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  • Zeg Zeazon
    Zeg Zeazon 4 hours ago

    _Only the _*_Supremely $7upid_*_ will buy that phone._

  • moe musa
    moe musa 5 hours ago

    I'll cop if it was budget friendly

    RERTODJLV 5 hours ago


  • Diego Manrique
    Diego Manrique 5 hours ago

    828p LCD panel, first generation charger LoL

  • Pragistyo Machmud
    Pragistyo Machmud 5 hours ago

    Read a comment about a person miss old feature phone era. I got an idea. I think many people already think about it, but here ya go: - feature phone with projector - can only be seen with special glasses (privacy) - command by voice *Oops, nvm. Just think about marvel ref

  • Pragistyo Machmud
    Pragistyo Machmud 5 hours ago

    Agree with you dave: Not for us

  • Ionut
    Ionut 5 hours ago

    You are just a paid reviewer in disguise for Apple. A 700$ phone that dropped from 750$ means that more players on the high end smartphone table like Samsung and Huawei, not to mention cheap products with good specs like Xiaomi, will force you to drop the prices. While the Apple services will grow for now and "cheaper" iPhones will make consumers buy more Apple products from Apple in theory, that doesn't mean that in the future Apple will retain the same customers that will pay for their services, as long as other brands make a phone at a better price/performance ratio than them. Oneplus is not a big player at the moment, even though their phone has a decent price/performance ratio, that doesn't mean they will not grow in the future. The loyalists that buy Oneplus will say the Oneplus 7 Pro is expensive compared to the latest ones, the Oneplus 7 is a very decent phone at a lower price. Phones are getting better and better and will improve over time and people will upgrade their phone in 2-3-4 years or even more, since the prices from Android smartphone makers are hitting the premium segment and if they make security updates on the long term. The people found out that Apple is now just a copy-paste company when releasing phones from 2-3 years back and no significant improvements have been made, compared to when Steve Jobs was running stuff.

  • STeVe PNW
    STeVe PNW 6 hours ago

    📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱 🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱 🔋📲 *The phone I want: Start with an Asus ROG phone 2 and then add a User Swappable Battery* *and a simple Stylus for taking Notes, all while keeping the phone waterproof* 📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱🔋📳🔋📴🔋📲🔋📱 🔋📲

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 6 hours ago

    CrApple should include a free blow job from Tim Apple everytim someone buys an iJunk. I still wouldn't buy one

  • Michael Ubaneche
    Michael Ubaneche 6 hours ago

    A foldable phone for 500 USD, hell yeah I'll buy it

  • [ deathrodamus ]
    [ deathrodamus ] 6 hours ago

    Just get yourself a Nintendo Switch, if you're in to gaming.

    RAUSHAN KUMAR 6 hours ago

    It isn't a folding phone, it's a folding tablet actually . A tablet that you can carry in your pocket, that's it.

  • Omega Beta
    Omega Beta 6 hours ago

    Word of the day: minutiae 5:34

  • Omega Beta
    Omega Beta 6 hours ago

    I need my phone to last a while, fit my pockets, fast, great camera, hardware and software reliability. Other work is done using my laptop

  • Allen McDonnell
    Allen McDonnell 6 hours ago

    Are you doing one of these videos for 2019?

  • Carley Carroll
    Carley Carroll 6 hours ago

    Can you please do a review on the CyberPowerPC Tracer III?

  • Majid Abd Razak
    Majid Abd Razak 6 hours ago

    It will be 11s right?

  • TrueFuSchnicken
    TrueFuSchnicken 7 hours ago

    fakk you...you are taking these overpriced devices in a new light so that we have to think..ohhh its cheap!

  • Loago.G Kgopo
    Loago.G Kgopo 7 hours ago

    Bless you for a unique take on this phone

  • Puhi Puhi
    Puhi Puhi 7 hours ago

    Which is more durable? Plastic body frame or aluminium body frame?

  • ItsKemal
    ItsKemal 7 hours ago

    i'm not sure about the "cleaner software" means... especially when we talk about samsung

  • デボンDevon
    デボンDevon 7 hours ago

    *ahem* $2000

  • Zeppy Brawl Stars
    Zeppy Brawl Stars 7 hours ago

    Acer - king of gaming laptops. Razer - great rgb and mouse and keyboards.

  • Jobie J
    Jobie J 7 hours ago

    This video will help a lot of people make decisions. Thanks.

