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  • Trace
    Trace 28 minutes ago

    Iggy Azalea makes bangers, you’re wrong about her

  • benlovescheese
    benlovescheese 29 minutes ago

    24 at 25 and blink-182 at 23, Well done Jon you made a neighbour proud.

  • anisa nurraudah
    anisa nurraudah 34 minutes ago

    Taylor Swift: Lover, Cruel Summer and Miss Americana

  • large bakedbean
    large bakedbean 35 minutes ago

    Aw yes! I love this list

  • large bakedbean
    large bakedbean 37 minutes ago

    My favorites from this year were Delivery by Jimmy Eat World, The search by NF and Polar Bear by TMP

  • large bakedbean
    large bakedbean 39 minutes ago

    Hell yes!! Polar bear is such a damn good song!

  • Nvr mnd
    Nvr mnd 53 minutes ago

    Shocked that Andromeda by Weyes Blood is not here

  • jc1424
    jc1424 Hour ago

    I've never heard of Bayside. But they sound exactly like Sum 41. Please don't hurt me.

  • jc1424
    jc1424 Hour ago

    I wanna sit here and guess a song by Tool sits at either #7 or #1. If not, I shall feel personally attacked. Edit: JON, IMMA SMACK YOU SO HARD LMAO

  • jc1424
    jc1424 Hour ago

    I listened to Blink-182's album NINE because I'd never heard one of theirs, and surprisingly No Heart to Speak Of was my favorite on there as far as I'm concerned.

  • jc1424
    jc1424 Hour ago

    I swear to God you purposely put 24 at 25 just to avoid putting it at 24 where it belongs. I would only be able to accept this if it were... idk 30 or something. lol

  • Ruby Milne
    Ruby Milne Hour ago

    Wallows 💞💞💞Hell yeah

  • Ben W
    Ben W Hour ago

    1. Singularity - Devin Townsend 2. Steh Auf - Lindemann 3. Here's The News - Russkaja 4. Bloodline - Aephenemer

  • ippo1375
    ippo1375 Hour ago

    Okay, here's my take. First of all, it does appear that Jon has a distaste towards trap, and the attitudes behind it, but the inclusion of the Migos was probably not well enough justified. You could certainly call them lazy because of Culture II, but I didn't think Culture I was that bad an album, with some creativity and fun beats. Disagree with the inclusion of Halsey as the sixth-worst artist of this decade, I don't think she's anything too special, but having shallow music shouldn't land you at that high a spot. One last note, I highly believe that because you had a theme of recognizing artists who were generally considered by the mass to be horrible people, then artists like XXXtentacion should've had at least a mention, over someone like Logic, who's just plain cheesy. That's my 2 cents.

  • Draculoid
    Draculoid Hour ago

    I really wish Anna by the Menzingers would've been on this tbh

  • jc1424
    jc1424 Hour ago

    Okay #41 Slip the Noose got me man.

  • unbox2day
    unbox2day Hour ago

    I have 22 hours with joji

  • Dalton Riser
    Dalton Riser 2 hours ago

    well it should really be no wonder why people think of you as an albums guy mr album review tv

  • Paul Corso
    Paul Corso 2 hours ago

    I never thought I’d like a Billie Eilish song. Then I heard everything I wanted.

    • Paul Corso
      Paul Corso 2 hours ago

      Also so happy to see Everyday Life on here. It’s become one of my favorite Coldplay songs so quickly

  • Cole Mueller
    Cole Mueller 2 hours ago

    Jon dropped a F-bomb and I'm here for it.

  • Zeum
    Zeum 2 hours ago

    only good meghan trainor song is With You

  • Cheyenne Bailey
    Cheyenne Bailey 2 hours ago

    I actually like Goddess and Who Do You Love?, but damn do I agree with the Bad Guy Remix with Justin Bieber. His part is traaaaaassshhh.

