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2019 NBA Draft LIVE SHOW
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  • b. J.
    b. J. 46 minutes ago

    this will happen a lot to houston. WESTBRICK isn't as good as everyone makes him, he's puts up a lot of Bricks and is terrible. they won't win the title take it from me.

  • Danny Dolan
    Danny Dolan Hour ago

    This was so brutal against Westbrook lol. I knew coach Nick didn't like him but man.

  • Codesensei 2001
    Codesensei 2001 Hour ago

    James harden shot 28.9% from the field, and 20% from the three and somehow it’s Westbrook’s fault. Smh

  • Komandant Data
    Komandant Data Hour ago

    Chokebrick is garbage

  • Edelmark Apolinar

    What about when your ball goes above your head and had a 3 steps is that a travel?

  • Mika MZ
    Mika MZ 2 hours ago

    What about dirk nowitzki one leg fade?

  • d good
    d good 2 hours ago

    This dude always comes out the woodworks when Russ has a bad game and is silent when he plays well. He's always tryna raise his clout off Westbrook bein edgy and prob has made alot of money off Russ hate videos lmao

  • Trollificus
    Trollificus 2 hours ago

    "Most wide-open corner three of all time!" And that may not be hyperbole. If you divide the whole court into quarters, NONE of the other 9 players were in the same quarter-court as Walker. I'm surprised he didn't miss it, he was so open. Also, don't frame-by-frame the game video to find uncalled fouls on a guy who shot 24 free throws. Screw Harden.

  • Marin Kasalo
    Marin Kasalo 3 hours ago

    Harden and Westbrook combined for 18/68 from the field (5/26 for three) in this game. Mike D'antoni is a joke for allowing his team to play like this

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Russel Westbrook overrated

  • Roldan Ramirez
    Roldan Ramirez 3 hours ago

    The best part of Harden's made dunk was that he went for the rebound afterward.

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos 3 hours ago

    Make a video explaining the ending of the okc vs twolves game!

  • Cyber Face
    Cyber Face 4 hours ago

    5:56, The 227 people that disliked it are not funky....

  • Bob Young
    Bob Young 4 hours ago

    i just love it when harden, the rockets and the rocket fans get frustrated.

  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick Lee 5 hours ago

    Walker and the Taz from down under playing out of their minds.

  • Zeri
    Zeri 5 hours ago

    imagine playin n makin it all da way 2 da nba just to have "GAY" on yo jersey lmaooo

  • Chiggsy
    Chiggsy 5 hours ago

    CP3 so much better.

  • Cammy
    Cammy 6 hours ago

    Can they please just run Harden off ball. Russ isn't a shooter so why set him up for failure. Iso isn't going to work for too long

  • KingDavid
    KingDavid 6 hours ago

    Rockets playoff preview? 🙄

  • Jerry Rocks
    Jerry Rocks 7 hours ago

    Larry was the better ALL-AROUND player

  • Sid Severino
    Sid Severino 7 hours ago

    8:08 14:13 Really? Almost every Harden drive SHOULD be a foul??? LOL

  • Nana Gyambibi
    Nana Gyambibi 7 hours ago

    I was at this game and the Rockets blew it. The Rockets shot amazing from the field for the first 3 quarters and half of the 4th, RIVERS HAD AN AMAZING GAME…. and then they got cold and shot the Spurs back into the game…. And in the 4th quarter/OT when you rely on 1 guy his legs aren't fresh and now the defense is staying in front of you. This is the same thing that happens to all of MDA's teams. When the 3 ball isnt falling you have to rely on something else.

  • Erik -
    Erik - 7 hours ago

    Lol westbrook 🤭🤭🤭

  • Young Nomad
    Young Nomad 7 hours ago

    Classic Brickbrook, never change Brodie

  • Al Al
    Al Al 7 hours ago

    So many bricks by Westbrick :)

  • websalsero
    websalsero 8 hours ago

    Excellent breakdown of the game!

  • jr eirini
    jr eirini 8 hours ago

    coach nick is a good coach, but i dont agree that raising both hands is a always a sign of committing a foul against another player still, nice vid coach nick

  • Andrew Mills
    Andrew Mills 8 hours ago

    10:21 we all know why Harden threw himself in to the screen... trying to get a foul call.

