Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest
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  • luzmikaway pink
    luzmikaway pink 5 minutes ago


  • Mara J
    Mara J 29 minutes ago

    this song shoul've been top 5 at least so beautiful, relaxing and different from the bunch of boring songs of this year

  • Aric Cua
    Aric Cua 50 minutes ago

    Who was here because of Miss World Philippines 2019?

  • Emily Vera
    Emily Vera 55 minutes ago

    Johnny Weir me trajo aquí 😆

  • Marco Bongcawel
    Marco Bongcawel Hour ago

    Miss World Philippines 2019 brought me here! 💞

  • Marco Bongcawel
    Marco Bongcawel Hour ago

    Miss World Philippines 2019 brought me here 💞

  • bichette des îles

    J'adore regarder en boucle cette magnifique prestation 😍

  • Ευάγγελος Καραμπιτσάρης

    Wonderful voice but the song was like it was released in 2005

  • Berkay Uğurlu
    Berkay Uğurlu 2 hours ago

    G. O. A. T

  • joe dursi
    joe dursi 3 hours ago

    da prendersi le urla di richard benson per cucciolo a questo. mamma mia francesco boccia che colpaccio ha fatto.

  • rev erie
    rev erie 3 hours ago

    Whoever doesn't appreciate this song doesn't know anything about music.

  • Laura klk
    Laura klk 3 hours ago

    Wow no entiendo como no ganaron

  • javier rosa rodriguez

    When you are pacifist as f... but viking life is the true life.

  • NTCN Architecture
    NTCN Architecture 3 hours ago

    It's has been 9 years, I finally realize the scene of this Music video is the stage of German National Selection " Unser Song fur Oslo"

  • lrmclinn
    lrmclinn 3 hours ago

    Dude the look on the sax players face is like "I'm going to make history tonight" 🤣🤣

  • C. C. Gava
    C. C. Gava 3 hours ago

    It was the best song, Eurovision 2019! In my opinion, Sergey should have been the winner this year! And his voice is wow!

  • Scott Warren
    Scott Warren 3 hours ago

    the song is rly good.. but she is not goodlooking at all :(

  • FOX キツネ【KITSUNE】

    Niz polje vjetar miriše I bol me prati kao sjena Da l' negdje za mnom uzdišeš? Gdje si od mene sakrivena? U kosu stavi ruzmarin I jedan cvijet kraj šadrvana Lejla, zar bi mogla ti drugog voljeti? Ako te sutra zaprose Znaj, tamo neću biti ja Lako se tuge oproste Al' samo ljubav nikada Zar bi mogla ti drugog voljeti? Golube, moj golube Nosi joj suze mjesto pjesme Ja odlazim, k'o da sam kriv Što voljeh onu koju ne smijem Golube, moj golube Nosi joj suze mjesto pjesme Odlazim k'o da sam kriv Što voljeh tebe koju ne smijem Što voljeh tebe, Lejla (Golube, moj golube)

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 4 hours ago

    Oh my GOSH that Dami i'm she hot sexy Queen of Asia

  • A TS
    A TS 4 hours ago

    La gente que habláis de política ni os habéis molestado en ver los resultados. A ver, peña, que en televoto España ha quedado 14. Este año sí nos han votado. El problema es que el jurado nos ha hundido dejándonos 26. España puede quedar bien pero tampoco ha habido suerte. Seamos un poquito más autocriticos y asumamos que los países que han quedado muy bien son países que trabajan en la candidatura desde que acaba eurovision, no desde febrero como TVE. O eso o llevan una canción ganadora. Objetivamente, este no es el caso. Que Miki lo hizo genial. Pero esta puesta en escena incomprensible no da para más. Miki por sí solo tiene más criterio que TVE.

