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  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 3 minutes ago

    If it is a black hole, shouldn't there be some indication via Hawking radiation? And if a Proto black hole is capable of doing that wouldn't that mean it would be a potential source of exotic matter for Interstellar travel? Hawking radiation works by the creation of negative Mass particles on the inside of the Event Horizon paired with positive Mass particles on the outside of the Event Horizon where some of them escaped and the mass of the black hole shrinks overtime. In this way a black hole can be thought of as an extremely slow explosion. However, I don't see any physical reason why high- Mass particles can't occur on the outside of the Event Horizon as well. In which case its mass would increase as it produces new negative Mass particles. In this case, I would assume that it would be a very strong motivator to find this black hole and study it because the first company that manages to do so is the first company that manages to build functioning warp drives and would literally own every star in the sky.

  • Gamingcenter a.k.a Fattos

    What are you more scared of? An alien invasion? Another world war? A black hole in our solar system? Give me your reasons

  • N Esq
    N Esq 19 minutes ago

    When pole flips humans become a food source.

  • panathaninf
    panathaninf 22 minutes ago

    It’s alien ship

    AMAL PERERA 26 minutes ago

    Good to see Mia Khalifa pick up a new career. You go Girl :D

  • H8m eX
    H8m eX 28 minutes ago

    You are a samsung fan no discuss.

  • Ima Ok
    Ima Ok 35 minutes ago

    Any holes a goal.

  • Lizz DBD
    Lizz DBD 36 minutes ago

    I have double vision, I wear glasses, usually when I stare for a second my double vision activates, not sure why. At school it annoys me because when I read a book I need to cover 1 eye to read. This sucks and my family is poor. At least my eyesight improved a bit more after I went to the optimist a couple weeks ago. Why am I saying this? Don’t know.

  • DinoGonx
    DinoGonx 42 minutes ago

    i dont even wear glass why am i watching this

  • Paradise So Channel
    Paradise So Channel 47 minutes ago

    How Wrong

  • gal Val
    gal Val 49 minutes ago

    This is the worst 😞

  • gal Val
    gal Val 51 minute ago

    This is so sad 😞 use your intelligence to solve the world’s issues not worsen them (animal agriculture has a big role on climate change)

  • emanuel rodriguez
    emanuel rodriguez 52 minutes ago

    Everyone in the comments seem to nkow the complete bullshit this video wants to make us believe. Satan wants us to believe this bull.

  • Indrajeet Naik
    Indrajeet Naik 59 minutes ago

    Came to this a few days after I was in a car crash, and I gotta say I kinda wish I had his bio armor during my crash

  • im trash
    im trash Hour ago

    iPhone 9billion only £90000000000000

  • Mobile Gamers Unite

    That black hole might just be keeping us safe and alive from other things flying twords us in deep space. I think we should give it a cute name and be thankful 😉 for it

  • WeirdNerdyGirl IsReallyWeird

    This dude will always be my favorite actor

  • Hey it Rissa
    Hey it Rissa Hour ago

    Ummm.....ok 1) Musically was much more kid friendly and it was as popular as tik tok 2) literally everbody is on here and most of it is disgusting videos of men sucking pu$$y having sex is a big no no disgusting😑 3) all the famous musicaly stars most of them never got back verfied or they arent knon anymore

  • amsrizal tarhous

    Whats the different?

  • G Joeye
    G Joeye Hour ago

    Tik Tok Ki Maa Ki Chut -Hindustani bhau

  • Dean Crimson
    Dean Crimson Hour ago

    Convince the government there's oil there. Watch how quick a research mission gets funded

  • Yakumaツ
    Yakumaツ Hour ago

    Is it good or bad?

  • Jess Stuart
    Jess Stuart Hour ago

    Dead Turkey detector.

  • Aconi91
    Aconi91 Hour ago

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  • mohammed iftekharali

    I want to know this machine is suitable for laterite rocky sheet much rent per is available in india presently. Pl inform to number 9000863125

  • Luyen Dao
    Luyen Dao Hour ago

    Can’t airbags double as floatation devices? That’d be amazing if they did, or very least hold popcorn inside of them.

  • kmdan
    kmdan Hour ago

    TLDR: there is something heavy out in the Kuiper belt, and nobody knows what it is and where it is exactly.

  • Tenems
    Tenems Hour ago

    Laser surgery: 1500$ Galaxy fold: 1980$ When you don't see well and you want a Galaxy fold: 3480$

  • Arey Gacha
    Arey Gacha Hour ago

  • Tawfeeq Mohammed

    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rockerdude8000
    rockerdude8000 Hour ago

    Building the next generation of roof koreans

  • Paul Delaet
    Paul Delaet Hour ago

    There will be no humans in 1,000 years.

  • Rosalinda 123
    Rosalinda 123 Hour ago

    Anyone else’s Siri start when she said siri

  • ThatFuckingIvan
    ThatFuckingIvan 2 hours ago

    Maybe I’m crazy but the idea of there being a black hole in our solar system, regardless of how relatively small it may be, fills me with an immense sense of dread.