  • PearceC2
    PearceC2 7 hours ago

    I went with the m17. its on sale.... amzn.to/2O9gAhM

  • ZabAsh HD
    ZabAsh HD 7 hours ago


  • ToyotaCharlie
    ToyotaCharlie 7 hours ago

    Still think this is pointless and a dead end. Unless they can make it super thin with some alien battery technology

  • Fadlul Faris
    Fadlul Faris 7 hours ago

    4:00 the game is vainglory.... just trying to revive a dead game

  • Mariam Hamdan
    Mariam Hamdan 8 hours ago

    The fact that this 6.99$ iphone is 1050$ in my country

  • Louis Treffer
    Louis Treffer 8 hours ago

    a Throttle comparisonVideo would be amazing! Dell XPS / Aero 15 / Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen2

  • Lunar ind.
    Lunar ind. 8 hours ago

    did you spotted that video has a small not actually hearable background music? i didnt untill last 50 seconds of it

  • ashwinbhat95
    ashwinbhat95 8 hours ago

    But you should also take into consideration that since it retained the design and most of the things from the XR, it would have saved costs there. Maybe not 50 dollars worth, but certainly something. The iPhone 11 is an interesting product, and I am compelled to buy it, but I'm hesitant because of the low resolution screen. The fact that it has lower pixel density than my 7 plus kind of scares me. As for the pro versions, I simply don't think they are worth the price. I'll most likely end up waiting one more year. It's not like I badly need a new one anyway!

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar 8 hours ago

    Should I buy gaming budget laptop on great Indian sale/Flipkart billion day or wait for Amazon prime day

  • Awad Badr
    Awad Badr 8 hours ago

    1:50 don't do the finger plz

  • Chamchamcham10
    Chamchamcham10 9 hours ago

    So... a phone with a tag price of an RTX laptop... no thanks!

  • Jenny Jerome
    Jenny Jerome 9 hours ago

    Yes, love the Apple hardware. They have the aesthetics down! NO-ONE can take that away from them. No-one! But Dave said it perfectly. The internals are seriously lacking and over priced.

  • Haikal Hanif
    Haikal Hanif 9 hours ago

    dave do the review on the rog strix g

  • Reynald Guibone
    Reynald Guibone 9 hours ago

    +Dave Lee Hello Dave Lee. Great review! I've been watching your videos for a year now. And I can see that you like this beast. I have a questions. Is this good for video and graphics editing. Does the color with this laptop accurate or near accurate?

  • Ademir Delic
    Ademir Delic 9 hours ago

    This phone is a gimick

  • Pranav Sai
    Pranav Sai 9 hours ago

    Quite surprising to see Lenovo missing from this video..

  • Nawaz Sk
    Nawaz Sk 9 hours ago

    zenfone 5 was clean too man

  • Atlas 51232
    Atlas 51232 10 hours ago

    Thats halfway innovation,....... dont treat it like a beautiful mate x with a REASONABLE sized screen 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • phantomtq
    phantomtq 10 hours ago

    i would definitely buy it if it was within 1000 range

  • Sanjeev
    Sanjeev 10 hours ago

    Asian Mr Bean

  • Himanshu Aundhe
    Himanshu Aundhe 10 hours ago

    Pewdieipie reference? Anyone?

  • Андрей Москалец

    Multitasking huh? Just don't get it. If you want to create something, you just grab your laptop. Why creating something with the same usability model, as tablets have? Why even bother if you already can get a compact tablet with 7-9" screen and go on with it? You already can get yourself a device with the same screen size. And with zero reliability issues. So what's the point of having a foldable smartphone? Why not just put some efforts into android tablets software? Maybe it's all just a hype to justify selling you a "questionable" experience by cosmic prise?

  • Papadax Papadax
    Papadax Papadax 10 hours ago

    You got my point

  • Ghibran Siregar
    Ghibran Siregar 10 hours ago

    I want to upgrade but maybe said I should wait 😂😂

  • stripedzebrasafari
    stripedzebrasafari 10 hours ago

    ive been using the iphone 6 for 5 years now, waiting and hoping for a new an innovative iphone. The iphone 11 isnt exactly the innovation we all were hoping for this year, but to be frank, I cant do another year with this iphone 6. The cameras and other hardware upgrades on the iphone 11 are more than enough for me. So I'll bite the bullet, get the iphone 11 and possibly upgrade to the newer iphone next year if its worth it.

  • Nine Dnine
    Nine Dnine 10 hours ago

    I have a 7+. The 11 will be my upgrade for the next few years. $700 is not bad for a new iPhone

  • doug rabbit
    doug rabbit 10 hours ago

    I wonder about society if we now make smart phones even more additive. I'm 57 and come from the pre tech world. It was better,we talked to one another!

