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Open Up to Eurovision 2020!
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  • y y
    y y 4 minutes ago

    she is the vocal queen of eurovision 2011, its a crime she didnt pass to the finals

  • Rüdiger Schwarz
    Rüdiger Schwarz 11 minutes ago

    `That is waht I call a Masterpiece.....but Masterpieces don`t win ESC....

  • y y
    y y 22 minutes ago


  • luckyisbored
    luckyisbored 25 minutes ago

    I knew this had winner vibes

  • Tara king
    Tara king 28 minutes ago

    the rap part reminds me of *Inthe end ^

  • Tara king
    Tara king 33 minutes ago

    wonderful great message too

    GHOSTS RIVALS 42 minutes ago

    Ovo je dokaz da jala ne koristi autotune kao buba.

  • Steff Peeters
    Steff Peeters 56 minutes ago


  • Marija Babic
    Marija Babic 58 minutes ago

    Mara pokidalaa🤩🤯❣️😘💪🏽

  • Zaki Belh
    Zaki Belh Hour ago

    I am frome in Algerien 🇩🇿 I love this song . What is langue this song ?? Hay haaay 😍😍

  • Suzana Suza
    Suzana Suza Hour ago

    Marija ,kraljice ,uvek se najezim kad ovo gledam . Znaci pokidala si i dalje kidas ❤❤❤

  • Dusan Vekic
    Dusan Vekic Hour ago


  • Dusan Vekic
    Dusan Vekic Hour ago

    ONE WORD:MOLDOVA!!!!!! ONE NUMBER:4!!!!!!!

  • Mike Rumping
    Mike Rumping Hour ago

    It's been 6 months, 6 more to go

  • Chantell Demars
    Chantell Demars Hour ago

    Me showing this to my ex boyfriend

  • Aunt Mariee No Relation

    Al's toy barn official video

  • MuchozolF
    MuchozolF Hour ago

    Misunderstood genius...

  • HelloHappyPeople

    2019 go to like <3

  • Drawin_ Dragon_ 101_

    I can already hear my babcia calling this song a “wstyd na nasz kraj”

  • Raf Bakkes
    Raf Bakkes Hour ago

    2 years further and still don’t get why the hell this not qualified

  • Steinar eggan
    Steinar eggan 2 hours ago

    Fantastic, great song, Norway

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower

    İlk iki şarkı ve dumyek hariç iyi

  • Steinar eggan
    Steinar eggan 2 hours ago

    From Norway; quality

  • Kylie Jenner
    Kylie Jenner 2 hours ago

    Love you Serbia 🇸🇲 💓 🇷🇸

  • kava229
    kava229 2 hours ago

    what a power

  • Stefan7 Dragovic
    Stefan7 Dragovic 2 hours ago

    poz iz serbije moz jedna od najboljih pesama ujrajne.

  • Bitter Self
    Bitter Self 2 hours ago

    3:00 that last part when his voice flips always makes me chuckle xD

  • Иван Зобенко

    Esma love you! Rest in peace.

  • Sena Durkan
    Sena Durkan 2 hours ago

    Turkish people are missing the feeling of Eurovision 💔😪

    RİAS - SENPAİ 2 hours ago

    Where is manga wtf

  • Hans Zandt
    Hans Zandt 2 hours ago

    Way Beter then rise like a gaylord!!

    RİAS - SENPAİ 2 hours ago


  • Just D.
    Just D. 2 hours ago

    That music... Its very same as Nightwish

    RİAS - SENPAİ 2 hours ago

    cidden alma lar nasi gecio o çöp sarkiyla amk karı almanyanin hande yeneri gibi amk

  • Max Müller
    Max Müller 2 hours ago

    Venom Extreme mandou lembranças! 0:39

  • Hasan Taşkesen
    Hasan Taşkesen 2 hours ago


  • Oppai
    Oppai 2 hours ago

    Damn i just wanted to watch some hentai

  • Scytzo
    Scytzo 2 hours ago

    Klemens sounds so weird in comparison with the music video

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 hours ago

    Kako ovo cudno izgleda

  • Fitim Telaku
    Fitim Telaku 3 hours ago


  • Aurora 0310
    Aurora 0310 3 hours ago

    When I went to primary school, at the end of every term we had a school disco with a theme. The first term's last year (my final year at primary school) the theme was fairytales. I came dressed as Alexander Rybak.

