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  • Colleen Casey
    Colleen Casey 11 seconds ago

    Anyone who reads this your body is beautiful the way it is❤️❤️💜💜

  • Brittney Earnshaw
    Brittney Earnshaw 40 seconds ago

    i dont think she meant it as a choice, i think she meant there's a misconception that there are no good men out there and you'll only find a good person if you ARE gay (vs. choosing to be gay).

  • Fabian Ofori
    Fabian Ofori Minute ago

    There so much Beef between her and Liam Hemsworth they need to just move on also get on with their lives.😡😑

  • yuvraj singh
    yuvraj singh 2 minutes ago

    It does "sounds" kinda offensive to me as a gay guy. But I think she didn't mean it in that way.

  • Daryana Johnson
    Daryana Johnson 2 minutes ago

    Lol I was on that live watching her, I’m surprised someone actually recorded it

  • K.M.
    K.M. 2 minutes ago

    So Now What Sexuality is a Choice ? ........ Like Seriously ? Does she even know what Sexuality means ? does She choose Her "Pansexuality" ?? Idk I was Born Gay & would never choose to get attracted to opposite sex just because I don't have A Boyfriend !

  • I’m going Solo lo lo lo lo lo

    Tf y’all just twist everything. She literally just meant that there aren’t just guys who r assholes out there

  • Alina Barragan
    Alina Barragan 3 minutes ago

    Miley just STOP it’s to sad like you have sour grapes be stronger look forward not back and being who you are don’t shade people.

  • Amorette Mcgee
    Amorette Mcgee 3 minutes ago

    I really dont think that's what she ment ! I'm not a miley fan but I appreciate her mentioning this cause she is telling the women that have gone through many asswholes that are leaning towards women only because of this! Not that it's a choice to be gay unless its because of deep seated pain from men and that's the only reason why your leaning towards women! I personally went through that and found a guy that fulfilled what I was lacking but its doesn't mean I stopped being attracted to women just that I found the one and she is right there is good men out there but only in red regards that you only are leaning towards girls cause of them being asswholes

  • Savannah13
    Savannah13 3 minutes ago

    Fuck Ariana Grande she's conceited

  • Michyx
    Michyx 3 minutes ago


  • Ana Zec
    Ana Zec 4 minutes ago

    Don't be a jurk

  • Adrian 1996
    Adrian 1996 4 minutes ago

    Their fans are all naive kids. Adults can see through them.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 4 minutes ago

    No, whay she means is for the people like me that chose to be "gay" because man ain't shit that's not the right course of action the are good men sho keep looking and be your honest self but my community is sho sensitive that they jump on anyone who gives them the chance even though what she's saying is helping the people who are devaluing us as a committee to see that they're wrong!!!!!!! but maybe y'all are smart enough to see that👀👀👀

  • Ashley K.
    Ashley K. 5 minutes ago

    This is cringeworthy, but she’s going through it so I’ll give her a pass.

  • lala lala
    lala lala 5 minutes ago

    What is wrong with you people on Sara’s side? Jameel is not speaking for naturally skinny women. She’s speaking for women who starve for the modelling industry. Being a naturally slender woman will not be good enough in the runway world. You must be skinner than that to meet their standards. So when you add an impressionable teenager into the mix, you have a bunch of kids literally basing their self worth on their body and starving themselves to try to reach their dreams, for an industry who does not care about their well being.

  • emine aslan
    emine aslan 5 minutes ago

    She also insinuated that ppl with penises can only be males. Which is transphobic as well

  • Supreme Goddesss
    Supreme Goddesss 5 minutes ago

    Miley always been full of shit

  • Maija K krastina
    Maija K krastina 6 minutes ago

    She’s so fucking gorgeous I love her curvy body 😍,wish mine would be like hers

  • Selina Acosta
    Selina Acosta 6 minutes ago

    She is just mad Liam moved on. And she is making an excuse about her sexuality. Being a strong feminist doesn’t mean that you hate men, so you turn to women. You could have been independent and be involved in charity or other women movements instead of hoying around; she is not the definition of a feminist and I am sure she doesn’t even know what that means. Cody is just another boy that Miley would break up with the next month!!!!!

  • Mckenzie M
    Mckenzie M 7 minutes ago

    y’all realize it’s her team suing, not her right? lmao

  • 보ㅙ모
    보ㅙ모 7 minutes ago

    has she found a new community to leech from

  • emine aslan
    emine aslan 7 minutes ago

    Suprise. Miley is a white feminist who does not understand shit.