  • Henry Sangmaster
    Henry Sangmaster 2 hours ago

    "Tech insider" Does not seem to have much inside information regarding these videos the powers that be just declared these are real UFO's.

  • Pakistan Zindabaad
    Pakistan Zindabaad 2 hours ago

    Who told you getting Pakistani Visa is difficult... It's piece of Cake ... Try it !

  • malina lungu
    malina lungu 2 hours ago

    Someone took my Dildo

  • Anshu Kaur
    Anshu Kaur 2 hours ago


  • Anurag Choudhary
    Anurag Choudhary 2 hours ago

    And what if somebody wants to sink ??

  • shinimitsuki
    shinimitsuki 2 hours ago

    i guess this is a sign that i will be having the surgery (that is if i'm eligible lol), thanks youtube.

  • Sukhneet Singh
    Sukhneet Singh 2 hours ago

    Exercise is one of the best medicine

  • Zach Sicurelli
    Zach Sicurelli 2 hours ago


  • #reboot#
    #reboot# 2 hours ago

    There is no reason to panic, if you know how gravity works.

  • shinimitsuki
    shinimitsuki 2 hours ago

    i guess this is a sign that i will be having a surgery, thanks youtube.

  • enzo adams
    enzo adams 2 hours ago

    getting some terminator vibes on right now

  • Thor
    Thor 2 hours ago

    People worrying about TikTok's free speech policies, while Facebook, Twitter and Google are banning people for wrongthink.

  • The Vitrex
    The Vitrex 2 hours ago

    So even if I watch RU-clip 24/7 I'm still gonna have a perfect eyesight??

  • Jason Noble
    Jason Noble 2 hours ago


  • wedgecharger
    wedgecharger 2 hours ago


  • 95thRiflesOCI
    95thRiflesOCI 2 hours ago

    Video should be updated: Samsung fast wireless charging is 15W now. Before was 12W 9W and 7.5W. Standard wireless charging is 5W or less. For comparison most fast wired charging is 15W (samsung adaptive fast charge) and the new fast chargers are 25W+ .

  • happyfeet 3
    happyfeet 3 2 hours ago

    This is just for people born in 2019

  • kayne caltabiano
    kayne caltabiano 2 hours ago

    Helicopter not included

  • Tarwa McCound
    Tarwa McCound 2 hours ago

    I got retro cards for condition

  • Shankar Das
    Shankar Das 2 hours ago

    Which software for animation?

  • Hassan Shahid
    Hassan Shahid 2 hours ago

    Does no one else notice the esotropia of the left eye. Just me??? Ok

  • Theresa Amuso
    Theresa Amuso 3 hours ago


  • Joshua Uriarte
    Joshua Uriarte 3 hours ago

    It's not worth getting in my opinion. Due to this not being permanent. Your eyes can go bad again. This is exactly what my eye doctor told me. I also can't get it because if have a stigma. I can get contacts tho. I'm content with that.

  • TH3R34L SevenFiveSixNine

    So how to prevent using wrong USB-C cable? Step 1. Don't be stupid.

  • randall1uk
    randall1uk 3 hours ago

    Why did youtube recommend this? I don’t even wear glasses.... I went to my local eye doctor and he said I have perfect eyesight I could be a plane pilot....

    BULLET KNIGHTS 3 hours ago

    You are my child hood hero still

  • Jyuan Marthy Dagooc
    Jyuan Marthy Dagooc 3 hours ago

    Its like getting circumsized again

  • Kenny Phelps
    Kenny Phelps 3 hours ago

    You are completely wrong about almost everything you said you can swipe down from the top right corner opening your control center do a long press on the Wi-Fi and go straight into it from there you can also customize your notifications you need someone to give you a tutorial

  • sam harrison
    sam harrison 3 hours ago

    Scientists only really know a great deal about a small fraction of their chosen subject, which they specialise in. Other than that particular area they are not experts on anything....

  • pavani kothapalli
    pavani kothapalli 3 hours ago

    Excellent thought

  • wikichris
    wikichris 3 hours ago

    México: USB sí

  • Ooh Oops
    Ooh Oops 3 hours ago

    I low key wnna see how getting sucked into black hole feel like

  • Rehan Ehsan
    Rehan Ehsan 3 hours ago

    Mercury is actually the closes to the sun not Venus so yeah galaxy 🧠

  • Tomleç YT
    Tomleç YT 3 hours ago


  • Croconana :0
    Croconana :0 3 hours ago

    Anyone else breathing while watching this.