  • apoorv sood
    apoorv sood 2 hours ago

    i am glad death stranding made the list

  • David
    David 2 hours ago

    As someone who only got spotify in July I don't have the decade wrap up, but my top 5 artists of the year were 1. Blink 182 (says I listened to them for 12 hours) 2. Poppy 3. Post Malone 4. Taylor Swift 5. Infected Mushroom My Top genres were 1. Dance Pop 2. Power Metal 3. Rock 4. Rap 5. Gothic Metal Really like the variety Finally top songs were 1. The Silvern Glow - Eluveitie 2. Jim Jones - SKYND 3. Meat - Poppy 4. Time is Up - Poppy 5. X - Poppy I know lots of Poppy haha

  • crb6852
    crb6852 3 hours ago

    Where I disagree with you on Logic, considering he's been one of the few rappers to actually bring back rapping and not just follow the Migos mumble rap shit, I can respect why you don't like his music. Other than that this list is spot on, especially the top few

  • Some Okie Dude
    Some Okie Dude 3 hours ago

    I saw Jay Bird live when I saw Hozier, she was good. But Hozier...holy shit!

  • Sylvie S
    Sylvie S 3 hours ago

    Ok but I love Bastille. The live performance I saw from them was amazing. They told a story through the concert, using 3 acts, and all the songs sounded amazing. Dan has an amazing voice, and it was the concert that really got me into their music. You could tell how much they actually love what they are doing, and I truly enjoy this band. Interaction with the audience was incredible, and I loved the concert. They are the only pop group or artist that I really enjoy. I think your opinion of the songs being overused topics is valid, however! The way they are presented is something that I don't hear as much. I love Bastille, in fact they are my second favorite band, but I do see where you're coming from.

  • Mr. Froglegs
    Mr. Froglegs 3 hours ago

    Good list, I've unfortunate had the pleasure of listening to a couple of these albums.

  • Insert First Name, Insert Last Name

    When Avril Lavigne was 18. She released let go, personally one of my favorite albums ever. When lil pump was 18, he took one of the biggest shts in history.

  • 01UofMfan
    01UofMfan 3 hours ago

    Yesss, I loved Bad Idea, definitely my most favorite song from thank u, next! Thank you Jon for doing these every year, I screenshotted some of the songs that I would love to hear fully. I’m looking forward to seeing what your favorite albums are 😊🥰♥️

  • Mimi Belta
    Mimi Belta 3 hours ago

    I don’t think I have a top 50 , but here are some of my favorite songs of the year 1.the vengeance by black veil brides 2. Soon you’ll get better by Taylor Swift 3. Beer never broke me heart by Luke combs 4. Burden by Keith Urban 5. Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood 6. Old town road by lil naz x ft Billy Ray Cyrus 7. The daughters by little big town 8.freedom by Reba McEntire These are just off the top of my head and I thank some of them aren’t from this year but I tried my best to only get songs from this year And 1 honorable mention since came out last summer and I mostly listened to to it this year Sober by Demi Lovato

  • Mega Ascension
    Mega Ascension 3 hours ago

    I finally found a trap artist I really like- Rod Wave. You should check him out.

  • Pedro Rosa Dos Reis
    Pedro Rosa Dos Reis 3 hours ago

    Lovely The Band... a ridiculous name

  • typhlosion 787
    typhlosion 787 3 hours ago

    I pretty much exclusively currently listen to only 3 bands, looking for 2 more, specifically in the alt/punk rock genre, feel free to leave suggestions, think I'll probably check out Breaking Benjamin. Anyways, here's my top 3 3. Linkin Park (miss you, Chester) 2. Three Days Grace (Adam was great and Matt, while being worse, is still spectacular) 1. My Chemical Romance

  • rizkia rifaldi
    rizkia rifaldi 4 hours ago

    Taylor in the thumbnail, TASTE

  • John Main
    John Main 4 hours ago

    J O Y D I V I S I O N S H I R T

  • Shark’s Kouhai
    Shark’s Kouhai 4 hours ago

    7 rings has surprisingly been a guilty pleasure despite its message.

  • Baylee Smith
    Baylee Smith 4 hours ago

    Ok fight song isn't too horrible, but Rachel Platten is literally the nicest human ever. I want to be her friend lol

  • Hikari Lavender
    Hikari Lavender 4 hours ago

    When Treat You Better came on I was like, “FINALLY someone else understands my pain with how many times I have to hear this stupid song!”😂

  • Amy Kat
    Amy Kat 4 hours ago

    i see in the thumbnail pup, i click

  • Nicki Urie the fabulous killjoy

    I use these videos to find new music and bands. So thank you Jon for expanding my music taste

  • Corbz273
    Corbz273 4 hours ago

    For me my top songs would be: 1. Bullet Holes by Bush 2. Noses in Roses, Forever by Desert Sessions 3. Under the Graveyard by Ozzy Osbourne 4. Can't Stop the Bleeding by Tom Morello ft. Gary Clark Jr 5. Made with Hate by Prophets of Rage

