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  • Stameteam
    Stameteam Hour ago

    The russians wont have an chanche to the swedish armed forces!

  • Mohd Aleem
    Mohd Aleem Hour ago

  • rajveer Sing
    rajveer Sing Hour ago

    Jai hind

  • 80восмидесятые80

    Чё за бред самалет с пулеметом винтокрыл вы чё прикололись ха-ха-ха да его обычным РПГ можно сбить

  • Marcos Barroso Coelho

    Tinha que jogar umas bombas dessas quando o bozo e sua quadrilha estiverem reunidos.

  • Danyal Mondol
    Danyal Mondol 3 hours ago

    Is that tracer rounds?

  • Анатолий Украина

    Стрелок не в п....

  • Carlos Rosales
    Carlos Rosales 6 hours ago


  • Haziel Netto
    Haziel Netto 7 hours ago

    R.I.P Right Ear

  • 흥heung규gyu한han

    실전에서 최고의 실력을 발휘해 승리 하시기를 바랍니다,

  • عدي الدري
    عدي الدري 12 hours ago

    على من يطلق النار على البيوت

  • Ikhsam Noval
    Ikhsam Noval 12 hours ago

    Subricbe bcak oke bradrt 🙏🙂😇❤

  • Ярослав Мельник

    Да против такого нет шансов уйти: - Не беги умрешь уставший !

  • ゆうチャンネル
    ゆうチャンネル 13 hours ago

    at least collect shell cases would you?

  • таблетка от страха

    А как они стреляют без прицелов?

  • Orhan YAKAK
    Orhan YAKAK 13 hours ago

    Su 57👍

  • Ted II
    Ted II 14 hours ago

    I know this is unrelated but does anybody know what happened to the youtube channel "Dalek14mc Mk2"? It disappeared without warning and I can't seem to find anything about what happened. The channel did commentary on defense industry news.

  • Jeremy Vinz
    Jeremy Vinz 15 hours ago

    It's old technology, so sad =(

  • Montano Tony
    Montano Tony 15 hours ago

    Русским просто далеко до Америки

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher 15 hours ago

    Basically a flying supercomputer, that scans the horizon and beyond, then takes out any enemy it finds, before the enemy even knows what's hit it. Incredible advancement in fighter technology

  • Бауыржан Момышулы

    Цель пулеметчиков?

  • ふーちゃん
    ふーちゃん 16 hours ago


  • Antang Gaming
    Antang Gaming 19 hours ago

    Nembakin apa sih anjing tolol dah

  • n m
    n m 19 hours ago

    Very good Us armay

  • T.
    T. 20 hours ago

    Seriously these people look like it's their first day on the ship. What's going on with US military training? It's like police academy.

  • Βασίλειος Μπεσλεμές

    this should be called the akimbo boat

  • Stas Vyazemsky
    Stas Vyazemsky 20 hours ago

    Самолёт, для рутинной работы по убийству беззащитных целей.

  • Βασίλειος Μπεσλεμές

    this is an auto cannon not a machine gun

  • محمد محمد محمد

    فديو جميل جدا

  • Юлия Санченко

    Вот так сверху по столовой Госдумы где типа депутаты от народа жрут за 150 рублей при зарплате в 400 000..

  • Jitendra kumar
    Jitendra kumar 21 hour ago


  • علي كريم
    علي كريم 21 hour ago


  • seno meseno
    seno meseno 22 hours ago

    Tembak terus...👍👍💪 From AREMA

  • Thinh Thi
    Thinh Thi 22 hours ago

    Hello USA

  • Amit Kumar Amit Kumar 123


  • ปุ้ย สีสุวรรณ์555

    คุณพี่ ทหารยิง ใคร ขอรับกระผม

  • Der Grüne Mann

    Of course it's the Marine who shoots off the railing on the Navy's shiny clean boat. Messy Bastards.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    They killing Mexican trying to cross to America they killed thousands so far

  • Leandro Brandao

    O Rio de janeiro precisa urgente de um desses!

  • multiverser
    multiverser Day ago

    We need the Wagner's Die Valkyrie soundtrack, otherwise great!

  • Daniel Vences
    Daniel Vences Day ago

    Made in México

  • premiercconstruction

    Yup go ahead shoot at it! Let’s see what happens. But if you do shoot at it you better finish the job.

  • Waco Jones
    Waco Jones Day ago

    More firepower than the old retread M113 Gas engine versions returned from Nam and used as training vehicles for NG and Reserve units. Better TOW setup than the M901 Improved TOW Vehicle Which was better than the Pedestal mount in the back of a M113A1 or A2 done with M233 kit. Cramp very Big boom when needed yes.

    • Lowlander 2004
      Lowlander 2004 21 hour ago

      Dude if you are interested in strategy games try Armored Brigade from matrix games 😀

  • Lee Keybum
    Lee Keybum Day ago

    I'm still waiting to see the B-2 in Action like the video said.

