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  • P1STOL P.
    P1STOL P. 19 minutes ago

    give them a-10's at least ..we lie we cheat we steal...

  • Daejahri Monzote
    Daejahri Monzote 23 minutes ago

    How I feel when I play ModernWarefare

  • Boomer
    Boomer 27 minutes ago

    I love these cats, the epitome of 'warrior medics'. They save lives.

  • luis alfonso flores vanegas

    El. Ejército. Más. Poderoso. Del. Mundo entrenan. Para. Defender. La. Libertad

  • Alex Chov
    Alex Chov 46 minutes ago

    Okay ... now try to made this with an armor - like in COD MW2 ))))

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 51 minute ago

    Stunning Work, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , you might like :)

  • Сергей Климонтов

    А боевые машины есть? Бутофорских много, я понимаю), красиво, но в военном деле на такие дистанции не востребованно. Показуха, машины в большинстве случаев и своим ходом доберутся быстрее. Пока вертолеты вызовешь, пока груз закрепишь, Показуха!

  • Ruan L'EO51
    Ruan L'EO51 Hour ago

    Ah # medern warfare

  • ФрИзЕр
    ФрИзЕр 2 hours ago

    И вот под таким пулеметом бежали в атаку наши советский солдаты

  • Joshua Carranza
    Joshua Carranza 3 hours ago


  • Жека Ф
    Жека Ф 3 hours ago

    Вспомните Джоны брасок на Приштину и эти крылатые птички будут лишними)))

  • Fukushima is Revelation

    this would be better with the mash tv show intro song

  • Nasko Casic
    Nasko Casic 4 hours ago Nacyo.da.moja.lybavi Ito.zna.da.vozi.saznacy.kad.bydemo.lezali Zajedno.y.krevet.nisam.bas.sigyran I.zydimo.jedva.cekam O.daje.vidimo.cao

  • Wellington Giacometti

    5:35 nice sound!

  • Григорий Иванович

    Прикольно, но ми 26 на много лучше

  • Sandip Raikwar
    Sandip Raikwar 5 hours ago


  • Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan


  • Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan

    เอาไป50ลำ เอาลงใต้

  • Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan

    Ok จัดไปแบบนี้เลยน้า

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 6 hours ago

    Jolly Green Giants.

  • Ludmla Andreeva
    Ludmla Andreeva 6 hours ago


  • Kartik Bhimani
    Kartik Bhimani 6 hours ago

    I love Kartik....

  • Joker
    Joker 6 hours ago


  • ficry Ryand Syah
    ficry Ryand Syah 6 hours ago


  • The Crow
    The Crow 6 hours ago

    Saludos De Pico Rivera California 💯

  • bambam144
    bambam144 6 hours ago

    hey an alouette 3 :D we have had them in service too. good chopper.

  • Abhi Ram
    Abhi Ram 7 hours ago


  • عمر العريقي

    نايس فديوا 🤗

  • Roshani rajpoot
    Roshani rajpoot 7 hours ago

    Indian Army'Ko Kon Kon Pasand karta hai like here

    • Danyal Urooj
      Danyal Urooj 6 hours ago

      Hahaha indian ki army kutto ki army Gaddho ki army

  • グエンティエウ ミン


  • Sprawiedliwa -Bóg, Honor,Ojczyzna


  • وليد عسلي
    وليد عسلي 8 hours ago

    شباب كو عرب بل سبينه

  • Resk-torro
    Resk-torro 9 hours ago

    It’s all fun and games until the sky Astarte speaking “brrrrrrrrttttt”

  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U 9 hours ago

    I was expecting Airwolf to show up at any moment.

  • gaboreee
    gaboreee 9 hours ago

    French AU F1 howitzer IS better. But shorter gun.39 caliber

  • TOP VIDEO 1985
    TOP VIDEO 1985 10 hours ago

    not real war

  • Than Tran Thi
    Than Tran Thi 10 hours ago

    Dung la ôi không biết ai sang fac anh dang mua hành quân sao không thấy (??

  • Than Tran Thi
    Than Tran Thi 11 hours ago

    Dung la pháo anh cao ban chúng dau giặc lai thế mà ban mãi mãi không chung ôi thật la phí dan qua ta

  • EL JØrge
    EL JØrge 12 hours ago

    2019 and Japan army is still blocked by the U.S like Germany... Welcome to the NWO.

  • AKasH ReAl sHoW
    AKasH ReAl sHoW 13 hours ago


  • mwbright
    mwbright 13 hours ago

    Are these the guys making my windows shake in Joshua Tree?

  • Michael Gomes
    Michael Gomes 14 hours ago

    These airmen should shoot rapidly unleased the hell of gunfire.

  • TJ
    TJ 14 hours ago

    Wait so the Afghan airforce doesnt have its own pilots?

  • Ardak Ask
    Ardak Ask 15 hours ago

    ВВС США 👍

  • Giuliano Santos
    Giuliano Santos 17 hours ago

    Matando os peixes tudo

  • siding8
    siding8 17 hours ago

    My 15 year old nephew can shoot better than these guys. All the technology and can’t hit shit!

  • ittipon phramueang
    ittipon phramueang 17 hours ago

    F117 and B2 use Gray's alien technology.

  • Luciene Barros Santos
    Luciene Barros Santos 17 hours ago

    Será que no Brasil tem uma dessas?

