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I'm So Fuckin' Pissed...
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Hayden & Meggan Do Vegas
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  • J Fox
    J Fox 4 days ago

    I beg my OB who is also a surgeon for over a year getting my done next week. I have a medical issue and that wasn't enough for her. Then as soon as she agreed and I was like ok sweet!! She then started being like this isn't God's will. I was shocked!! I told her if I would to get pregnant I would have no choice but to abort and that's not something I want to do. I am 26 no kids and had to come to terms with that. This me choosing to get sterilized started with a many malpractices.

  • bob marker
    bob marker 3 months ago

    I knew at 17 I didn't want kid's. Made it permanent @ 22. Now 58, GLAD I did!

  • rebelboy 77 Collins
    rebelboy 77 Collins 6 months ago

    I had a vasectomy four years ago I have no kids and glad I will never have any

  • Liz Coffman
    Liz Coffman 8 months ago

    Im 24 years old ... i used to want kids but the older i get the less likely i think that i would be able to handle a child .. seriously considering a tubal ligation! Thanks for your information, it was very helpful!

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson 7 months ago

      You’re welcome! I’m an open book if you have any questions! ✌🏻

  • Johnny Guerrero
    Johnny Guerrero 8 months ago

    Amazing video👍📽

  • Freddie Provijn
    Freddie Provijn 8 months ago

    I love swimming in my clothes! 🏊

  • PandaLizzy
    PandaLizzy 9 months ago

    The people who were clapping while getting arested are stupid and dumb they don't believe these animals are abused even tho they are fuck them

  • PandaLizzy
    PandaLizzy 9 months ago

    Why are they getting arested when there doing the right thing and SeaWorld should get arrested

    • PandaLizzy
      PandaLizzy 9 months ago

      @Meggan Anderson wow,stay strong and proud.ond day good things will happend to you and the world

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson 9 months ago

      I’ve been arrested 5 times and every single time I was not breaking a law and every single time the person(s) hurting animals had nothing happen to them. I will never stop standing up for doing the right thing! ✊🏻

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 11 months ago

    Now, the state of California requires vegan options by law in all hospitals! Yay!

  • 2beyou
    2beyou 11 months ago

    Great story. Did have to write an letter to get this done?

    • 2beyou
      2beyou 11 months ago

      @Meggan Anderson Thank you for this information this really helps.

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson 11 months ago

      No, I didn’t write a letter. I just came in really emotionally prepared!

  • Zoé Clark
    Zoé Clark 11 months ago

    What?! PETA should absolutely have the right to defend these animals!

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago

    2:59 hahaha your boyfriend doesn't own your body. Gross that they ask the partner questions. where did you get it done? I'm young and I want a tubal so I can enjoy my life without so much worry.. plus I'm tokophobic.

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson 11 months ago

      Dr. Kevin Daneshgar in Los Angeles gave me my tubal. I highly recommend him!

  • Alexa Bucciarelli

    where did you get this done?

  • Kamihya luv
    Kamihya luv Year ago

    Your eyes are beautiful

  • Bridget Larsen
    Bridget Larsen Year ago

    So what determines getting a minilaparectomy vs just usual laparoscopic? Is it just something you request? I assume insurance coverage has something to do with it.

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson Year ago

      The doctor who I found who said "yes," (I shouldn't have to state that, but that's what we're dealing with) ONLY provided the mini-laparotomy. my insurance covered both, but he only did one of them. At first, I was put off by getting the more 'archaiac' procedure, but honestly I am glad I got that one. With a mini-lap (what I got). There's only one small incision, below the hair line (so low-rise bikini's cover it up), about 1.5 inches. They do NOT pump the stomach with gas like in a laparoscopic. Laparoscopic has 2-3 tiny incisions (where people can see them on the stomach/naval area). People report some horrible pain from the gas of a laparoscopic- I didn't have the gas. Most doctors now do prefer the kind I did not get, the laparoscopy, because the healing time is 1-2 weeks, where mine was 5-6 weeks. There is a less chance of infection also with the kind I did not get. Although, I didn't get an infection. I would have done either though, the only challenge in this whole process (beside recovery pain) was just finding a doctor to say yes!

  • Musical Mastermindz

    I'm from Mobile County (Prichard)! Did you enjoy your stay?

