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  • Meep Moop
    Meep Moop 3 minutes ago


  • Mohammud Yousuf
    Mohammud Yousuf 4 minutes ago

    Halima, kenya? Seriously 😂😂 the woman is somali not Kenyan

  • Agaettis
    Agaettis 5 minutes ago

    "*puffs inhaler* I'm a diva" I've never related to anything more...

  • •Mini _ Moonie•
    •Mini _ Moonie• 6 minutes ago

    Imagine seeing him in the grocery store and he look at you...smiled

  • Alliyah Gumbs
    Alliyah Gumbs 7 minutes ago

    sofia- “i love u new york!” random person - “you’re a queen!”

  • Juhee Park
    Juhee Park 8 minutes ago

    I thought the thumbnail was iggy azalea

  • faye johnson
    faye johnson 8 minutes ago

    A true Canadian!

  • Lily
    Lily 9 minutes ago

    I’m I the only one who didn’t know about this weirdo? #Clown

  • Yoli Vasquez
    Yoli Vasquez 9 minutes ago

    I actually enjoyed the whole video.... is there more? Lol

  • Khris Medina
    Khris Medina 9 minutes ago

    She looks like iggy azalea at some points

  • Diana ODowd
    Diana ODowd 9 minutes ago

    If iggy azalea was purple and an alien and I am here for it.

  • Ashly0096
    Ashly0096 9 minutes ago

    Gah I just love Cardi B so much

  • knjs wife
    knjs wife 10 minutes ago

    love the beauty routine but juno drop the skincare routine pls

  • Maddie Ware
    Maddie Ware 11 minutes ago

    the jennifer coolidge impression was so good

  • murfy6661
    murfy6661 12 minutes ago

    Such a wonderful personality 😊 and a fabulous look too 😍

  • Riya Vanmali
    Riya Vanmali 12 minutes ago

    Wow look at that clear skin! Not one bump.

  • Maddie Ware
    Maddie Ware 13 minutes ago

    someone count how many times she says stunning

  • FeddZii
    FeddZii 15 minutes ago

    Shawn Mendes: In My Blood Ariana Grande: In My Head Drake: In My Feelings Me: In My Bed

  • Janna gaming
    Janna gaming 15 minutes ago

    Stunning ❤️

  • Emily Gonzalez
    Emily Gonzalez 16 minutes ago

    I love you Jacksons my your father rest in peace

  • Elisa Smith
    Elisa Smith 17 minutes ago

    I must admit, I did not like her at all after seeing some of the things about her, but now that I’ve put aside my original opinions, I can really see that she’s a sweet girl and I understand why Harry loved her.

  • Elise Stewart
    Elise Stewart 17 minutes ago

    She is absolutely gorgeous

  • Josh Simms
    Josh Simms 18 minutes ago

    This proves TV programs you.

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 19 minutes ago

    OMG..It's Jhene AIKO IMA PASS out😱 SOO bEuTiful😍🤩

  • Avery Di Iulio
    Avery Di Iulio 20 minutes ago

    her confidence is going to take over the world. this woman is going to kill god and i am here for it dahling

  • Josh Simms
    Josh Simms 20 minutes ago


  • sasha 12
    sasha 12 21 minute ago

    That little clip of the guy approaching them and talking about the boots was so wholesome

  • Brenda Marine
    Brenda Marine 21 minute ago

    Turn captions on

  • Morgan Wieler
    Morgan Wieler 22 minutes ago

    It's cool how perfect her skin is even though she puts so much make up on every day because It usually clogs pores

  • Nisreen Ghantous
    Nisreen Ghantous 22 minutes ago

    She is so beautiful, although can we please appreciate how soothing her tone of voice is. when she is talking its so relaxing

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 22 minutes ago


  • Armando Castro
    Armando Castro 23 minutes ago

    The real Devil

  • ji sa
    ji sa 23 minutes ago

    Aww I love her style🖤🖤 her friend and her granny is so cute🥺🥰

  • Beatriz Costa
    Beatriz Costa 23 minutes ago

    What’s the name of those little trolls back there? I want one so bad

  • Bluepanda Studios
    Bluepanda Studios 24 minutes ago

    The migos definitely have a great personality but they just don't show it on their music videos

  • L. Wyse108
    L. Wyse108 26 minutes ago


  • Yaya Gamez
    Yaya Gamez 27 minutes ago

    I looovve her vibe yesss🤩

  • Joshooah Veeaygahs
    Joshooah Veeaygahs 27 minutes ago

    If Prada does a psychedelic print on clashing print collection she needs to walk for them! Miuccia your inspiration is right here in this video and she’s fab!!!

  • TheCookingNerd
    TheCookingNerd 27 minutes ago

    If she didn’t pay, who did?

  • Taelor
    Taelor 28 minutes ago

    I kind of love this . I love everything about it ! I STAN

  • Roro Churchill
    Roro Churchill 29 minutes ago

    this is pretty dope tbh

  • Why Haley Breath Stank
    Why Haley Breath Stank 29 minutes ago

    9:00 shiii lemme try that

  • Lilianna B
    Lilianna B 30 minutes ago

    I can see why Harry fell for her so hard, she has a thing about her

  • Corn Beef
    Corn Beef 30 minutes ago


  • Cleo Cuppy
    Cleo Cuppy 30 minutes ago

    I would really let her turn me into a stunning alien

  • angela williams
    angela williams 30 minutes ago

    Ewww no beauty at all

  • Angie Medina
    Angie Medina 33 minutes ago

    wow, she really is a vampire 😳

  • Leilani
    Leilani 33 minutes ago

    I've never seen this person but I'M IN LOVE!