  • Andrew Mills
    Andrew Mills 8 hours ago

    There is no plausible justification as to the disgraceful standard of officiating in NBA games. Backcourt violations, travels and carries that would be called in an under 10's game.

  • Swa Sho
    Swa Sho 8 hours ago

    Great commentary but hearing a extended musical loop of a 30 second fight scene from a generic action movie gets exhausting after a while. Refer to “ThinkingBasketball” channel for more appropriate analysis music.

  • keithng1996
    keithng1996 9 hours ago

    Another Russell Brickbrook performance as he shoot poorly and not pay any attention in defensive way. I don’t see any upgrade for the rockets in this trade. They cannot go far in the playoff as their second team leading scorer shooting in this kind of inefficient way.

  • dbritton89
    dbritton89 9 hours ago

    Lmao thats only a clear backcourt when you slow the game down. What basket needs to be slowed down to see?

  • dbritton89
    dbritton89 9 hours ago

    Did the rockets play better ir worse after the uncounted basket? A game went on and the rockets scored a uncounted basket. Both can be true.

  • Your moms is a hoe
    Your moms is a hoe 9 hours ago

    DeReRozan already leaning on that charge 🤦🏽‍♂️ What’s worse is when your center flops on a charge too. Nothing but soft ass players. Look like a straight bitch holding your nuts for a charge

  • weksauce
    weksauce 9 hours ago

    @7:05 he didn't have both feet down in the front court! He possessed the ball and put a single foot down in the front court.

  • YO Mikey
    YO Mikey 9 hours ago

    Cant have 2 iso players omg

  • Noah Cline
    Noah Cline 9 hours ago

    Rockets don't wanna win ..

  • Ack Tee
    Ack Tee 9 hours ago

    The main point is the rockets have a big league that dunk was a big play but it shouldn’t have even come down to that

  • Jeff Bilyeu
    Jeff Bilyeu 10 hours ago

    This was an awesome video dude

  • Sean Collins
    Sean Collins 10 hours ago

    James harden

  • leftytheloser
    leftytheloser 10 hours ago

    You're missing the fact that those missed calls in favor of the rockets don't guarantee points for the spurs, but the two points not called from the made shot is guaranteed. The rockets still shouldn't have lost but there are two points missing from the scoreboard. Simple math.

  • Marco Porcher Jimenez
    Marco Porcher Jimenez 10 hours ago

    Hey coach Nick, do you think the Mavs could better utilize Porzingis, analytically speaking?

  • Ryan Baran
    Ryan Baran 10 hours ago

    The Rockets had plenty of chances to get the 2 pts. They shouldn't play again, it's just ridiculous and selfish

  • BWGmedia
    BWGmedia 10 hours ago

    Lol bad calls happen, seemed to go both ways here. Regardless the rockets lost to themselves.

  • Jrod 1k
    Jrod 1k 11 hours ago

    russ is ass

  • Devon Stedronsky
    Devon Stedronsky 11 hours ago

    23% on over 5 a game? Russ needs to stop taking shots outside of 8 feet. Also, I don't think Derozan really fouled Harden 8:20. The contact isn't obvious to me from that angle. He throws his hands up because he knows Harden is going to swing his arms through.

  • The Osidan
    The Osidan 11 hours ago

    Rockets basketball IQ is very very low. They will blow games like this on a consistent basis. Westbrook and Harden are two of the worse closers but somehow they always have the ball in late game situations.

  • Mac-Gustave MULONDA K
    Mac-Gustave MULONDA K 11 hours ago


  • balikati
    balikati 11 hours ago

    Many highlights of this game are now deleted from this site

  • Danny Football
    Danny Football 11 hours ago

    I find it so incredibly rich when Harden and Rockets fans complain about officiating. Harden is the benefactor of more no calls than any other player in history.

  • Asmr Addicted
    Asmr Addicted 11 hours ago

    Didn’t watch your video didn’t watch the game it was Russ. Mr7of30

  • ReverendDagwood
    ReverendDagwood 11 hours ago

    one of them 3 zebras saw harden's fastbreak jam go in. there was NO other action on the floor but that. Blatant favoritism, or should i say, Russ' team never gets called the same as other teams; maybe he should be more of a nice guy, eh, haters? *_then_* the game was rushed in a way that quickly made a challenge impossible?x the fix was in on this one.

  • lilruse
    lilruse 11 hours ago

    Russell Westbrook: *exists* Coach Nick: "Can you hear me shaking me head?"