  • Clay dayton
    Clay dayton 17 hours ago

    It sounds like: "almost almost almost" A gun like the GAU 8 sounds like: "diiiiiiiiiiieeeee"

  • ice eee
    ice eee 18 hours ago


  • H涛哥
    H涛哥 18 hours ago


  • Reese Ross
    Reese Ross 18 hours ago

    Poor fish if any got hit I think I found the reason the whales turning up in the sea.

  • Joao Lui Do Santo Carmo Antonio

    isso se chama gunship utilizado mais em suporte de flecha partida quando a tropas esstao cercadas ou não conseguem avançar

  • David Eagin
    David Eagin 18 hours ago

    ENEMY AC130 ABOVE!!!

  • Doug Dickerson
    Doug Dickerson 19 hours ago

    There went a pile of money

  • J L
    J L 20 hours ago

    nice to see pj's using glocks😁. Effective to get the job done.

  • Paul Michel
    Paul Michel 20 hours ago

    Holly cow those are huge shells. There's going to be some really, really dead fish after this. That ain't your grandpa's .45 automatic.

  • Yunus Çınrq Şengür

    Turkey's speical forces are better than yours

  • Almighty IssaCodeine
    Almighty IssaCodeine 22 hours ago

    141: Enemy AC-130 above. Spez: *ENEMY AC-130 ABOVEEEE*

  • Ney Santos
    Ney Santos 22 hours ago

    Kkkkkk só tem alemão nesse caralho? Representa galera fodinha que bate poeitazinha😂😂😂🔫🔫

  • Simon Ngai
    Simon Ngai 23 hours ago

    Americans must be proud of this.

  • Алим Алиев
    Алим Алиев 23 hours ago

    👎👎👎sy 50 👍👍👍

  • 봉필하
    봉필하 Day ago

    지금도 전런 무기 쓰남

  • Its Me Racoon
    Its Me Racoon Day ago

    Are u sure that’s a gau8?

  • John Steve
    John Steve Day ago

    God bless our soldier and their machines

  • Zack Cooper
    Zack Cooper Day ago

    Cartel rats going against these Soldiers will die

  • Desmonetização

    Nossa! que jogo top.

  • Orlando Magalhães Pinto

    Veja a top das máquinas jbk

  • Baba Venga
    Baba Venga Day ago

    Gelek sı pehiye gelek ta zeye...👍🏼

  • Leyber Nazarit


  • flor suscribete


  • next time
    next time Day ago

    I love you beloved us navy marines... Salute sir, may God give us all a genius powerful november shimmering love.... Eat well beloved soldiers drink vitamins and take g💖💖d care of your health.... Wish from deep of my 💓 in love bac💗💗r cavite.. May the roses🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 running on the waves 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊and kiss💋💋💋💋 the hot sweet⭐⭐ stars midnight Pacific ocean🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 waves sun..☀️

  • Jonathan Cartaxo

    A-29 2:29

  • boomslang
    boomslang Day ago

    As a mortarman this is Like music to my ears

  • Максим
    Максим Day ago

    Abram on ice shit,and if the drifts to drive,this is where they are going in the winter and even on a flat road to ride? and even if minus 40 will freeze this heap diarrhea

  • jose molina
    jose molina Day ago

    esos son los avione que fabrica vnezuela

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Day ago

    Marines, make yourself a favor, buy NEXTER Caesar. 55 caliber 155mm gun, mounted on a truck, loading assistance, fit inside C-130...on a 6 rounds burst can leave the place before the last round hit the target, will avoid counter fire.

  • Gen2 Poon
    Gen2 Poon Day ago

    I guess its also reliable for be training airplane, perhaps my country also will be looks a head for this type. we got only pilatus 7 for pilot trainees.

  • nonya biz
    nonya biz Day ago

    I like the A-29 but the A-1 Skyraider is so much more kick ass!



  • Shaikh Naushad

    1 dislike for fish 😑😑 you killing fish 😫.

  • Voltage272
    Voltage272 Day ago

    yo, my car is has Air ride @4:56 USAF: My Giant plane has Air ride too

  • Andres Vazquez


  • Rinrang Momin
    Rinrang Momin Day ago


  • Billy_get_ Over_here


  • Daniel Y Chow
    Daniel Y Chow Day ago

    What are the PJ entry requirements?

  • FBI
    FBI Day ago


  • DMG
    DMG Day ago


  • Alberto Velazquez

    A que le disparan no seve

  • Christopher López

    Soy el unico mexicano prros??

  • Sky Love
    Sky Love Day ago

    Oh my good

  • ty estavez
    ty estavez Day ago

    Damn 4:45. U guys see that what looks like a tracer zoom by? Left of the screen.

  • John Myra
    John Myra Day ago

    Is he carabinered the damn gun?

  • Sudarshan Pujari

    What are those two white lines after the rocket is fired?

  • shadow e wolf spaaam


  • yordin montoya


  • Leo Torres
    Leo Torres Day ago

    me gustaría que todas las máquinas de artillería utilice el minimo posible de la mano de obras, ojalá las maquinas reemplace a los soldados al 80 o 90 x ciento

  • Eeliton Nunes
    Eeliton Nunes 2 days ago

    🍸🇧🇷🍸🍾🧢🤙🙌 Legal