  • Kiriakos Vlahos
    Kiriakos Vlahos 3 hours ago


  • Strike to Death
    Strike to Death 3 hours ago

    Rest in peace Natalia 😢😔 thanks for such an amazing song and for giving us the time of our lives that night

  • Caro Wombacher
    Caro Wombacher 3 hours ago

    Dies ist einen Sieg wert!

  • Hamidillo Pozilov
    Hamidillo Pozilov 3 hours ago

    Мощный супер класс you are the only one Lazarev вы лучшее

  • Annatar Sauron
    Annatar Sauron 3 hours ago

    ALMIGHTY Arsch! Wenn Du Wissen willst wer unsere Eltern sind? Hör zu! Der weiße Baum Mutter ( Valandriel ) Der goldene Baum Vater ( Myriel ) God and God! Sie stehen über Dir Du Arsch!

  • Minja Drakul
    Minja Drakul 3 hours ago

    Only 15 millions? 🤔🤨

  • Rıdvan Yavuz
    Rıdvan Yavuz 3 hours ago

    Real winner is maNga.

  • ツღSilviaღ
    ツღSilviaღ 3 hours ago

    Soy el comentario en español que buscas ;) y antes de nada diré mi opinión. La canción no me gusta mucho,pero las cosas como son,el videoclip esta wapo UwU

  • BaeMaejor
    BaeMaejor 3 hours ago

    Shiru Maimon literally popped up in a youtube video and I didn't know who she was but I was like she's beautiful I know this woman from somewhere, she looks so familiar. Then I searched her and this song came up and I was like singing along and I was only 8 when this came out lol. Should've been number 1 great song great talent her voice so powerful. Love from Turkey

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova 3 hours ago


  • Sunni sunni
    Sunni sunni 3 hours ago

    Ich bin der deutsche kommentar den du suchst ! 🇩🇪

  • Alinka Kurylets
    Alinka Kurylets 3 hours ago

    Найкраще виступила Болгарія і Велико Британія

  • EazyTV YT
    EazyTV YT 3 hours ago

    Israel is steel #1!

  • Z. K.J.
    Z. K.J. 3 hours ago

    my balkan grandma came to visit me in germany and one day I heard her listening and singing along to this song i actually laughed my ass off

  • Annatar Sauron
    Annatar Sauron 3 hours ago

    Noch was Azrael! Auf dem Apple Rechner in Kiel Bin ICH! Auf dem Desktop! Das ist TIRION! Der ALMIGHTY IST MEIN BRUDER! Sag dem das! ICH BIN TIRION! Mach dem das klar! Allah der Allbarmherzige Arsch ist mein großer BRUDER!

  • Annatar Sauron
    Annatar Sauron 3 hours ago

    Noch was Azrael! Keiner interessiert sich für die Zwischenwelten! Diese sind Welten wie die Hauptwelten! Der Almighty hat mir die Zwischenwelten klar gemacht! Nur es geht IMMER HÖHER UND HÖHER weit über dem ALMIGHTY seine Zwischenwelten! Der ALMIGHTY soll FINUBAR anschauen! So sah der in Echt aus!

  • Viks Dmitric
    Viks Dmitric 4 hours ago


  • Annatar Sauron
    Annatar Sauron 4 hours ago

    Azrael! Der Almighty soll Wissen das Er in Echt aussieht wie Finubar! bzw So sah der ALMIGHTY mal aus! Ist lange her!

  • Sverige Sunny
    Sverige Sunny 4 hours ago

    The best songs were from Estonia, Italy, Norway, Israel!

  • Ahmet Anıl Çelebi
    Ahmet Anıl Çelebi 4 hours ago

    Im not your chicken 🤯

  • Aleksander Pagels
    Aleksander Pagels 4 hours ago

    Only journalists asked good questions, they totally saved the press conference. Along with Hatari.

  • Aleksander Pagels
    Aleksander Pagels 4 hours ago

    11 November still watching

  • Lucy Gordon
    Lucy Gordon 4 hours ago

    He is so fine.

  • Kadınlar Yapar
    Kadınlar Yapar 4 hours ago

    This is amazing song. I liked, i love Italy 💙. from Turkey.

  • Daaniilo
    Daaniilo 4 hours ago

    I Love Ukrain

  • knasburger productive entertainment

    Basiclly, the lyrics tells a story about a girl who were friends in thier childhoods. They had fun and enjoyed until thier supposed families had to move for an unexplained reason but promised to stay friends forever. Until they returned years later and the friends could reunite. Feelings grows inside of them until they realize thier in love and a bit later becomes a couple. Musical material right there.