  • Rian Lyons-Copeland
    Rian Lyons-Copeland 4 hours ago

    No “Creep” by Radiohead? I’m disappointed, John. 😂

  • Brett Deadpoolio
    Brett Deadpoolio 4 hours ago

    My top 5: 1. Solway Firth (Slipknot) 2. Heroine (Badflower) 3. Mary on a Cross (Ghost) 4. Upperdrugs (Highly Suspect) 5. Goodbyes (Post Malone)

  • Carrie Mauk
    Carrie Mauk 4 hours ago

    Just checked out scumbag because of your vid. And it's a banger. Never related to a song so much 😂

    • ARTV
      ARTV 4 hours ago


  • Generic Emo
    Generic Emo 5 hours ago

    Oooooh I'd have to say my song of the year is Hope For the Underrated Youth by YUNGBLUD. There's so much raw emotion and the message of the world is going to be better because we're here is a strong one. The music video is amazing as well, seriously go check it out.

  • FaZeBlazeIt
    FaZeBlazeIt 5 hours ago

    What happened to Liquid by Boston manor???

    • ARTV
      ARTV 4 hours ago


  • Caleb Knight
    Caleb Knight 5 hours ago

    7 in Sunday Idea, your 7 favorite breakout artist of 2019

  • Travis Aldrich
    Travis Aldrich 5 hours ago

    Great list! Personally think that these songs were missing, but it’s hard to take anything out. Everlasting Nothing - Beck Lo/Hi - The Black Keys Shakin’ Off The Rust - The Blue Stones This Land - Gary Clark Jr. Upperdrugs / Arizona - Highly Suspect Sugar On The Bone - Rival Sons Stay - The Score No Bullets Spent - Spoon Colors - Black Pumas Harmony Hall / This Life - Vampire Weekend Thoughts?

  • Caleb Knight
    Caleb Knight 5 hours ago

    So glad you put fever on here! Such a great band!

  • Danny Johnson
    Danny Johnson 5 hours ago

    A few songs I loved this year in any order: "i love you" by Billie Eilish "Sleepless" by Northlane "Earth & Sky" by Of Mice & Men "Solway Firth" by Slipknot "Talking Heads" by Northlane "Hollowed Heart" by Make Them Suffer "Thoughts & Prayers" by Motionless In White "When The Party's Over" by Billie Eilish "Bow Down" by I Prevail "GATES OF PARADISE" by While She Sleeps "Stigmata" by grandson "bury a friend" by Billie Eilish "sugar honey ice & tea" by Bring Me The Horizon "THE GUILTY PARTY" by While She Sleeps

  • -/-/
    -/-/ 5 hours ago

    Where’s Cellophane by FKA twigs?

    • ARTV
      ARTV 4 hours ago

      Not here

  • Cosmic Dib
    Cosmic Dib 5 hours ago

    Where is my fireflies

  • Lola AB
    Lola AB 5 hours ago

    Yepp. The crazy girl song is amazing

  • Trevor Keith
    Trevor Keith 5 hours ago

    Some great tunes from 2019 imo (with no actual order) were Dragons by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors Lose Lose Lose by SWMRS Living in L.A. by Weezer Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne Don't Settle by Glen Hansard Let it Happen by Switchfoot I missed a good bit of 2019 since I got sidetracked with personal projects and a depression but my personal projects are coming to a close and I'm bout to catch up on everything. Here's to 2020 and all the listening I get to have

  • Nolan Vogel
    Nolan Vogel 5 hours ago

    1. Squidward Nose by CupcakKe 2. The Jester by Badflower 3. Last Day Under the Sun by Volbeat 4. Untainted by Slipknot 5. RPN by YBN Cordae feat Anderson Paak 6. 3 Tearz by Danny Brown feat Run the Jewels 7. Bringing it Ip by Jetty Bones 8. 24 by Badflower 9. The Search by NF 10. Cross Off by Mark Morton and Chester Bennington 11. Stay Safe by Tiny Meat Gang 12. ISIS by Joyner Lucas feat Logic 13. Soon You’ll Get Better by Taylor Swift feat The Dixie Chicks 14. Bury a Friend by Billie Elish 15. Suge by DaBaby

