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Reckless Trailer
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4 Common Camping Myths
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How to Cape a Turkey
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Veterans Try Pizza MREs
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  • Tom Bryant
    Tom Bryant 15 minutes ago

    Fail. The .308 was around for a couple years before the 7.62x51. You go on and on about headspace, yet fail to mention anything about port pressure.

  • Liaquat Hussain
    Liaquat Hussain 44 minutes ago


  • Eshan
    Eshan 2 hours ago

    Wtf...I was expecting him to pull out a gun from somewhere😂😅

  • angel_ dust
    angel_ dust 2 hours ago

    Your history is lacking and highly inaccurate

  • ZenDude65
    ZenDude65 3 hours ago

    ok wait, there's a fire pit?

  • Beto G
    Beto G 3 hours ago

    Gotta say she handles solid wood pretty good..

  • David Bureaux
    David Bureaux 3 hours ago

    What I would need for a successful tailgate party is Amanda Mertz!

  • bigjohn6458
    bigjohn6458 5 hours ago

    is that a glock long slide or are you just happy to see me?

  • glockpoppin
    glockpoppin 11 hours ago

    According to the Scar 17 owners manual, you can shoot .308 out of a Scar 17 7.62x51

  • JCTJR98
    JCTJR98 11 hours ago


  • Charlie Key
    Charlie Key 14 hours ago

    Boss, I would like to see y'all deep fry a Bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwhich

  • Cesar Rene Villegas Ramírez


  • Vmlc L.
    Vmlc L. 16 hours ago

    Having a hard time opening a modelo laugh my ass off!

  • Vmlc L.
    Vmlc L. 16 hours ago

    Mexicoooooo!!!!! Haha charming character!!! There is a lot more beer that you don’t see in the USA! That selection might bore the more adventurous Mexican!

  • Steven Guegens
    Steven Guegens 16 hours ago

    Where's the pointy end ????🧞?????

  • richard3716
    richard3716 16 hours ago

    my face is her bench

  • Michael V.
    Michael V. 17 hours ago

    I found the boss one year too late. 😢

  • jaydrama1
    jaydrama1 17 hours ago

    I hate the word narrative

  • Chevy 85
    Chevy 85 18 hours ago

    Holly shoot im in love

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 21 hour ago

    Important Note- Notice how she did the top with the tree rings alternating? This is very important to minimize wrapping over time.

  • Jesse Gonzalez
    Jesse Gonzalez 22 hours ago

    For modelos I always just scrape off a little bit for my lighter to get under since I don't own a bottle opener

  • Alexandria Otimex-Cortez


  • Michael V.
    Michael V. 23 hours ago

    What happened to this guy? Seriously, he’s hilarious.

  • A-Bit O'blarney

    was that screw it up or was it down...

  • duncan maness
    duncan maness Day ago

    Homie got a Mexican wife the next week

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem Day ago

    Now that is a nice lumber rack!

  • George
    George Day ago

    oh yea. Nice how they come together.

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith Day ago

    Nah glock is for girls. Number one should have been the CZ P-07. It doesn't just look like a man's pistol, it shoot's like one.

  • Real Deal Aquatics

    Safety glasses. Wear them.

  • Lord Vargorek
    Lord Vargorek Day ago

    What table?

  • Christopher Mesrine

    Um marry me.

  • Jonathon Mason

    Safety word is.. unicorn 🦄

  • Jonathon Mason

    I ain't sending that to my @$$. 🤣

  • Anthony Payne
    Anthony Payne Day ago

    What about a toy box?

  • CoaSoft
    CoaSoft Day ago

    Don’t listen to no name......The spectacular wood working and clever design was the reason I watched... 14 times ....I dunno, maybe 20 or so . . . . I can’t really remember. . . I think I passed out. . . . //ji

  • Paisa Vlogs
    Paisa Vlogs Day ago

    Well I mostly drink modelo and how we was opening it got me irritated saludo compa🍻

  • gary donvito
    gary donvito Day ago

    Oh darn

  • Mark Case
    Mark Case Day ago

    Best video EVER! Hysterical real comments!