    • Charlie Poirier
      Charlie Poirier 2 hours ago

      Clever comment: exists You: ooh let me just use that and get some likes. Smh

  • ReverendDagwood
    ReverendDagwood 11 hours ago

    refs royally screwed up many calls in spurs favor. in no way was the game called fairly or accurately; much less equivalent to the several points that the zebras swung out of Huston pocket at crucial moments.

  • ReverendDagwood
    ReverendDagwood 11 hours ago

    pretty good breakdown, but the obvious westbrook hate is pervaSIVE AND HIS POINT ABOUT THE BUCKET THE REFS TOOK AWAY IS bs. hIS EXAMPLES OF HAIR SPLITTING OUT OF BOUNDS POSSIBILITIES ARE NOWHERE NEAR equivilant to a bucket in a single posession game. Great video but the bias is a turnoff. (oops sry 4 capslock)

  • Poopy The Bear
    Poopy The Bear 11 hours ago

    This is why the rockets win never get past the second round

  • B. D23
    B. D23 12 hours ago

    Coach Nick: "TL;DW: Ball don't lie"

  • Peter Olechnowicz
    Peter Olechnowicz 12 hours ago

    Maybe I’m getting old, but I don’t remember having anyone other than my dad explain all the rules to me. Sounds like kids need a law degree these days.

  • Rowan Jones
    Rowan Jones 12 hours ago


  • ZebraCakez
    ZebraCakez 12 hours ago

    So no one gunna talk about how good the spurs are at playing actual basketball?

  • nich boivin
    nich boivin 12 hours ago

    espn should hire nick

  • kay poly
    kay poly 12 hours ago

    Love James but, he is like the white boy Luka only better at ballhoggin.

  • Aidan Burley
    Aidan Burley 13 hours ago

    Hardens dunk should’ve counted...

  • Rj Rj
    Rj Rj 13 hours ago

    Very good !

  • Habib
    Habib 13 hours ago

    "harden went into the pick, which was confusing"...yea, of course, he did bc his b****a** is always trying to get calls rather than playing the game

  • Donovan Nungasak
    Donovan Nungasak 13 hours ago

    Nobody gives a fuck about houston and nobody gives a fuck about westbrook.

  • AV
    AV 14 hours ago


  • Paul Keys
    Paul Keys 14 hours ago

    Whistle! Traveling!!! You cannot lift your pivot foot before the ball hits the floor on a dribble. You can lift it on a shot or pass, as long as the foot doesn't return to the ground before shot or pass is released. This is the rule everywhere! At all levels. So many RU-clip videos demonstrate this traveling.

  • Eric Zamudio
    Eric Zamudio 14 hours ago

    18% of the rockets pts were hardens free throws and they still lost lol

  • YourBOY IZZY
    YourBOY IZZY 14 hours ago

    Why everybody hating on Russ like dang y’all can’t do no better it was just a bad game

  • David Mirone
    David Mirone 14 hours ago

    russ is the goat he will prove yall wrong hes unstopable

  • Paulgreavesy
    Paulgreavesy 14 hours ago

    rigged game

  • AMS Fountain
    AMS Fountain 14 hours ago

    I can only see the turd in Walker´s head.

  • DoubleCxsh
    DoubleCxsh 14 hours ago

    thank god im seeing this vid

    ANTHONY BLACKRHINO 14 hours ago

    Crystal ball prediction.... Eli Scott from Chino Hills/Loyola Marymount will get the chance to replace Tucker in Houston and Kahlil Okafor will be revived in San Antonio under the tutelage of Tim Duncan where he'll reunite with Tyus. I see this happening in the next yr or so.... I know it sounds crazy but remember l said it...

  • DSC
    DSC 14 hours ago

    But SA made lots of mistakes too, so the referees blowing a call is the outlier. Nobody goes 82-0 no matter how well they execute.

  • Doug Collins
    Doug Collins 14 hours ago

    Lonnie is basically westbrook with out the low iq and low shooting % and shit defense

  • Benjamin Knoll
    Benjamin Knoll 14 hours ago

    I swear on that pass from Harden to the corner with 4 minutes to go Russ didn't even look ready for that pass even though he was wide open and it's crunch time. I just wonder what is going through his head a lot of times.

