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  • soundbreaker Harms
    soundbreaker Harms 5 minutes ago

    I too wish i was at hogwarts

  • BigDoinks
    BigDoinks 7 minutes ago

    they haven't aged a bit! the universe is preserving they're ages for a reboot

  • Angel Peña
    Angel Peña 13 minutes ago

    I dont skip your ads josh i got u

  • soundbreaker Harms
    soundbreaker Harms 26 minutes ago

    This is so fluffy and I love it

  • Noé Gonzalez
    Noé Gonzalez 31 minute ago

    Agradecería unos subtítulos para los que te adoran y siguen de Latinoamérica :v

  • connor cosgriff
    connor cosgriff 34 minutes ago

    keep your animal away from shane

  • Nos D
    Nos D 36 minutes ago

    Check out my vid please(:

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 42 minutes ago

    I feel like Jonah and Vardon are two little kids and josh is the fun uncle.... is that just me?

  • Roché Schierhout
    Roché Schierhout 53 minutes ago

    You have the best laugh

  • Roché Schierhout
    Roché Schierhout 53 minutes ago

    Wtf is Josh thinking

  • Estefanía Zapata Carmona

    Una nueva temporada plissss 😥💜💜

  • Tkdka tkdka
    Tkdka tkdka Hour ago

    Josh is me listening to gossip. I like how into her story he is.

  • Travis Brown
    Travis Brown Hour ago

    I watch prn all the time I know about s×x and am a virgin but I did not know what a dam v-card was am 26 years f××Ken old let that sink in LMAO

  • Amnezico
    Amnezico Hour ago

    Where is megan

  • Olivia Michel
    Olivia Michel Hour ago

    jonah looks just like suzy ik they are siblings but i didn’t realize how much they look alike

  • Celeste Ramirez
    Celeste Ramirez Hour ago

    Miranda coscrove = most humble celebrity.

  • partytimer 17
    partytimer 17 Hour ago

    Well this feels a bit unfair since Noah has done the show recently well Josh hasn't done the show in a while

  • Lorena Gutierrez

    josh is perfect how he is stop 😭🥺

  • deb martinez
    deb martinez Hour ago

    No entiendo nada, pero aquí ando viendolo jajaja

  • Lukas Mai
    Lukas Mai Hour ago

    I can’t tell if this is fake or not

  • alejandro hdz
    alejandro hdz Hour ago

    No sé inglés :P

  • JarrickZeroOfficial

    I remember when I was 14, the episode where Drake n Josh had their house broken into because they were scammed into a fake tv show at the same time where my home was broken into after Christmas and I was upset of the coincidence of the situation lol

  • Acid WAVEY
    Acid WAVEY Hour ago

    U should of invited jonah

  • musebaer
    musebaer Hour ago

    3:28 I wonder if Johah ever expected to see Josh from Drake and Josh's penis. I mean, probably not right that would be pretty weird.

    MASTRKILLER 2 hours ago

    Josh: what should I do for a video today. Also Josh: lets just get frostbite and hypothermia

  • jesus castellanos
    jesus castellanos 2 hours ago


  • KIPIN55
    KIPIN55 2 hours ago

    True us guys do get pressured a lot though and it sucked when i was a virgin cause I literally just got bullied for it :/

  • Yvette Lopez
    Yvette Lopez 2 hours ago

    GUYS SOMETHING JUST COME MIND 🤯🤯🤯🤯 why is drake have a kids and josh have his kids too why if they both get children together and become best friend as brothers and then their children have tv show just like then

  • jasmine urzua
    jasmine urzua 2 hours ago bothered me that the recipe asked for DRY rosemary and Josh put fresh rosemary. hahaha

  • Anonymus DeScTex
    Anonymus DeScTex 2 hours ago

    RU-clip: ay que recomendarlo Mexico: A cary ! eso si me interesa

  • Mccooper 665
    Mccooper 665 2 hours ago

    Josh Peck: Let's watch OUR cringiest videos! Also Josh Peck: let's make 3/4 of the video showing cringey videos of only Miranda

  • Anonymus DeScTex
    Anonymus DeScTex 2 hours ago

    RU-clip: ay que recomendarlo Mexico: A cary ! eso si me interesa

  • ALFAivanrios hung
    ALFAivanrios hung 2 hours ago

    carly/miranda la unica que se parece a sus 16 años 😂

  • joaquin Zaragoza
    joaquin Zaragoza 2 hours ago

    I like your show drake and josh in nick

  • meli vee
    meli vee 2 hours ago

    When eating spicy food yall should try sucking on a lime with salt it really helps cool down your tongue

  • ALFAivanrios hung
    ALFAivanrios hung 2 hours ago

    vamos españaaaa!!