  • Leonardo Figueiredo Barbosa

    Vim por conta de Elite ❤

  • Кот Прошка
    Кот Прошка 4 hours ago

    Ну какого черта распался изначальный дуэт? Ну круто же

  • Liza Balros
    Liza Balros 4 hours ago

    Rip Tose👼🙏😇

  • YONCE 8701
    YONCE 8701 5 hours ago

    Stumbled onto this.......glad I did; AMAZING SONG💘 BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED‼‼LORRRRRT‼💖💖🖤💖💖🤗🤗🤗💋

  • Dusan Vekic
    Dusan Vekic 5 hours ago

    2017 was bad year Switzerland,Serbia😥 How is Portugal winns? How is Bulgaria 2th? How is Brlgium 4th 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 PS.MOLDOVA MY WINNER FROM SERBIA❤

  • TheAmazingGenie
    TheAmazingGenie 5 hours ago

    As an American watching Eurovision, this year is one of my absolute favorites. My top 5 are Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Moldova.

  • Frank Mosterd
    Frank Mosterd 5 hours ago

    Dit is het beste en mooiste nummer ooit gebracht op he Eurovisie song festival!!!

  • İrem Bal
    İrem Bal 5 hours ago

    ulan manga kazanamadı diye ağlamıştım allahsızsın avrupa

  • Lost inblue
    Lost inblue 5 hours ago

    Eskiden ülkecek eğlenmesini biliyorduk.Şimdiyse...

  • Rafa Olivera
    Rafa Olivera 6 hours ago

    How this could end up LAST???

  • yulee shalev
    yulee shalev 6 hours ago

    Amazing! either Armenia or Azerbaijan should have won. Greetings from Israel

  • Niko Bitan
    Niko Bitan 6 hours ago

    This reminds me of jean grey🔥🦅

  • Albnor Ragibi
    Albnor Ragibi 6 hours ago

    This song is 200% better than Soldi .

  • Dimash Zhunisov
    Dimash Zhunisov 6 hours ago

    I went everywhere for you I even did my hair for you I bought new underwear, they're blue And I wore 'em just the other day Love, you know I'll fight for you I left on the porch light for you Whether you are sweet or cruel I'm gonna love you either way Love, oh love I gotta tell you how I feel about you 'Cause I, oh I Can't go a minute without your love Like a satellite I'm in orbit all the way around you And I would fall out into the night Can't go a minute without your love Love, I got it bad for you I saved the best I have for you You sometimes make me sad and blue Wouldn't have it any other way Love, my aim is straight and true Cupid's arrow is just for you I even painted my toenails for you I did it just the other day Love, oh love I gotta…

  • Mustafa Kodan
    Mustafa Kodan 6 hours ago

    Pastora Soler <3

  • Sl33pyBear
    Sl33pyBear 6 hours ago

    Out of them, my favorite costume is the drummer's

  • BOHUS Materna
    BOHUS Materna 6 hours ago

    this is another Munich treachery

  • BOHUS Materna
    BOHUS Materna 6 hours ago

    this is another Munich treachery!!!

  • xxxxx
    xxxxx 6 hours ago

    doesn't anyone recognize this song? The first time I immediately recognized it and I was "singing" with it. But I don't know who was the singer before. It was a woman. And I don't know if it came from the new wave scene in the 80's (cocteau twins and so) or later. Please please help me!!

  • Felipe Cárdenas
    Felipe Cárdenas 6 hours ago

    Which Dutch guests artists would you like to watch during the show?

  • Batuhan
    Batuhan 6 hours ago

    Hey you It's me again Hey you Stone in my shoe I've been aching Feeling low You're so heavy I have got to let you go I'm going where there's zero Gravity Zero Gravity Zero gravity I'm free, oh Hey you (hey you, hey you, hey you) Lock with no key Hey you (hey you, hey you, hey you) Earth with no sea I've been freezing On the ground You're so heavy I can't let you keep me down anymore Oh, zero Gravity Zero Gravity (And it feels like) oh (And it feels like) oh (And it feels like) ah (And it feels like) ah Nothing holding me down Nothing holding me down Nothing holding me down now Nothing holding me down Nothing holding me down Nothing holding me down Nothing holding me down now Nothing holding me down Zero (nothing holding me down, nothing holding me down) Gravity (nothing holding me down now, nothing holding me down) Zero (nothing holding me down, nothing holding me down) Gravity (nothing holding me down now, nothing holding me down) Zero (nothing holding me down, nothing holding me down) Gravity (nothing holding me down now, nothing holding me down) Zero (nothing holding me down, nothing holding me down) Ah