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson Year ago

      I did! It wasn't my first time there. Hopefully not my last *=)

  • Shay T
    Shay T Year ago


  • James Connerty
    James Connerty Year ago


  • Michelle Osorio
    Michelle Osorio Year ago

    Dang. You work fast, Girl! Already posted a video and everything. I wish you well in your recovery.

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson Year ago

      I shot all of this on my iPhone SE and I edited it 100% on my phone with the Memories function I was telling you about 👍🏻

  • matt kukla
    matt kukla Year ago

    have a smooth opperation

  • matt kukla
    matt kukla Year ago

    pretty makeup im ginge jedi

  • Michelle Osorio
    Michelle Osorio Year ago

    Can’t wait to go this year!

  • The Flash
    The Flash Year ago

    And now there's allegedly a briefcase filled with $5,000 in that park.

  • Rene van eerden
    Rene van eerden Year ago

    kleuters als een koe wordt geschoten moet je niet janken had je maar niet moeten kijken en nou zielig doen aanstellers

  • Just Me
    Just Me Year ago

    I don’t eat pork anymore. My niece and nephew live in eastern NC and play outside. They are sick all the time and both have asthma. Now I know why houses are cheaper in these areas :( family makes fun of me and calls me crazy for thinking this is true. I’m not paranoid, it’s real and I care about the children. Only way I can protest is to not purchase pork products

  • Deep Bluechick
    Deep Bluechick 2 years ago

    Thanks for standing and walking your talk!!I was arrested at a different SeaWorld and I have not one regret!

  • Rawais Kemp
    Rawais Kemp 2 years ago

    m here nice

  • leomatosuk
    leomatosuk 3 years ago

    Well done for the great work

  • Minerva Lopez
    Minerva Lopez 3 years ago

    esta muy bien que promuevan todo esto de ser vegano, las personas deben saber que los Sin Voz, tambien sienten dolor, hambre,frio,que les duele,que tienen emosiones igual que nosotros los humanos, y que tambien tiene derecho a una vida libre de violencia y a tener hogares donde tengan una familia que les de amor y respeto.

  • Shelby C.
    Shelby C. 3 years ago


  • Trace Williams
    Trace Williams 3 years ago

    Hey Meggan, are you avaiable for custom video work?

    • Meggan Anderson
      Meggan Anderson 3 years ago

      @Trace Williams - Sure am! Contact through my website at ✌🏻️

  • Donna Vee is for Vegan

    I saw you there My sister loved your dress. I'll post my vid...ummmm, hopefully tomorrow. =) Fun day.

  • ecology1st
    ecology1st 3 years ago

    Go vegan for the win!

  • Brittany Swift
    Brittany Swift 3 years ago

    i vlogged this too! great channel!!

  • bRad Nichols
    bRad Nichols 4 years ago

    Be proud of yourself, you caused it to end well ! ! !

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 4 years ago

    In honor of having lunch with one of my favorite friends today, Amanda, AND in honor of tonight being our LAST LA anti-Ringling Bros Circus protest, I give you, my first arrest in Dallas, protesting Ringling's shit show!

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 4 years ago

    I appreciate everyone putting up with all of my anti-circus updates the past few days. #RinglingBros is performing their slave show here in LA through Tuesday, so I am a bit up! I used to help film the Elephant Walks here in LA when they had them along with other activists. While they still walk them in other cities, they no longer do in LA (wonder why...) every year we would hear and see things and we would film them! Here is a Walk from back in 2010, where you can see the elephants shit on command (wonder how long they have been holding it), the classic 'elephant sway,' and one elephant got it a few times under her chin. Horrible! We can do better for these animals by leaving them the hell alone in the wild!

  • Barbie Pena
    Barbie Pena 4 years ago

    Yay. My cousin. Hi meggan! I just subbed ur channel. I'm Lelia's cousin. She told me to check out your channel.

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 4 years ago

    Throwback to July 4th, 6 YEARS ago! This was before weed was a part of my life, and one of the ONLY times you will see me drunk. Be responsible tonight dudes!

