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Allentown Fair 2019 8/31
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  • TWR Addict
    TWR Addict 2 days ago

    When I was little and tv was at it's prime on nick at night it would be George Lopez from 8:00-9:00 at night every weekday and I would watch it laughing so hard. Then if I was lucky at 9:30 on tv land threes company from 9:30-10:30 then some robot chicken I miss being a kid

  • Sophie Cheng
    Sophie Cheng 10 days ago


  • rosepetals
    rosepetals 10 days ago

    you made this in only 20 minutes? very much effort!

  • ThePatrickShow
    ThePatrickShow 11 days ago

    I know this is horrible

  • Me Ajl
    Me Ajl 12 days ago


  • You Tube
    You Tube 13 days ago

    You need to calm down 💜

  • Bryan Setneuf
    Bryan Setneuf 15 days ago

    Whats the movie title

  • Lis T
    Lis T 19 days ago

    Lol they all get up when she gets up to clap for her lol

  • supaordie
    supaordie 24 days ago

    Awesome job on this man....thank u thank u

  • Yep ThatGirlJadynn
    Yep ThatGirlJadynn 24 days ago

    OML I didnt want her to win!!🤬Ariana should've won!!

    • Yep ThatGirlJadynn
      Yep ThatGirlJadynn 15 days ago

      @JIMENA HERNANDEZ DE LA TORRE MARTINEZ Neither is Billie Eilish....

    • Yep ThatGirlJadynn
      Yep ThatGirlJadynn 15 days ago

      @Billie eilish lover for one, you have no clue what your talking about you idiot. And for two, idc if you dont care what I want🙄

    • Billie eilish lover
      Billie eilish lover 20 days ago

      U cant ACTUALLY die in a hole no one cares what u want but u and Sri won an award get over it u bitch


      Yep ThatGirlJadynn Ariana si not new DUH

  • ItZDigby
    ItZDigby 25 days ago

    Hailee Steinfeld yaaaa

  • Amal in Ajah
    Amal in Ajah 25 days ago

    Yeah yeah its so booriingg.. Lady gaga shallow best ever collaboration

  • Karin Porter
    Karin Porter 26 days ago

    I want this movie so bad but I can’t find it anywhere

  • whitebeard0319
    whitebeard0319 26 days ago

    What’s the name of the lady who pronounced the winner?

  • Lynzeep
    Lynzeep 26 days ago

    I’m sorry but this is rigged. There’s no way they won over BTS...have ya’ll see The Army!?

    • Pied Pipered
      Pied Pipered 22 days ago

      Yeah it was rigged. It’s obvious. And that’s why thr VMA’s did not want BTS to be nominated in every single category because they will dominate the awards

    • kaki k
      kaki k 24 days ago

      @Veronica Somehow, me too. I thonk that I just said things like this and I completely didn't care to be right or wrong. But to be honest, seniorita and bwl are the two songs that I listen the most. If camilla X shawn won, I think it was deserved, as much as if it was BTS X Halsey, I would still think that it was well deserved. So I apology to everybody for not recognising them as the winners

    • Veronica
      Veronica 25 days ago

      @kaki k I totally agree that you are wrong

    • Veronica
      Veronica 25 days ago

      @With Love21 can be. Peace

    • With Love21
      With Love21 25 days ago

      @Veronica Then that means you will always be bothered with every kinds of RU-clip comments for your lifetime. PS - this will be my last reply. Peace .

  • Omar f Hernandez
    Omar f Hernandez 26 days ago

    Shallow sirve mas q esa pinga tiene mas premio mas vieja mejor cancion estos premios ya veo q tienen una baja calidad y q no saben reconocer los q es musica.Estos premios se deberian celebrar cuando sepan reconocer la musica y sepan valorarla.

    • Veronica
      Veronica 25 days ago

      tu cerebro tambien tiene baja calidad deberias cambiarla porque ahi todos se merecian ganar y ganadores son todos por estar nominados nada mas.

  • Blind to Billionaire

    Nice video, sounds like a good find.

  • Dylan Flickinger
    Dylan Flickinger Month ago

    Only 3 movies. Here in Ohio, we have leftover movies always.


    Hey. Subscribe to my channel! I do logos too.

  • GameXCube
    GameXCube Month ago

    I just watch this vid lol

  • Father And Scout is the best movie ever made

    I hope you enjoy the masterpiece that is this movie

  • The Amateur
    The Amateur Month ago

    You're a saint. Bless you.

  • shantelle0161
    shantelle0161 Month ago


  • ss
    ss Month ago


  • Shelby Ramirez
    Shelby Ramirez 2 months ago


  • Matt Foley
    Matt Foley 2 months ago

    3:05 Anybody know where this is? Several other scenes are from around the suburban Philly area like Ambler, PA. That's a post office on the right with flag and mailbox. Other side of street the sign says "HOME SHOW" or "HORSE SHOW".