  • Jet Brown
    Jet Brown 3 hours ago

    just crazy double-standard for me. China has done less shit to the world in the past 5000 years than America in the past 200 years. America is the only country that nuked another country. I dont know what the fuss is about... just because they brainwashed u make u wanna vomit the moment u hear the world communism?? u cant read all about Communism in a month and for the record, it was invented by two German. Democracy was invented by French. It is just so interesting that the western media make democracy western, the good guy yet communism is eastern or specificly China, the bad guy. Now it seems more amazing to me that China survived all of these, years of rumors and lies spread about it, western media keep brainwashing people how evil Chinese r. The word mandarin?? it is the name of the famous evil villain back in 100 years ago, a demon created by the west to present Chinese people, while the real Chinese people r suffering from the endless war started by the west. China cant even make any noise in the globe at that time. Now, there r media starting to treat a little bit more equally to China, and that is being thought as China is manipulating them and threatening them or they r the dogs of China... u dont need a brain to notice the double standard in it. Some white people just cant allow another country to rise up, it is fking year 9102. Those people, actually there r a lot of them, just full of imperialism in their mind, and they say they r not white supremercy, but when in reality they r not ''supreme" any more , they just lost it and completely went crazy. Too much hypocracy there.. when people around the globe r using google, which has been confirmed to be a dog of the US government, which may or may not be their choice to make.. they cant use a social app that requires little of ur information and just let u have fun and make ur day??? security reason??? really??? r u guys treating public like fool??? the organization NED claim they r non-government, non-profit organization, guess what, u can find out that they recieve funds from the US goverment directly, claiming they have the right to support any pro-democracy actions around the globe, meaning they can do what they want in any country?? Indeed that is what they did....they r treating people like fool in this 'open' way... yet people r still buying into their shit... do anyone even know what communism is in America??? do any normal people even know what true democracy is in America??? most people around the world r just living their lifes, they just wanna hear fancy words and when they do, they get high and care about nothing at all.

  • Shoop da Whoop
    Shoop da Whoop 3 hours ago

    i rather give my personal data to china instead of the US LOL

  • Scott M
    Scott M 3 hours ago

    What about Hawking radiation? Wouldn't a black hole the size of a tennis ball fizzle out pretty quickly?

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen 3 hours ago

    Did she said ‘Byte Dance’ or ‘Bao Dong”?

  • Chirag Ojha
    Chirag Ojha 3 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the subconscious branding of Apple in this video? 😂

  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo 4 hours ago

    So where's the tech?

  • Kamal Diriye
    Kamal Diriye 4 hours ago

    0:32 me trying not to laugh *(like if u agree )*

  • Rehana Noor
    Rehana Noor 4 hours ago

    In comment section the people become more doctor then this actual eye doctor😅

  • Storm 75
    Storm 75 4 hours ago

    Guys this was supposed to be in endgame

  • Artūrs Bergs
    Artūrs Bergs 4 hours ago

    Google now kill Datally app 😢

  • Frank Russell
    Frank Russell 4 hours ago

    That's mad

    1982LHERNANDEZ 4 hours ago

    2:45 “wash our clothes less often” really? 🤦🏻

    KAMAL SHRISH 4 hours ago

    US afraid of any third party app will leave behind Facebook google

  • User Account
    User Account 4 hours ago

    Is it collecting data? And is that data going to Israel or China.. Also does it give radiation to the brain like pods/phones next to ear?

  • Truthdefender101
    Truthdefender101 4 hours ago

    Nonsense! Wait for Air Pod 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9..... ad long as consumers are suckers for overpriced stuff, small increments will be added over time.

  • jingyou
    jingyou 4 hours ago i just watched this video and alot of ppl are commenting saying that this method helps reversing myopia hope this helps without getting any surgery!!

  • Next Level
    Next Level 4 hours ago

    What if you don't know how to swim??

  • That Odd ONE
    That Odd ONE 4 hours ago

    *That thumbnail kinda reminds me the scene from Final Destination* 😅

  • zhong plays
    zhong plays 5 hours ago

    But the clock u bring to outer space is the clock u bring from eath so the time is the same right?and why is it the future

  • Derby Jack The Blues Man

    Turn FE over and becomes a bowel of soup.

  • Khuvei Khuvei
    Khuvei Khuvei 5 hours ago

    I wanna experience getting a shower wearing Googles , great Idea I guess

  • purcedure
    purcedure 5 hours ago

    @All - It also would be giving off hawking radiation.

  • Diving Here
    Diving Here 5 hours ago

    Lasik is a scam

  • Josh K B
    Josh K B 5 hours ago

    What about the black hole when you bend over?

  • tippu sulthan
    tippu sulthan 5 hours ago

    How many of them are thinking about final destination 5 scene

  • Halo mannen
    Halo mannen 5 hours ago

    Ok I dont feel good now

  • mckenzie 123
    mckenzie 123 5 hours ago

    Sis imma eat my sea roaches however I please

  • Brazul Blint
    Brazul Blint 5 hours ago

    95% of customers are satisfied after procedure, but at least 5% or more mess up their eyesight or have permanent eye pain that can never be fixed, and that could be higher. Not worth the risk if you ask me.

  • Cdj Thg
    Cdj Thg 5 hours ago

    It could be a planet the same size as Neptune.

  • sakuni
    sakuni 5 hours ago

    so ffun