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90 in 90 | #LAvMTL
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Your Block. Our City.
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  • Hector M
    Hector M 4 minutes ago


  • bvumawaranda
    bvumawaranda 27 minutes ago

    MLS defenders make me mad. The lack of awareness reminds me of my games in my recreational league

  • beatstork
    beatstork 29 minutes ago

    Both goals were started by Pavón

  • papa johns
    papa johns 47 minutes ago

    Yet you never won a Champions league flopped in Man u and can barely move

  • Luka Jandric
    Luka Jandric 58 minutes ago

    I mean kaka played in MLS

  • Puniaztec
    Puniaztec Hour ago


  • I made dis account 2 comment I dont Need no subs

    WOWWW 💙💛💙💛

  • HAZARD rebaz o rewan


  • fatbelly27
    fatbelly27 2 hours ago

    All the United strikers are now injured. Can they not do a deal with Galaxy to get him back for 6 months?

  • SpaceOctopusMEX
    SpaceOctopusMEX 3 hours ago

    VELA being the MVP, gets to Zlatans head lol..

  • Miguel L Franco
    Miguel L Franco 3 hours ago

    That’s my Tuna boy⚽️⚽️⚽️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Miguel L Franco
    Miguel L Franco 3 hours ago

    That’s my Tuna boy 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • Pareto
    Pareto 4 hours ago

    Zlatan Zlatan~

  • Lebruto Chavez
    Lebruto Chavez 4 hours ago

    Puro Antuna!

  • redman bad
    redman bad 4 hours ago

    When god is walking on a football pitch...😂😂😂😂😂😂 no one can touch him

  • Atrinz7
    Atrinz7 4 hours ago

    Long live the KING.

    T3SKATLIPOC4 4 hours ago


  • Aa Grille
    Aa Grille 4 hours ago

    How is wish he was still at Utd

  • Enes Kocanovic
    Enes Kocanovic 6 hours ago

    Det är bara en Zlatan the King of 🇸🇪👏👏👏

  • Jeffrey Velasquez
    Jeffrey Velasquez 6 hours ago

    The mvp of the mvps...priceless lol

  • Pich Tibunboon
    Pich Tibunboon 6 hours ago

    Bad view

  • iliasse
    iliasse 7 hours ago

    Please come back to Barca, we need help.

  • Kuno Kunovo
    Kuno Kunovo 7 hours ago

    Zlatan Ibrahimović 🚙 Galaxy.♥️

  • Kuno Kunovo
    Kuno Kunovo 7 hours ago

    Ibrahimović 💪⚽️👑

  • Jasir Bushair
    Jasir Bushair 9 hours ago

    Zlatan missed 2 easy chances But he'sdoing well at galaxy❤️

  • Vic B
    Vic B 9 hours ago

    What does he do to train his body? He needs to share some secrets. It’s insane that he is still performing the way he does at his age, with that big frame. It’s not easy being a big tall guy in football. MVP for sure

  • Futebol Faz ARTE
    Futebol Faz ARTE 10 hours ago

    Ajude nosso canal a crescer videos com informações de futebol e palpites para apostas esportivas

  • Tomm Ningthoujam
    Tomm Ningthoujam 10 hours ago

    Ibrahimovic pls save Manchester United

    • Munish K
      Munish K 5 hours ago

      They dont need saving; they will come back as they have before...

    • a8t0
      a8t0 10 hours ago

      Tomm Ningthoujam amen

  • efcpl
    efcpl 10 hours ago

    It´s childplay as Zlalan should had said. With defenders like this he could go on scroing into his 50s.

  • Dr King Schultz
    Dr King Schultz 10 hours ago

    the coolest man in football

  • kannan dhanesan
    kannan dhanesan 11 hours ago

    I want to see him back in europe.. And retire in 🇮🇳 india

  • Promodya Ananda
    Promodya Ananda 11 hours ago


  • Nadine Pa
    Nadine Pa 11 hours ago


  • Nicholas Teo
    Nicholas Teo 12 hours ago

    Come back to Manchester United Zlatan!