  • Jini
    Jini 7 minutes ago

    Ariana should've given credit to the photographer and to the artist. 🤦🏾‍♀️ They're not taking her to court over the money but because they want the recognition they deserve. As a singer, she should know... Or is she that empty? 🤔

  • Trixie Sun
    Trixie Sun 8 minutes ago

    Miley = a clown

  • Bambi Alexander
    Bambi Alexander 8 minutes ago

    This is why I dont like celebs, why give the trolls a platform?? What of the thousands of people typing amazing kind beautiful things instead you focus on the useless trash with no life and make them known actual fucking retards

  • Bella Sneed
    Bella Sneed 8 minutes ago

    she’s such a bitch.

  • batman likes pizza
    batman likes pizza 9 minutes ago

    Being over/underweight is unhealthy, but she doesn’t appear to be either.

  • Dammit Donna
    Dammit Donna 9 minutes ago

    WTH....was that a male alien speaking.....

  • WhyBe OhFree
    WhyBe OhFree 9 minutes ago

    Lmao they started calling skinny people fat are you kidding me right now

  • Esther Okoyen
    Esther Okoyen 10 minutes ago

    I understand why it would be upsetting, I'm not gay so I wouldn't know what it feels like but at the same time I do understand what she was trying to say. Sometimes when me and my girlfriend have 'guy problems" we'll make jokes and be like we should just give up on guys and date each other. I think she was joking. Also miley says she's pansexual so I think she meant that she felt like she should maybe date more women than men and focus more on women because her past Male relationships were disappointing?

  • John Michael Damian
    John Michael Damian 10 minutes ago

    She also has a charity tor homless LGBTQ youth. So yeah. Let's keep biting a hand that actually helps.

  • Fifth harmony for Life
    Fifth harmony for Life 10 minutes ago

    I support you

  • John Michael Damian
    John Michael Damian 10 minutes ago

    Let's pick apart what she says as if she says it with a sound mind. Or as if she is a leading authority on anything. 🤔

  • Ayu
    Ayu 10 minutes ago

    She is out of her mind, she needs to find peace first and foremost.

  • bella boom boom
    bella boom boom 11 minutes ago

    I wouldn’t be taking this so personal. Regardless of the fact that being gay is not an option, she is going through a difficult moment in her life, strong enough to make her thought process a little bit mistaken. When I broke up with my ex husband, it happened to me and I was also very promiscuous at the beginning (bc I was trying to find someone who could make me not feel that void). I was so drained by the process that I said a few dumb things that got me in trouble. At that moment I was not thinking clearly.

  • Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B. 11 minutes ago

    Major yikes 😬

    I AM YOUR MOTHER 11 minutes ago

    Is it bad that I wouldn't mind if Banks got the shit roasted outta her on twitter....

  • Pretty Crystal
    Pretty Crystal 11 minutes ago

    She look more better and beautiful than those mfs on social media who are failures in life

  • batman likes pizza
    batman likes pizza 12 minutes ago

    She’s not saying being gay is a choice... a lot of girls say “well I’ll just be gay” or things similar because they’ve only really dated guys who aren’t good for them and they’ve given up on men.

  • Felicia Marquez
    Felicia Marquez 12 minutes ago

    I'm sooo glad I never liked miley Cyrus anyway this video so stupid get rid of it as in take it off youtube

  • Sierra Ray
    Sierra Ray 12 minutes ago

    She's hurt. She didn't mean it. People say things they don't mean.

  • Kishore ganeshs
    Kishore ganeshs 12 minutes ago

    i don't care what one person says, she believes in things from her own life experience and I don't give a damn, she is living her life for herself and not for others, some get offended from her words, but at least she is not wearing a mask and pretending to do something that she doesn't trust... all she can do is say sorry, and what you say or think won't matter

    • Raisa Martin
      Raisa Martin 9 minutes ago

      Thank you !!! Finally someone who speaks the truth .

  • crazy girl
    crazy girl 14 minutes ago

    That girl is just so jealous of bebe's curves! U can't convince me otherwise.

  • Andros the warrior High Alpha

    Someone get Thor on this!..

  • Tammy Ivey
    Tammy Ivey 15 minutes ago

    Everyone has an opinion guys

  • Tammy Ivey
    Tammy Ivey 15 minutes ago

    Innocent video guys

  • Genesis V
    Genesis V 15 minutes ago

    Everyone needs to chill out with their feminist views they are all taking her words and twisting them. The gays need to stop being so easily offended

  • Adrian Elicia
    Adrian Elicia 16 minutes ago

    Ouch! Thought she was a true supporter of the gay community. I had no idea she thought “ being gay” was a choice? She definitely put her foot in her mouth about this one. Maybe she will back track and just say she’s bi, to save face. Who knows!

    • patricia gaming
      patricia gaming 10 minutes ago

      I really think that might have come over alot worse than she wanted it to.

  • Carlyn
    Carlyn 17 minutes ago

    c'mon, Miley, you can do better than this...just because nobody can fuck with your freedom doesn't mean you're exempt from belittling homosexuals.

