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Phone Box Fail Compilation
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  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 3 hours ago

    Very efficient

  • Weston Alconis
    Weston Alconis 9 hours ago

    4:15 TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Will
    Awesome Will 10 hours ago

    If you make another one, can I submit?

  • Elevator Dude
    Elevator Dude 11 hours ago

    That elevator kind of sounds like it’s Machine Roomless.

  • alpalJL
    alpalJL 13 hours ago

    I was expecting an appearance from you know who. LOL Of all the times I've been up in the area I haven't made it to this one... yet. This elevator is still awesome.

  • Logan Luigi #1
    Logan Luigi #1 13 hours ago


  • Jordan Lowe ElevaTours Canada

    This thing has an amazing motor

  • Fantech0104
    Fantech0104 16 hours ago

    That D W R A though! I wonder what that means?

  • Deathboy 666
    Deathboy 666 17 hours ago

    That motor is really nice!

  • Vancity Elevators
    Vancity Elevators 18 hours ago

    1:22 National Elevator was watching you film this which caused the indicator glitch 😂😂

  • SchindlerElevatorFan7783

    Epic motor!

  • SPS8- elevatorsoflakecounty

    Sure, epic hydro motors are cool, but epic traction motors are the reason happiness exists

  • Elevator Dude
    Elevator Dude 20 hours ago

    This had to have been installed before 2007.

  • edgar singer
    edgar singer Day ago

    werry bad krapp by doover thyssen sucks elevators

  • LOTST 2019
    LOTST 2019 Day ago

    Holy mother of elevator!

  • Toadlover404
    Toadlover404 Day ago

    1:22 "They have hung up."

  • Tristan_playz063

    Your videos are so amazing! Keep up the good work I love when you post.

  • Pop Pav
    Pop Pav Day ago


  • Highwayelevators

    I noticed that the title says "300A" as those elevators are actually 330A.

  • PVD Elevators & Aviation

    JT8D: I am loud Motor: HOLD MY BEER

  • BrickMasterB06

    9:21 Railroad Crossing

  • Elevators By Liftfilmer124

    I'd be surprised if you got to see the machine room.

  • Gianluca Berger

    Man Kaiser has some dope ass elevators

  • Elevator Dude
    Elevator Dude Day ago

    What’s the difference between Standard HT and Premium HT fixtures?

    • Jowevator 3219
      Jowevator 3219 Day ago

      Premium is the black fixtures, standard HT is the round buttons (HT VR)

  • Fans and Elevators with Mr. Pullchain

    Oooh Donny likee

  • SchindlerElevatorFan7783

    Amazing motor for a traction!

  • Lenny A of South FL

    these run in good shape

  • ChaserMikeWestbrook

    Just your average Monty motor

  • Adam B
    Adam B Day ago

    This HAS to go into the next epic motor compilation.

  • Eli Elzz
    Eli Elzz Day ago

    Vvff drive

  • Vancity Elevators

    this motor is just music to my ears

  • PlumbingFan
    PlumbingFan Day ago


  • Train & Elevatorfan8150

    Gotta love Kaiser. I love Innovation White!! I call them Vanity which I love!! HOLY SHIT!! THAT MOTOR IS SICK & SOUNDS LIKE A 4 CYLINDER CAR!!

  • [T.IkL] Gabe 360

    This elevator is just pure epicness!

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese Day ago

    Wow that motor is awesome. I like those white innovation buttons

  • LBSi UK
    LBSi UK Day ago

    I don't really like the sound of hydros as much I love a good traction or EcoDisc.

  • David Ng
    David Ng Day ago

    Ride it next time.

  • HQRobloxandBlocksWorldandMinecraft

    3:47 *how do you get in*

  • Guillaume Demontigny

    What is the earthquake button at 3:57?

  • PZ43
    PZ43 2 days ago

    You where messing around in lift

  • Train & Elevatorfan8150

    YOOOOOOO!! CJ Anderson on a KONE!! That's sooo lit!!!!