  • camelpissflavour
    camelpissflavour 12 hours ago

    he looks like jar jar binks

  • King Tupac
    King Tupac 12 hours ago

    Tekashi 69 try to tell on Zlatan but the procecuter is to scared to take Zlatan to trail

  • Parkott Bimm
    Parkott Bimm 12 hours ago

    Zlatan 👍🏻

  • Qellogz
    Qellogz 12 hours ago

    Io manco Zlatan al Milan. Una Ztella superiore!! Per favore Zlatan, ritorna al Milan!

  • Mai MT
    Mai MT 12 hours ago

    The God Zlatan

  • sokolbeqiri beqiri
    sokolbeqiri beqiri 12 hours ago

    The best #mvp

  • nomoregames1
    nomoregames1 13 hours ago

    Has more goals than games played.......the great Zlatan…...!!!!

  • nomoregames1
    nomoregames1 13 hours ago

    26 goals in 25 matches, the best, the only one the great super Zlatan......!!!

  • TONY 559
    TONY 559 13 hours ago

    Zlatan is KING

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ 13 hours ago

    ZLATAN !!! 27 x!!!!

  • bagiboxi
    bagiboxi 13 hours ago

    Bush really did a Good job. He did 7 i credible saves

  • kingo O
    kingo O 13 hours ago


  • toolcastellanos
    toolcastellanos 14 hours ago

    Zlatan är kungen!!! han får spela på spanska ligan igen, RM väntar på honom

    BRIBBEN TV 14 hours ago

    Come back to Milano ....Italia need his King back

    • Don Dekii OFFICIAL
      Don Dekii OFFICIAL 4 hours ago

      BRIBBEN TV Agree, more then ever!

    • sokolbeqiri beqiri
      sokolbeqiri beqiri 12 hours ago

      I agree

    • MJ MJ
      MJ MJ 13 hours ago

      BRIBBEN TV More than!! Did you see the match yesterday? Milan : Inter ? Zlatan have to comeback ,we need him more than ever!!

  • Stefan Löfven
    Stefan Löfven 14 hours ago

    He's the only thing that is good about Sweden, honestly.

  • Sebastian Weiss
    Sebastian Weiss 15 hours ago

    Ibra Kadabra <3

  • Benni 1665568
    Benni 1665568 16 hours ago

    Is the MVP with the play offs?

  • Raul Raul
    Raul Raul 16 hours ago

    This guy is an idiot!

  • Nadine Pa
    Nadine Pa 16 hours ago


  • Phoz
    Phoz 16 hours ago

    Ofc Zlatan scores 🦁

  • abu attah
    abu attah 17 hours ago

    Zlatan is MVP when Ronaldo and Messi are involved let alone Vela. When the two biggest players on earth sit next to Zlatan, they will be so quite and humble and just watch, listen and learn.

    • Lancer1131
      Lancer1131 Hour ago

      abu attah zlatan worship Ronaldo, R9

  • Luisa Lu
    Luisa Lu 17 hours ago

    My love!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • Rymanbee Yashin
    Rymanbee Yashin 17 hours ago

    The record is 28 by Mexican Carlos vela but Zlatan have four match left..

  • Plz Karma
    Plz Karma 17 hours ago

    Zlatan legend 🦁

  • Thesnake9
    Thesnake9 17 hours ago

    Carlos Vela 29 goals ! Zlatan 27 including tonight’s goal . Vela has played 4 more games than Zlatan , also scored more from penalty’s . There are 3 games remaining for both of em , I believe in Zlatan and all he needs to do if not pass Vela than to at least have a tie with him , than even tho it would be a tie Zlatan would still win it cuz he played 4 less games than Vela so means Zlatan got better % than Vela ! There are 3 more games remaining for each team and I believe in Zlatan I know he can pass Vela or at least catch up to him I know he can do it .

  • Eli Pettitt
    Eli Pettitt 17 hours ago

    Love Zlatan

  • fantasyexctasy
    fantasyexctasy 17 hours ago

    No question he's the mvp

  • Erick rosales
    Erick rosales 17 hours ago

    Zlatan the king 👑 the rest just little bitches 😂😂😂

  • Achim Wurst
    Achim Wurst 17 hours ago

    Why this butthole music?