    TARIK AYDOĞAN 7 hours ago

    ya biz bunu nasıl kazanamadık amk ? hatırlıyorum

  • another channel
    another channel 7 hours ago

    definitely macedonia's 3rd best entry in the last 10 years shame that it didn't qualify

  • Kvitova4ever
    Kvitova4ever 7 hours ago

    An amazing little slice of magic

  • emperorkaranda
    emperorkaranda 7 hours ago

    Who shows us tel Aviv?

  • عہٰ۫ـِلآؤؤيہٰ۫ 'ۦ 'ۦ،

    اذا عربي شاف تعليقي حط لايك

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 7 hours ago

    The backing vocalists sounded off

  • Kam Risela
    Kam Risela 7 hours ago

    Hold on, isn't that the girl from the voice kids in 2014, Carlotta? Woah, she sounds so different from then. She came a long way from then. Way ta go, sister!

  • ѕıĸılмαdαɴ dυrαмαyαɴ ιɴѕαɴ


  • Lidia
    Lidia 8 hours ago

    Bledar sejko sei magnifico! Ma come suoni la chitarra?!!!👏👏👏👏🇦🇱😘

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos 8 hours ago

    2015 was such an amazing year but I truly loved this song!

  • Alihan Kale
    Alihan Kale 8 hours ago

    Where are the turks

  • Сергей Иванов

    Одна и лучших композиций того Евровидения! До сих пор это композиция в моем плей-листе!

  • The Thicc King
    The Thicc King 8 hours ago

    3:16:44 oh hi Douwe!

  • White and Black
    White and Black 8 hours ago

    for the first time in my life.I will go to The netherlands. *(Países Bajos)* From Spain *(España)* ❤ *Estoy muy emocionado* 😁

  • Mem Kay
    Mem Kay 8 hours ago

    Fabulous song. She reminds me so much of Monica Lewinsky

    LIYNS 8 hours ago

    мне реально похуй тумарой

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 8 hours ago

    I prefer Soldi more than the actual 2019 winner

  • 1000 subs without a video challenge Please help

    Other countries use the hole stage,light effects and have like 10 dancers with them Loreen just comes out,sings andwins! What a legend

  • Max Dumbldore
    Max Dumbldore 8 hours ago

    0:49 ????? What was that

  • 1000 subs without a video challenge Please help

    0:54 Lol Look at her feed😂

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 8 hours ago

    So what the date?

  • Esra Y
    Esra Y 8 hours ago

    Bebeğim sen ne güzel şarkısın öyle

  • Not Stay
    Not Stay 8 hours ago

    Who hears this song now?)

  • Jesenska
    Jesenska 8 hours ago

    Halen daha dinliyorum çok güzel♥ Selam Azerbaycan 🇹🇷🇦🇿

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 8 hours ago

    Always come back to listen the amazing trio

    • Donald Ross
      Donald Ross 3 hours ago

      You woke me up at 1am because of notification. :/

  • Abuzet Kafas
    Abuzet Kafas 8 hours ago

    Hadisenin en güzel olduğu zamanlar

  • Z Q
    Z Q 8 hours ago

    Стоп.. это не судья на "Голос Украина" ????

  • Usagiimamoru SM
    Usagiimamoru SM 8 hours ago

    This was the most emotional performance in eurovision. Just beautiful and amazing :)

  • Maren Krüger
    Maren Krüger 9 hours ago

    Auch nach über einem Jahr bin ich immer noch fasziniert von dem Lied und dem Auftritt 👀🙆‍♀️👍❤

    ABRASHA FUR 9 hours ago

    Красивый номер!!!