  • SPS8- elevatorsoflakecounty

    the fuck

  • Lenny A of South FL

    these are brown kones

  • Joshua Bodenstein
    Joshua Bodenstein 2 days ago

    I looove those buttons, and why does the numbering for the hotel elevator start at 3?

  • Adam B
    Adam B 2 days ago

    What about floor 2?

  • Adam B
    Adam B 2 days ago

    Awesome! interesting how the indicator on the hotel elevators didn't change immediately.

  • Elevator Dude
    Elevator Dude 2 days ago

    Those elevators need the modernization badly!

  • jedimaster 5033
    jedimaster 5033 2 days ago

    Ive never seen a kone with cj anderson!

  • Vancity Elevators
    Vancity Elevators 2 days ago

    and some people here are going to be like: "wHy ThEy DiDn'T uSe A Cj AnDeRsOn CoP?"

  • BC'sVators
    BC'sVators 2 days ago

    CJA: awesome Fixtures.

  • Deathboy 666
    Deathboy 666 2 days ago

    Great video! Also, when's the next 'the four lovely westies' episode gonna be? Just wondering btw.

  • Eli Elzz
    Eli Elzz 2 days ago

    Love those fixtures they better not be replaced

  • SPS8- elevatorsoflakecounty

    0:35 my current mood

  • Pop Pav
    Pop Pav 2 days ago

    Epic loudness motor love it

  • Highwayelevators
    Highwayelevators 2 days ago

    It have a VR call buttons outside and Standard HT fixtures inside. I recently filmed a Schindler elevator with Standard HT call buttons and VR fixtures inside.

  • Нина Семко

    No dislikes, wow!

  • Sebskyyy
    Sebskyyy 3 days ago

    My elevator Is smaller than that...

  • ChaserMikeWestbrook


  • Eastside Elevators
    Eastside Elevators 3 days ago

    That motor sounds like a Schindler motor kinda

  • Lisa Tran
    Lisa Tran 3 days ago


  • Giovanni Luchetta
    Giovanni Luchetta 3 days ago

    Finally, one that’s not low on oil

  • Robert Reid
    Robert Reid 3 days ago

    Me and my mom went somewhere that had elevators and had the same elevator chime as ur intro

  • FreeElevationmaster 4538

    You’re right about that awesome motor!

  • Vanool35
    Vanool35 3 days ago

    4 floors? Looks more like just two. Also will you do the light rail station elevators? (Hamilton is already done)

    • Jowevator 3219
      Jowevator 3219 3 days ago

      I don’t live in San Jose. I’m not gonna go just to ride urninators. You can try asking enthusiasts who actually live there though. Worth a shot

    • Vanool35
      Vanool35 3 days ago

      @Jowevator 3219 I meant in San Jose

    • Jowevator 3219
      Jowevator 3219 3 days ago

      Vanool35 whoops! That’s an error. And no there aren’t any light rail station elevators around me

  • Jordan Lowe ElevaTours Canada

    Both of these babies have really good motors on them

  • Fubby Explores
    Fubby Explores 3 days ago

    Why is it always the Dover Impulse that people get stuck on.

  • PVD Elevators & Aviation

    Good motor! Sounds like a lexan motor to me.

  • Vancity Elevators
    Vancity Elevators 3 days ago

    lighter weight doors help me escape from security easier lol

  • Jonathan Schaffer
    Jonathan Schaffer 3 days ago

    how do you get permission to ride freight elevators

  • Дмитрий Вдовин


  • SPS8- elevatorsoflakecounty

    Damnnnnnn that wallpaper is cool!!

  • Robert Reid
    Robert Reid 4 days ago

    I rode a Dover impulse at Cleveland clinic Hillcrest hospital in Mayfield heights Ohio and had a nice moter and the floor passing chime was dieing

  • PlumbingFan
    PlumbingFan 4 days ago

    10:13 Schindler Elevators tend to have Motors that sound “Base Boosted”. If you know what i mean

  • ChaserMikeWestbrook

    More high quality Japanese stuff along with anime

  • Doug Trovinger
    Doug Trovinger 4 days ago

    Definitely. One of the cooler elevators as of late. Nice! 👍🏻

  • Lenny A of South FL

    i'd love to ride mitsubishi elevators!!!!