  • florence tuolor
    florence tuolor 17 minutes ago


  • RoseCo
    RoseCo 18 minutes ago

    Best add line, ever, by a wide margin

  • potato potato
    potato potato 18 minutes ago

    It wasn't that serious. It's a joke about girls who joke about "becoming gay because guys are assh*les" That's how it felt to me anyway. I'm pretty sure she knows you don't choose to be gay Edited for typo oops

    • Michael Williams
      Michael Williams 3 minutes ago

      Hard agree

    • Justin fantastic
      Justin fantastic 5 minutes ago

      I have a bi friend who hates women and dates only men.. "he chooses to be gay" I actually asked him this before posting this comment.. just to let you for future reference there is at least one person out there who chooses to be gay.. and I think its awesome he/she/they whatever has this choice, what so great about america!!

    • Oma Rumunna
      Oma Rumunna 17 minutes ago

      I felt that too.

  • huda
    huda 18 minutes ago

    i’m sorry but this is so disappointing coming from miley cyrus, like she’s basically saying being gay is a choice.

    • A c
      A c 5 minutes ago

      People are just taking her words outta context and making it more than it is

    • A c
      A c 6 minutes ago

      huda she’s literally talking about girls who joke around saying there gonna be gay cause guys are assholes she posted on her Instagram story saying that it’s not a choice your born as you are

  • Aidan Ziegler
    Aidan Ziegler 19 minutes ago


  • Melissa
    Melissa 19 minutes ago

    Yeah cause when you date someone for 10 years on and off and end up marrying them they obviously ain't shit, calm down Miley we all know you got issues.

  • Matthew Landberg
    Matthew Landberg 19 minutes ago

    Political correctness is killing jokes and comedy. Even though I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus, when she said those comments it probably upset a few people in the LGBTQ community. I am not gay either but it's insulting to gay people who support you Miley.

    • Michael Williams
      Michael Williams 2 minutes ago

      It's not though because the comment wasn't for gay people, it was for straight people who "choose to be gay" to realize that you don't choose to be gay...........

  • Tacos_Girl
    Tacos_Girl 19 minutes ago

    Im not gonna sent this to my sis

  • It’s Demri
    It’s Demri 19 minutes ago


  • Daniel Alejandro Martinez

    Yaas Bebe ;) wuu acceptance :D 😁

  • Spongebob Idrizow
    Spongebob Idrizow 21 minute ago

    Miley's is so strange

  • AdoreCarmen
    AdoreCarmen 21 minute ago

    Subscribe to me!!

  • Melanin Nichka
    Melanin Nichka 22 minutes ago

    God never leaves his children! He blessed Liam with Madison Brown 💜 and about Miley we don't care

  • Desiree Laine
    Desiree Laine 22 minutes ago

    She is FUCKING beautiful!!WTF???!!!😒 go girl!!!

  • Rebecca Flanguiz
    Rebecca Flanguiz 22 minutes ago

    She looks gorgeous!

  • JAY Lee
    JAY Lee 22 minutes ago

    When Liam family were dragging her people did not say shit

  • Heidi Nicholson
    Heidi Nicholson 22 minutes ago

    The ace family’s house is my dream home

  • Molly Riffle
    Molly Riffle 22 minutes ago

    Marriage is really just the joining of two people. They were completely honest by saying they are married and saying we aren’t legally married. Does that make sense?

  • Anoel Silliw
    Anoel Silliw 23 minutes ago

    She’s fit!! I don’t understand the “lose the weight”. Her stomach is flat, she just got thick thighs and an ass, and her arms don’t look dainty...she’s fit as hell. Tf.

  • Lisa Weigert
    Lisa Weigert 23 minutes ago

    Damn it it's too early to read good comments 🙄

  • junieg07
    junieg07 23 minutes ago


  • Siddhesh Golatkar
    Siddhesh Golatkar 23 minutes ago

    Wow it's great I think liam not deserve miley and miley too🤙

  • Spacedog47
    Spacedog47 23 minutes ago

    Oh jesus

  • Shaggybro
    Shaggybro 23 minutes ago

    I watched it.... Didn't notice shade Don't think she meant it like that But didn't see that scene... My wifi left the chat sometimes

  • Molly daley
    Molly daley 23 minutes ago


  • hello hi
    hello hi 23 minutes ago


  • R . H
    R . H 25 minutes ago

    I’d kill to have that body. There’s so many dumb people out there

  • Buffy Kunsman
    Buffy Kunsman 26 minutes ago

    I honestly can't stand James but if he is happy getting a puppy then so be it as long as the animal is well cared for then it is not anyone's concern

  • Mercia Muller
    Mercia Muller 27 minutes ago

    Make the trolls famous💩! Bebe you are so beautiful .