  • Leo Tourscher
    Leo Tourscher 5 hours ago

    Mine are: Below by leprous Descending by Tool Red flag by slipknot Idiosyncrasy by korn Puppe by rammstein Under the graveyard by ozzy All of d/t by dream theater Geronimo by flying colors There’s a lot more but I’m a lazy fuck so that’s a general mix

  • Lilli Mack
    Lilli Mack 5 hours ago

    Rnp is my favorite song glad to see it on here

  • Soccer_baller30 K
    Soccer_baller30 K 5 hours ago

    Ohhhhhhh ik why you showed the live version of nihilist blues and not the music video

  • 23:20
    23:20 6 hours ago

    25:42 is that a subtle flex? 😂

  • tool26
    tool26 6 hours ago

    Okay, so... Freakazoid... Thrash Metal Cassette... 24... People... Cool. Approved. Watches the top 11... Holy s... ! Great list. Great, great list ! Oh, and White Reaper deserves all the love it gets and all the love it should get. Fantastic album.

  • Bárbara Vieyra
    Bárbara Vieyra 6 hours ago

    No Keane lol

    • ARTV
      ARTV 4 hours ago

      Definitely not

  • TheDinoRhino
    TheDinoRhino 6 hours ago

    This year was really good for music! It's hard for me to choose my favourite songs but I have favourite albums from this year: 0151 by The Night Café which I would definitely recommend if you like casual indie rock, seeing them live next year and I'm so excited! Hallucinations by PVRIS is also another excellent masterpiece of an album which is great to listen to from all angles. I will definitely be checking out songs from this list too! Nothing Matters by Wallows is so chill and just beautiful altogether honestly.

  • Alejandro Salazar
    Alejandro Salazar 6 hours ago

    Badflower is soooo good

  • RanterInShades
    RanterInShades 6 hours ago

    I didn't like "Tall" as much as the rest of the songs on the album, but I'm glad Bayside made this list.

  • ecoRfan
    ecoRfan 6 hours ago

    Darn you dig deep dude. Most of these artists I haven’t even heard of with the exception of a few old guards (Coldplay, Sum-41) and some big new names (Billie Eilish, 21 Savage). Shows how hard people have to look to find talent nowadays.

    STARPHASE 6 hours ago

    I love your lists. I discover so many new artists, and this year was no exception. There were a lot of song on this list I went and added to my spotify library

      STARPHASE 5 hours ago

      @ARTV I discovered both Waterparks and Creepy from your year end videos over the last few years, and love them both. Keep up the good work

    • ARTV
      ARTV 6 hours ago

      Makes me happy to hear that!

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man 6 hours ago

    Microwave is the definition of underrated I recommend the album “Much Love” to everyone... especially the song Dull such a good song Also Matt you mentioned you were 6’6 as a tall fella myself (6’5) I appreciate the S/O to us tall guys 😂

  • Paul Stich
    Paul Stich 7 hours ago

    You have a solid list! Did you get a chance to listen to when I’m gone by dirty honey?

  • Y5Warrior
    Y5Warrior 7 hours ago

    I actually didn’t know the American Rejects had music come out this year I definitely got give it a listen

  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 7 hours ago

    Omg bad idea

  • Sandon Parrish
    Sandon Parrish 7 hours ago

    In no order, my top 10 this year are: Bmth- Ludens Florence and the Machine- Jenny of Oldstone Miley Cyrus- Slide Away Billie Eilish- Bury a Friend Bmth- Nihilist Blues Slipknot- Solway Firth I Prevail- Bow Down Tool- 7empest Poppy- Scary Mask Choir Noir- Doomsday Honorable Mentions: Jinjer- Judgement and Punishment Badflower- x ANA x Fever 333- One of Us Falling in Reverse- Popular Monster Goody Grace- Scumbag Bad Omens- Dethrone Hozier- Movement Ghost- Kiss the Go Goat Halsey- Nightmare (I really like this song, fight me) Rings of Saturn- The Husk I'm glad to see reviewers have a bunch of the same songs as me in their best of the year list, ngl

  • rin ward
    rin ward 7 hours ago

    i cannot wait for hot milk to blow up! ps. palaye royale’s “massacre the new american dream” deserves better but i’m biased

  • Alt Columnist
    Alt Columnist 7 hours ago

    To be fair, "Daphne Blue" came out in 2018 lol Made number 18 on our year-end list for 2018!