  • destinationskyline07
    destinationskyline07 14 hours ago

    Fuck this bias pig

  • madrigaljiggy
    madrigaljiggy 14 hours ago

    Conclusion: Russ is trash

  • Ashley Ice
    Ashley Ice 15 hours ago

    How can they not call that harden dunk two points?

  • Zhiyuan Xu
    Zhiyuan Xu 15 hours ago

    Hi coach Nick, just a short question. For the last play, I think Derozan leans back before the contact happened. In this case is this still an offense foul? But anyway, Rockets deserves losing the game. Thanks!

  • Dean Lopez
    Dean Lopez 15 hours ago

    Skimming a couple of pages through the comments and as expected, is typical back and forth between the ROX fans and ROX haters. Nobody seems to be talking about how shitty the referees have gotten in the NBA, and why this game got into position to be talked about, regardless whether SA or HOU won. How TF you don't see a bucket made? WTH were the refs looking at? Were the 2 male refs checking out the female refs tits or something? Holy hell! Well, as long as nobody is talking about it, the NBA and the officials certainly won't feel any heat to change things, and it's only going to get worse, and if you're a Spurs fan, you're probably not caring if the refs screwed the ROX out of a bucket, but you'll change your tune when the spurs get screwed. Same goes for all the teams, fans of the team that won either forget or don't care about the shitty calls from the referees. The NBA made a token gesture on the call challenge rule, but how many times have they upheld their own shitty call because of no "clear evidence"? It's because the refs have taken it personally and see it as everyone questioning their job. Well no shit Sherlock, the refs refuse to acknowledge the lack of skill in recognizing whats going on in the game. From flops, to bad calls to non-calls, and now blatent missed baskets. The NBA game is turning to shit as the game gets stopped to review, but then it turns out to make no difference anyway. I miss the NBA of old.

  • ThePHiLsTeR
    ThePHiLsTeR 15 hours ago

    Maybe this is partially reason NBA ratings are down. Horrible reffing.

  • Abel Navarro
    Abel Navarro 15 hours ago

    Austin Rivers was on fire also but rockets wanted to play hero ball

  • Peter Muljadi
    Peter Muljadi 15 hours ago


  • QSecty
    QSecty 15 hours ago

    why not both?

  • eddie sanchez
    eddie sanchez 16 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me the verticality rule please.

  • Brolis
    Brolis 16 hours ago

    and thats why KD left Wesbrick

  • Matija Simic
    Matija Simic 16 hours ago

    you are an idiot fuck you stupid hater

  • ManUP JC
    ManUP JC 16 hours ago

    Rockets were winning by 15 frkn points, and they are still protesting a single basket. Rockets lost the game for complaining so much, they should have kept their heads in the game and maintained the lead.

  • ManUP JC
    ManUP JC 16 hours ago

    @ 2:15 I rescind my nomination in favor of this shot being the most wide open corner 3 of all time LOL coach Nick

  • wadduP Berbz
    wadduP Berbz 16 hours ago

    Now it's clear. Dallas it's a steal

  • Timothy Hwong
    Timothy Hwong 17 hours ago

    MLG highlights or whatever channel that does highlights for NBA games completely edited the final minute of 2nd OT to make it seem mysterious, they cut out all the errors by the Rockets.

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 17 hours ago

    Those 2 points could’ve either made the difference or not. The fact that they got away with so many not called turnovers says it all

  • E R
    E R 17 hours ago

    🤣😂 now Spurs’ fans woke up with hopes after this game though. We got a bunch of Phil Jacksons hanging around in here talking smack “ I would do this and do that so team gets better” stop bragging your Toon Squad isn’t going anywhere they still suck. 👎🏻

    • TMC
      TMC 7 hours ago

      The only "hopes" we have is that they give the young guys more minutes. We know they're bad. Do something toward the future.

  • Kahin Ahmed
    Kahin Ahmed 17 hours ago

    13:18 to 13:31 I don't understand Westbrook's mistake. Can someone explain it to me please?

  • Miles Robbins
    Miles Robbins 17 hours ago

    RU-clipr: “...makes it hard for the spurs to lose.” Spurs: 8-14

  • sticky-fingers
    sticky-fingers 17 hours ago

    Great job

  • illegal alien
    illegal alien 17 hours ago

    Spurs made a run led by 20 yo lonnie walker . Stop the bs hes a hell of a player and out played both superstars in the 4th. Period.