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This is pretty RAD
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  • Getty Touchstone
    Getty Touchstone 3 minutes ago

    0:12 Heaven

  • marlon chin
    marlon chin 13 minutes ago

    I got my Note 9 in September 2019. The phone shipped with Android Pie and has already gotten updates. The Note 9 is one beast of a phone!. No complaints so far.

  • Ezekiel Betancourt
    Ezekiel Betancourt 23 minutes ago


  • Edgar Patlan
    Edgar Patlan 30 minutes ago

    $400 laptops ive seen are built horribly compared to the surface.

  • iCringyy
    iCringyy Hour ago

    Anybody on the iPhone 11 pro?

  • complicatedjason
    complicatedjason 2 hours ago

    Apple has degenerated after Steve jobs left

  • Forever Sinz
    Forever Sinz 2 hours ago

    I had a pixel XL 2. They had top notch software butttt also top notch glitches. Like there was a software glitch that completely broke the camera. Not the selfie camera but the other one. I just got a op7 pro and I'm waiting a minimum of three years till I go back to pixel phones.

  • Joel Orr
    Joel Orr 3 hours ago

    You are wrong on several different points.....

  • Fursty53
    Fursty53 3 hours ago

    I've always had an interest about the Pixel, but i don't have the "courage" to buy it because it looks kinda cheap and unfinished with these software bugs... What do you think if the camera is not the most importend thing for me should I switch to Pixel or keep in the Samsung team?

  • Haari N M
    Haari N M 3 hours ago

    Pixel is the best phone I have had so far ... Obviously better than my previous iPhone..

  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 hours ago

    1:15 "Galaxy's Edge" I see what you did there Jon.😉

  • MAC Bricks
    MAC Bricks 4 hours ago

    This is really cool

  • Dubu Dahyun
    Dubu Dahyun 5 hours ago

    This was my first ever iPhone I owned. I was 9 back on Christmas of 2014 lol. Then a year later I got the 5s, I felt top of of class because I was the only person with a 5s. About 2 years later I was blessed with the iPhone 6s. I was around 12? Maybe 13. And then, At 15 I was given the iPhone 8+ (present day).

  • Marc Favell
    Marc Favell 5 hours ago

    A world without Apple is a world without suicide nets at factories in China 🤷‍♂️

  • Hasan Jawad
    Hasan Jawad 7 hours ago

    What are your thoughts after the iPhone 11 launch ?

  • 0123456789 Google V
    0123456789 Google V 7 hours ago

    this guy thinks he is the next big thing in the tech review filmmakers.

  • Mr. Cee
    Mr. Cee 8 hours ago

    Note 8 volume on high no good. calls have to be on speaker 😡

  • MacBook Repair
    MacBook Repair 8 hours ago

    Good content - BUT STOP THAT NERVE WRECKING BACKGROUND NOISE!!! (Some would call it "music" ...)

  • Sadiq Mohammad
    Sadiq Mohammad 8 hours ago

    Already buy this phone ,when iam power on , it will be take more than one minute time and high bright screen ,

  • Владимир Савић

    I live in East Europe, in a city that has almost 3mil people, I travel around whole of Europe constantly, and spend around 6 months out of my country. I do think the pixel lineup is great, and i like the phones, but I have never seen one outside the US, its almost non-existant in Europe and Asia

  • Robin Verheij
    Robin Verheij 10 hours ago

    Wants a in display fingerprint reader. In his iPhone Xs final review he says he enjoys FaceID. Make up your mind dude. :/

  • Alan Davenport
    Alan Davenport 11 hours ago

    This phone has served me very well, just running Tracfone. Now I am wondering if it is better than the Samsung A10E that is available if I move to Verizon. From what I can see online, this is the better option to stick with and I can move it to Verizon. Anyone have any experience with these two devices?

  • Mark
    Mark 11 hours ago

    Morpheus Rettinger

  • justin park
    justin park 11 hours ago

    You just blanketed your house with more cancer...

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    Fantastic production quality on this one! Well done

  • Dawson Perkins
    Dawson Perkins 11 hours ago

    Loved this. Dug it so hard. Great job man. the creativity and cinematography were just astounding. Well done!