    • ARTV
      ARTV 6 hours ago

      Included on a 2019 release though, which makes it eligible :) O the Try Hard EP

  • Marcus D
    Marcus D 7 hours ago

    Top three Broken boy cage the Elephant Send her to heaven AAR Ludens Bring Me The Horizon

  • Addipie
    Addipie 7 hours ago

    I only clicked this bcs I saw tool

  • Angeline Productions

    I always love your yest end best songs list - I discovered a lot of great songs/artists last year because of you!

  • Lord Wilson
    Lord Wilson 7 hours ago

    Who missed Ludens by Bring me the Horizon there? Besides that, nice list :)

    • Lord Wilson
      Lord Wilson 6 hours ago

      @ARTV that was what I thought later. I agree with you then. Nihilist blues It's in another level. Thank you for your reply!! Love your channel

    • ARTV
      ARTV 6 hours ago

      Only one song per artist sadly and it didn't top NB for me. Thanks!

  • Julie Keast
    Julie Keast 7 hours ago

    I haven't figured out my top ten songs of the year yet. I'm still kind of waiting until the new releases stop because there's still a chance something special will drop before the year is out. At the moment in contention - Take What You Want by Post Malone feat. Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott (even if Travis Scott is ultimately pointless on the song) - The Archer by Taylor Swift (This is the best song Taylor has written in YEARS) - Rain by The Teskey Brothers (Seriously, check out this soul band, they are really damn good) - 25 by The Amazons ("Future Dust" is up there as my favourite album of the year and this song is addictive) - Echoes of You by Marianas Trench feat. Roger Joseph Manning (Come on it's Josh Ramsay and Marianas Trench pulling off a freaking rock it) - No Stone Unturned by Randy Houser (What a lovely surprise Magnolia was as an album and this song was a highlight) - Mine Right Now by Sigrid (Could pick any number of songs from "Sucker Punch" really but "Mine Right Now" has spent a lot of time in my head) - I Get No Joy by Jade Bird (Fully agree with Jon here) - Leave Me Lonely by Hilltop Hoods (Honestly, this song is the hip hop that made me happy this year) - Shutting Down Our Town by Jimmy Barnes (i am not sure why but this song connected for me) Anyway this is a long ass comment but 2019 has been incredible for music. Hope 2020 delivers quality. -

  • EJT006Cleetus
    EJT006Cleetus 7 hours ago

    Dude, i wish I had those ear plugs when I went to a twenty one pilots concert and had my ears raped by screaming fangirls

  • Isabella Berrios
    Isabella Berrios 7 hours ago

    is K-12 on here?

  • Peter Torres
    Peter Torres 7 hours ago

    Yo we want your unlock it opinions

  • cason3547
    cason3547 8 hours ago

    You literally made my year by having Jade Bird on this list. I love her sm

  • Daniel Wadford
    Daniel Wadford 8 hours ago

    (Band stays true to its roots and maintains largely the same sound and style) Fans: It all sounds the same; try something new! (Band makes significant change in sound and style and tries something new) Fans: This isn't the band I know; I want their old stuff back! I respect your opinion on this and I know that you are not like the kind of fans I described above. Maybe to do something new, Breaking Benjamin should do an entire album of slow melodic "Ashes of Eden" type songs and build on that.

  • The Mode Reviews
    The Mode Reviews 8 hours ago

    Your number 4 was one of the last things I’d expect to see on this list

  • : G O O D N E S S :
    : G O O D N E S S : 8 hours ago

    What’s the intro song ?

  • Gavin Mitchell
    Gavin Mitchell 8 hours ago

    Please do a Death Cab top 10!!!

  • Twig
    Twig 8 hours ago

    My top 5 5. Sibling Rivalry-PUP 4. Lose Lose Lose-SWMRS 3. Wallows- Just like a Movie 2. (Idk why I love this song so much) EARFQUAKE- Tyler the Creator 1. Longer the Wait, Harder the Fall-Johnossi Btw I don’t really listen to music a lot these are just songs I heard that I really liked

  • Purple Grapes
    Purple Grapes 8 hours ago

    Song of the year for me is probably pneuma, although Novocaine by Twin Atlantic and Movies by Weyes Blood have also brought me a lot of joy :)

  • [broken machine]
    [broken machine] 8 hours ago

    I’m glad I gave this album a chance. It was so great.