  • Gacha Erin
    Gacha Erin 2 months ago

    I love Elise!!

  • muse 77
    muse 77 2 months ago

    😲LOL. Click BAIT. 😡😕No movie. Ridiculous.

    • ThePatrickShow
      ThePatrickShow 2 months ago

      If I uploaded movie this video would not exist

  • NMA-T
    NMA-T 2 months ago

    I like "Considering the amount of time the girls spend with us. I really don't know why we came along, mother." Mother Superior: "We were blackmailed" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dreamy Fox
    Dreamy Fox 2 months ago

    Why has this got only 11 likes it deserves more

    ZESHAN ANWAR 2 months ago

    i love my claire she is amzing actress at this age singer actress good human being she is all rounder

  • ThePatrickShow
    ThePatrickShow 2 months ago Support Elise. she is a great musician and person

  • MrMichaelXX
    MrMichaelXX 2 months ago

    The M.F. stands for... MY FRIEND.

  • BTS _Army
    BTS _Army 2 months ago

    I watched the video where she made "i suffer more"

  • Heidi Fedor
    Heidi Fedor 2 months ago

    Most of these attractions are no longer there.

  • Saab Rider
    Saab Rider 2 months ago

    IT’S SHOWTIME! *passes out on couch*

  • Thomas Kolb
    Thomas Kolb 2 months ago

    You didn't show the movie.

  • Paul Louis Harrell
    Paul Louis Harrell 3 months ago

    Do you know where the other one was where Iron Man Spiderman and Captain America go head to head with Mia? I'm the Iron Man. How do you get the footage?

    • ThePatrickShow
      ThePatrickShow 3 months ago

      I think Facebook this is from I don't remember

  • Mark Dawson
    Mark Dawson 3 months ago


  • AngryTrees Painting Tips

    Much respect from a fellow artist! I subbed!

  • Talking Strange
    Talking Strange 3 months ago

    When did he film this?

  • Mikaela Heft
    Mikaela Heft 3 months ago

    I was there the hand he reached for was mine

  • van tuan vo
    van tuan vo 4 months ago

    Mua ở đâu vậy

  • Donna Dreyer
    Donna Dreyer 4 months ago

    I don't see why no one wanted to buy bonton , it was a really great store !

  • Marvelous Mia
    Marvelous Mia 4 months ago


    • legit me
      legit me Month ago

      Yes i went there in May and I’m going again August 20th! It’s thunderhawk now.

    • John Nary
      John Nary 3 months ago

      Marvelous Mia yes but now called thunder hawk

  • Brian Muckeroy
    Brian Muckeroy 4 months ago

    Do they have the season on dvd

    • ThePatrickShow
      ThePatrickShow 4 months ago

      Mabye season 1 and 2 and others are Amazon burn on demand best of they used to show on teen night Have not seen on that lately. Edit here's season one on Amazon Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Season One

  • werner haase
    werner haase 4 months ago

    I love you james

  • Esther de Vries
    Esther de Vries 4 months ago

    Sexiest man alive!

  • Oliver Kennedy
    Oliver Kennedy 5 months ago

    very cool

  • Ray Boy_theguy
    Ray Boy_theguy 5 months ago

    I thought it was Hollywood make believe, like children of every color at the same McDonald’s. Roger is a savage lml

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 5 months ago


  • Simple Drawings
    Simple Drawings 5 months ago

    very nice my friend! I'm a big fan of the Uncharted series and finished playing the 4 games. although I haven't played the lost legacy yet.

    • ThePatrickShow
      ThePatrickShow 5 months ago

      Stay tuned for lost legacy videos / streams

  • Booga Turk
    Booga Turk 5 months ago

    When the nun runs into Pirates Cove, two animals go by in front of her with the movie title.

    • Dane Insane
      Dane Insane 4 months ago

      It took me so long to realize that hahaha

  • Danny
    Danny 5 months ago

    humanity is ded

  • TheBluePanda
    TheBluePanda 5 months ago

    I don't think there is much mystery behind how old Tommy is. He's an old dude. Probably like 60.

    • Ian Victory
      Ian Victory 5 months ago

      63 I Google it, not a mystery if Google knows lol.

  • TheBluePanda
    TheBluePanda 5 months ago

    I'm ready for Franco to make a comeback.

  • mairinh84
    mairinh84 5 months ago

    Why him🥰 the disaster movie he played him soooo well Bravo Franco !!! Now can you do porn so I can watch it?

  • xoxo
    xoxo 6 months ago

    that’s literally cool

  • Kacey Fifield Variety
    Kacey Fifield Variety 6 months ago

    So cool! Love it! Can you send the final drawing to my IG please @kacey_fifield :D

    • ThePatrickShow
      ThePatrickShow 6 months ago

      Well that was the final drawing lol and I'm glad you enjoyed. Do you have a address I can actually send the drawing to you in the mail. Or I could just use the fine Bros mail address and tell them to give it to you next time you in studio. I'd like you to actually have it.