  • Ann H
    Ann H 2 hours ago

    Make this stooopid til tok viral

  • Norman Alvarez
    Norman Alvarez 2 hours ago

    video con drake bell

  • Katie Krachenfels
    Katie Krachenfels 3 hours ago

    i’ve seen this video so many times and i’m just now realizing miranda’s genius at 4:40 when she says “big time crush”

  • Slab head
    Slab head 3 hours ago

    Never seen Jonah so happy after seeing a willy. Sure he’s gay

  • Victor Castillo
    Victor Castillo 3 hours ago

    Exclamó el wapo

  • Jonathan •LRZ
    Jonathan •LRZ 3 hours ago

    Ah love drake and josh

  • Benecia Avenida
    Benecia Avenida 3 hours ago

    I’m gnna be 21 on New years day and I’d love to meet the vlog squad! If there was a way to make that happen please let me know! It’d be a honor🥰

  • Gage Skjerven
    Gage Skjerven 3 hours ago

    0:28 - 0:36 NEEDS to be the new into song for videos LOL

  • erthd
    erthd 3 hours ago

    Josh peck loves seeing nick eat it creeps me out

  • KiingAP
    KiingAP 3 hours ago

    Tf does he take a bite like that for?

  • fernan la crakc mq
    fernan la crakc mq 3 hours ago

    Josh I literally grew up watching Drake and Josh thanks for giving me a fun childhood

  • Seffi Shestopal
    Seffi Shestopal 3 hours ago

    Josh put a video with Max

    MIKE PAD 3 hours ago

    Que pedo con Josh ya se le olvidó el Drake :v

  • Obum Gwacham
    Obum Gwacham 3 hours ago

    This is a good trio

  • Ricardo Hinojos
    Ricardo Hinojos 3 hours ago

    The actual challenge was Jonah standing for 4 minutes😂

  • aldelmos D.M
    aldelmos D.M 3 hours ago

    Deberías poner tradición en español Parra los latinos

  • Madeline Voelkel
    Madeline Voelkel 3 hours ago

    “She wasn’t the one, I knew that” :,(

  • ari
    ari 3 hours ago

    ok david actually pissed me off with his open mouth chewing CLOSE YOUR FUCKING MOUTH

  • Madeline Voelkel
    Madeline Voelkel 3 hours ago

    He’s so sweet

  • Madeline Voelkel
    Madeline Voelkel 3 hours ago

    apparently carrying around $2 bills in your wallet is bad luck Josh !!!

  • dragon ball super yy

    Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando ;)

  • Sebastian Umana
    Sebastian Umana 3 hours ago

    Hee Hee

  • Vineet Dongre
    Vineet Dongre 3 hours ago

    Jonah be lokin like Vladimir Poutine

  • El CHUPAS ツ
    El CHUPAS ツ 4 hours ago

    i like your video💗

  • Royqg jk jkKjo soto
    Royqg jk jkKjo soto 4 hours ago


  • Ali Luna Palomino
    Ali Luna Palomino 4 hours ago

    Verlos juntos es lo mejor de lo mejor ^-^

  • JUNIOR - Clash Royale & Más.

    Alv yo en nick los escuchaba en español

  • Harrison Thilesen
    Harrison Thilesen 4 hours ago

    Everyone’s talking about how David is eating but watch how he drinks the water!!!!