  • Anthony k
    Anthony k 18 hours ago

    Let’s go

  • Anthony k
    Anthony k 18 hours ago

    So I was there

  • kingo O
    kingo O 18 hours ago

    The luck has been Zlataned

  • 21bnk
    21bnk 19 hours ago

    The king of Sweden makes America bow down to him

    • Bl4ckPanth3r
      Bl4ckPanth3r 7 hours ago

      No Sweden,Zlatan is from Yugoslavia (Bosna/Kroatia).💪

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ 19 hours ago

    ZLATAN!!!!! 27x!!!!!

  • cavogecreh
    cavogecreh 19 hours ago


  • Ded Ded
    Ded Ded 19 hours ago


  • Yellowwood
    Yellowwood 19 hours ago

    How many points does Zlatan need for the Boot? He's one behind Vela right?? Do you need to reach a certain number of goals?

    • Darch Angel
      Darch Angel 18 hours ago

      There's no need to reach certain number of goals. The highest number of goals wins the Golden Boot. Currently, Zlatan has 27 goals and Vela has 29. While Martinez has 26 goals. It's pretty tight with few more games remaining. Zlatan all the way!

  • Luisa Lu
    Luisa Lu 19 hours ago


  • angga mulia
    angga mulia 19 hours ago

    Right man on the right places . There's only one Zlatan .

  • Roni Aritra Sarkar
    Roni Aritra Sarkar 20 hours ago

    76 no like

  • Phantom Lancers
    Phantom Lancers 20 hours ago

    today 27

  • George wemel
    George wemel 20 hours ago

    Zlatan is the only one who knows answer to this questions -Annie are u OK? -who let the dogs out? -what does the fox say?

  • Js Apemmusic
    Js Apemmusic 20 hours ago

    Ghost 👻 worship zlatan

  • Js Apemmusic
    Js Apemmusic 20 hours ago

    LA is lucky zlatan came and play in Mls

  • 336jbyrd
    336jbyrd 20 hours ago

    Zlatan!! Just good

  • daniel chong
    daniel chong 20 hours ago

    Zlatan doesnt come to the ball, the ball come to zlatan

  • véro mcm
    véro mcm 21 hour ago

    Zlatan puts USA on the maps

    • Vicke Thapa
      Vicke Thapa 9 hours ago

      @Tetova Tetovo lala

    • Tetova Tetovo
      Tetova Tetovo 17 hours ago

      He really does... i have never watched mls hahah but because of him im watching la Galaxy playing :-D

  • Alberto S
    Alberto S 21 hour ago

    I couldn’t make it today 😢 but ready for playoffs! Auto purchased !

  • odane mitchell
    odane mitchell 21 hour ago

    Zlatan the god!

  • dicky abadi
    dicky abadi 21 hour ago

    It's just like taking candy on a baby.. ...By God 🤓

  • J Money
    J Money 22 hours ago

    I’ve never watched soccer before but now I do because of Zlatan

  • Chamberlain Achilihu
    Chamberlain Achilihu 22 hours ago

    Maybe pullistic need to come home to join MLS too to help zlatan

  • Gabriel Zarate
    Gabriel Zarate 22 hours ago

    make the button blue if you like lacf

  • Ron Vinayak
    Ron Vinayak 23 hours ago

    Zlatan doesn't score goals ...Goals score zlatan

  • Deniz Hekmati
    Deniz Hekmati 23 hours ago

    What's this song?

  • Victor San roman

    A Lion among sheeps

  • Sandra Escudero

    Es una máquina de hacer goles aún con casi 40 años si no fuera por Messi y CR7 hubiera ganado un balón de oro y el sería el mejor del mundo 👍🏻

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz Day ago

    This bulldog is a killer

  • Js Apemmusic
    Js Apemmusic Day ago

    La have a real star now .zlatan

  • Akt zeen
    Akt zeen Day ago


  • Shell Dahl
    Shell Dahl Day ago

    Can your believe it ?!: At his age, still going strong and the most dominant player in MLS !!!

  • Kuno Kunovo
    Kuno Kunovo Day ago

    Ibragimovic 💪

  • 90745
    90745 Day ago

    Scores with his left, right, and head 👏🏽 Vela would never 💙💛

  • sebastiansr7
    sebastiansr7 Day ago

    if not ibra i wouldnt even know about mls and now im watching all goals


    This shows the level of American Football...

  • Crushluigi
    Crushluigi Day ago

    Zlatan has been to Mars already. That’s why there are no signs of life