  • Xrusobalanths Karabibers

    Love balands from Greece is a masterpiece song melody is good

  • Bubble Gum
    Bubble Gum 9 hours ago

    A Danish person, singing on French, in Israel... Mr. Worldwide

  • CityMC
    CityMC 9 hours ago

    Sweden produces the best songs in Eurovision. (I’m Dutch and in The Netherlands we usually only send the trash songs to the biggest music show in the world. a.k.a 2010 🤮)

  • Byakugou Queen
    Byakugou Queen 9 hours ago

    Which place she came? She should have won

  • Stalin’s Soviet Frog

    Anyone Swedish here? (I am)

  • Byakugou Queen
    Byakugou Queen 9 hours ago

    Greece only won once....

  • Alexia Volk
    Alexia Volk 9 hours ago

    This song is so good

  • Tamás ifj. Wallner
    Tamás ifj. Wallner 9 hours ago

    Hungary will win :)))) cheers! :D

  • Amine MAT
    Amine MAT 9 hours ago

    Viva Palestine 🇲🇦🇵🇸

    • olga Galatsky
      olga Galatsky 10 minutes ago

      Amine MAT 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • Unicorn_LamaGirl44
    Unicorn_LamaGirl44 9 hours ago

    I love it 🥰

  • Alena Alena
    Alena Alena 9 hours ago

    Ржу с мамы Сердючки. Она оторвалась круче всех. 😂😂😂Россия скучает по вам 💗

  • Tzatziki le Puceau
    Tzatziki le Puceau 9 hours ago

    Was the staging at the beginning predicting what 2018's stage would look like? OwO

  • Foxy Junior
    Foxy Junior 9 hours ago

    Евровидение, по вашему разрешению, я вставлю ваши ролики в мой, если вы не против?)

  • Xrusobalanths Karabibers

    Love you Denmark with this song from Greece

  • R4yker
    R4yker 9 hours ago

    Babushka: *sings* Me ending lyrics: ..and smoke a Kvas with us *sweet Metro*

  • Gosia Sadowska
    Gosia Sadowska 10 hours ago

    Brawo można się zasluchac

  • Zeynep Uygun
    Zeynep Uygun 10 hours ago

    Bu tip ne amk

  • Ömer Kürşat Yanık
    Ömer Kürşat Yanık 10 hours ago

    This song is bullsht manga real winner

  • Betterpix
    Betterpix 10 hours ago

    Sorry to say but it was kinda boring though

  • Dama Lama
    Dama Lama 10 hours ago


  • Aton Soumache
    Aton Soumache 10 hours ago

    Plagiat de stomae

  • Andrei091989
    Andrei091989 10 hours ago

    She had to be in the final! Way better than Russia that year! I am still listening to it! And this is a win for her! She gain hearts! Regards from Romania

  • Liliana Mici
    Liliana Mici 10 hours ago

    Rotterdam please please I’m still waiting for seeing again Eleni Foureira fuego 👌🏻👑⭐️🔥fire Please Rotterdam

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson 10 hours ago

    Im. Not. You. Stuipe. Boy

  • Nikola Barbić
    Nikola Barbić 10 hours ago

    I’m here cause this is, like, a perfect song. 100% better than “1944”.

  • knasburger productive entertainment

    In 2011 it seemed Eric would to reach worldwide status. In 2019 Eric presented Melodifestivalen alongside Sarah Dawn finer and two other. Now he sings in swedish which is not his greatest strengh. Now, he also wears glasses.

  • Faruk Yanık
    Faruk Yanık 10 hours ago


  • super banane nightcore

    My winner

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz 10 hours ago

    OMG!!! I will never forgive Europe for not getting Bulgaria and Slovakia in the final!!! These two were the whole package!!! They danced, sang and were on point in most of their songs, how could the judges not notice that! I mean, the public has less critics to value, and they have their favorites well defined but the judges? They are supposed to judge base in some criteria but sometimes it looks like they are more fan than the public itself or just watched the day before the Contest the polls and make their decisions based on these!!! Shame on you!!!