  • kj crafts
    kj crafts 33 minutes ago

    i love her sm she’s such a queen and icon

  • Kirk Lawrence Delacuesta
    Kirk Lawrence Delacuesta 33 minutes ago

    youre way too beautiful to become an aswang ahaha

  • Alicia
    Alicia 34 minutes ago

    she’s so cute omg and absolutely hilarious and SO REAL unlike other vs angels. such a pure soul and she bought her parents a house 🥰

  • Lilah Bean
    Lilah Bean 34 minutes ago

    She's the most beautiful alien i ever seen. 👽💜

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister 35 minutes ago

    lols...people pay millions of dollars for images of attractive women...but somehow, the women photographed are without power??? WTF ever...

  • hot shot
    hot shot 35 minutes ago

    He wear gloves for everything

  • Guddu Raja
    Guddu Raja 36 minutes ago


  • Sri Asih Kumala Dewi
    Sri Asih Kumala Dewi 36 minutes ago

    My new idol❤️

  • Randomname
    Randomname 36 minutes ago

    God i love you jazmine

  • Dino Gurl
    Dino Gurl 36 minutes ago

    Her wigs snatched tho....

  • TheCookingNerd
    TheCookingNerd 36 minutes ago

    She’s ugly af, just does it for the money. That makeup and powder is so bad for her healthy and appearance layered onto her skin like that, like honestly wtf!

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 37 minutes ago

    BRUUH edge up got high hopes🤣

  • 위드nim
    위드nim 38 minutes ago


  • Alln Sam
    Alln Sam 38 minutes ago

    Christina Agulera

  • Rishel Schimmel
    Rishel Schimmel 39 minutes ago

    Luv. Your sculpturettes are adorable! I totally related to your thought processes .

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 39 minutes ago

    Ok no...UnExseptable

  • Lacey Laplant
    Lacey Laplant 39 minutes ago

    I loved her before I love her even more now

  • Half ass Vegan
    Half ass Vegan 40 minutes ago

    She hit us with a periodt 💁🏾‍♀️

  • Siena Gu
    Siena Gu 41 minute ago

    she's gorgeous AF!!!!!!!!!!! I'm DYING!

  • Grace Southerland
    Grace Southerland 41 minute ago

    Anyone else thinks this looks like iggy azalea ?

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 42 minutes ago

    Area 51 dun got out of hand

  • kay de
    kay de 44 minutes ago

    S T U N N I N G

  • Half ass Vegan
    Half ass Vegan 44 minutes ago

    Love it I took a drag makeup class back in 09 great experience

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 46 minutes ago

    Wow just wow she seems like someone worth being your friend...iont know

  • Lana Socorro Benvenutti
    Lana Socorro Benvenutti 46 minutes ago

    S T U N N I N G

  • Zahria McGawion
    Zahria McGawion 47 minutes ago

    "A lil baddie wanting to buy some food" Felt that to the soul

  • Janine Villasenor
    Janine Villasenor 47 minutes ago

    So stunning! 😍

  • Elaine Snow
    Elaine Snow 48 minutes ago

    Brooke is so gorgeous, intelligent and kind.

  • Claudia A
    Claudia A 48 minutes ago

    Is it just me or did she change her accent every 20 seconds??

  • Vali Prado
    Vali Prado 48 minutes ago

    I love the confidence ❤️

  • monica Jamison
    monica Jamison 48 minutes ago

    I actually have asthma cause im a diva Ad: i call my asthma relentless asthma

  • Bipolar Quxxn
    Bipolar Quxxn 48 minutes ago

    She looks like a cenobite. I love it!

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 49 minutes ago

    Like...it's pretty but mmmm not really normal

  • makisig gonzales
    makisig gonzales 50 minutes ago

    weird... unique... cool...creative...love them

  • G E T you T H E M0ON
    G E T you T H E M0ON 51 minute ago

    Wtf is really wrong with people

  • AvaWrld
    AvaWrld 52 minutes ago

    Vogue makes everybody on here seem normal

  • Khairiyah Faizal
    Khairiyah Faizal 53 minutes ago

    The amount of self love radiating in this vid is enough to make me feel... _s t u n n i n g_ For today.

  • Carmyn Legrand
    Carmyn Legrand 54 minutes ago

    She already has good hair. 😭 this video is pointless

  • Dianne Segura
    Dianne Segura 55 minutes ago

    ursula, WHO?!??!?!

  • Xochilt G.S.
    Xochilt G.S. 56 minutes ago

    idk who they are but I got used the purple hella fast they look good

  • Carmyn Legrand
    Carmyn Legrand 56 minutes ago

    Wow! I thought she was gonna look a mess. She looks good.

  • Hannah Greene
    Hannah Greene 57 minutes ago

    i already love sofia and the fact that she listens to harrys music makes me love her more!

  • Tashi Rose
    Tashi Rose 57 minutes ago

    Love this : )

  • Augustus Thurinus
    Augustus Thurinus 57 minutes ago

    Hi Bruce, i mean Brooke haha

  • Nadia Nurlaila
    Nadia Nurlaila 58 minutes ago

    I love her

  • Joy Walkube
    Joy Walkube 58 minutes ago

    She’s so gorgeous

  • Pinupgirl
    Pinupgirl 59 minutes ago

    I love it. Just a queen in her natural habitat, doing her make up. Looking amazing and living her best life. Go girl!


    Amazing video, I enjoy it to much !!!! Greatest part is 0:56. *I up 1 video, Plsss check and tell am I good* 💚 💖 ❤

  • Anaaewp
    Anaaewp 59 minutes ago

    Her voice is so soothing, I could listen to her all day.

  • Dhamar Garcia
    Dhamar Garcia 59 minutes ago

    Broooo I tried hair gel for my brows yeah life changing

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm Hour ago


  • Jila Moutzouri
    Jila Moutzouri Hour ago

    Love Michael Jackson kids! They are so cool!!