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 4 years ago

    #TBT to one of the years I helped to film the 'elephant walks.' For people who don't know, circuses generally walk elephants from their boxcars to the arenas. In Los Angeles, they did it at crazy hours of the night. I am thankful that activists, like me, soon will have no reason to wait for 8+ hours to film elephants being forced to wear a brand-name logo on their forehead in DTLA against adult bookstores. Please go patronize humans, who are AMAZING, WILLFUL performers with so many mediums to choose from! There is no reason to abuse animals just for the sake of entertainment #ThrowbackThursday

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 4 years ago

    New video with produced by Bold.Sexy.Red! Please watch and enjoy*=)

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 4 years ago

    New Fashion Promo video for! Produced by Bold.Sexy.Red. Productions. The client requested a 2 minute video on this bridal dress and bracelet. Lucky me, they always let me keep EVERYTHING I shoot in! Haha. #TeaserTuesday

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 4 years ago

    New video! Bold.Sexy.Red. Productions produced a short fashion promo for! The client requested a 2:30 short on this cocktail dress. Oh-la-la! Written, Directed by and starring yours truly *=) #TeaserTuesday

  • Hallowed_Undead
    Hallowed_Undead 4 years ago

    Have I earned the title of Dude?

  • Jackle61
    Jackle61 5 years ago

    subtitles would be nice.

  • Hip Appeal
    Hip Appeal 5 years ago

    Thank you Meggan- looking good

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 5 years ago

    New promo for Hip Appeal! *=) "Before The Game" - Save 15% with the link in the video description! Coupon Code: MEGGAN Produced by Bold.Sexy.Red. Productions, Directing and starring yours truly!*=) #ILoveMyPinkOne #Fitness #WorkOut Hip Appeal Before The Game with MEGGAN ANDERSON - 0:30 Promo

  • Nicki Rhododendron
    Nicki Rhododendron 5 years ago

    Meggan I love you. I can't stand seeing cruelty to animals. Crying again.

  • Nicki Rhododendron
    Nicki Rhododendron 5 years ago

    That guy can Only think sex, oral sex, wiener, his own wiener, etc.

  • DoomShroomer
    DoomShroomer 5 years ago

    good for you ladies!, people now a days are only keyboard warriors. You two are out there standing grounds for your beliefs an I find that awesome!

  • cblanton
    cblanton 6 years ago

    Ok in the video in seeing your not being arrested. Your being released. Is there another video?

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Thank you. We all can do so much with so little!

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Throwback Thursday! #tbt One of my MANY interviews with Playboy Radio*=) MEGGAN ANDERSON Interviewed On Playboy Radio!

  • ElPolloDiablo100
    ElPolloDiablo100 6 years ago

    I love this show! Do you know the full name of that dark haired contestant who went by Christina? IMDB's cast list for this show is very incomplete.

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Throw-back Thursday! #tbt Being released from jail...the first time*;)

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    It sucked. Esp when I KNEW that I wasn't breaking a SINGLE law! Cops do this shit all the time to people, arrest them KNOWING that they are in the wrong.

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone! Some new sketches are going to roll out regularly at the end of the summer*=)

  • PeepsILoveEllie
    PeepsILoveEllie 6 years ago

    :) no thank YOU for making people aware of the cruelties that the meat industry is inflicting on animals on a day to day basis..

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Thanks for the support everyone! And yes, Cliff is one amazing dude*=)

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Thanks for the support!*=)

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Hell yeah!*=)

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 6 years ago

    Thanks for the support! Aldo, Cliff is a good dude*=)

  • Ericsurf6
    Ericsurf6 6 years ago

    Wow~! You've got guts. Very nice. Cliff sent me~!

  • PeepsILoveEllie
    PeepsILoveEllie 6 years ago

    of course they deserve rights - it's simply cruel to hurt a living being.

  • AK
    AK 6 years ago

    so great

  • Chad Ockstadt
    Chad Ockstadt 6 years ago

    Cliffs the man he has the heads up on all the good stuff!

  • Social Time TV
    Social Time TV 6 years ago

    Totally, thanks for the heads up Cliff. #Awesome :)

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  • PeepsILoveEllie
    PeepsILoveEllie 6 years ago

    great guerilla marketing :) when will people finally see that animals aren't so different to humans? a few decades ago, blacks didn't have many rights, now they do. let's hope this will happen to animals as well.