  • Albert J.
    Albert J. 4 days ago

    They have the Ann-b voice it said pressing the non service floors dose not light up when you pressed a locked floor button such as 6

  • TX Elevators
    TX Elevators 4 days ago

    Wow these look awesome, I really want to ride a Mitsubishi elevator one day

  • FreeElevationmaster 4538

    Good find!

  • Frank Houng
    Frank Houng 4 days ago

    Maybe that should be your chime for next year intro

  • Vancity Elevators
    Vancity Elevators 4 days ago

    i found those on my trip to SF as well but way too busy just for a proper lift video...

  • Robert Reid
    Robert Reid 4 days ago

    when u want to ride a elevator a key card reader tricks u ACK!

  • Dana Danarosana
    Dana Danarosana 4 days ago

    Out of curiosity, I know you film with other people and am aware of the other channels... except the friend you're filming with today. I always see him filming as well but am wondering if there's another channel I should be aware of...

    • Dana Danarosana
      Dana Danarosana 4 days ago

      @Jowevator 3219 Ah. Thanks. A few times I've found a channel that's been here for 10 years and I never knew about it. Thank you.

    • Jowevator 3219
      Jowevator 3219 4 days ago

      No that’s just my friend from high school. He doesn’t film, he just takes pictures of cool elevators and he doesn’t have a channel lol

  • NationalElevator [ARCHIVED]

    Freaking UGH. Sierras are disappearing so fast and I hate it. Only ones left to anyone's knowledge are the Hard Rock Tahoe and 50 Courthouse...

    • Jowevator 3219
      Jowevator 3219 4 days ago

      Hard rock got modded according to my friends 😭

  • NationalElevator [ARCHIVED]

    YOUR BALLS, MAN. Love seeing the unfilmed stuff from SF! Can't wait to see more!

  • NationalElevator [ARCHIVED]

    Ha ha ha, I walked through the lobby here a couple of times and chickened out. Glad you got these!!

    • Albert J.
      Albert J. 3 days ago

      NationalElevator [ARCHIVED] I thought you had a busy day

    • Albert J.
      Albert J. 3 days ago

      You still alive?

  • Dana Danarosana
    Dana Danarosana 4 days ago

    That's really cool how they kept the original landing door frames on the upper floors. I wonder why there aren't brailles on the other bank?

  • Lift Inspector
    Lift Inspector 4 days ago

    Mitsubishis are just EPIC!

  • _Ristay _
    _Ristay _ 4 days ago

    Wow rly cool xd

  • Ian Gill
    Ian Gill 4 days ago

    What an epic motor! I could watch this video over and over again

  • SPS8- elevatorsoflakecounty

    Also holy FUCK that motor sounds godly

  • SPS8- elevatorsoflakecounty

    700-800 FPM. Damn!!

  • Clinton Township Lifts by MagicalLift256

    nice lifts the motors sound classic and hope these amazing 80s gems won't get modded

  • migeruface
    migeruface 5 days ago

    A much needed expansion ^^b

  • LiftsInAustralia
    LiftsInAustralia 5 days ago

    Holy I love when NationalElevator is in your vids, adds more humour!

  • TheTheo58
    TheTheo58 5 days ago

    Got a wiring mix-up somewhere, the 3 segment does not light up in either direction display and the UP and DN appear to be reversed. Time to get our the wiring schematic, check the wiring between the controller boards and buttons and color codes.

  • SchindlerElevatorFan7783

    Nice motors!

  • and i oop-
    and i oop- 5 days ago

    6 hours late 😢😢😢

  • Top Hound
    Top Hound 5 days ago

    Ew generic voice stinks. Should have the new European Schindler voice that's used on the 6400 mods