  • Devan Zayas
    Devan Zayas 6 months ago

    sssniperwolf has like 14M almost 15M subs now

  • Kingbopit
    Kingbopit 7 months ago

    She’d be flossing

  • Hassan sheik ft birthday boy

    Oh my life

  • Mony Singh
    Mony Singh 7 months ago

    Umm that's not a nice video at all🧦🧥🧥

  • 세모나라_Origami Tutorials


  • husky500cr
    husky500cr 7 months ago

    Brings backs a lot of good memories. We use to have a big carnival every year in the month of June before the school let out for the summer.

  • sgtpepper1138
    sgtpepper1138 7 months ago

    Love me some Johnny Bravo, and then there were fewer is one if my favorite FG episodes.

  • Brutus Alwaysmind
    Brutus Alwaysmind 7 months ago

    Your weird movies are your best movies! Cheers.

  • Isabel Phill
    Isabel Phill 7 months ago

    Its great!!!❤️❤️

  • Kacey Fifield Variety
    Kacey Fifield Variety 7 months ago

    That was fun to watch. However I have been on two Nickelodeon shows and I am a singer with original songs I have created :P

    • ThePatrickShow
      ThePatrickShow 7 months ago

      Good to know lol.also I figured out some must of been wrong while making this video. And that you had wrote your own songs Lol. Also I added all your songs to my Spotify mix. All amazing Also. If you ever want to do a video together collaboration. Not in person one of those skype share screen things (cause we live to far away) I'm up and I'll let you pick the idea. Mabye an Akinator video or something. That would be really awesome never did a collaboration video before. Love your channel and FBE Videos.

  • Mark Annabel
    Mark Annabel 7 months ago

    Great concert,would do again for sure.

  • Powerranger6342
    Powerranger6342 8 months ago

    I’ve been looking for this.

  • Jason Liu
    Jason Liu 8 months ago

    She is a really lewd woman not just her looking

  • rs.matr1x
    rs.matr1x 8 months ago

    And here I thought it was named after the popcorn dude

  • Thyandyr
    Thyandyr 8 months ago

    I hate musicals

  • alexander g
    alexander g 8 months ago

    Last answer lol.. very smart

  • Joshie mandy
    Joshie mandy 8 months ago

    or to go on a date with Ryan ooohhhh lallllaaaaaaaaaaahhh

  • Joshie mandy
    Joshie mandy 8 months ago

    Katies Resolution can be to remember to write 2019 instead of 2018!

  • Ojen Vahedi
    Ojen Vahedi 9 months ago

    Last answer is on point

  • Medha V
    Medha V 9 months ago


  • Jazmine Hemmings
    Jazmine Hemmings 9 months ago

    Hey seth MacFarlane I see you on Christmas my house hey seth what time live I love you seth why Voice was brian why Picture taken why song 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😊😊😊

  • Sebastian Wendel
    Sebastian Wendel 9 months ago

    wonderful - the combination - snow - the golden Girls and the Beach Boys :-)

  • ThePatrickShow
    ThePatrickShow 9 months ago

    These Parents are insane

  • SansyPants 45
    SansyPants 45 9 months ago


  • John Kellett
    John Kellett 9 months ago

    Did they really shoot this at Dorney Park Allentown Pa

  • mulemusic
    mulemusic 10 months ago

    Wrong song title!!!

  • ThePatrickShow
    ThePatrickShow 10 months ago

    Note* The Pet Semetary End Credits has Music But muted due to copyright blocking it world wide

  • J rocs
    J rocs 10 months ago


  • ronnie .p
    ronnie .p 10 months ago

    Let's not forget about the invasion of migrants at the border.

  • Keira Miller
    Keira Miller 10 months ago

    Bruh why dont u show ur face

  • Keira Miller
    Keira Miller 10 months ago

    I love how my voice is in the background lel

  • KitKat Hedgehog
    KitKat Hedgehog 11 months ago

    I got so excited I started waving my arm lol!

  • KitKat Hedgehog
    KitKat Hedgehog 11 months ago

    Condoms all through

  • Sydney
    Sydney 11 months ago


  • KitKat Hedgehog
    KitKat Hedgehog 11 months ago

    My reaction when I spit it out lol

  • Xonexce
    Xonexce 11 months ago

    that was so metal.

  • KitKat Hedgehog
    KitKat Hedgehog 11 months ago

    I was ugly lol

  • killua123333
    killua123333 11 months ago

    No fucking way.. i grew up watch Dexter lab, cow n chicken AND johnny bravo! Shows how old and amazing seth is ;)

  • Christopher Morris

    Am I the only waited for him to mention "Butch Hartman"?