  • harry
    harry 8 hours ago

    20. The Guilty Party - While She Sleeps 19. Uncomfortably Numb - American Football 18. Catfish Kate - Pixies 17. Oh Mama - Milky Chance 16. I Was Blue, Technicolour Too - Soak 15. Exits - Foals 14. Redefined - As I Lay Dying 13. Hollowed Heart - Make Them Suffer 12. Patience - Tame Impala 11. Symbols Of Joy & Eternity - Sundara Karma 10. Low - Wage War 9. Sunflower - Vampire Weekend 8. House Of Glass - Cage The Elephant 7. Spiders - Slipknot 6. Too Real - Fontaines DC 5. Planet B - King Gizzard 4. 4D - Northlane 3. In The Dark - BMTH 2. Blood Eagle - Periphery 1. ...And Still I Wonder South - Knocked Loose

  • Liam Carmody
    Liam Carmody 8 hours ago

    Time for the hits and albums list!!!

  • youngandloaded13
    youngandloaded13 8 hours ago

    im so happy Ariana made the list

  • Brandon Davies
    Brandon Davies 8 hours ago

    Thank you for the awesome list. Defo agree with 1975 People 😀 Could you do your top 50 songs of the decade?

  • Laroiidz Art
    Laroiidz Art 8 hours ago

    I cannot explain into words how much I love house of glass and I’m so happy it’s on here

  • John Spence
    John Spence 8 hours ago

    Microwave and Heart Attack man were amazing when I saw them open for Boston Manor

    • ARTV
      ARTV 6 hours ago

      Funny enough my Eargasm earplugs got put to the test for the first time at this exact show in NC. Worked like a charm without blocking out the music. That clip in the video of me using them was right before Heart Attack Man went on lol

    • John Spence
      John Spence 8 hours ago

      Exactly. I was literally pinned up against the stage. Fantastic night for sure even though my ear was ringing for 3 days

    • paula rudi
      paula rudi 8 hours ago

      what a lineup tho

  • Luc L
    Luc L 8 hours ago

    My Top 25: 1. Popular Monster - Falling in Reverse 2. Bow Down - I Prevail 3. Ludens - BMTH 4. The Violence - Asking Alexandria 5. Doom Days - Bastille 6. Your Number’s Up - Ice Nine Kills 7. Confidence - X Ambassadors ft. K Flay 8. Cross Off - Mark Morton ft. Chester Bennington 9. Inglewood - Fever 333 10. Drugs - Falling in Reverse (I’m serious) 11. Break the Cycle - Fire from the Gods 12. In the Dark - BMTH 13. MZRY - Crown the Empire 14. Prayers - Slaves 15. The Hunted - Saint Asonia ft. Sully Erna 16. A Grave Mistake (Acoustic) - Ice Nine Kills 17. Kingdom - Fever 333 18. Sober - Bad Wolves 19. History of Violence - Theory of a Deadman 20. In Your Arms - Illenium & X Ambassadors 21. The Ending - Papa Roach 22. I Think I’m Okay - Machine Gun Kelly 23. Fine - Mike Shinoda 24. Tomorrow - Danny Worsnop 25. Rescue Me - Onerepublic

    • Luc L
      Luc L 5 hours ago

      Jason LovesABR it’s catchy as hell tbh, just cause it’s softer doesn’t mean it’s bad

    • Jason LovesABR
      Jason LovesABR 5 hours ago

      Sober??? Really??? Of all songs by them...

  • Anna Sáringer
    Anna Sáringer 8 hours ago

    10) Maybe - half alive 9) ilomilo - Billie Eilish 8) Fine Mess - Interpol 7) Season's Greetings - Stella Donnelly 6) Bags - Clairo 5) The River - AURORA 4) IF YOU PRAY RIGHT - BROCKHAMPTON 3) The Barrel - Aldous Harding 2) WHAT'S GOOD - Tyler, The Creator 1) I Like Myself (Most Of The Time) - K.Flay

  • Cole Stauffer
    Cole Stauffer 8 hours ago

    Darn, was really thinking Tool would make number 1, at least it made top 10. Solway Firth was a great song though, I'm not that big of a Slipknot fan, but wow, they surprised me this year.

  • Lukas
    Lukas 8 hours ago

    So was anyone gonna tell me the Juni from spy kids is married to Meghan Trainor it was I supposed to find that out myself on a random music critics RU-clip video