  • Sam
    Sam 10 hours ago

    I dont get why people get mad at the iphone for having a notch but not at the galaxy fold. I mean come on, you got to admit that this big notch with the thick plastic sides looks trash!

  • Samarjit Samanta
    Samarjit Samanta 10 hours ago

    great analysis buddy. Its logical comparison . so this fall iPhone 11 will be the market player like iPhone XR.

  • Jason Barrios
    Jason Barrios 10 hours ago

    Best Buy actually selling it for 599

  • QuasarFlash
    QuasarFlash 10 hours ago

    Is this a PewDiePie's chair reference??

  • Marcus Decimus
    Marcus Decimus 10 hours ago

    Interesting analysis but I believe it to be wrong. Apple are gambling on lowering the price in order to sell more units to ultimately make a greater profit. They know that the smart phone market is slowing down for various reasons. One reason is that the last couple of generations of smart phones are so good and so similar to the current generation that more and more people are keeping their phones for longer and going from a 1 to 2 year cycle to 3 years or even longer. They are actually competing with themselves as well as their competitors like Samsung and Huawei. And even if Apple is diversifying and not so dependent on the iphone it does not follow that they would be willing to make less money on it. Apple will try to make as much money as it can from all it's products.

  • kevin bryan
    kevin bryan 10 hours ago

    can you still use the Dolby dax equalizer on lenovo y540? ( im talking about the dolby equalizer software from the lenovo ideapad laptops)

  • Raul Garcia
    Raul Garcia 11 hours ago

    Good video

  • H Walls
    H Walls 11 hours ago

    who would want to put up with that dismal display. You have said many times that the display is one of the most important aspects of these laptops, something that is in your face all the time. So why do you not come down harder on this display. It is awful

  • Hector Tio Salamanca
    Hector Tio Salamanca 11 hours ago

    These are all way to expensive for a student. Why isn't the Vivobook x512 here? It seems like a solid choice. I would love your input on its screen because all the reviewers are from india and they dont go into any details :(

  • EnkoreTech
    EnkoreTech 11 hours ago

    which is a better flex.. Samsung Galaxy Fold or iPhone 11 pro max?

  • Pawan Umakar
    Pawan Umakar 11 hours ago

    What about new legion Y7000

  • Pratik Adhikary
    Pratik Adhikary 11 hours ago

    JUST A NOTE BUT I GUESS MANY WILL AGREE:*HP SUCKS* do not buy their products. My samsung laptop of 20k INR bought around 2012, after upgrading to 4 GB ram, still works fine with some lagging. My HP notebook series laptop that i bought, had bleeding backlights since the beginning, two hard drive failures, dead pixels within 1 and half years, 3 fans dead, all replaced within one year of use...like wth. Finally now i am using it like a CPU, connected to a monitor, external keyboard and mouse cause the specs are still good. Replacing the screen costs 18k INR from a service centre. The glue holding the screen has melted the the plastic holding the hinge has snapped so i can no longer use the screen. ALL within around 3 years of usage. And of course lets not delve into the hours of troubleshooting blue screen errors. Finally got tired of this and bought a macbook air 2017 model. Smooth as butter, no issues whatsoever.

  • DJBit-3
    DJBit-3 11 hours ago

    Can it survive one drop?

  • Nazmul Huda Setu
    Nazmul Huda Setu 11 hours ago

    Best mini gaming pc!! I wanna build this also!!

  • Karan Hasija
    Karan Hasija 11 hours ago

    Ounces Fahrenheit , damn dave never see this side of you

  • Banana Child
    Banana Child 11 hours ago

    I see Colgate is dabbling themselves into the illicit smartphone business

  • tea_and_thorazine
    tea_and_thorazine 12 hours ago


  • LouisChiaki
    LouisChiaki 12 hours ago

    I hope ASUS is seeing this.

  • negrojenkins
    negrojenkins 12 hours ago

    Apple's new mission statement: "To screw the world through forced obsolescence, gimmicks, and absurdly high prices"

  • DeeJay Adams
    DeeJay Adams 12 hours ago

    Tbh it doesn't matter which company name is on this style of phone. Like you said Dave, it is innovative and does have flaws but after some tweaks this style of phone COULD be pretty awesome. To answer your question, yes I would purchase it.

  • Joshua Nejat
    Joshua Nejat 12 hours ago

    Doesn't cost 399 T_T I am dissapointed beyond expression.

  • adfasd
    adfasd 12 hours ago

    Overpriced easily

  • Ravla YT
    Ravla YT 12 hours ago

    WTF are those subtitles in the beginning it was like PEEEEEENIS peeeeeenis wrwrwrwrw

  • showdown2006
    showdown2006 13 hours ago

    This is the best said video on Apple’s economics in the right amount of time.