  • Ivan Ramirez
    Ivan Ramirez 4 hours ago

    you are the only famous actor yuoutuber who gives hearts to his subscribers you are great Josh♥️♥️

  • Angel_YT -
    Angel_YT - 4 hours ago

    Imagine the trainer of the losing weight video watching this right now😂

  • Journey Stotts
    Journey Stotts 4 hours ago

    You lucky it's 28 were I live

  • Journey Stotts
    Journey Stotts 4 hours ago

    Was josh in a fuller house episode with a man bun???????????

  • Josiasr3
    Josiasr3 4 hours ago

    En flakaste

  • Mimi's World
    Mimi's World 4 hours ago

    I wanna know about the pear phone and how it worked and stuff

  • Ella Cassidy
    Ella Cassidy 4 hours ago

    when they began talking about chicago restaurants i was like holy shit i've been there. CHICAGO IS BOSS

  • Anahi Garcia
    Anahi Garcia 4 hours ago

    Drake Bell ×MEXICANO×😍💟

  • Cameron
    Cameron 5 hours ago

    "This is.....toast" lol

  • ALFAivanrios hung
    ALFAivanrios hung 5 hours ago

    Arriba españaaa!!

  • Jesús Isael Gutiérrez Salcedo

    Soy ese comentario en español q tanto tiempo buscaste

  • Jesús Isael Gutiérrez Salcedo

    Soy ese comentario en español q tanto buscabasy

  • JHutchFan129
    JHutchFan129 5 hours ago

    This video really showed me who they are as boys ya know

  • Alejandro Ramírez
    Alejandro Ramírez 5 hours ago

    Y los billetes 😂 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Nugget Potato Gang
    Nugget Potato Gang 5 hours ago


  • Tihg Ger
    Tihg Ger 5 hours ago

    David is dumb as fuck!!!!

  • Alisson Michelle
    Alisson Michelle 5 hours ago

    Oye tranquilo viejo xdxd

  • Georgia Tomlinson
    Georgia Tomlinson 5 hours ago

    "i don't think hes ever messed up in general.." let me show u a video :)

  • Henry Bertolette
    Henry Bertolette 5 hours ago

    We will get

  • I.A Games
    I.A Games 5 hours ago

    When jonah was in that chamber it reminded me of the ghost in Halloween town

  • Minerva’sChannel
    Minerva’sChannel 5 hours ago

    Tasing Jonah literally brought me laughter, 🙏🏻 thank you! 😂😂😂

  • a DingDing
    a DingDing 5 hours ago

    Josh: so how did you lose your v card Jeff : it all happened in the prison shower when I dropped the soap

  • Applesauce1107
    Applesauce1107 5 hours ago

    Ya Jonah is going to turn go

  • K Perc
    K Perc 6 hours ago

    When u have drake and Josh on while watching this, support! Haha

  • FvFB DuBzZ
    FvFB DuBzZ 6 hours ago

    I can eat every single piece I’m telling you! I’m fucking high af! I got munchies bitch back off..😂😂😂

  • jasmine sittol
    jasmine sittol 6 hours ago

    My fav trio back at it again. Love it

  • Kalandra Robyn
    Kalandra Robyn 6 hours ago

    Honestly is Josh Jonah and Joe made a podcast called just for fun I would be MORE than happy

  • OldSkoolRockstarJaxx

    I love Max. He's so stinkin cute

  • OldSkoolRockstarJaxx

    God Bless you Josh. You're beautiful

  • OldSkoolRockstarJaxx

    I'm open to help you and your friends/family anytime

  • laci barnes
    laci barnes 6 hours ago

    chives are a fruit now

  • OldSkoolRockstarJaxx

    Josh, I appologize for being jealous of you because you're a good strong person who never let hollywood stereotypes get you down. I love the fact that you are always happy despite not having a father and you'll be the best damn dad there ever will be. I admire you for so many good things you've done for the community. I love community work and if your up for it, I'll fly to California and meet you because I'm one of your biggest fans since the late 90's and early 2000's.

  • Dario Manzanilla
    Dario Manzanilla 6 hours ago

    Uff... I want that bear.

  • Akilah Esquivel
    Akilah Esquivel 6 hours ago

    Bruh jonah is hottt💯👑❤

  • Gabriel Fotos
    Gabriel Fotos 7 hours ago

    M.E.G.A.N !

  • well done
    well done 7 hours ago