he hits 30 will he still be effective?

    GOLEAFSGO690 8 hours ago

    200+ games more, it's bound to happen

  • Wow Pow
    Wow Pow 8 hours ago

    Old time boomers are stupid. I'm not saying ovi and Crosby are better than lemieux and Gretzky. But take into consideration the eras. The arguments are 100% reasonable.

  • Erik card
    Erik card 8 hours ago

    Lol the islanders are absolute losers nice turn over bailey 👍you guys are ass

    • Bryan Halstead
      Bryan Halstead 8 hours ago

      Erik card As an Isles fan i could not agree more. Last few weeks they look absolutely atrocious