  • Lance Flores
    Lance Flores Day ago

    Anyone else watch that one part about 5 times?

  • Lance Flores
    Lance Flores Day ago

    I watched this to learn. ..BWAHAHAHA, who am i kidding.

  • Hunter Williams

    What Happened to everyone? They dipped out

  • Beto G
    Beto G Day ago

    Why can’t every women be just like her

  • Erok
    Erok Day ago

    The sarcasm and sass she gave in this video had me rolling! I'd make you a sammich, feed it to you, and rub your feet just for being such a good sport about this! PS the way you sawed that bread had me drooling girl! Then you miter sawed it, I knew it was love!

  • David Walter Rhinelander

    400k subscribers. 3 are actual carpenters. 399k plus are just guys watching her.

  • David Walter Rhinelander

    K what did you build again? Watched this like 8 times and still can’t remember what you built.

  • David Walter Rhinelander

    Damn. Watching you work with wood gives me serious wood. You are hot asf. Seriously.

  • Emperor Of Mankind

    99% of guns can handle both perfectly.

  • Gregory McGhee

    She makes me wanna buy a Ram.

  • sdr222725
    sdr222725 Day ago

    I didn’t see any table.

    MR.MARKLEY Day ago

    She knew what she was doing

  • tangled Line
    tangled Line Day ago

    Ok so lets add "thumbnail" to one of the 7 deadly sins...

  • Russell Turner

    This has got to be illegal in at least 5 states right ? 😆 pretty sure something was built in this video..........I think. Haha marry me woman

  • Andres Tovar
    Andres Tovar Day ago

    Hell yea, victoria!!!!

  • Chris E
    Chris E Day ago

    What did i just watched?

  • Donnie Mathis
    Donnie Mathis Day ago

    Didn't take off clothing very disappointed. Lol

  • Dave Biddle
    Dave Biddle Day ago

    Short and sweet - just like me

  • Cory Farris
    Cory Farris Day ago

    Love this dudes songwriting and records. I just think they are terrible live. I think that's what keeps them held back as far as popularity goes

  • ScottOne
    ScottOne 2 days ago

    Yes, lets sell my body for subs and likes. Way to go.

  • T Stadelmayer
    T Stadelmayer 2 days ago

    Can't say but I use 7.62 x 54 r.

  • jun gapo
    jun gapo 2 days ago

    Don’t do it again please

  • jun gapo
    jun gapo 2 days ago

    I don’t like it

  • Cyclist Man
    Cyclist Man 2 days ago

    All RU-clip DIY videos should be done by this lady. Doesn’t matter what she’s building, I’d give it a view and thumbs up!

  • lenny108
    lenny108 2 days ago

    Reclaimed barrel? People do not give old barrels away.

  • AmericanDnUnda
    AmericanDnUnda 2 days ago

    WOH!...wait!!! Step 5? Attach the top? Top of what? What were steps 1 to 4? Guess I'll have to watch it again.

  • screenerlook
    screenerlook 2 days ago

    Nice video! But I will recommend using rubber gloves when using CLP. It can cause serious skindamage or "hyperallergi" if your bare hands are exposed to CLP on a regular basis.

  • JumpSpeed
    JumpSpeed 2 days ago

    I am the reckoning. I am the 3rd revelation. My vengeance will echo like the crashing of a thousand waves. My rage is untethered and knows no bounds.

  • tubestick00
    tubestick00 2 days ago

    So it lasts 5 minutes due to being a 1000w halogen bulb (which you would never ordinarily power with a battery) Instead of an efficient bulb that uses all the energy as light and doesnt waste 90% of the energy as heat. I mean in the old day all bulbs lost a ton of energy as heat, we have developed technology to now make powering very bright bulbs with batteries a reality, they are bulbs that produce almost no heat. Heat is a bad thing for a bulb, especially when not using mains power, yet here we are selling a 1000w halogen that will cook and egg if only the battery would last long enough. Fuck humans are stupid.