  • frizal1810
    frizal1810 11 hours ago


  • CovaC8
    CovaC8 12 hours ago

    these fans are yuge

  • Toyota Prius
    Toyota Prius 13 hours ago

    How about the iPhone 9

  • Vatabg
    Vatabg 13 hours ago

    Ok ok i know everybody hs their own likes and opinions but honestly having used both- face id is way better and more convinient for me than a in display fingerpring. I hope apple doesnt listen to the haters and never replaces face id with in display fingerprint

  • XilDNA
    XilDNA 14 hours ago

    2:16 Other people: “Steve Jobs, Bill Gates” Me an intellectual: “ STEVE BILL JOBS GATES”

  • nickfunnymonkey
    nickfunnymonkey 15 hours ago

    In an alternate universe: *What if Apple didn't go bankrupt?*

  • Vii Visoth
    Vii Visoth 15 hours ago

    Steve Bill Jobs Gates 2:13

  • T_Dogg
    T_Dogg 16 hours ago

    BlackBerry Priv 2

  • Jevon S
    Jevon S 16 hours ago

    I think apple fanboys just hit dislike w/o watching the vid...

  • Sonix Ka
    Sonix Ka 17 hours ago

    Copy black berry ahahahahhahaha, nah this video is trash

  • cavxx
    cavxx 18 hours ago

    15+ years with t-mobile

  • Kasimir den Hertog
    Kasimir den Hertog 19 hours ago

    Perhaps this works great on a conceptual level, but I don’t see it working out from an engineering standpoint. More so, because you seem to have no idea the ‘trashcan’ Mac Pro and G4 Cube were not merely ‘form over function’ but purposed as feats of engineering. The single fan with central heatsink from the 2013 Mac Pro is really unique and so is the fanless (!) Cube. The only problem is these products are expensive to design and build, so you can only sell them to high-end users. And their requirements unfortunately do not always align with the inevitably limited scope of these very special products.

  • Farishtay Kureshi
    Farishtay Kureshi 19 hours ago

    I want that mock up phone... Just a few days ago, I was thinking about how fast tech evolved and how I was growing up with it. I remember wanting a Blackberry over an iPhone, when the iPhone didn’t really stick with people that much. And suddenly, Blackberry died. BBM became an app available across all devices. But I still want that physical keyboard sometimes. Just because I want to feel what I’m writing.

  • Shehan Mello
    Shehan Mello 20 hours ago

    LTT redirect

  • Karan Khera
    Karan Khera 20 hours ago

    Amazing production level! Superb work by the team!

  • Icybubba
    Icybubba 21 hour ago

    The beginning of an era

  • The Real Captain America

    The regular 11 doesn’t have telephoto

  • Jayme Nelson
    Jayme Nelson 21 hour ago

    Damn! This cinematography is insane! I love this content, dude. So amazing!!

  • Grant Hoffmann
    Grant Hoffmann 22 hours ago

    I cannot wait for the next one

  • nishant saloki
    nishant saloki 22 hours ago

    Good video jon

  • Chet Patel
    Chet Patel 22 hours ago

    you sound like you're trying to convince yourself that you're gonna like it.

  • Adam T
    Adam T 23 hours ago

    Pixel is the best phone. I will never leave team pixel......and google fi plan is now unlimited.

  • TeenageChaos
    TeenageChaos 23 hours ago

    Ahh the way the AirPods were staying in his ear was so Ahhhh. one up one down

  • Kylirez/Eykro
    Kylirez/Eykro 23 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this video :) How about "What if Steve Jobs was still alive"?

  • Texas Yak Bassin
    Texas Yak Bassin 23 hours ago

    Dude! I love this documentary style video content youre pumping out. Keep it up!

  • ChildOL
    ChildOL Day ago

    The Galaxy Note is the ONLY android device that I am willing to use when not using an iPhone and mainly because of the display and s-pen.

    JONJON0NE Day ago

    Amazing Video!!!

  • Life of Tech
    Life of Tech Day ago

    This video is quite simply a masterpiece! Congrats, Jon! 👏🏻😁

  • Bill H
    Bill H Day ago

    Great documentary, Jon

  • ooo odiddywu
    ooo odiddywu Day ago

    Awesome 👏🏼

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres Day ago

    I will be as honest as always, I don't like the design, but it's a great ebike anyways, I would love to see it more like a mountain bike, but I understand it's not meant to be or the road but for more like City roads, so, great design. Nice video Jon, liked as always.

  • David Callinder

    All I want is googles software with Samsung design and Samsung Pay


    Who the hell wears air pods like that

  • Pup Hunts
    Pup Hunts Day ago

    Everyone unsubs because he used a android

  • luuk van der velden

    The amazing editing on this make it feel like a short film lol.