  • Tacos_Girl
    Tacos_Girl 29 minutes ago

    Just stop call her fat. I dont like the people who says that to her, I love her songs and she is talented! A hint: Ignore haters!

  • Holier
    Holier 33 minutes ago

    is not bad following the Kardashians example once in a while lol

  • Kay Kennon
    Kay Kennon 35 minutes ago

    7 spiders! Which are gross btw

  • Dummy Unicorn626
    Dummy Unicorn626 35 minutes ago

    Well she just made a fool of herself

  • Sarah
    Sarah 36 minutes ago

    I see it as she criticized an industry that makes billions off of making young girls and women feel like shit if they're not a size 2 or below. As many naturally skinny girls that are on here thinking it's just about you and your weight, it's not, she's pointing out the bigger picture that the fashion industry ONLY takes in girls that are supper skinny, and many are just on the cusp of that but have to resort to starving / developing eating disorders to maintain it, not everyone one the runway is a lucky to be born with such genetics where they'll be skinny enough so easily. This isn't even mentioning the amount of girls with a higher BMI or waistline that starve themselves to try and meet the standard of beauty that fashion/the media have been shoving down our throats since we were children. I have yet to see models sized 4-12 (it's always "standard" thin ones or plus sized ones) be given a platform or represent beauty the same way skinny ones do. Ask yourself how many magazine covers/lead women in a show or major movie you've seen growing up had someone in that size range with some chub to them? Barely any and we all know it - it's always very thin people that are praised, regardless of if they're thin from metabolism/eating disorders/dieting.

  • Nikky Padilla
    Nikky Padilla 37 minutes ago

    If she is fat I must be a whale Im a size 10

  • im gourav
    im gourav 39 minutes ago

    A Listers like Demi Lovato. lmao

  • lady yuna
    lady yuna 39 minutes ago

    That girl that called bebe fat is so rude she thinks she's better than everybody she's calling her out on pictures for being the size she is she needs to be kicked off Instagram not everyone can be the same size she is get over it grow up get a life

  • twins

    You just gave that person what they wanted they got a reply and got to be on a big news channel

  • Jiminie Wifey yangtso
    Jiminie Wifey yangtso 41 minute ago

    Jimin ❤💋💖

  • JamieeGirl
    JamieeGirl 42 minutes ago

    SHES NOT FAT. She just looks like she has natural pear shape and is more bottom heavy. Shes a healthy proportion. whoever said that is ignorant.

  • BLACKPINK In your area
    BLACKPINK In your area 43 minutes ago

    Wow getting a dog is such a sin guys I CANNOT BELIEVE JAMES DID THIS I hope he goes to hell😡 is what I would say if I wasn’t childish

  • Kaiwolf18
    Kaiwolf18 44 minutes ago

    She's is beautiful. We need more thicker woman in the music world. Instead of stick figures woman. If bebe is to big then I'm a whale. I hate that some fashion designers won't dress woman because they Are too big maybe they should design clothes for all woman shape and size instead of people with bodies like kendelle Jenner and Gigi hadi. Bebe is a beautful gorguse talented woman.

  • Kristen Osborne
    Kristen Osborne 44 minutes ago

    Andie case! They said she was “too shy” and now her RU-clip is thriving. LOVE her.

  • Alyssa Wang
    Alyssa Wang 45 minutes ago

    Omg I’m so so sad rn I want to watch it soooo bad but I don’t have Netflix 😭😭😭

  • Sallie McGuire
    Sallie McGuire 46 minutes ago

    So speaking of Halloween and ghoulish things and TERRIFYING things I would NEVER set🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷 spiders to have them sit around me on such a comfortable couch like you two!!! You’re much braver than I am!!! Most definitely I wouldn’t pick up that last one at the end!! I love 💗 you two so much!!

  • Bella Monroe
    Bella Monroe 49 minutes ago

    I don't understand why damn near everyone in the comment section is making it about something else. Ariana has every right to sue Forever 21. If they didn't want to get sued then they should have came up with a different concept what they did was not legal nor right. Ariana wouldn't be suing if she didn't have a leg to stand on. She's suing them because of their practices and she clearly has every right to sue so clearly Ariana is not the one to be hating on Forever 21 did it to themselves. Learn a lil something about business before you talk out your ass.

  • Chase Away
    Chase Away 49 minutes ago

    Trolls find a bridge and hide in the shadows.

  • Sam Terry
    Sam Terry 50 minutes ago

    You're beautiful no matter what size you are ❤️

  • Ditebogo Mabusa
    Ditebogo Mabusa 50 minutes ago

    Cole stop the lying. You are still the person who lied about your father's death what makes you think that you could destroy the ACE Family never in your dreams😑😑😑😑🤔🤔😕😠😠😡😡

  • karenKristal
    karenKristal 51 minute ago

    she looks gorgeous. wtf?