  • John W
    John W 13 hours ago

    not cheaper in Australia. Price went up from XR infact

    KIPRIANOS78 13 hours ago

    Now that's how you make a phone video

  • siddhesh daphane
    siddhesh daphane 13 hours ago

    55% pre orders are of pro and pro max according to apple and that's huge. I phone 11 is for countries like India where they are trying to increase their market share and its working because they had 19% increase in India and if we look at the population of India than India is giving millions of dollars to apple.

  • MyUnknown54321
    MyUnknown54321 13 hours ago

    Make your thermal testing more comprehensive.

  • Wade Griffiths
    Wade Griffiths 13 hours ago

    You'll be back. :)

  • Josh Yang
    Josh Yang 13 hours ago

    Maybe the price is too high, $300 was a lot already but now $1000+, shit, fuck that

  • Kevin Abirasniette
    Kevin Abirasniette 14 hours ago

    How does Austin Evans have a ps5 already? And Jonathan secretly loves windows lol

  • H Walls
    H Walls 14 hours ago

    You people on here making jokes should stop it, some people might not realize when to take you serious, other than the completely outlandish ones, even though you assume they should know. This could result in serious damage to their machine. It is a place and a time for everything and your jokes are not cute or entertaining, just childish and sick

    MR_ BIONIC 14 hours ago

    Razer takes hundreds of bucks for their fking brand name.

  • H Walls
    H Walls 14 hours ago

    Very informative and clear

  • Tethc
    Tethc 14 hours ago

    For everyone that mentioning "elasticity of demand" --- it works in regards to buying powers of consumers/suppliers. Hes saying that the buying power of consumers is clearly increasing and that is why they are lowering prices. if buying power of consumers wasn't increasing then they could charge $1000 and the sales would have been relatively the same. Hes not just saying lower price = higher sales BUT hes saying apple has always been able to do higher price = equally higher sales IN THE PAST and not anymore... and this is a big change TLDR hes not only saying supply vs demand... but that apple has never had to succumb to demands and always do whatever they want

  • H Walls
    H Walls 14 hours ago

    And overpriced, The Asus ROG GL503 has it just right, after a certain frame rate, where the game plays nice and smooth, and there is adequate cooling, nice keyboard and trackpad and very good bright screen with color accuracy why do you need more.The industry just comes up with more demanding games to make you buy more expensive laptops. There is a saturation point, where more and more demanding games are just not worth it. The manufacturers could make more interesting , imaginative and diverse games to keep you interested and intrigued without making them more demanding graphically and forcing you to buy ever more powerful laptops,, just a way of exploiting the user. It is a vicious cycle and just one more sinister aspect of capitalism.

  • Everton Silva
    Everton Silva 14 hours ago

    What ssd is being used on surface

    VII IIV 14 hours ago

    But can you play Mobile Legends in it?

  • H Walls
    H Walls 14 hours ago

    Sorry do not like the trackpad in that position, just looks weird, and the keyboard without a palm rest is also weird, something I am not interested in getting use to.

  • Willypbm
    Willypbm 14 hours ago

    Let me understand, Apple wants iPhone 6 users to buy the same iPhone x with a new name now called iPhone 11? Where is the deal?

  • First and Last
    First and Last 14 hours ago

    Both these are retarded. Ain't no way around it. Keyboard that projects a holographic screen.

  • H Walls
    H Walls 14 hours ago

    Thinner and lighter means more thermal challenges for the most part, You said that a thousand times Dave.

  • H Walls
    H Walls 14 hours ago

    The red is a deal breaker for me, what is it with these manufacturers with this damn red and blue, white fits with everything and is less hard on the eyes, and for, backlit keyboards are definitely a must. Thanks

  • Clai res
    Clai res 15 hours ago

    Cheapest price to fix their stagnant ecosystem. Xiaomi has been done before.

  • Bfg Bender
    Bfg Bender 15 hours ago

    Boring video.

  • Karthik Mohanty
    Karthik Mohanty 15 hours ago

    U r a sicksamsungguy!

  • ceriusStra
    ceriusStra 15 hours ago

    I now hate Apple products and Support after more than 25 years of being an Apple fan... I've never had so many ISSUES, PROBLEMS and nightmare login complications than the last few years in an iMAC... Their software is crap, support doesn't work, and the computer itself is slow as molasses. For the price they ask, it's not worth it.

  • komilbek rustamiy
    komilbek rustamiy 15 hours ago

    Hate your intro animation

  • Moho Rauf
    Moho Rauf 15 hours ago

    How are thermals if you undervolt it and played games like ac odessey