  • MrJoseffffffffff
    MrJoseffffffffff 6 years ago

    Dieter von Bohlen würde sagen: "Das war megamegascheissse!"

  • UraniumMan
    UraniumMan 6 years ago

    I'm sorry I'm not your neighbor. I would have put a floor jack under his drive axle, and shoved his piece of shit car away from yours, and into a tow zone. :oD

  • David Seabourn
    David Seabourn 6 years ago

    Rise above the 'Darwins waiting room' people of the world. The selfish, inconsideration status quo of our society has become the new normal. You are a diamond in the sea of coal recognized and appreciated. His greasy drippings of his/her McMonster food will surely be the clue of their demise as the impending heart attack will be the ultimate Karma/satisfaction. Stay beautiful and fuck 'em! David Seabourn/Facebook

  • Delena Sobrev
    Delena Sobrev 6 years ago

    may be kinda the cruelty to animals thing but they are beautiful with them things on their heads

  • AerosolSprayCanMan
    AerosolSprayCanMan 6 years ago

    If theres a Peta rally going on some where in Michigan near Detroit, I'm going to crash the party ):)

  • ffffffffffff
    ffffffffffff 6 years ago

    Thanks for this. Does anyone know why the lagoons are pink? Chemical reactions etc.? Must be very upsetting to live in the same area as this.

    • Just Me
      Just Me Year ago

      ffffffffffff blood

  • Mike Shannon
    Mike Shannon 7 years ago

    LOL! It got me going! Follow her on Twitter @meggananderson

  • Meggan Anderson
    Meggan Anderson 7 years ago

    Got caught recently in an unexpected flash flood in Vegas! Crazy stuff!*=) Hayden & Meggan Do Vegas

  • Smileysue74
    Smileysue74 7 years ago

    As mild as this is, it still breaks my heart.....

  • SBARTSTV News Entertainment Tech

    better than blair witch 3 lol

  • SBARTSTV News Entertainment Tech

    ur The Boss

    OHMYMISSSKULLS 7 years ago

    You're awesome:)

  • ARAN
    ARAN 7 years ago

    We're right behind you here at ARAN in Ireland, Meggan. Well done and well said - we love PETA!

  • Mari DeLaCruz
    Mari DeLaCruz 7 years ago

    Thank you for all u do for PETA :)

  • ARAN
    ARAN 7 years ago

    Wel done PETA!

  • motomorator
    motomorator 7 years ago

    Haha im in this video with my friends. Small world

  • To stoned to cook
    To stoned to cook 7 years ago

    why are those idiots taking your picture. I woulda got loud with him I imagine.

  • Michael Antus
    Michael Antus 7 years ago

    Well said. The truth stands on fact, if God or Evolution wanted us to eat meat, we'd have teeth like a dog, cat, fish, etc. We are designed to eat plants, they're delicious, and healthy. Genesis 1:29 King James Version Genesis 1:29 And God said , Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Oh, love the reverse loop on the music...

  • MrJoseffffffffff
    MrJoseffffffffff 7 years ago

    Dear Meggan! I see,you like very much swimming fully clothed,you in jeans and pink top,really the best way to swim for you!We are happy with you1

  • HispanicImpression
    HispanicImpression 7 years ago

    You rule, circus fuckin' sux - people, don't you use your brain and heart before acting ?

  • bademeister
    bademeister 7 years ago

    Swimming in clothes is sooo funny!!!!

    • Attila Tóth
      Attila Tóth 10 months ago

      I fully agree with you. It would have been good to be in the pool - of course clad from head to toe.

  • Blam8o
    Blam8o 8 years ago

    I wonder if their feet ever touch something other than concrete. Do they ever even get to visit a meadow? Why do we do this?

  • ARAN
    ARAN 8 years ago

    Well done Megan!!!! from ARAN in Ireland

  • Zena zema
    Zena zema 8 years ago

    Someone should seriously stop them .....poor animals i would set them freeee

  • ARAN
    ARAN 8 years ago

    love it

  • elsamere
    elsamere 8 years ago

    This is so sad and just sickening. Poor animals.

  • Nadya Dooley
    Nadya Dooley 8 years ago

    poor elephants are absolutely terrified.

  • misterred316
    misterred316 8 years ago

    hahaha "if you rub it up and down like this, cream will come" made me laugh