  • Miss Orange
    Miss Orange 2 days ago

    Pacifico 🥰😍

  • Al Shalakaed
    Al Shalakaed 2 days ago

    Pocket holes yep !

  • Kelbini 76
    Kelbini 76 2 days ago

    she really handles the wood good!

  • Rich Jageman
    Rich Jageman 2 days ago

    Knew them all and the US is my favorite country for traveling. Out of the 4 I have been in.

  • Rich Jageman
    Rich Jageman 2 days ago

    Starting to think he lets her win.

  • Rich Jageman
    Rich Jageman 2 days ago

    Gummy worms vs asparagus

  • Rich Jageman
    Rich Jageman 2 days ago

    Dude, why do you always get the crap bait?

  • jim cuttle
    jim cuttle 2 days ago

    Lo. Worst idea ever! Big heavy table and you already have a tailgate 😂😂 Why?

  • Procopio
    Procopio 2 days ago

    Boss was already buzzing by the time he got to the "Sol" and began tripping on those "cool bubbles".

  • james kellar
    james kellar 2 days ago

    He sure can handle some thick wood

  • Sohan Challa
    Sohan Challa 2 days ago

    I don't even eat raw steak in Minecraft lmao

  • Simon Owens
    Simon Owens 2 days ago

    I’m a simple man, I see hot pants I click

  • Joseph Baker
    Joseph Baker 2 days ago

    I have lots of things i would love to have you show me how to do 8)

  • Muhammad Zakir
    Muhammad Zakir 2 days ago

    আমার অনেক ভালো লাগে দেখতে😍🇧🇩

  • Cyclist Man
    Cyclist Man 2 days ago

    After seeing this video I now realize how much time I've wasted watching Bob Vila and Norm Abram!!

  • Paul Bignell
    Paul Bignell 2 days ago

    need to tie those locks up for safety

  • SkandikFilm
    SkandikFilm 2 days ago

    Used by the swedish police to fight muslim street gangs.

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head 2 days ago

    Deer great job but your supposed to spread the glue for proper bonding

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 3 days ago

    Female version of "Tool Time"......................."T & A Time"

  • Jay Ara
    Jay Ara 3 days ago

    Ahhhhh Wait she was building something right? 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Daft Hands
    Daft Hands 3 days ago


  • bajkerbgd
    bajkerbgd 3 days ago

    And as a beginner i didn't learn a thing...

  • dcartier100
    dcartier100 3 days ago

    Yup take her out for coffee then buy her a large house with servants !! Plus she can remodel. Who says remodeling isn't a spectator sport.

  • M.Ismail Sabir
    M.Ismail Sabir 3 days ago

    WD-40 damage colour.

  • Shiro Ichi
    Shiro Ichi 3 days ago

    Geeeez, i hate women who nibble 1/50 of a chip at a time. It's not a whole meal or something.

  • Rus G
    Rus G 3 days ago

    Steel wool needs to be 4 0s 😉

  • ultrakool
    ultrakool 3 days ago

    she looks better than ethel mertz

  • Daniel Issabey
    Daniel Issabey 3 days ago

    Fuck ya!!!! Animals are the best!!! Vegan for life

  • Cade Smith
    Cade Smith 3 days ago

    If you find a Marlin model 60, buy it. Best .22 if you ask me

  • Eric Guzman
    Eric Guzman 3 days ago

    What happen to this channel?

  • Osbaldo Hernandez
    Osbaldo Hernandez 3 days ago

    Modelo regular is the only one Mexicans drink you’ll rarely see us drink the black bottle one

  • Triston W.
    Triston W. 3 days ago

    I'm still laughing my ass off over the modelo lol

  • Brian K
    Brian K 3 days ago

    Tattoos are for stupid people