  • Aaron Arguelles

    The world would be a better place without Apple. Mobile phones would still cost 500 dollars at the most.

  • Dimitris Karolidis

    simple answer overpriced...

  • Power-On Kennesaw

    I wouldn't mind a future without disney

  • Hair
    Hair Day ago

    Benjamin Button got younger, faster and stronger as he got older.

  • Devin Sequeira

    Devin Sequeira

  • NotATroll
    NotATroll Day ago

    Why was this in my recommended??

  • Brandon Barr
    Brandon Barr Day ago

    No wonder you aren't pedaling as much, you've got the seat way too low to get any power from your legs.I was wincing the whole video.

  • ghada magdy
    ghada magdy Day ago

    When did the orange stop working? After its age

  • Vrsatile
    Vrsatile Day ago

    Super solid video Jon! 🔥

  • KrusinKeegan
    KrusinKeegan Day ago

    Never thought I needed tech fan theories

  • Ade2Bee
    Ade2Bee Day ago

    What a brilliant piece of RU-clip

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM Day ago

    That Cheese grater looking mac looks pretty awesome, I want that case.

  • Victor Pulos
    Victor Pulos Day ago

    What happened to movie screen

  • denis despres
    denis despres Day ago

    bravo pour vote concours bicyclete

  • Parsa Strife
    Parsa Strife Day ago


  • arun kumar
    arun kumar Day ago

    Ohh Jon... there is no Apple logo here....

  • Dilpreet Singh

    Imagine a world without civilized humans! We would still enjoying in jungles and grasslands. How peaceful the life would have been💘

  • Daniel Howard
    Daniel Howard Day ago

    Love the production! Great work +sub

  • JJJT
    JJJT Day ago

    Well, maybe we missed a lot of great things we can't even imagine If Apple went bancrupt at that time

  • 22chachalaca
    22chachalaca Day ago

    You'll be back.

  • Horace Grimsby

    Wow dude, well made documentary!

  • Hunter Sorensen

    Meanwhile, my battery health has dropped to 93 percent in less than a year.

  • FTVG inc
    FTVG inc Day ago

    I wonder what the iphone 8 and 9 would look like since the 8 was basically 7s and 9 doesn't exist, probably the same as all the others

  • John Smitherson

    Nahhhh...I'm good with my pc laptop.

  • Maximoo
    Maximoo Day ago

    idk if airpods are the same as Ipod, Ipod was like THE best at the time, where as I never use my airpods compared to other wireless earbuds that I won't mention, except the powerbeats, since apple owns them, but not even my wife uses the airpods anymore, they're convenient and average which can be good, but to people who demand the best sound quality they're just not enough, where as Ipod was the one and only I feel, ofc this is just my thoughts, not fact

  • Christopher Farley

    Jon got fat.

  • Sven Kortmann
    Sven Kortmann Day ago

    I don't think that looks so wrong with the keyboard. Black Berry should be so brave and just try to go in this direction. Not so absurd that I would have enforced it. It is always easy to copy something that already exists, but much more courageous to go your own way.

  • Nick Post
    Nick Post Day ago

    Long time Android user here I'm planning on moving to my first iPhone with the 11 pro.

  • nenad
    nenad Day ago

    nothing special about that money can buy a much better phone and plus you have plenty of money left over...

  • Nathan Verkaik

    Excellent video! Looking forward to Part2!!! Love your interpretation of the Crapberry!

  • HellScythe Necromance

    Thag would be awsome apple goes bankrupt because of their stupid business decisions

  • YouYouYou **Patreon Requests**

    I refuse to listen to a dude with pods in his ears... Wait... he took em out...ok let's go

  • LongKhoeurng Loung

    My xs max after 9 months 96%

  • Eajaz Ahmed
    Eajaz Ahmed Day ago

    This Omen is a Whooping Beast , Crazy Yet Best Laptop :)

  • - Ben Nu Productions -

    You lost me at 1:04 when you came in wearing the ridiculous airpods

  • Name21 R34
    Name21 R34 Day ago

    Should I buy the XS or the 11 pro?

  • Robert Fontanosa

    Welcome to the PEV world Jon! I am more into the scooters and Onewheels but anything that gets you outside and not driving is a good thing :)

  • Erik Jacobs
    Erik Jacobs Day ago

    The throttle will work the same no matter which level of pedal assist you are in. Just saying.

  • Khaled Salhani

    1:48 iPhone 11 Pro Max notch 😂 Love you man!