  • كيتاروس_KiitaRos _

    يلعن ام الفخامه بالوحش🔥🔥💕

  • Eder Monroy
    Eder Monroy Day ago


  • Rafael Del Solar

    Y quién mierda les dispara a ellos?

  • Сергей Россиянин

    Такая мишень в воздухе и на такой высоте с двустволки сбить можно, или папуас какой стрелой из лука подстрелит.

    K.MARSHALL Day ago

    an angel of death I admire this machine¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • forza dz
    forza dz Day ago

    su 35 s400 💪

  • Srk
    Srk Day ago

    Awesome with one engine? Lmao

  • love pakistan
    love pakistan Day ago

    Coward army '''

  • boy do game
    boy do game Day ago

    Brasil bem que poderia comprar umas cetenas desse carro de combate

  • Hannibal's Surplus Reviews

    It's like watching a helicopter version of clown cars! See how many people can fit inside.

  • مهند راجح

    ليت من معه شلبك

  • مهدی مهدی

    A am Here and see SON ☀️👁👁🔼🦅

  • Sk Julfiquer
    Sk Julfiquer Day ago


    KEB3RTXELA Day ago

    Bro this military drill would make for the worst fishing trip.

  • Maxamed kaiper

    Are you folish

  • Isa Aydoğdu
    Isa Aydoğdu Day ago


  • Eric Yang
    Eric Yang Day ago

    Although NH90 has controversies on its performance, I think it is one of the coolest looking helicopters.

  • pedites
    pedites Day ago

    Best friend of infantry 👍👍

    KLRJUNE Day ago

    The rock steady motionless hover of an Apache is amazing.

  • Hendri Bekker
    Hendri Bekker Day ago

    That will work perfectly here in south Africa gauteng.

  • Prahiman. Basha

    Love. You. My. Indean. ARMY... 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Were You About To Call Me An Asshole?


  • GuyInTheInternet

    This reminded me of minecraft bees

  • Davivd2
    Davivd2 Day ago

    I identify as an SH-64 attack chopper. This is porn for me.

  • Askar Ahmetov
    Askar Ahmetov Day ago

    У России нет шансов....

  • Blacks 4 Trump

    The world is about to change, the practicing to eradicate the Satanic cult who runs the world from the planet, they have been trying to destroy humanity, President Trump’s executive order, crimes against humanity

    • Psychic
      Psychic Day ago

      Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?

  • paulo light
    paulo light Day ago

    Massa demais...

  • Brasil Tatico
    Brasil Tatico Day ago

    Brazil and USA

  • muhammad Muti Ur Rahman

    Today environment ante Muslim

  • Juis Miller
    Juis Miller Day ago

    Air tank

  • Igor Petrov
    Igor Petrov Day ago

    Вот так сверху по столовой Госдумы где типа депутаты от народа жрут за 150 рублей при зарплате в 400 000..

  • Malik Asghar
    Malik Asghar Day ago

    love u pak army isi navy air force

    • Malik Asghar
      Malik Asghar Day ago

      Kilyan Austin Wierema because i am pakistani and i am suport pak Army ,isi, navy, air force

    • Kilyan Austin Wierema
      Kilyan Austin Wierema Day ago

      Malik Asghar this is the dutch airforce and german airforce.

  • faa rung
    faa rung Day ago


  • Khá Hồ Vlogs


  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt Day ago

    It's true, pigs can fly

  • Germany Ball
    Germany Ball Day ago

    German helicopter 🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • O5-11
    O5-11 Day ago


  • False Flag
    False Flag Day ago

    Never Forget *Extortion 17* RIP

  • muhammad Muti Ur Rahman

    Many years ago I listen a song about general appache I am not know about combination of general and helecoptre.

  • 米晴
    米晴 Day ago


  • Azhel Perdana
    Azhel Perdana Day ago


    • Aman sharma
      Aman sharma Day ago

      Do not open this link please It's just a nonsence video

    • Sameer_ yadav
      Sameer_ yadav Day ago

  • Christopher Viljoen

    So are you in the military

  • Mansor Alshmre

    اول شخص

  • Alaur Rahman
    Alaur Rahman Day ago


  • 林琪貴
    林琪貴 Day ago

    落伍了 、

  • Александр Прохоров

    Скорострельность заебок

  • andrew beattie

    We made those rounds at the Joliet Arsenal.

  • Sumit Kumar Singh

    Aab India kaa pass v Chinook hay proud of you my nation

  • Noval 78
    Noval 78 Day ago


  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park Day ago

    Pubg plane?

  • ajit Parmar
    ajit Parmar Day ago

    Who is watching from india

  • Poop And Dabbing
    Poop And Dabbing 2 days ago

    3:02 they are mating

  • Um cara qualquer
    Um cara qualquer 2 days ago

    4:43 this sound like a kaiju hahaha

  • Bentreq
    Bentreq 2 days ago


  • Рыцарь Тамплиер

    Ихтамнетов также под Дэйр-Эз-Зором расхуярили в феврале 2018. Даже шансов не было выжить против армии США.