  • Alee Enn
    Alee Enn 4 hours ago

    They should have been in the 2013 finals, but their Salvation Army connection went against them, which I think is unfair, as in this video, and their on-stage performance, they showed no sign of their religious beliefs. I'm still annoyed at what happened, and I still love this track over 6 years later.

  • Sara G
    Sara G 4 hours ago

    This is one of these song you like whether you have depression

    COPYCAT 4 hours ago

    "loving you is a losing game" Ouch I felt that

  • Jahaira Pratts
    Jahaira Pratts 4 hours ago

    How do you make does sounds

  • Xashus.mp3
    Xashus.mp3 4 hours ago

    1:45 bruh, the moment you know the song hits you when the public is singing aswell

  • FudgieDaWhale MobilTTVBTWROGGE

    Soviet Union=Rotten potato juice

  • maria nersisyan
    maria nersisyan 4 hours ago

    Yes! Its next year in Rotterdam!!! Well done Duncan!

  • Kerem Cimbom
    Kerem Cimbom 5 hours ago

    Çekememezlikten başka bişey değil bu nasıl birinci olur aq


    She is dancing like kids having pee 😂😂


    Ukranie's Adele 👏👏


    Fairytale Heroes Belgium's 2015 song Manga- we could be the saman Lena-satelitte The best 5 👏👏

  • ata kaan Şentürk
    ata kaan Şentürk 5 hours ago

    Ardandaki yarim dünyamı o nasıl tip

  • ata kaan Şentürk
    ata kaan Şentürk 5 hours ago

    Bari bi yüzünü yıkasaydı


    Actually I am not sorry for mans's winning but belgium has amazing voice 😰

  • 0x777
    0x777 5 hours ago

    Oh boy, glad this didn't come from Germany, we would've drowned in memes.

    • Kristina B
      Kristina B Hour ago

      @0x777 Oh wow. I know someone, who will be coming to London show from US to see them :) Where are you from?

    • 0x777
      0x777 Hour ago

      @Kristina B Not a single concert within 1000 miles of me. But so be it, flying is cheap these days.

    • Kristina B
      Kristina B 4 hours ago

      @0x777 Do you need to take a plane to see them? I'm very lucky living just a bit more than 100 km from London,, waiting for their second show in March

    • 0x777
      0x777 4 hours ago

      @Kristina B HOpe I get tickets. Plane tickets AND concert ones.

    • Kristina B
      Kristina B 4 hours ago

      Fun fact. Tickets to their show in Berlin was sold out very quickly. After so much love from germans, they added an additional concert in Berlin during their Europe tour in 2020

  • Nikola Stankovic
    Nikola Stankovic 5 hours ago

    Simpa pesma, ali za onaj 'lalalala' deo treba ozbiljno prebiti nekoga

  • Toni Pusic
    Toni Pusic 5 hours ago

    Norwey and Cyprus, top 💪👍

  • Marta Jestem
    Marta Jestem 5 hours ago

    the whole video is beautiful at all

  • J. S.
    J. S. 5 hours ago

    Qué perra me pone el Ginés.

  • Marta Jestem
    Marta Jestem 5 hours ago

    what a view at the beginning ;) i love this song <3

  • Marta Jestem
    Marta Jestem 5 hours ago

    these 0 points are a pure misunderstanding...

  • Obataladance
    Obataladance 5 hours ago

    This freaking person is so ugly, so scary, like from a terror film!

  • E M I
    E M I 5 hours ago

    i like it but is out of time at the beginning 🤣🤣

  • ZABOR01
    ZABOR01 5 hours ago

    Эти ребята победили. ИниибЕт.

  • İsmail Gündoğdu
    İsmail Gündoğdu 5 hours ago


  • İsmail Gündoğdu
    İsmail Gündoğdu 5 hours ago

    Just goosebumps. 🇹🇷

  • Spartakovna
    Spartakovna 5 hours ago


  • karax 76
    karax 76 5 hours ago

    the singer has a very charismatic and unique expression(which I think is pretty cool)

  • Meryem Üzüm
    Meryem Üzüm 6 hours ago


  • Luiz Reis
    Luiz Reis 6 hours ago


  • Ahmet Çetin
    Ahmet Çetin 6 hours ago

    Bizden çok Yunanlar geri dönmemizi istiyor

  • Aviva Boele
    Aviva Boele 6 hours ago

    This ladies can sing like angels and the can dance really good, if you want to see: Dance Dance Dance 2019 OG3NE

  • E ms
    E ms 6 hours ago

    epic sax guy veya manga bir olmalıydı